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  2. Addison Airport Seems Martinaire flies to KDFW
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  4. It's the same plane but that particular livery is only for the following small cargo carrier: MRA, M#, MAR TEX, Martinaire, United States I don't see any flights for that airline in Real Traffic, so I have no idea why it was included in RC for KDFW. They primarily fly in/out of Addison (KADS). @Pedantic G, any clue why this in in RC for KDFW?
  5. If you want to convert it, you need to convert the Value of the offset, rather than the Offset itself: bool result = Convert.ToBoolean(maincabindoor.Value); However, you don't have to convert it - you can just test the value being 1 or 0: if (maincabindoor.Value == 1) { // Door is open } else { // Door is closed } Or maybe do something like this to get a string you can display: string mainDoorState = maincabindoor.Value == 1 ? "Open" : "Closed"; Depends on what you want to do with it. Paul
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  7. sorry last question. private Offset<byte> maincabindoor = new Offset<byte>(0x6C14); its a 1 byte boolean (simple check if door is open or not) i have been trying to "read the value" of this byte . tried convert it bool int string. bool result = Convert.ToBoolean(maincabindoor); this is the only code i have working sofar where the program wil launch. but it crashes because fsuipc says its inconvertble how can i extract or check the value of maincabindoor?
  8. Sur Simmarket, Merci pour votre reponse Olivier Mondon
  9. What product are you trying to activate in Steam?
  10. Thank you kind sir. for youre patience and kind help!! in learning this stuf!! 🙂
  11. The numbers seem a little unusual, but it could be on my end. Can I assume that the lat/long are in the same format as 05B0 and 05B8? Cheers! Luke
  12. It's not a name, it tells the ToString() method to format the string. "F2" means format this as a floating point number with 2 decimal places. F4 will give you 4 decimal places etc. There are other formatting options which you can see in the normal Microsoft documentation for Double.ToString(). Mostly offsets store numbers (values) or strings. However there are a few like 0x3367 that use the individual bits (there are 8 bits in each byte) for different functions. In this case each door is represented by a different 'bit'. (A bit can either be 0 (closed) or 1 (open)). The DLL has an easy way of dealing with these types of 'bitwise' offsets. The offset just needs to be declared as a BitArray. The ExampleCode application has a section explaining how to declare and use BitArray offsets. See "AC002_BitArrays" under "Advanced Concepts". The example is for the lights offset, but the doors work the same way. Just remember that 0x3367 is only 1 byte long. The lights offset (0x0D0C) in the example is 2 bytes. You'll need to specify the length when you declare the offset. Paul
  13. Sorry paul i feel such a idiot 🙂 trying to get some offsets loaded in a c# running into a few questions 🙂 FSUIPCConnection.ReadLVar("Engine1ThrottlePosition").ToString("F2"); is the F2 just a random name u picked? to create a string for anything good aslong as its unique? and this question: 3367 1 This byte shows doors that are open, one bit per door: 2^0 = Exit1 ... 2^3 = Exit 4. N.B. FSUIPC4 does handle up to 8 doors, one for each bit 0-7. Whether FSX can actually process Exits 5-8 is unknown however. would i be correct this is the way to handle this private offset<byte> MainEntry = new Offset<byte>(2^03367); sorry i am new to bytes. trying to get a basic understanding for a simple if else loop 🙂
  14. That is the same plane. Does it appear when you put it in the schedule?
  15. 1. Door/load manager with GSX auto operation. Is this in the works/planned? 2. Ground terrain radar. 3. Improvement of glareshield joint angle (far too sharp at the moment). 4. Sound improvements for switches and GPWS callouts (e.g. 50, 40, 30, etc.; there's an audible "pop" before each, and "Glideslope" since they occur in too fast of secession). Thank you!
  16. Hi Pete, I thought you were on holiday? I'm still trying to diagnose, I've eliminated many variables and I'm down to RealSimGear and RXP GNS 530 and A2A as possible triggers. All the info I can get out of TaskMgr is "waiting for network I/O" which I think is generic and not useful. In order to get the RXP to not trigger a CTD when added to an aircraft, I have to run P3D "as Admin" .. P3D is outside Program Files and both RSG and RXP are located in folders under Program Files. I suspect it's some sort of security context issue. Sadly many add-ons I have like to install themselves into Program Files without prompting install paths (SODE, RXP, CP, Immersion, etc.). I was thinking of manually relocating them outside of Program Files, but requires a lot of registry work also and I'm trying to avoid that. I'll do more diagnostics and get back to you, this is a difficult one because I'm not seeing any issues in your log, nothing in SimConnect log (even with Verbose), nothing in P3D logs, there is one "warning" in event viewer but I don't think it's related. Cheers, Rob.
  17. From whom did you purchase the key?
  18. Many thanks! I'll give this a test over the next few days. Cheers Luke
  19. In the manifest file for texpack 23 there is a listing: - Assets/Resources/airplanes/Textures/CNF._m#.jpg But in the dfw airplanes file, there is no "CNF. " there is: CNF_-CNF-CESSNA 208B CARAVAN -TURBOPROP Am I missing something or is this the same plane?
  20. Great, I'm glad you got it working. I'm here if you need help in the future, Paul
  21. FSUIPC is not getting as far as closing down completely. But where is P3D hung? Is it actually in an FSUIPC thread? I'm certain that there are no recent changes in FSUIPC which would affect the closing sequence. Are you sure it is FSUIPC causing the process to hang and not another module? The only way we can tell is attaching to the process with Visual Studio and seeing what thread it is stuck in at the time. In the past this has usually been due to some device driver hanging, maybe the local network. Is it consistent? Can you try a process of elimination please? For example, try disabling WideServer (on the About tab in FSUIPC Options). And what is your ipcInit.lua trying to do where you need an unavailable Socket support package? Note that ipcInit.lua is run early on in FSUIPC's starting sequence, and some things won't be ready at that time. ipcReady.lua is generally the safer way to start off plug-ins. Pete
  22. sorry paul i got it opend 🙂 was my mistake
  23. solution explorer is also empty yes ! if u can help me get it open. i can figure the rest out 🙂 and ofcourse i understand ure point about the question 🙂 i respect that. friendly regards michiel
  24. I would rather not. I have already spent many months writing extensive example code and application templates. It's all available here: http://fsuipc.paulhenty.com/#downloads The example application contains all the examples you ask for. When you make a new project from a template there will be no documents open. You need to select something from the solution explorer. Or is your solution explorer also empty? Paul
  25. Okay... but can you explain me why emergency doors and service rear door are larger than those in real emb? Can you fix it? Screenshots:
  26. Btw, you need to look into the PMDG SDK PMDG_777X_SDK.h file to know how to interpret the PMDG offset data. John
  27. Dear sir. i was wondering if u can make a simple "working" download? automatic connect. - fsuipc offset read. - fsuipc offset write - pdmg read or any other lvar read - pdmg write or any other lvar write this allow it easier to tingle whit the code. i been trying to get ure template going but it loads emptie. i have experience whit this way from polabs pokeys c# demo. this way u can simple copy edit in the program 🙂
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