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  2. Contact the vendor who sold it to you. If it was through the FT website, email cservice@bmtmicro.com
  3. Today i bought EDDM for Tower3dPro. but because of i have an outdated version of Real Traffic it doesnt work with real colour and Traffic, please help i dont know what to do
  4. Congrats on ERJ release for P3D v4

    Thanks this will be a service pack on top of this release?
  5. Strange. They should be okay. Which P3D3, the last one, 3.4.something? I don't think I've got any addon-aircraft to use on that. Is there a default where it should work but doesn't? Mostly default aircraft don't support them. Pete
  6. To Developers Tower3D pro

    I don't know what's on the bucket list already, but I would like banking turns added to aircraft, not the flat rudder turns currently carried out. It's quite strange visually to vector an aircraft after take off, or doing a missed approach, to just to see it change direction using the rudder only. I would also like to see increased zoom from the tower camera, aircraft to become visible further out, with at least one landing light visible (making them more visible) A bit like this ........ maybe not quite so many ;-)
  7. Problems keeping to LNAV flightpath in RNAV approach with E195

    I have now put the E195 through its paces on the Zurich (LSZH) RNAV 14 approach in P3D v4. RNAV seems to work well initially on this approach (the final part is a 12nm straight-in approach on runway heading to RW14), but things go wrong on the final 3.5nm to the runway threshold under LNAV/VNAV control. Before minimums are called (200 feet above threshold), the aircraft drops below the VNAV path suddenly but if left alone climbs slightly later to get back on the vertical profile (again under full LNAV/VNAV control). This does not seem normal behaviour compared with other experiences and disconcerting if the weather is marginal and subject to a decision at minimums. Finally, once autopilot is disengaged, the aircraft has an unusual tendency to track to the left of the runway centreline under conditions of nil wind. Again this tendency seems rather abnormal (what is the driving force for this?). Please explain whether or not my experiences are not untypical, or if the E195 shouild be more capable of a more accurate flightpath with respect to the VNAV profile defined in the FMS.
  8. Pete, Many thanks for your responses. One thing that I cannot get to work is mouse macros in P3D v3. I am having to use FSX-SE to create the macros and then copy the macro files into P3D v3 whereupon they do work succesfully. Confirm that things should be working similarly in P3D v3 as in FSX-SE? I don't believe that I am doing anything differently in P3D compared to FSX-SE where the creation of the mouse macro is concerned. Any thoughts/suggestions here greatly appreciated.
  9. Meanwhile I switched to a free alternative (little navmap) . Works great with p3dv4, provides same functionality as FSC and superb support. Sorry, not coming back
  10. PH100: Direct-To not finding my route waypoints

    Thanks scoobflight, You are right, I am having this problem on default aircrafts as well. I tried updating FSX waypoints through World Navids (http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html) but still the default aircraft flies the route and I'm able to see it in garmin but direct-to doesn't recognize any of the waypoints as valid! Direct-to works fine with some old waypoints I guess but not the newer ones. Any ideas what I should try next or where to look? Thanks, Mustafa
  11. Planes pause on takeoff/landing

    Good move, as I reckon I could be posting a completely different sort of video based on your original naming idea .......... ;-p
  12. How are you doing it with FSX and P3D? Just via SimConnect? I'm afraid I don't know a way with FS9. If it is possible with SimConnect in FSX then it could probably be hacked with FS9, but I'm afraid I no longer develop for FS9 at all. It is nearly 15 years old, after all! Pete
  13. WideFS support

    You don't need a blank page. Just reduce it to the title bar only if you want to see that it is connected, or you can edit the WideClient.INI faile and change the option for the Window there. You can have it minimised, or hidden as well as visible. Check the options for the Visible= parameter in the WideFS Technical guide (page 10). WideClient only detects buttons on standard Windows-compatible joystick type devices. If Windows detects it in its Game Controller app, then so will WideClient. Press and release button events are then transmitted to FSUIPC in the sim PC. So, where are you looking? You'll see them in the Buttons & Switches tab in FSUIPC Options, and that's where you assign them. Maybe you are thinking your existing assignments to the same device before you moved it would still apply, but that is not the case. The Joystick numbering a different for every PC. This is to enable multiple different functions to be assigned, maybe for Pilot and Co-pilot separately, for instance. it is the main advantage of having devices connected to client PCs. The buttons and switches, yes, but if it has displays then no, those aren't supported directly even in FSUIPC, let alone WideFS. You'd need a separate program, or possibly a Lua plug-in to WideClient. The Lua libraries support any HID device but you need to know a bit about programming or scripts. Pete
  14. Congrats on ERJ release for P3D v4

