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  2. Thank you @Jeffrey S. Bryner for working on 2K textures. I too fly out of KORD and will be flying this bird IRL in a couple of years hopefully.
  3. Hi Pete, Thanks for looking at this. I'm trying to use the lua events to assign keys in my software so I don't need to ask users to make a bunch of modifications to their fsuipc ini files, adding macros, etc. Here is what I found: 1. Adding g without any shift as a lua key event does trigger the landing gear. 2. Adding Tab+g as a FSUIPC hotkey triggers the fsuipc key action, but the gear doesn't activate. So, the way lua and regular FSUIPC hotkeys are behaving is definitely different. If this isn't going to work through LUA for assigning keys, do you have any suggestions on the best way to make my hotkeys, lua scripts, and macros portable? If I go that route, people will need to manually add all the correct profile entrys to their fsuipc ini files. I was trying to avoid that. Thanks!
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  5. ah ok yer fly 170 a couple of times but mainly the E190 for BA yes
  6. Hi Matt, I did look at your channel. Wow, Lots of fly time indeed. I noticed you almost exclusively fly the E190. The Service Pack was released for the 175/195 product and this thread is for that (post SP FPS issues). I don't see this issue on the E170/E190 on my machine either. Best, Jeffrey S. Bryner
  7. OK, update to my update; I was looking into an old tool from Microsoft called texconv (texture converter), released as part of the Direct X SDK "in the day." MS re-released it as part of Azure Remote Rendering, but it lacks some capability. The legacy version was maintained and enhanced by a group of chaps and available on github. So, I converted all the textures with that version/edition and am testing. Jeffrey S. Bryner
  8. I'd have to check. It isn't documented like that, and I think perhaps that the key press Event may not always be wanted in a Lua plug-in to change its assignment, but simply to know when it occurs for other purposes. Though I suppose the solution then should be to send it on before exit as intended for control or axis interception. Certainly Keys assigned in FSUIPC take precedence over those assigned in the sim. It also occurs to me that TAB+G shouldn't cause the GEAR Toggle conttrol to fire in any case -- is the Sim ignoring the TAB button? I wonder if the use of TAB as a shift (not a standard type of shift as recognised by the sim like Shift, Ctrl and Alt) is confusing the issue. Could you see what just G does? Let me know. i won't be able to check properly till, probably, Monday. Also see if TAB + G operates the Gear even if assigned to something else in FSUIPC. That would prove conclusively that the G goes through with TAB as the "shift". I assume, of course, that you hold the TAB down before pressing the G? Else the G would certsinly go through first. Pete
  9. Peter, Please contact Aerosoft, all I do is supply the materials to them and ask them to update their website. Simon
  10. Hello, I'm trying to define some key events in a lua script. The keys are working, but the keypresses are also being passed on to the sim. This is fsuipc 6.0.8 and p3d v4.5. My event line looks like: event.key(71, 24, "heat_dec") This fires when I press Tab+g, but the landing gear control in the sim also triggers. I thought fSUIPC was supposed to trap these keys? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  11. Greetings Axel, Absolutely would have sought Feelthere's permission first. Thank you for mentioning it and thank you to @FeelThere in advance for their permission. I'm still working on it, but bogged down a bit with the process using Adobe Photoshop and a combination of Custom Actions and File Automation tool using DDS files. Because DDS files are processed (on my system) in Photoshop with the NVidia Photoshop Plugin, it seems the resize part of the Action is not preserved by the Automation, so all files are the same size in the end. Still trying to find a way to do this for a DDS file and currently exploring NVidia Texture Tools. Jeffrey S. Bryner
  12. EKCH Airport SP1 Release Previous: EKCH_Airport.exe New: EKCH_Airport_SP1.exe
  13. Ah, I see! Oops. "Toggle" (in all of its uses in FS I think) means "on-if-off" or "off-if-on" not "on-then-a-little-later-off", perhaps emulating a key press or a momentary button. That's the way the term is used in all of the FS controls called "Toggle", like SOUND TOGGLE, SLEW TOGGLE, PAUSE TOGGLE, GEAR TOGGLE, TOGGLE MASTER BATTERY, TOGGLE NAV LIGHTS, TOGGLE PUSHBACK, etc etc. To do "press then release" means sending two commands as you were doing for buttons 0 and 1, with a delay between them for them to be seen, just like real keypresses or button presses. The delay might need only be 20 mSecs or do, but 50 mSecs to be on the safe side (corresponding to the typical keyboard 20 per sec repeat rate). They were automatic repeats based on the button staying pressed and the "repeat" option set in the "Buttons & Switches" assignment. FSUIPC provides this for buttons to emulate the keypress repeats when you hold a key down. (Windows operates that for keypresses). Pete
  14. I am a great lover of 3d tower pro and notice you've released London Gatwick any idea if London Heathrow is going in development?
