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St. Thomas loading screen stuck at 99% after real traffic

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I install real traffic and real colors for TIST St thomas airport ( real traffic first) and all i get when i try and load it is sound from the game (sound like the sea) and it loads up to 99% and stays there forever, here's the log that was generate

im usuing tower3d pro steam edition but the addons are from atcsuite.com

windows 8.1 pro 12gb ram

[EDIT: removed log file dump ... please don't cut&paste log files into forum, see request below by Gabor (aka, nyergesdesign) to send log file.]

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With the recent updates, the terminal files are acting a little different than they did before. If you make the following edit to tist_terminal.txt in your TIST folder you should be good to go. This assumes one has Real Traffic.


Terminal_GA: GA


Terminal_GA: GA

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