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  2. Unless KPHX gets updated (which is highly unlikely) by the developer, we pretty much have to live with version we have. The same thing goes for all the other airports as at least 75% have undergone reconstruction of one form or another before and after the developers released it.
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  4. PHX Terminal 2 has been closed as of February 2020 and will not reopen, all airlines moved to the newly remodeled Terminal 3. Terminal 2 is currently being demolished with completion this year (2021).
  5. Hi John, thanks for the testing period. I bought the premium version a few minutes ago. It works for me. Best Regards SiSc1987
  6. yes of course, I manipulated the settings and remove the real traffic add on ,its getting better but the lag is still there, aircraft moving but buttons not. Note: the game and OMDB sector purchased by steam, but real traffic purchased throw the website regards
  7. Have you already tried running Tracon!2012 in ADMIN mode?
  8. @Rhino2604 these are not compatible with each other. 😕
  9. I Bought FSUIPC7.0.2 version. Now I reinstall fs2020 because it not start... and downalod new FSUIPC 7.1.0 When i insert my registration data i recived : Registration details for FSUIPC7 not valid - please re-enter and try again. It is recommended to copy/paste yourt details from registration email from simmarket.. I copy and paste exatly detail that i used always. if you want to know my ragistration detail tell me where can i sand you .
  10. So I entered the details and after running P3D it still says unregistered copy 😔
  11. Thank you John, that was it. I did not finish to load the flight. Once in the cockpit it works. The installation doesn't work, though. I reinstalled with admin rights, to no avail. Anyway, using your .zip file it works. Karl
  12. ok thank you I think I ve found it the file was located in documents add ons despite the fact I ve entered my credentials from sim market during the registration and installation process, the file indicates that the version has not been registered ********* FSUIPC6, Version 6.1.1 (9th May 2021) by Pete & John Dowson ********* Prepar3D.exe version = Running inside Prepar3D v5 Module base=7FF898090000 Windows 10 Home 64 Bit reported as Build 19042, Release ID: 2009 (OS 10.0) Reading options from "C:\Users\ALIENWARE\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\FSUIPC6\FSUIP
  13. That shouldn't be a problem - that is quite a standard set-up - same as mine in fact! You do have the same issue though - your Community folder location could not be determined as it found your UsrCfg.opt file but could not open it: Did you load an aircraft and get to the 'ready-to-fly' state? The WASM menu entries are not enabled when in the menu system.
  14. May I follow up on this please: I have a similar issue, maybe caused by my non-standard "Official" and "Community" folder paths? Both are located at E:\MSFS2020. Copying the content of your posted fsuipc-lvar-module.zip to the Community folder worked. However, I can enable WASM in the FSUIPC menu, but all other options (like "List Lvars", "Set Lvar...") are inop. Karl InstallFSUIPC7.zip
  15. Hi thanks for being here i can recognize the lagging , when i press on any button it took sometime to respond, and the planes icons are not moving at all, and no voice recognition , while it works perfectly in Tower3D pro.
  16. Can you describe the lagginess? Is it in gameplay, departures, arrivals, voice recognition, etc.?
  17. BTW, my computer is very super computer and it runs huge games like PUBG and Tower3D pro very fine
  18. Hi I purchased Tracon!2012. along with OMDB sector and real traffic, but i cannot play the game because its lagging so hard and i cannot use anything of it
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  20. Yes, it should just be a matter of redownloading the same files, which would have been updated.
  21. I don't see any likely either. Are you saying that for non-PMDG aircraft that program is detecting these okay? Don't the same work for PMDG aircraft? I'm pretty sure their Boeings use the underlying simulator code for the NAV radio simulation and signals received from them, so that should equally cover LOC and GS signals which are indicated in regular FSUIPC offsets. If not then I can only suggest you ask over in the PMDG Forums. Pete
  22. I know I should know the answer to this question, but it's been so long since I did an SP. Where and how do I go to get the SP EGLL? Do I just redownload the airport that I paid for already? Or is there another way? Your suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
  23. Good afternoon, I was talking to someone (a fellow blind pilot), who said that the add-on that he uses (called Talking Flight Monitor, which is an accessibility addon for FS/P3d) can't detect the annunciators for localizer and glideslope capture in the PMDG aircraft. Are there any specific offsets for these annunciators in the 737/747/777? I looked through the offset mapping PDF files in the FSUIPC folder and can't find any that would seem to fit the bill. I'm asking on behalf of Jason Fayre, the TFM developer; since the project is open-source, I may be able to code in the detectio
  24. No, this picture is a rendition of the new LAX terminal that can be found in the article. To give FT a perspective. Not connected with what they have.
  25. Sorry, but those files are not in your installation folder, they are in the downloadable zip file. To be clear, you download a zip file. You should extract the contents to a folder somewhere. Do not try to run the installer from within the zip file. Once you have extracted, you will have three files: an installation and registration document (pdf) - (please read this document), a txt file detailing the latest changes, and the installer itself. When you run the installer, that installs FSUIPC 6 into a different folder, the one you selected (or accepted) during this installation
  26. The .key file is a .key file. It contains only text and can be edited in Notepad, but it is just not recognised by Windows as a TXT file. Similarly INI and CFG files are text files but are categorised as configuration files. Note that when you register ALL THREE PARTS (Name, Email and Key) must be exact. You must be making a mistake. Pete
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