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  2. nyergesdesign

    EDDM Gata to runway bug

    What happened exactly? DLH or SAS pushed back? Has it happend once or many times? Gabor
  3. nyergesdesign

    NEO AIRCRAFT - Community Input Required

    Yes, these planes will be added to the to-do list. Gabor
  4. nixdevelopment

    Couldn't activate the toper777

    Are you by any chance located in China?
  5. Pete Dowson

    FSUIPC Locking aircraft controls

    But an unregistered install of FSUIPC doesn't have anything to do with controls, nothing at all! It only serves as an interface for other programs -- so, if it is doing anything at all it is because you have another program asking it to! I think you need to find out what other add-on you have running which is responsible in order to solve this. Start with none but FSUIPC, then add them, one by one. BTW the aircraft you list as tried are all sophisticated add-ons. always test initially with a default aircraft. And check that you haven't disabled controllers in P3D. Pete
  6. Hi! I am having a strange issue with FSUIPC and P3D v4.3. I have browsed for solution, but haven't found anyone with the same issue. When I have FSUIPC installed, non registered version, the controls of the aircraft get stuck, I can't move them. I have tried with different aircraft, for example, on the FSLabs A320 I lost all controls. On the PMDG NGX I lost all controls, and also the trim wheel on the pedestral moves, but the trim value doesn't. On the PMDG 777 I can use the yoke, but can't move the thrust levers. If I remove FSUIPC, everything gets normal, however, I need it for the ACARS of my VA. This issue is happening after buying a new computer. Kind regards, Joao Nunes.
  7. alaskaGuy2018

    KJFK RC Update

    oh well lets hop that maybe eventually that can be something that gets changed to where the A320 and the A321 that spirit airlines has can be in the yellow livery eventually to but also something I figured out that update isn't just for KJFK it works for every airport
  8. hexzed

    KJFK RC Update

    The yellow livery has not been added to the JFK update, and due to it being originally released before MCO (which had the first iteration of the yellow Spirit livery) it still contains the white livery in the pack.
  9. alaskaGuy2018

    KJFK RC Update

    well why can't there be both the yellow spirit livery is what all of there planes have now and not that old livery
  10. hey now that KJFK has a new rc update I can get the liveries in that to work but now because of having this added and how it has to be at the top of the list now the plans for Spirit airlines won't show as yellow again this needs to be addressed and fixed all of the plane types that spirit has need to be yellow they don't have any planes that are painted the way they are in tower 3D Pro with the old livery thanks have a great day

  11. hexzed

    KJFK RC Update

    Choose whether you want new Alaska liveries, or Yellow Spirit liveries. I'm going to guess the former.
  12. alaskaGuy2018

    KJFK RC Update

    hey ok I guess I didn't see the post your talking about as I am having a issue with my liveries now on the spirit airlines planes with putting jfk at the top of the list for the rc packs now there are no yellow aircraft for any of the planes with spirit airlines because of getting the new KJFK rc update and putting that one at the top of the list what should I do.
  13. Yesterday
  14. The "FSUIPC Lua library" is a collection of ADDED functions relating to its job of interfacing to the simulator. All the standard Lua libraries are also incorporated. Those functions are obviusly not re-documented in the supplied FSUIPC documents because they are better explained in the original texts and freely accessible directly on the Lua website, to which a reference is shown prominently. Look in the Lua Examples ZIP file in your FSUIPC Documents subfolder. Proably the one which springs to mind most obviously is the "record to CSV" example, which both reads offsets and writes to a file. Reading files and writing to offsets is just as easy. Pete
  15. At the end of a flight I'd like to use a Lua script to save a small number of offset values (fuel tank quantities) to be read and loaded at the next sim session. As far as I can tell there are no special facilities for this in the FSUIPC lua library, so I assume I will need to learn how to use standard Lua io methods for reading and writing files. If anyone has any recommendations on how best to proceed or where to look for good examples, that would be most appreciated. Thanks, Al
  16. Braf123456

    Throw us a bone Vic...

    That would be or Phnl
  17. I use some vpns and ssr ,but it can connect the server either. how can i fix it.
  18. Sky King

    Throw us a bone Vic...

    How about PANC?
  19. I bought toper at simmarket, and I updated the new version 3.3.13, but I couldn't activate the toper777 because it said“Unfortunately error occured while connecting to server". How can I solve it?
  20. Hi Simon, now it worked! Many thanks!
  21. alaskaGuy2018

    Throw us a bone Vic...

    oh and for next US airport would be cool for Sea Tac international Airport
  22. alaskaGuy2018

    Throw us a bone Vic...

    787-10 United Airlines UAL
  23. Last week
  24. MOVED FROM "FAQ" SUBFORUM TO SUPPORT FORUM, the proper place for SUPPORT! It is little to do with FSUIPC. All the facility does is call the SimConnect facilty to save a flight. It is, in fact, exactly the same as using the menu to do so, or using the Ctrl+; shortcut 9I think that's the one). Any "stuftter" this may cause is directly realted to one or both of two things: 1. The use of sohisticated add-on aircraft such as PMDG ones which also then freeze the sim whilst they collect the data from their assorted subsystems so that they can save that too. 2. A slow or nearly full disk, or one in need of de-fragmenting, plus a lack of sufficient free memory for a decent cache. Both of these applies no matter how you save a flight. There's no way FSUIPC can avoid either. The actual code in FSUIPC is pretty much merely the call to SimConnect. The subject is virtually flogged to death, especially on the AVSIM forums. Go take a look. Pete
  25. alaskaGuy2018

    Throw us a bone Vic...

    ok thanks I will make a not of that then
  26. FeelThere Ariel

    Throw us a bone Vic...

    @alaskaGuy2018 you can report it here, we´re taking notes 🙂 or you can send it to our mail support, feelthere.zendesk.com.
  27. Use of the autosave feature in FSUIPC5 induces stutters in P3D v4.4. In my case, unchecking the autosave fonction in FSUIPC has cured this annoying problem. Is it just my rig or has anyone else face the same problem. Be glad to hear from others. Thank you. Roger
  28. Braf123456

    A350-1000 an 787-10

    This planes need to be added please because Cathay pacific flys the 350x an United flys the 78x
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