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Roger C

E-jets v2 HUD stopped displaying

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I am running E jet in the 2D panel as I always do and in the past pressing W gets me the glareshield/HUD view.  Now when I push W I do get the glareshield view, however, the HUD is no longer displayed..  I looked in the panel.cfg and there is this entry:

window_size= 1.000, 1.000
window_pos= 0.000, 0.000

gauge00=EJet!DCP, 0, 1030, 1600, 170
gauge01=hud!hud, 194, 330, 1211, 770

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I know it is not at all helpful, however, I cannot think of anything that I have changed that would have caused this.  I have not made any panel modifications or changed the aircraft at all and the only difference in my setup are a new yoke, throttle quadrant and pedals but nothing that they control is influenced by keyboard commands.


I am not expecting any magical fix-I was just hoping perhaps someone else had experienced the same problem at some time and had some insight.  I am assuming that the location references in the panel.cfg for the HUD are where it is supposed to be so that it is visible in the windscreen.  As I said in my original post, the W command does change the view to the glareshield panel at the bottom of the screen and it is simply that the HUD no longer appears above it.

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Did you install any add-on after EJets? It could have corrupted dll.xml file

Location is c:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\dll.xml

It should contain

    <Name>FeelThere EJet P3Dv4 Helper</Name>

and it must be well formed XML as HUD operation depends on it.

If you are unsure just post full content of the file


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