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  2. Paul Henty

    Reading LVars over WideFS

    I understood this to mean that you can use the same process call to read the value: and doing that seems to work fine locally. I get the idea for the loop, but that would be too slow for monitoring many LVARs in real time. I'll make a note in the DLL documentation that the LVAR feature doesn't work over WideFS. Thanks, Paul
  3. Pete Dowson

    SerialFP2 No Device Found

    What am I supposed to look at here? Your message is rather curt to say the least. From your subject title, the only clue you give, SerialFP2 is not my program. For that you need VSI support. Pete
  4. Was that an FSUIPC5.INI file (i.e. were you using P3D version 4 before as well? It is likely that the IDs of your devices have changed. Check the [JoyNames] section in your cvonfig file, see if they IDs there correspond to what you see for Joy# when you use the Button or Axis assignment tab. By "using admin rights" do you mean "...as adminitstrator" in the right-click menu? Did you let P3D install in Program Files, rather than choose a separate folder, like C:\Prepar3D? Win10 is much more strict on permissions, and sometimes there's a setting that prevents the Installer setting the Modules folder permissions sufficiently. Is there an FSUIPC5.LOG in the P3D modules folder? Is the INI file there the one you tried to copy there? Perhaps you could show me the FSUIPC5 Install log? Pete
  5. Pete Dowson

    Problem installing FSUIPC5

    FSUIPC5 is NOT FSUIPC4. You need to purchase a key. Pete
  6. Yes, they are designed to be used with click spots on aircraft panels. They are NOT emulating a mouse. Pete
  7. I don't think so. Do they read 16381 or 16383 with default aircraft? Can you show me the FSUIPC log showing the monitored values, please? The original SimConnect value will also be logged, which would show whether FSUIPC was acting correctly. FSUIPC converts a "percant" value as supplied by SimConnect (actually a fractional value between 0 and 1) to the range 0 to 16383, to make it common with FS9 and before, which always used a 0-16383 system for percentages. Does Humberto say that the reason for the 3 reds is that the values are not 16383? I'll check here to see what I get, but there's been no such problem with ProSim for me (though at present I'm still on 2.08). Pete
  8. Today
  9. Pete Dowson

    FSUIPC Saitek X56 Issue

    Sorry, I don't understand -- "interruption"? How do you mean? That certainly is strange as FSUIPC is using standard DirectInput methods. Without resorting to raw serial USB port treatment (which you can program via the com library in Lua) there's nothing more it can do. Pete
  10. Pete Dowson

    Reading LVars over WideFS

    Actually it doesn't say to read the result in the same process. I don't think that can work with Wideclient. The L:Var is obtained by a request to PANELS.DLL in the Sim. The way to do these things (and there are others, for instance when reading weather stuff), and especially in WideClient, is to write something impossible to your offset, and the offset address, and the L:Var name, which can all be one process. Then, separately, wait for your impossible value to change in your offset. That would obviously require some sort of process loop. If the application needs much more immediate access to such values there's really no way other than running only on the same PC. Even then I'm not sure it can be guaranteed in the same process. Pete
  11. pete_agreatguy

    Community Poll - Tower!3D Product Survey

    No problem :)
  12. ridgeskimmer

    Active Window

    Thank you guys...now it works!
  13. Thanks for your feedback, Vic. However, there's some things I'd like to add. I know that EDDM is not your product - but by distributing it on your website, it looks like FeelThere's approval. With all it's flaws. That is different from your work for FSX where at all times there's transparency of you not being affiliated with MS at any level and no one would expect a third-party developer to be. And there's another catch to it: Customers expect a much closer cooperation of developer and designer when both are small companies. For the eye of Average Joe, both FT and ND are not distinguishable. No matter what, every product management that to the average buyer seems poorly handled will inevitably bite FeelThere in the behind. And the thing is: We pretty much enjoy Tower3D (which is why we wait for Tower3D II). Most of us can even live with the problems that come with the logical design - like fixed landing distances, no use for high speed exits and such. But that is exactly why obvious bugs (like the EDDM tugs, the spinning Deltas on the M and MA ramps at Kennedy or missing holding points at KMCO) that are kept unhandled are such a pain in the ass! It's like buying a Learjet with a malfunctioning cabin pressurization system and randomly twisted rudder axes: you can use it, you might enjoy flying it, but there are limits that don't need to be there and should be easily fixable, and new features (like the autopilot performing a barrel roll) aren't necessary as long as the product itself is not fixed. And I mean "fixed" in a you-buy-a-learjet-you-expect-a-learjet way, and not in a you-buy-a-learjet-you-expect-an-A380 way. But please see it from our perspective, too. We come home, eat, and then want relax by enjoying an hour (or two) doing what we like: play a game directing planes. We're in the flow. And - boom - there's a plane just behind the holding line not finding a way to the gate, because that gate is inop due to a missing tug. Another plane won't push back because of the same issue. Then a Croatian DH1 goes on a cross-country tour on pushback and gets pulled across the runway into nirvana. Or a plane being issued the way to a runway starts spinning in circles through the terminal structures crashing into other planes (causing a penalty when another plane happens to spawn at that exact moment). Or planes being stuck on the runway and piling up for an hour, because others landing on crossing runways creep to their exits closing the window for safe departures. Or planes taking a wild exit instead of the one they were assigned to and producing a deadlock. Or planes stopping at the last taxiway before the runway and not stopping at the holding line crashing into the already lined-up plane. Or planes spinning in circles on the threshold unable to take off while another is on a 6-mile final approach to crashing into it. Those moments are unnerving and take away the fun experience.
  14. Agreed with Braf. Called out American, United and Delta too many times lol
  15. Please continue making world airports please some people are not grateful an they criticize everything a person does but the majority of us on here supports y’all an want y’all to continue making world airports
  16. I hope this nothing to do with FSUIPC5 MOUSE MACRO FACILITY WARNING I have created some mouse macros via create mouse macro which normally from the click spot , they work fantastic. and now I try to make also a mouse macro from the menu above of P3DV4 from world and then time preview, but it seems does not work, or to create mouse macro only work for click spot? thanks
  17. FeelThere


