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  2. Salad

    Screen resolution during rain storm

    Are you sure it's not just the water effect running down the window?
  3. Hi, can you please have a look on sound.play() and sound.playloop() functions? Is it intentional that there is no real difference (or I cannot hear) volume 50 and volume 100? The manual says Would be very great if this could be adjusted and 0% would cut off the sound. 😉 This would be very beneficial for my freeware script: https://aviation.pero-online.de/wordpress/?page_id=1937
  4. T2 and T3, as in terminal 2 and 3? Only the liveries are updated in the RC pack
  5. Today
  6. It was released over 3 months ago. Real Traffic hasn't changed, so unless you are using a custom schedule you won't notice anything different. Not sure what you mean by ''such as T2 & T3".
  7. scoobflight

    Screen resolution during rain storm

    Without knowing your GPY's make/specs and a screenshot providing assistance is challenging ... First guess: drivers up to date?
  8. HappyNUyear

    LEBL Bugs

    You can pushback to almost any runway, unless a certain aircraft needs a longer runway. After aircraft completes pushback, you can click on "Runway Menu", Select which runway", then select the taxiway path(s) with either a mouse and/or voice recognition. You can also do this during initial pushback too. You really can change your taxi route anytime.
  9. When is the Updated Real Color for LAX due to be released? I just re-downloaded LAX Real Color, but no visible changes such as T2 & T3. I have the Steam Version Thanks in advance
  10. When ever I choose stormy weather in Tower 3D Pro, my screen resolution look warped. Ideas?
  11. mroschk

    Read L:Var

    Hello again, a very litle problem. I try to send FSUIPCConnection.SendKeyToFS(Keys.F12, SendModifierKeys.Control); to Prepar3D v4.4 to open the GSX Menu, but P3D becomes the Focus, but the Key is not send or something. When i put a Sleep before the FSUIPCConnect command and click on the Prepar3D window to activate it, then it works. Have you any ideas ? Matthias
  12. Great! I will check this. I look in FSUIPC LUA Library document for this kind of function. You should integrate LuaFileSystem with FSUIPC LUA Library document but I understand that LuaFileSystem is not a FSUIPC library. Yves
  13. @pete_agreatguy - I just wanted to say thanks for maintaining the list. It's obvious some are not as appreciative of your efforts as they should be.
  14. crbascott

    KLGA taxi and holding issues

    KLGA was developed by SimSmith. Does that mean you'll still take a look and possibly implement a fix?
  15. FeelThere Ariel

    KLGA taxi and holding issues

    Please provide the log file showing this issue so we can give it a look 🙂
  16. Yesterday
  17. Pete Dowson

    2 simulators in 1 network

    The FSUIPC log files aren't relevant. But this part of the WideClient.log file shows that you haven't put the correct parameters into your INI file: 141 Attempting to connect now 141 Trying to locate server: Protocol not yet decided 141 Failed to connect: waiting to try again 2200 Attempting to connect now 4259 Server = B737-222-FS When you give the ServerName or ServerIPAddr you MUST also specify the Protocol tp be used. It does tell you this clearly in the part of the WideFS document it urges you to read. Pete
  18. You'd need to use one of the system functions ffor files available in the supplied filesystem library. Please check your FSUIPC Documents folder for "LuaFileSystem". Pete
  19. NMaggio

    d3d11.dll caused an Access Violation

    The use of MultiCore Next ( see previous post) seems to be solving my problems. Thanks, Nick
  20. NMaggio

    Tower3D Pro resets computer at START

    Tried installing on C:\Tower 3D Pro, not effective. The use of MultiCore Next ( see previous post) seems to be solving my problems. Thanks, Nick
  21. Thanks Pete. Is there a way in a LUA plugin to know when a file has changed. I can use event.timer() to periodically check a file but what should I checked in the file to see if it has changed? Yves
  22. hexzed

    KLGA taxi and holding issues

    Which runway are you taxiing the plane to, and which taxiway on runway 4 are they holding short at? I ask so i can test Is the hold short command issued for runway 31? I can't say i've ever had an issue with taxiway Z, however i never issue a hold short command, because they will hold automatically
  23. Hi, faced with some taxi issues on KLGA. I apologize if these are mentioned before. Planes departing from the Marine Air terminal cleverly hold short of runway 4, but then never move with the command continue taxi again. I have to re-assign them to the runway to let them continue the taxi. Another issue is on RWY31 at taxiway Z...planes are enter the runway w/o any clearance even after the hold short command For example at W everything is fine. Thanks in advance,
  24. Controller- Rogue


    At one point there was an issue with the installer in which the schedule file was missing, causing the aircraft to be fictional. I am not sure if this issue has since been resolved or not.
  25. peterk54

    2 simulators in 1 network

    Dear Pete These are attached the logfiles from the B737-222-FS Server (FSUIPC running) and of one WideClient running. I saw nothing bad, except that WideClients try to connect with the "B737-222-FS" server rather than 192.169.x.x. When I start all clients with WideClient, and only than P3D v4, they connect. With best regards Peter B737-222-FS 20180115 FSUIPC5_prev.log B737-222-01 20180115 WideClient.log B737-222-FS 20180115 FSUIPC5.log
  26. scoobflight


    Did you confirm the install path as noted by Fred_Mertz on October 30, 2018 (above)?
  27. scoobflight

    Embraer-Jets V.2 EMB 175/195 and Leap Motion

    The Ejets use standard VC clickspot coding. Don't know your VC addon software. Have you used a mouse without 'leap motion'?
  28. EliGrim

    Unable to download the latest version of Real Traffic.

    I don't believe that it is. The problem is the Windows SmartScreen Filter message, probably due to a bad reputation of the new installers. So the question is: Why do the older files pass the SmartScreen Filter and the new ones not? You can ignore the warning, but why is there a warning at all?
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