  15. Ah - I assumed wrongly that a toggle is a press and release action - my bad. I understand now that this is just a change from a previous state. my challenge is that the mobiflight app that I am using only assigns action on an encoder set, and not on release. I was hoping that the toggle action will be translated as a press+release. And the repeats you see in the log are probably due to a noisy hardware button - thanks for tip re-performance, I will check it out. (I need the repeat to simulate a press and hold, and I have to use a key press via an LUA script as the stupid GTN750 gauge I am using doesn't respond to virtual joystick button presses directly - a long story). thanks for your time helping me with this - I can take it from here. Regards - Ran
  16. Sorry mate - I've been busy with work (I'm a partner in an information technology consulting firm) and family. On the EJETS, I have been actively working on Conviasa E190, and Royal Jordanian E175 as well as China Southern E190 After that I hope to get back to the TAP E195, the J-AIR E190 then Tianjin Airlines E190. Partly slowed down recreating the vector artwork on the conviasa repaint and I have not been putting so much time in lately. Hope to have some previews within the week for conviasa soon. Best, Jeffrey S. Bryner
  17. Thanks for replying so quickly. I did not wright the code it was taken from a thread on the Aerosoft Forum: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/140328-as-a320-key-mapping-with-fsuipc/ Attached is the Lua I have taken the Code from. I am unsure as to what lines have been replaced, sorry im not very good at understanding coding. actions.lua
  18. With just a quick look found many errors, that is.. If you supplied the full code. Here's the code with errors commented out and 2 lines added to replace bad ones. function AB_PDS_CPT_Radios_on () ipc.writeLvar("AB_PDS_RADIO_CPT_POWER", 1) -- AB_OVH_Pushbutton () NO FUNCTION WITH THAT NAME -- DspShow ("Rdio", "on") NO FUNCTION WITH THAT NAME end function AB_PDS_CPT_Radios_off () ipc.writeLvar("AB_PDS_RADIO_CPT_POWER", 0) -- AB_OVH_Pushbutton () NO FUNCTION WITH THAT NAME -- DspShow ("Rdio", "off") NO FUNCTION WITH THAT NAME end function AB_PDS_CPT_Radios_toggle () -- if _tl("AB_PDS_RADIO_CPT_POWER", 0) then WRONG FORMAT, NO FUNCTION WITH THAT NAME if ipc.readLvar("AB_PDS_RADIO_CPT_POWER") == 0 then AB_PDS_CPT_Radios_on () else AB_PDS_CPT_Radios_off () end end function AB_PDS_FO_Radios_on () ipc.writeLvar("AB_PDS_RADIO_FO_POWER", 1) -- AB_OVH_Pushbutton () NO FUNCTION WITH THAT NAME -- DspShow ("Rdio", "on") NO FUNCTION WITH THAT NAME end function AB_PDS_FO_Radios_off () ipc.writeLvar("AB_PDS_RADIO_FO_POWER", 0) -- AB_OVH_Pushbutton () NO FUNCTION WITH THAT NAME -- DspShow ("Rdio", "off") NO FUNCTION WITH THAT NAME end function AB_PDS_FO_Radios_toggle () -- if _tl("AB_PDS_RADIO_FO_POWER", 0) then WRONG FORMAT, NO FUNCTION WITH THAT NAME if ipc.readLvar("AB_PDS_RADIO_FO_POWER") == 0 then AB_PDS_FO_Radios_on () else AB_PDS_FO_Radios_off () end end event.flag(1, "AB_PDS_CPT_Radios_on") event.flag(2, "AB_PDS_CPT_Radios_off") event.flag(3, "AB_PDS_FO_Radios_on") event.flag(4, "AB_PDS_FO_Radios_off") When creating luas, this part of the "most excellent" logging tab of FSUIPC will tell you what's wrong, the line number, what it is doing etc.. Indispensable! (note, this screenshot is from an older version, but should be close)
  19. STB-DS for V5 is out there, I just loose touch of where all the touch points are such as the place you visited. www.supertrafficboard.com/downloads/stbds_p3dv5.zip Thanks for finding my oversight. Simon
  20. Apologies for posting again. I have created a few Lua files now that work fine but have created another with which to control the Radio Masters taken from the same links as above and this is not working, I have tried both the "On" & "Off" parameters with "Lua Set" as well as the "toggle" parameter with the "Lua Toggle". I have attached the lua. If you are able to assist that would be amazing. Thanks ! A320Radio.lua
