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  2. I was never typed on the 170/190 - I know some info from different areas from a bit of experience and a lot of conversations from previous and current typed collegues and friends, but i wouldnt be able to add too much other than suggestions like above, I couldn't tell you too much on the dynamics as I havn't spent much time on them even as a passenger.
  3. That's not the case at all. No issues with FSL, PMDG and the like; the feelThere ERJ V3 is erratic during rotation.
  4. Why aren't you on the dev team?! They need you!
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  6. To add to the FMC list, TO Flap selection is missing From the PERF INIT page, LSk 6L (DEP/APP SPEEDS) Should contain 3 pages. Page 1 is correct, Page 2 is missing a lot of data. It should contain the VRef speeds for various configurations (CLEAN at LSK1L, FLAPS 2 at LSK2L, FLAPS 3 at LSK3L, FLAPS 5 at LSK2R & FLAPS 6 at LSK3R). Between LSKs 4L and 4R there should be AGL <----- LIMIT -----> NM with the respective altitude and range below. FIRST APP WPT selection is and LSKs 5L and 5R FIX INFO is missing a lot of data including airport data (lat long, runways etc...) RTE Page inclusion is a must for flight plan entry - only Lat/longs are usually entered via the FPL page. Takeoff Page should contain RWY Slope info, and RWY CONDITION (WET / DRY) slection. At the top of this page, LSK1L should be RWY HDG with the respective RWY course in green below, LSK1R should be T.O. WGT with the digits in blue. The brightness of the PFD and MFD could use with dimming down a bit There are a few other small bits, i've attached a few screenshots in the link below from a flight video - but this was the same as the configuration one of my collegues who was typed on the E190 had. https://imgur.com/bm55Y7S https://imgur.com/dkJ3d9https://imgur.com/dkJ3d90 https://imgur.com/dkJ3d90
  7. It's unfortunate. The 190/195 are modeled perfectly IMO. Just feels like they shrunk & mangled the 190 wing to be a 170s. Would be grateful to see it corrected!
  8. Yesterday
  9. Hello, I'm on operation comeback to Flight Simulator. I now have FSX, and have been using FSUIPC to program and fly with the Pro Flight Yoke & Throttles. I bought the licence version (I forget if it was v.3 or v.4 I didn't see any email contact, so here goes, My name is Marc-Daniel Escuain Anderson, email m.escuain@gmail.com Could you please resent my licence code to activate the fully funcional FSUIPC v.4 for FSX? Thanks so very much! Happy flying Marc-Daniel
  10. Agreed. Another nifty addition is that the cargo ships actually move as you play. Andrew
  11. Hello I bought the PMDG B747-8I. He took over all configurations from the B747-400 that I made in FSUIPC, only the CUT OFF that were configured on the buttons on the Saitek Throttle not. I reassigned them (Macros created) and works again. But after I check on the B747-400, the CUT OFF are not working anymore. All other settings on my Saitek Yoke like Trim, Zoom etc. is working on both aircraft. Thank you for your help. Kind Regards Stephan LSZH
  12. Please don't be disappointed. I would never think that in a derogatory context of you. I interpreted it as: "Too bad more airports aren't available immediately, would be nice." Since I wrote two weeks ago that the pandemic had unintentionally given me more time, I thought it was a valid thought. But in the meantime I am back in my normal working life and just wanted to explain why it takes so long until a new airport is implemented in the tool. I have a high opinion of you, and that will not change so easily. 🥰
  13. So all my Feelthere EJet uploads on AVSIM have been corrected. Files, details, download counts, etc are correct. Thank goodness. Thanks to Brian Neuman, Library Director at AVSIM and his help getting this sorted out. Jeffrey S. Bryner
  14. Alaska Airlines NC Operated by Horizon Air E175LR (N630QX) released on AVSIM: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=p3dacrp&DLID=217095
  15. ...seagulls... also..nice that arriving aircraft can exit at runway 30 when landind on 12/30
  16. EKCH airport for Tower!3D/Pro release Real Color EKCH release New SP for Real Traffic Previous: RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp6v20.exe New: RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp6v21.exe
  17. Take it from the video: According to the aerodrome chart, runways 22R and 22L have a geological heading of 221.2° and a magnetic heading of 217.2°. You can clearly see in the ADIRS that the game's runway heading is somewhere around 268° (which is why it goes left to right in an almost straight line). Vancouver, btw, has the same problem - still unfixed, afaik. And without any mention whether it will ever be fixed (guys, if it's too difficult, because you would need to completely redesign the airport, then just say so, and say sorry for messing up, ffs!). Sorry for the salt, but I had to get it out of my system...
  18. Can you please show us a screenshot depicting the issue you are mentioning?
  19. Is it every time you start the sim from a shut down computer? How often does it repeat itself? Using any custom livery?
  20. The V3 manual is linked below - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w7pnSvrTDYWkv0N1REwjXMWf-XvPdCQr/view?usp=sharing The overall function is the same as v2, as the plane remains a Ejet, but there are a few differences, especially in how the simulation interacts with P3D, and a few v2 'things' were not implemented; such as: HUD, Map! and the D2 main panel.
  21. Thank you very much Gavin for your schedule of my home airport 😀😀😀
  22. @EliGrim My statement was definitely not addressed to you. As @Pedantic G mentioned, I was referring to the current state of air travel. My stance on community developed freeware schedules/tools is “you get what you get and don’t throw a fit”. So, what you do and when you do it is is totally up to you and you should not be pressured. Sadly, there are members that aren’t appreciate of what people do in their spare time. I’m definitely not one of those, and although I’m disappointed you would think I would call you out, I’m going to chalk it up as a translation issue.
  23. The HUD is shown at page 60 of the operation manual Ejets V2. Regards
  24. My runways point the wrong directions RWY 22R (270) -- Mods edit subject line to better reflect the question
  25. I should say, I have no connection with FeelThere, but I've been using modified FeelThere Ejets software for some years in a fully working E195 cockpit which showed up most of the possible problems. They usually come from P3D's improved graphics putting big demands on processing power. The result can show up in many different ways, like strange control problems, or other unusual behaviour. This new v3 Ejet uses more of the latest graphics features, so it may be more demanding. Have you compared it with other add ons? I don't know what processor and graphics card you are using, or what graphics settings you use. but most systems struggle with P3D if the settings are turned up. So do these problems happen at default airfields? Do they happen when all graphics are turned down to minimum? Do you have shadows enabled? What weather settings do you use? What AI traffic do you have set? What looks like jumping on takeoff and landing can be reproduced with many detailed add on aircraft, by turning up the graphics settings and going to an airport like Heathrow with cloudy weather. It causes short or missing frames, so you get jumps, especially if the scenery has not been well optimised. This can include highly detailed runway and ground textures. There are many possibilities to investigate.
  26. The E190's fuel comsunption works perfect when fuel_flow_scalar=1.0 for both LRC and .78 profile.
  27. @Pedantic G Now that you said it, I see it too. You're most probably right. That it didn't occur to me before, I blame my limited English skills. On the other hand, I don't think it's so bad to have that statement out there. Should I ever be unable to meet an announced deadline, I can easily refer to it. 😉 I also want to make clear that I did not feel offended by @crbascott. Even if the statement was addressed to me, it matches my own wishes. I myself would have liked to have a lot more airports available in the Schedule Builder already.
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