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  2. Does FSUIPC support the full functionalities of Virpil joysticks / throttle box? I just purchased the devices from Virpil and am having issues with MSFS 2020 acknowledging the full range of throttle up / throttle down motion set up within the Verpil's proprietary software; this is probably due to the current lack of full support by MS 2020 of Virpil's hardware 'out of the box'. I was able to input all entries, except for the full functionality of the throttle, which jumps from idle to full RPMs and does not allow the gradual progression of the engine power, while in game, although throttle c
  3. If I load in an airport in one region of the world and exit p3d it hangs on exit and fails to close fully. prepar3d.cfg.txt and dxdiag files created. FSUIPC capable to help track down issues? Thanks.
  4. Thank you for the response. From your experience, do you not know how I can make it work? Yes, it came with two install packages.
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  6. just a few words, out of respect for your answer, to tell you that I put everything aside because I cannot achive anything with the Aerosoft Airbus A320/321. When I resume i'll keep you posted I
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  8. A complete guess as that package is extra old. Did your download come with two install packages? One FS9 and another for FSX? Wilco doesn't support the product. feelThere discontinued support about 2007.
  9. RECOMMENDED SETTINGS FOR ASP4 Max Cloud Turbulence: 20% Turbulence Effect Scale: 20% Max Wind Turbulence: 20% Enhanced Turbulence: Disable Realistic thunderstorm up and downdraft rate: Disable
  10. I don't think I am unfair Mr. I just need to solve this problem or get my money back, since so far, I have not seen any results for what I pay. You are unfair to take my money and sell me anything. I feel cheated and cheated. Good afternoon. In other hand, I am not sitting all day in front of a computer pending this, every time I have opened a ticket they close it with no solution. Who is the unfair? You have my money, I have nothing. volume_up content_copy
  11. Thanks Matty where do I get these settings?
  12. I use FSLabs Activesky settings and they work great
  13. I ran the FSUIPC7 from the top link but just open the application, i cant reinstall it in order to register it. i dont know whats happen, could you access remotely my computer and see?
  14. Hi here. I have a feelthere 77 200er with extra liveries, which I have installed in the 777 folder. The liveries dont appear in FSX Steam version. I only see the default Boeing livery. How can I make them show in FSX.
  15. thanks - i thought that might be the case (especially given the lacklustre quality of the MSFS default aircraft), but it doesn't really work for the CWS button since you have to hold it down - a bit difficult when trying to move the yoke at the same time 🙂 that said, i'm not convinced CWS is even implemented at all in the MSFS autopilot, so perhaps it doesn't matter...
  16. Can anyone using active sky comment if they managed to reduce the turbulence effect by changing specific active sky settings?
  17. this is with that file. doesn't look fixed to me that's what happened when taxi lights are on. sure you uploaded the right file? the file sizes are identical down to the byte and created on the same day. first picture is with your file second is with the default file.
  18. Based on my experience with others sims, if the aircraft developer does not provide the needed key bindings, using FSUIPC to manipulate controls that are very specific (or unique) to a particular aircraft usually requires access to the associated sim Lvars (Local variables). Currently FSUIPC7 does not have access to MSFS Lvars so I think you may be stuck with operating these controls with the mouse, at least for now. Al
  19. THANKS Mr. John Dowson! I use the following program to get 0X3364 and 0X3365 values. uint8 Indicator = 8; uint8 Indicator2 = 9; if (!FSUIPC_Read(0x3364, 1, &Indicator, &dwResult)) { printf("Read Error \n"); } else { FSUIPC_Process(&dwResult); printf("Indicator = %d ", Indicator); } if (!FSUIPC_Read(0x3365, 1, &Indicator2, &dwResult)) { printf("Read Error \n"); } else { FSUIPC_Process(&dwResult); printf("Indicator2 = %d \n", Indicator2); } -------------------------------------
  20. Both parties in a MP session must have the exact same versions of the airport and traffic (or, RealTraffic).
  21. hello, has anyone found a way to control either the CWS push-button (on the yoke) or the INERT SEP switch (on the anti-ice panel) from FSUIPC? i can't find anything relevant in either the controls list or the offsets spreadsheet.
  22. Here is the file. It goes into SimObjects\Airplanes\feelThere PIC E170\sharedtexture. If you also have the 175/195 also copy the file to SimObjects\Airplanes\feelThere PIC E175\sharedtexture. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tn35hljvfxgoevv/emb_int_glass - Copy.dds?dl=0
  23. I need help from someone. I'm trying to play on EGKK (Tower 3d Pro) brought it for a friend too, we have played before together on default airfields but this time it isn't having any of it. I did have Real Traffic in my game but then removed that as I read on other forums but it still is not having any of it but I can still play on St Thomas Airfield...? I'm really confused and don't know what to do???
  24. Hi peeps. hope you've all had a good weekend. For the last 3 days I have been having a major headache getting my joystick calibrated properly. I have made a youtube video explaining what is wrong and the steps I have done before making this post so please watch the video before commenting as it will save us both time My PC is fully updated with drivers etc so it's not that either. FSUIPC5.ini
  25. Well, I hope this can be fixed. I just keep trimming it manually on last miles. Autopilot keeps bringing it back, but it helps and I can enjoy smooth landings 😁 I was also wondering if it could be problem of lower computer performance, as this airplane really sucks everything from computer.
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