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Tower!3D Pro - No GA Traffic (SP 3.1 Related)

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Looks like SP 3.1 introduced a new bug where no GA traffic arrives or departs. Actually, the logic that places the planes at the gates is where the issue is (screenshot from KSAN shows a bunch of tugs but no planes in the GA area at all). 


I've attached log files for three sessions:

  • KLAS - MP session using my new custom schedule for Friday at 13:00
  • KSAN - SP session using RT at 7:00
  • KPHX - MP session using RT at 15:00 

I've also noticed the log files have increased in size with this latest release (a lot of duplicate road end messages).

Thanks, Craig



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22 minutes ago, FeelThere Ariel said:

Hello Craig, 

Just to let you know,  we are looking into the new GA issue and likely will release a hotfix soon :) 




I was hoping for that - thanks!

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