    The 145 is coming (a bit later) too. Vic
  15. It may well be something changed in 4.2 which upsets what PMDG does when collecting data for the files it creates. I know that PMDG have lodged some problem reports with L-M for 4.2 and I've seen some folks hang back with 4.1 whilst awaiting fixes. Either way I'm sure both PMDG and L-M are aware of the problems. Even so it could be worth posting to the PMDG forum. First, just prove to yourself that it isn't FSUIPC, which after all merely calls SimConnect -- one line of code -- to ask it to save the flight. So try it manually: press ; and enter a name for the flight, and see how long it takes before you are flyable again. Pete
  16. Planes pause on takeoff/landing

    Thank you Folk, we are actively monitoring this topic. Blaze: good one :) Useless fact: we almost became "feel right there" only the domain was taken already :) Vic
  17. Yes. There are new facilities in 4.2 which I can take advantage of, but at present the facility L-M provided only seems to operate if the gauge/switch/knob concerned is actually on screen at the time. I'm seeing if I can work around that, but i think it might need more changes from L-M. Perhaps some folks have the cockpit visible on screen even when using a hardware one, so it will be useful in that case, so I will be implementing it either way. Not sure about timescale at present, but it will be withing weeks, not months. Mouse macros basically try to emulate what the mouse does, but only simple things. I'm not sure what you mean by "scrollup or down" though. The clicking on the left or right should be okay as they will be different "mousable zones". If the scrolling is by using the mousewheel, that might be possible but you need to find the correct mouse parameter to put in the macro manually. I really don't know -- FSUIPC merely calls the function it found with that parameter. It is probably a value derived from the same sort of mouse parameters used in PMDG aircraft "custom controls" and listed in their list of same. And they all appear to be related to Windows programming mouse codes. There might be one for "wheel up" and another for "wheel down" but I think not -- more likely "wheel has moved" with another parameter giving the amount (positive or negative for direction). I currently don't know how to get that part into the function. I think the P3D4 facilities provided are just for mouse button clicking, but i'll know more when I've investigated further. Pete
  18. T3d More issues at KPHX (Phoenix)

    Hmm, I remember attaching it. Sadly, I've re-played the airport at a different time since so I have lost the log file for the session above. No idea what happened there because I certainly remember attaching it to the post above :/
  19. 1) Delete all ".bin" files in STB Application Data Folder\Database e.g. C:\Users\Simon\AppData\Roaming\FlyingWSimulation\SuperTrafficBoard V4 Client\Prepar3D V4\Database 2) Recompile the airport database 3) Everything should be fine! Simon
  20. Tower 3DPro Install Problems

    Hello. Looks like a corrupted installation. Could you please try to do a complete uninstall and install everything again? Thank you. Ariel
  21. T3d More issues at KPHX (Phoenix)

    Thank you Pete. I cannot see your log here though :| Please send it. We´ll be looking at both of your reports. :) Ariel
  22. Help with EDDM Color Pack