    Gentlemen, I just realized some mods edited and deleted some of the replies. This is a friendly community with lots of support from each other, please don't ruin it. Craig and the other members put dozens (if not more) hours to help creating this community by creating schedules, collecting charts, data, etc. Let's just keep the tone friendly please. Thank you Vic
  18. Simon, this is it... BTW even after a full vanilla reinstallation of STB plus the upgrade I've got the same. Clients don't start....
  19. Dear Folks, Let me clear some issues up: EDDM: not our product, please contact Gabor for support of their product(s). EDDS missing gates: I think it was the biggest mistake we ever made and I'm so sorry that it happened, but we already modeled them and the SP will address it asap. Naturally the SP will be free as always. As the holding lines; The non US airports are much more expensive and much more difficult for us to develop so we had no intention to every line and marking to be added; the goal was is to have the general taxiways and parkings (sorry for EDDS once again!) added to get the "feel" of the airport and not to recreate every single feature. You can expect similar details for the upcoming EGKK, CYVR, YMML and OMDB. However we learned our lesson and once they'll be released we will go back to US onlyairports. As of the future version it's totally unrelated to the current airport add-on developments there is no co-relation between it's development and the current airport release schedule. For our own defense Tower!3D is only the second release of the franchise while P3D4 and Xplane both are beyond their 10th release. I can just dream how Tower!3D 10 will feel and look like but with your support we'll get there! 🙂 Thank you so much and we wish you Folks a nice weekend 🙂 Vic
  20. FeelThere

    Community Poll - Tower!3D Product Survey

    Thank you for these feedback they are valuable to us. Vic
  21. Hi Pete, Since 12 days I am having this Landing Gear issue with Prosimand it has not been solved up to know. Humberto and Martin also do not know what is going on. Since a W10 and P3Dv4.3 reinstall 6 weeks ago everything was working fine and for weeks I have made very nice flights. Then from 4th november up to now I am having a landing gear issue with my Prosim aircraft. At approach lever down , the gear extracts but I am getting 3 red lights and the warning horn. Prosim support has tried to help me : - un-and reinstall the aircraft model - un- and reinstall FSUIPC - disabled all addons  - tried earlier Prosim versions ( clean install ) The default aircraft do not have this issue. Using the FSUIPC LG offsets in the Fs Window I can see that the gear down command is being sent/received by P3D. The only thing I remarked : Gear up = 0 / Nose gear up = 0 / Left gear up = 0 / Right gear up = 0 Gear down on the ground. = all 4 offsets : 16383. But when extracting the gear while flying the Gear Down offset goes to 16383 but the nose/legt/right offsets to 16381, so not 16383. As Prosim receives the gear down command from my hardware and sents the command towards P3Dv4 and FSUIPC , Prosim support think that there is something wrong with P3Dv4. But my default planes do not have the issue. As I am running out of options do the 3x 16381 values point to an issue ?  Thanks, Gerard
  22. FeelThere Ariel

    Tracon!2012SE Crashes immediately after opening

    Thank you. We will check this out and get back to you asap.
  23. FeelThere Ariel

    Tracon!2012 SE not working

    Are you running the game in ADMIN mode?
  24. Yesterday
  25. I take as a simulation as well not a gamer but maybe I don’t noticed it but the only airport that as been bad is edds
  26. This one is hard to debug, because I can't reproduce it and it happens so early in the life of STB the framework adds little value to the exception. Can you also check the messages.dll and simulator.dll, and provide the same information as you did earlier for utilities.dll? Thanks Simon
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