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  2. Yes a known issue and under investigation.
  3. If purchased from feelThere contactBMTmicro with the purchase details to resolve the download link issue - service@bmtmicro.com or 800-414-4268 (USA/ Canada) / +1 910- 792-9100 (international customers)
  4. Today
  5. I just purchased the Feelthere EMB 170/190 v3 package and I am unable to download the product. I continue to get the following error message: The password has been blocked. The application vendor has been notified. Please try again in 48 hours and contact the vendor if the problem persists. Please let me know how to proceed. Thanks, Pete
  6. Ron C


    Here you go. I just tried it and got the 500 error. https://feelthere.com//shop/
  7. Not where the data tag is but on the other end of the leader (the line) you will see a letter; D for Departure, T for Tower, etc. Right-click on that letter and hold the right mouse button. Then you can circle the mouse around that letter to change the position of the data tag.
  8. Ron C


    I've had the same issue all day.
  9. someone know how to fix ? E190 v3 p3d v5.1
  10. Yesterday
  11. Hi John, I'm starting to understand how FSUIPC7 works with Linda and VRI MCP Combi. For those who use MCP Combi with FS2020 & A320neo, binding these Functions to the three Knobs and to three Buttons can simulate Push & Pull function Engage_Managed_Speed_Mode () -- PUSH SPEED KNOB ipc.control("68066", 2) end function Engage_Selected_Air_Speed_Mode () -- PULL SPEED KNOB ipc.control("68066", 1) end function Engage_Managed_Altitude_Mode () -- PUSH ALT KNOB ipc.control("68067", 2) end function Engage_Selected_Altitude_Mode () -- PULL ALT KNOB ipc.control("68067", 1) end function Engage_Managed_Heading_Mode () -- PUSH HDG KNOB ipc.control("68065", 2) end function Engage_Selected_Heading_Mode () -- PULL HDG KNOB ipc.control("68065", 1) end
  12. I used the "Profiles in Separate Files" tutorial so I can have separate INI files for each profile. Then I went into the FSUIPC4 GUI in FSX to make a new profile called F18.ini based on a profile called Honecomb Yoke.ini. I can see both .ini files in the Modules\Profiles folder but when I open them up in a text editor, there are no setting to change. What am I missing? The following files are attached to this post: FSUIPC4.ini (registered version 4.974) F18.ini Honecomb Yoke.ini Also... how do I create a profile based on the default button settings (the settings that are in play when no profile is selected)? FSUIPC4.ini F18.ini Honecomb Yoke.ini
  13. That works great John, thanks very much :-) It may help others out as well. Regards, Rod
  14. @Sky King not aware of this issue. Can you please paste a link to one of those pages? If it´s happening we want to fix it as soon as we can 🙂
  15. Lots of controls in there - might be a good enhancement to find things quickly or at least narrow them down if we could type in that box and have them "live filtered".
  16. Hello can anyone tell me how i can change the leader and the relevant data position as I 've seen in some videos on YouTube, because sometimes there is an annoying overlapping and can't see anything . (Tracon 2012SE).
  17. Folks, we apologize for this issue with the codes for the Ejets V2 for FSX. If you are experiencing a "next" button greyed out problem, please email us at feelthere.zendesk.com and send us your proof of purchase so we can send you a replacement code.
  18. Ok I just realized reading the extension of the macro file was incorrect.... actually mcro.txt as I didn't turn on the file extension viewing on windows explorer. After fixing it everything worked just perfect!
  19. Hi Pete, thank you first of all for this amazing tool you did! I'm trying to build my home cockpit and for that I use FSUIPC4(v4.975a) on FSX. I did my first macro to trigger a LVAR and after tons of trials and a lot of youtube videos I simply can't get it to appear on the FSUIPC "Control sent ..." drop down list, which makes me think that it is not loaded... I dump the LVARS for my airplane using the FSUIPC method "List local Panel Vars". macro file(named:HDGKP.MCRO) [MACROS] 1=L:AB_AP_HDGmode=SET The ini file at the end of the ini the LuaFiles section [LuaFiles] 1=HDGKP - Registered FSUIPC - Addons: RAAS Professional, ActiveSky2016, TrafficX - Add-on Airplane: A320 airbus extended You can find attached the log and ini file. So, I really don't know what I'm doing wrong. Could you please give me some hint? Thank you so much in advance. FSUIPC4.4.log FSUIPC4.ini
  20. Sky King


    Many thanks! Purchasing now.....(along with KIAD my previous home airport). Happy T-Day! Update: Is any body else having Feelthere server issues? I am getting a 500 server error on some pages and others that do load are glacially slow.
  21. Thank you for contacting FeelThere Support. I believe this might be a problem on our end. Please bare with me while I try to sort this out for you. Thank you Support
  22. Thanks for all the help John!
  23. crbascott


    Hey grandpa! 😉 All airport add-one work on both versions.
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