    I am hoping for some guidance/direction for a problem I am having with the Color Pack installation for EDDM. I purchased the color pack the previous weekend. Before the purchase I had read some of the dialogue regarding the false positive virus warning for that DLC and I was satisfied that there was no real virus concern. During the installation process, Windows Defender kept blocking the install - even after disabling Windows Defender (I readily admit I was probably doing something wrong).. I am now able to "proceed with the installation" - but I am still not able to get the color pack working. I know the service pack is up to date. I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled - with the same results. The one thing that I know is different is that for the Real Traffic and the previous Real Color I have added, the installation process always takes me to a step to confirm the registration number provided during the purchase. For EDDM, it does not do that. It takes me to Winzip (the others don't) and there is no opportunity to provide the registration information. I am assuming this is at least part of my issue? The installation path I have followed for EDDM is: C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Tower3dPro\Extensions\Airplanes\Texturepacks I thought with the other color pack installs it defaulted to: C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Tower3DPro\Airplanes\Texturepacks That could just be another one of my early warning signs for dementia BUT if that is the case, there was no visible "Airplanes" folder directly within the Tower3DPro folder when I directed the path for WinZip to follow. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards,
  23. Yesterday
  24. Hallo mates, after upgrading to P3D v4.2 and with the last STB upgrade installed when i start the Board i receive the following message: System.InvalidOperationException: BackingStoreAndIndexAgent.Load: Mismatch between backing data store (True) and index (False). at FLW.Simulator.Objects.BackingStoreAndIndexAgent.Attach() in D:\OneDrive\Flight Simulator\STB\STB V4 for Prepar3D\Common\FSObjects\FSObjects\BackingStoreAndIndexAgent.cs:line 62 at FLW.Simulator.Objects.LocalAirportCache.OpenCache() in D:\OneDrive\Flight Simulator\STB\STB V4 for Prepar3D\Common\FSObjects\FSObjects\LocalAirportCache.cs:line 59 at FLW.Simulator.Objects.LocalAirportCache..ctor() in D:\OneDrive\Flight Simulator\STB\STB V4 for Prepar3D\Common\FSObjects\FSObjects\LocalAirportCache.cs:line 33 at FLW.Simulator.Objects.CacheManager.OpenCaches(Boolean useRemoteCache) in D:\OneDrive\Flight Simulator\STB\STB V4 for Prepar3D\Common\FSObjects\FSObjects\CacheManager.cs:line 112 at FLW.STB.Client.STBClient.OpenDataSources() in D:\OneDrive\Flight Simulator\STB\STB V4 for Prepar3D\STB V4.0 P3D V4\Client\Traffic Board\STBClient.cs:line 15188 at FLW.STB.Client.STBClient.CompleteSimConnection() in D:\OneDrive\Flight Simulator\STB\STB V4 for Prepar3D\STB V4.0 P3D V4\Client\Traffic Board\STBClient.cs:line 6418 at FLW.STB.Client.STBClient.ConnectToFs() in D:\OneDrive\Flight Simulator\STB\STB V4 for Prepar3D\STB V4.0 P3D V4\Client\Traffic Board\STBClient.cs:line 6393 at FLW.STB.Client.STBClient.ConnectButton_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) in D:\OneDrive\Flight Simulator\STB\STB V4 for Prepar3D\STB V4.0 P3D V4\Client\Traffic Board\STBClient.cs:line 6455 at FLW.STB.Client.STBClient..ctor() in D:\OneDrive\Flight Simulator\STB\STB V4 for Prepar3D\STB V4.0 P3D V4\Client\Traffic Board\STBClient.cs:line 1540 at FLW.STB.SimConnectWrapper.SimConnectWrapper_P3D_V4..ctor() in D:\OneDrive\Flight Simulator\STB\STB V4 for Prepar3D\STB V4.0 P3D V4\Client\SimConnectWrapperP3D\SimConnectWrapper_P3D_V4.cs:line 125 at STB.Launcher.Program.LoadClient(ClientExceptionHandler eh) in D:\OneDrive\Flight Simulator\STB\STB V4 for Prepar3D\STB V4.0 P3D V4\Client\Front End\TBLauncher.cs:line 28 at STB.Launcher.Program.Main(String[] args) in D:\OneDrive\Flight Simulator\STB\STB V4 for Prepar3D\STB V4.0 P3D V4\Client\Front End\TBLauncher.cs:line 164 How can i solve it ? Thankx for any helps !!
  25. Planes pause on takeoff/landing

    I've only made another video as I see that Vic @FeelTherementioned trying it with default aircraft, no real traffic. We are back at EDDM here with about 8 take-offs and 1 landing. I noticed, bearing in mind what @blazemonger said above about touch-downs and rotation points, that during take-offs from 26L, the stutters are nowhere near the rotation point, but at a fixed place well before rotation. which also effects landing aircraft (there is only 1 landing shown). When taking off from 26R however, there is a very noticeable 'pause' almost exactly on the rotation point. This could be coincidence, or it could just be down to the physical position on the runway (much like 26L), who knows? Cheers logs.zip
  26. Feelthere Map! for P3DV4?

    The MAP! gauge may one day released.as an add-on that can be used on other aircraft (as it was originally released for FS9 & X - http://www.feelthere.com/category/cate_id:52
  27. ERJ 145XR V.2 P3d V4 - Black Screens

    Search this subforum fo 'black'. After seeing how the issue was resolved in this threads report back.
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