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    The manifest file has the list of the plane types and airlines that have liveries. The manifest will depend on what airport you require Thses are found in the extensions-airplanes-texturepacks folder
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  4. Thanks Mate. I keep tweaking the details on the repaints with every new release. This one has a few minor details improved upon from the Alaska SkyWest I just released. Next I think I'll do the Delta Connection E170; I know inibuilds released one, but I'll put more details in mine. I had that one queued for a while. Then, back to the JetBlue E190 fleet. Have that about 75% or more -- just have to do the tail art. Stay home and stay safe. Blue Skies and Tailwinds, Jeffrey S. Bryner
  5. Shom

    E175 flaps after SP1

    Generally I think the trailing edge flaps and wings need to get the same PBR treatment the leading edge slats got. The wings and trailing edge flaps textures are much lower resolution and you see no light reflection off their surfaces.
  6. Update v0.45 KPHX added After Compass announced that they will cease flight operations on April 7, I was shocked to discover that I am not prepared for such an incident. At the moment I need about 2 to 3 hours per airport to shift an airline from a realistic to a diverse schedule. This is of course unacceptable, because if the number of airports increases, I will not have the time for it. In the next 2 weeks or so there might not be a new airport. I will rewrite some scripts in that time, so that the time for adding, deleting or shifting airlines is reduced to 10 to 15 minutes per airport. As soon as this is done, more airports will be added.
  7. The way you describe the Ai deletion, that sounds like the simulator is deleting it for reasons unknown (there is no information about why the simulator would choose to do so) If the aircraft is in "mid-air", I've never been able to relate such an event to lack of suitable parking, runways, etc but usually some other add-on or a simulator reality bubble concern. You've disabled the part of STB that does approach separation anyway, so STB won't be delete in the scenario you describe. It will be of little help but I've not changed any of the code in this area for years now, so it's hard to see how the latest update could contribute to the situation. That said, what was your previous version before the update? Otherwise I'm not aware of incompatibility with AIS. Thanks Simon
  8. Hi Guys Where do I find the text for Aircraft file on new liveries added?
  9. @Jeffrey S. Bryner Absolutely lovely. Glad someone finally did a proper job with the Alaska jets 🙂
  10. I just noticed the "Normal" CG for this add-on seems is 50%MAC while the real aircaft would be 25%, The behaivor I saw is bacause my 3rd-part loading program load the CG to about30%, that make the airplane very nose-heavy. with normal load, it's much better, about +7 and -5, I would say it's manageable.
  11. Alaska Airlines E175 Op'd by Horizon reg N630QX is complete. Here's a few previews on the ramp at CYVR Gate 85. I will be posting this to AVSIM after I get the issue with my other posts there sorted with the Library Manager.
  12. How often to FSUIPC (while running in server) check changes to the INI file? Looking to pushing live updates to AutoDeleteAI=ON,EC-527,***, and trying to see if we can have FSUIPC scan for updated on a regular basis i.e. 5 seconds so we donn't have to restart the module. Thanks!
  13. Yep. If you look on YouTube you can find some examples of this using v3. Correct.
  14. Thanks scoobflight! I totally agree with your opinion on the VC. So, just to be clear I'll be able to pop out the PFD, MFD, EICAS, and FMC separately to preposition them where I please just as in V2? I'm also interested in your satisfaction and impression of this release overall. I downloaded and briefly looked at the manual. It looks like an updated version of the V2 manual.
  15. I agree, is this going to be addressed FT?
  16. There is no main 2d panel as the consumer wants VC (I'm not a fan of VCs it poorly represents how one interacts with a real plane). Many sub-panels and the main displays can be 'poped up' as larger moveable 2D's (like with v2). Systems are not much different as as the planes remain Ejets. The gauges and such have been refined based on additional real work pilot feedback and membership in the testing and development team.
  17. Can someone who has the Ejets V3 indicate the availability of pop out 2D panels for use in a home cockpit environment? Also, I'm a long time user of Ejets V2 and curious if anyone could compare the two versions in regard to system modeling and performance. Thanks!
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  19. regis9

