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KSFO work in progress

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Hey guys. Not being funny but you need to fix and test the big issues you have with existing airports first (e.g. SP's for the nightmare taxing issues that are making most airports unplayable at present and the Terminal E KLAS long standing arrival issue) before releasing new airports! :-)


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Hey there, very glad to see you guys doing SFO, but as someone interested in buying this, I need to point out some glaring errors here.

I'd like to first say I am a ramp controller at SFO and avid ATC enthusiast(I've owned just about every ATC game to come out since the 90s) who is actually in the FAA ATC hiring pool, I've always been a big fan of your products and very much still enjoy Tower2011! SFO is an ever expanding airport under major renovation, and accordingly, versions of SFO released on various simulation platforms are already outdated before they even are released in many cases.

The first major issue I see is the background. SFO is located many miles from the city of San Francisco itself, and is tucked between the bay, hilly suburbs, and the industrial areas of San Bruno/South San Francisco. You would be hard pressed to find a sky scraper anywhere near the airport, especially in the areas depicted. Green hills dotted with million dollar homes and a line of hotels at the Bay Shore decorate the South end of the airport by 01R/L and all that. The background alone, unfortunately, takes away much of the immersion to myself, and I am guessing many others.

Now as far as the airport itself, this project is already over 1 year outdated. This version of SFO depicts "concourse B" in T1 as being full active. However, all of T1 but parts of the former Continental rotunda and gate 22 are gone, as in destroyed. So the real T1 now has a single gate 22(used by Frontier), then gates 23-28 used by Southwest wrapping around, ending around where gate 32 used to be. A gate 21 for remote bus ops and remote parking has been opened directly behind gate A9 in a cut-out of the construction. The ramp is also different, Mike and Hotel are gone. It is now "M1" with spot 1 near Alpha and spot 3 at the bottom of the line for holding inbounds, and "M2" with spot 2 near Alpha and spot 4 at the bottom. These lines are reversed from the past, where spot 1 was south of spot 2. So the T1 in this project appears to be from 2015 or so honestly, and that'll only get more outdated as first part of the new T1 opens in 2018 or so.

The old tower on T2, while I love it as I got my start in the "shadow" tower or original FAA tower under the one that opened in the 80s, is also long demolished. T2, sadly, sits today with only the new tower present. It appears that the new tower has not been modeled in this project.

There are some other things, but these are the major issues I see.  I would hope to see a modern representation of SFO is possible, much has changed since the last Google Maps and Google Earth shots. I have tons of photos and access to blue prints and diagrams if you are interested. More than happy to help.


Chasen Richardson

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