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  2. Hello, "V-speeds" are a function of TOW and the flap setting, so using an intersection should not have any influence there.
  3. Hello, please try using these updates: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1e7a35kls2fz65e/TOPER_updt_v1.1.exe/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/z6aibk8o1es6cee/v1.2.exe/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/alswjwa490egm19/v1.2.1.exe/file
  4. I personally don't need or use any of the features you have boldfaced, Pete. Thank you very much.
  5. Ik what u was talking I was just saying I can wait I done a schedule an Lufthansa flys the a346 to Boston from Munich an none of Boston's runways work for a346 I can wait on runway 9 till next Version
  6. I apologize if English is not your first language and I did not make myself clear. There is nothing wrong with the runway 9 - there is nothing FeelThere can do to "fix the runway". The airplane characteristics inside the Real Traffic models determine takeoff and landing distance. So, the only "fix" would need to be done in Real Traffic. However, since a 7000 foot takeoff for a 777 is an anomaly you'll definitely need to wait until the next version and customize these planes yourself (assuming that is a feature we get back from T!2011).
  7. Today
  8. Hi Pete, Thanks for the quick update. Some of the components we mainly read from the game are weather, multiplayer traffic tables (E080 & F080), and some aircraft data (location, speeds, alt, etc). It looks like we'll be fine with a quick fix, but I'm not entirely sure what you mean by SimConnect text diversion. I can test as soon as you push an update. Thanks, Raj
  9. Hi Pete. My main use of FSUIPC is for Joystick assignment and calibration per aircraft also, wideFS use but the Joystick Assignment is the main use. Thanks
  10. I've had a quick look, and it seems many things have moved around -- probably through re-compilation. I normally try to work out where they've moved to by comparing with the previous version. however, I removed FSX-SE (and Steam) long ago, after development stopped. So: a question for those participating in this Microsoft Beta version of FSX-SE: are you only needing FSUIPC to support joystick assignments, calibrations, etc? Or are you also needing full support of things like mouse macros, and SimConnect text diversion? If the former i can just stop it doing all the hacks into FSX innards. This won't remove most of the capabilities, only these: * Wind smoothing (only used in conjnction with external weather apps) * Friction table access * Mouse macros * SimConnect text diversion * AI Traffic deletion (eg for ZAP facility and traffic limiting) * Reading and changing traffic settings by program I can provide a version with these limitations very quickly. What do you think? Otherwise it will be a while. Pete
  11. Then I can wait I would like for runway 9 to able to let a321 takeoff an fix the runways so a a346 can takeoff
  12. Hi Simon, Thanks for your reply. I have sent an e-mail to info@supertrafficboard.com as the file was too large to post here. Tak
  13. Hi Tak It seems to be something to do with the airport elevation being a decimal number rather than a whole number. Can you send me your runways.xml file please, found in your Prepar3D installation folder? Thanks Simon
  14. Airplane takeoff and landing distances are controlled by Real Traffic and not the airport itself. So, @Braf123456, your "issue" is not really an airport issue. Additionally, the combination of conditions and airplane configuration is the only explanation of how a 777 is able to takeoff on a 7000 foot runway. I found a site that said the takeoff distance in International Standard Atmosphere at mean sea Level of a 777-200 (the smallest 777 variation) is 8300 feet. So, 777s taking off from runway 9 would seem to be very atypical. However, with mods as promised in the next version, you can have B777s and A380s takeoff from 15L/33R if you want. 😉
  15. @Braf123456 shared screenshots from FR24 of actual flights. So, not sure why the sarcasm.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Okay, thanks -- downloading overnight. Not sure when can do it, but i'll take a quck look soon. if it is only a matter of updating sone addresses it should be quick enough. Well, they don't look very significant, but there you go. Only the weather part seems a bit more signiificant, but then I thought snyone who wanted decent weather used an addon like Active Sky. 9I always have). Pete
  18. Late to this topic and won’t claim to have read all of the very impressive list that had been compiled so thought I would just do a couple of additional bits I’d really value and some refinements to the existing ways it works. - Gate assignment - I find it very frustrating that planes always go to the first gate available in their terminal. When you play snippets in places like Philadelphia or this morning I was doing an early shift at Atlanta with big arrival banks they always go to gates in the same order. The gate assignment should be a random gate in the relevant terminal. - It would be good to have an option to do the delivery channel as well as tower and ground, especially to add some interest to some of the less busy airports. Maybe as something that can be turned on and off. - Ground movements - whenever I go to Heathrow, which is my local, there are regular movements of planes to and from the maintenance hangars or between terminals. It would be good to be able to replicate similar movements to hangars and remote parking bays. - Progressive taxi and a cross runway command. - Would love the ability to be able to develop our own airports locally but do realise the developers have been very good at getting a lot of add-ons released and this could take away from the revenues they make from that.
  19. i just like to be able to use that runway on the game
  20. as well a ups fedex 763 am all types of a321s
  21. actual i have a ba triple 7 took off from it this morning
  22. RWY 9 is only 7,000 ft long. You must be seeing things.
  23. i love kbos it does have a couple of problems with the runways first runway 9 in real life i have seen all types of planes takeoff from this runway from crjs to triple 7s but in the game nothing bigger then a a320 can takeoff from it an second i had a lh a346 going to munich but none of the runways will work they say they are to short for takeoff from here is a little from the game log 12:00:00 * DLH458 => ADD HISTORY: DLH458: Tower, LUFTHANSA 458 requesting push and start. Store stat: True COMMAND: DLH458 PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY 22L 12:00:29 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-2 OWNER_GROUND t: Term_E10 * DLH458 => PARSE CMD: PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY 22L 12:00:29 * DLH458 => ADD HISTORY: DLH458: Unable to takeoff from this runway. The runway is too short for takeoff Store stat: True COMMAND: DLH458 PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY 4R 12:00:33 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-2 OWNER_GROUND t: Term_E10 * DLH458 => PARSE CMD: PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY 4R 12:00:33 * DLH458 => ADD HISTORY: DLH458: Unable to takeoff from this runway. The runway is too short for takeoff Store stat: True COMMAND: DLH458 PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY 15R 12:00:36 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-2 OWNER_GROUND t: Term_E10 * DLH458 => PARSE CMD: PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY 15R 12:00:36 * DLH458 => ADD HISTORY: DLH458: Unable to takeoff from this runway. The runway is too short for takeoff i tried a a380 an it will takeoff from the runway i gave the a346
  24. Here is the list of fixes. A couple of them would be very worthwhile for me, at least. 🙂 Thank you for at least looking into this Pete!
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