    EJets v3 FPS

    I’d love to know if anyone has found a particular setting that provides significant FPS increases in this aircraft. I see far lower FPS in this than any other aircraft, even the FSLabs Airbus which is generally understood to be the most FPS heavy aircraft out there. In that aircraft I can generally around 25 FPS, in the E jets I’m hovering around 10-15fps generally with a lot of stutters. PMDG will be in the 25-30 range. Most of the settings in P3D relate to scenery, not the aircraft so I’m challenged to understand what we’re supposed to be looking for that relates specifically to this aircraft. I only use MSAA since SSAA is a resource hog, even though the only way I can make out the autopilot panel is to use SSAA. Again, these are all the same settings that I use with my other payware aircraft without anywhere near the FPS impact that I’m seeing here. If the reality is just that this aircraft requires more resources than most other payware aircraft then so be it and I’ll move on, but if there’s something specific that needs to be adjusted in the sim for this aircraft to perform better I’m all ears...is this aircraft more sensitive to a particular setting or something? I don’t need general advice on increasing FPS, and i don’t think that’s what others on this forum need. I’m well aware of how to balance GPU and CPU usage and with other addons my system general stays in a good balance. I’m enjoying the aircraft apart from some minor things but the low FPS are troublesome. Keeping track during my flight last night, my GPU is not working very hard, CPU is fluctuating between 75% and 95%, sometimes getting up to 100%. I have a system that is a few years old, i7-7700k @ 4.8ghz, GTX1070 so not the latest and greatest but no slouch either.
  20. Is this when first engaging VNAV? After a slight turn in at a waypoint? After a significant turn at a waypoint? Details please.
  21. Please share a pictures showing the spoilers on port and starboard sides in closed and full open positions (ie, four pictures in total).
  22. Well, the Gap may be, but the surface is missalingned. Also what it has to do with the spoilers? On the other wing it is opening just fine.
  23. I have this problem still with the v3 aircraft in the SP1 update. The aircraft seems to respond slowly to the NAV course almost as if it is hunting for the right track. Does anyone else have this issue and has anyone managed to resolve it?
  24. It's normal behaviour for autothrottles to behave this way, to some extent, with the throttle leading altitude change. Real autothrottles are carefully designed to achieve the most efficient performance combined with fuel economy. Sometimes their action can appear counter intuitive, but it will have been tested very thoroughly. When manually flying a jet aircraft, it is usual to open the throttle/s for a climb, and progressively apply back pressure on the yoke. The speed will fluctuate slightly, and throttle adjustments will be needed. The actual speed variation may be less than with the autothrottle, but the process may use more fuel. For a manual descent at the same airspeed it would be common to throttle back and let speed start to decline slightly before lowering the nose. But not usually as much as a 20 kt reduction. I can't say if the amount of throttle lead in the simulation is accurate for the E190, but 15 to 20 kts looks slightly high.
  25. Hello, Sorry i did not see the other post. As i stated i have chaseplane, i try to disable it but nothing changed. I don't have shaders add-ons as tomato or PTA. I don't have any fps problem with other addon as FSLABS or PMDG. I try everything you stated in other post, but nothinhg seems to work so far.
  26. What shaders add-ons are you using? Adjust and disable for testing. Do have chaseplane running? You have a software/hardware issue causing conflict so.some searching wl be required. (As a side note you have created a new thread on a existing topic. This results in reduced support across multiple threads. Be really great if you would add this to an already existing one so mods can focus on one thread on this issue.)
  27. Hello everyone, I have terrible FPS (20-22) in the new Embraer v3 (all variants), especially in addon airports. I followed all the post in the forum but nothing helped. I also have a powerful system with rtx 2080 super and i7-8700k. I did: - Disable Antivirus - Adjust the gauge fps in the menu. - Run the setup in W7 compatibility mode. - Low the settings to the minimum of AA and graphic section. - Disable joystick as i've read that people have problems with the input. - Night and Day it is the same - Chaseplane disable Unfortunately nothing helped and in this condition it is impossible to fly with. Any tips?
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