  21. That's a huge log with little of relevance in it. I assume it's the toggling action only you are concened isn't fast enough? The first such is here: 1618297 WRITE0[17660] 29F0, 4 bytes: 02 40 00 00 .@.. 1618297 Button changed: bRef=0, Joy=64, Btn=2, Released Because button 2 was pressed at the start of the log, this toggle released it - no action assigned. The second toggle action sent pressed it, with immediate effect on the assigned action: 1586344 Button changed: bRef=0, Joy=64, Btn=2, Pressed 1586344 [Buttons] 38=P64,2,C66741,0 1586344 FS Control Sent: Ctrl=66741, Param=0 ADF1_RADIO_SWAP This sequence, with the action occurring immediately the offset is written is the same throughout, as far as I had the patience to search. If you can find one where it failed to obey the press, or took 3-4 sdeconds to do so, please do point it out to me! As far as I can see, there is no problem. it is doing exactly what it is supposed to do! If you are simply saying that the offsets are not being written to fast enough, then that will be down to what is sending them. The log shows other virtual buttons being pressed, -- including one with Repeats enabled and assign to send a keystroke to the sim. I see the repeats building up ad causing quite a queue of keypresses to amount. That won't do any good to Sim performance -- each keypress is another message in its Message Queue. If you are trying to prove a problem with the toggle action, please ONLY send the toggle action request! Incidentally, if you are planning on using the type of encoder which alternately sends "press", "release" as you turn it, it is normal to assign the same action to both press and release, That way it operates twice as fast. Pete
  22. here is the log with the dialog window closed Regards - Ran FSUIPC6 - Copy.log
  23. Hans, thank you for confirming that. It's frustrating, because I had thought it was Hotfix3 which was breaking the radar display. The fact that Active Sky is running a Beta for P3D4.5 exclusively when HF3 is installed, suggests that LM has changed something in HF3 affecting the weather generation. I don't use Cloud Art so I can't say if that has an effect, but I do adjust the radar angle as you describe. Can I ask, does your WXR show any display when using a P3D weather theme like thunderstorm, or if you set up custom weather with precipitation in Active Sky, or is the display only when using AS live weather in suitable conditions. John.
  24. I have Pete, and I get the same experience. To test I mapped button 3 i.e. virtual joystick 64 button 2 to the ADF freq swap function and it only works sometimes. I guess I'll stick to using VJoy if this works more reliable for me. Regards - Ran
  25. You shouldn't be using the Assignments tab for testing your coding. That is ONLY looking for "off to on" or "released to pressed", and whilst it is open most other actions in FSUIPC are slowed or stopped. It is in no way suitable for seeing if your software works. Only use it to make your assignments! The logs are therefore useless to show me anything, as they are entirely performed whilst within the dialogue! Assign the virtual buttons to something which you can see or can log, THEN worry about timing if it is wrong. Pete
  26. thanks for looking into this matter further Pete. I realise that this is not right. I am using Mobiflight to write the values in the offset based on buttons connected to an Arduino, and I cannot find the log file, though the Mobiflight console window shows the buttons being pressed. attached are the FSUIPC logs and INI files. I have three buttons programmed in Mobiflight as follows: Button 1: on press : write 0x00014000 to 0x29F0; on release : write 0x00024000 to 0x29F0 Button 2: on press : write 0x00014001 to 0x29F0; on release : write 0x00024001 to 0x29F0 Button 3: on press : write 0x00004002 to 0x29F0; on release : do nothing with the FSUIPC dialog open on the Buttons and Switches page, flicking between button 1 and 2 is instant - the button change shows up in the tab. Getting a response to pressing button 3 is intermittent. I may not be reading the log quite right, but it looks like while offset 0x29F0 is updated with the right value (0x00004002), the button press action isn't (I hops this make sense). the reason I am keen to get the Toggle working is so I could use this with encoders, and unlike for buttons, the Mobiflight app has no option for 'release' - just one action for 'press'). so at present I am using VJoy - but I would like to use the FSUIPC virtual joystick if I can. again, apologies for not being able to find the Mobiflight log. If you want to rule out Mobiflight I'll be happy to try another option for writing the offsets if you can point me in the right direction. thanks again for your help Pete, much appreciated. Regards - Ran PS. I have written down the sequence of buttons I pressed and results - I can send this to you to compare with the log file if this is any help FSUIPC6.ini FSUIPC6.2 - Copy.log
  27. Hi Paul, Thank you for your quick answer and your support. Matthias
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