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  2. what 'base game'? from whom did you purchase/download the game? the basics for this problem are - uninstall the program. redownload the game installer. install the game with anti-virus OFF and AS ADMINISTRATOR.
  3. Hi, Bought the base game in addition to the OMDB and fellow colour package. On start up I receive this error message: Unable to load mono library from "C:/Program Files (x86)/FeelThere/Tower 3D/tower3d_Data/Mono/mono.dll" (error = 126). I note mono.dll is missing from that file location, any advice would be greatly appreciated. ghds
  4. Yes, I think Windblows updated on me. I hate the fact that you are forced to take the update whether you want it or not. I'll check into the Joy Letters per your suggestion.... -Rick
  5. You should have attached or pasted your settings file (the FSUIPC INI), as we could probaly help more positively seeing what you have. Very relevant information includes whether this is the same for all aircraft, whether you are using Profiles, and, probably most significantly, whether you're using Joy Letters (letters assigned instead of numbers). Oh, and have you updated Windows or unplugged devices, as both can change IDs assigned. This is what "Joy Letters" is meant to get around. Pete
  6. Good morning. I'm running 2 Saitek flight yokes, a set of rudder pedals, and a dual set of throttles. All wires on the 2nd flight yoke are cut except for the yoke itself. I use it at as tiller (had an extra yoke). For some reason FSUIPC will occasionally scramble all the assignments and calibrations of my setup. I can find no underlying reason. The GUID of the devices should not have changed. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Thanx -Rick
  7. I am suspicious of the address. It looks like you inadvertently treating a variable storing a value as a pointer. Cheers! Luke
  8. Where are the files located, are they like what Eligrim has suggested just above? Screenshots would be handy
  9. I am extremely frustrated; I love the game but I am trying to install LFPG airport. As far as I know I have installed it in the right directory but it still does not show up in the airport pulldown list... (the list has LA, Philly and St. Thomas). LFPG shows up in the when I look at my files.. but it does not say application like the main one... it just says file...please help!!
  10. Hi, in case FSUIPC is installed with administrator privileges, you might need to run you program as well with that level. Thomas
  11. Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes, indeed it a SC_Pascal error. Happens only when I make a new project. When I'm in projects which I got in projects folder with the installation then it can connect to Fsuipc. Looks like some permissions issue in SC_Pascal. Anyway, it is definitely not an Fsuipc error. Many thanks for help. Cheers.
  12. Installation paths: Airports: [path to FeelThere directory]\Tower3D Pro Real Traffic: [path to FeelThere directory]\Tower3D Pro Real Color: [path to FeelThere directory]\Tower3D Pro\Extensions\Airplanes\Texturepacks For Real Traffic and Real Color make sure to choose "Tower 3D PRO" during installation. The "Tower3D Pro" folder might or might not be named "Tower!3D Pro" with an exclamation mark.
  13. For myself I installed everything in the "D" drive specifically because it is a much larger drive than my "C" drive. I have everything located in the FeelThere directory within the Tower!3D Pro folder which has the Extensions, mmwindow, and tower3d_Data folders and the speech text doc, tower3d app file, tower3d.rec REC file, and an uninstall app file. Extensions has the Airfields (which contain the airports) and Airplanes folders (which contain the Texturepacks and a couple of files). Frustrating cause I feel like there is another step missing - you'd think that there would be a ReadMe file with all this. I am not on Steam... Thanks for your reply
  14. Last week
  15. Hi Where do I find the pdf manuals for tower 3d and any airport add on via steam?
  16. Hi, this is an error in SC_Pascal and not in or produced by FSUIPC5. As the error clearly says ,,,in module 'SC_PASCAL7.exe'. Maybe the SC_Pascal version is not compatible with the actual P3D version you use. Make sure you use as well latest FSUIPC5.152. You will have to contact Sismo support about that. That looks actually more like the SC_Pascal version has a problem wiyh Windows, as when P3D is not running then FSUIPC5 is not running/loaded. Maybe a missing DLL. Did you try reinstall SC_Pascal so its installer adjusts to your current Windows? Thomas
  17. Most of the time it is an install path issue. You have to make sure that the addon is installed to the correct Tower!3D or Tower!3D Pro folder. If you have the Stream version of Tower!3D and get Real Traffic/Real Color Addons, you must select the correct option on the RT/RC addons installer. Additionally the RT/RC addons use the default Steam install path (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam) if you use a different steam path then you need to make sure you enter the correct path. For me that is E:\Games\Steam\steamapps\Common\Tower 3D Pro.
  18. Hi, Just bought today fsuipc5, installed, started P3D and it look like fsuicp is active in Addons. My plan was to use SC Pascal with Simio cards to link it to Pmdg in P3D. Made a Fsuipc connection in Sc Pascal but when i tried to connect it with p3d/fsuips just getting the error: Access violation at address 0040C2FC in module 'SC_PASCAL7.exe'. Read of address 00000001 Same happening when P3D is not running. os: Windows 10, 64 bit. Hjelp....s.o.s..... Any clue? I know that this maybe is not Fsuicp issue but hope someone had similar issue... Regards, Svetislav
  19. Apologize for delay, hectic week. I'm looking in Settings Notebook Edit Airlines I do see CARGO under flight Type for all callsigns listed. However, AIR CANTON - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code AIREST CARGO - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code AIRPAK - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code ASTRO-PHIL - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code ATRAN - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code BRIGHTSTAR - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code CARGO - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code CLEVER - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code DILMUN - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code EMPIRE - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code FIREBIRD - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code FLEET BIG - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code JOS - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code KAY-MILE AIR - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code LANCO - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code MAS CARGA - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code MITAVIA - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code MODERNAIR - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code MOLDCARGO - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code NEPTUNE - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code QUICK AIR - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code SEA BREEZE - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code SILK WEST - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code SKY CUBE - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code SOLENTA - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code TAM CARGO - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code TUNISIA CARGO - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code WESTERN GLOBAL - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code WORLD ECPRESS - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code YELLOW - Missing IATA Code, Missing ICAO code Would this cause a problem? Do I have an old DB?
  20. @crbascott and @hexzed I am loosing the plot. Sorry. I will make up a private ICAO n IATA codes for JST international and put them into the Scheduel file & the terminal file. Kev
  21. Does anyone know what the fix was, as I am having the same issue...
  22. I would like to see some more realistic flexibility in the way the planes switch roles. IE: Getting dinged for a plane still transitioning from landing to parking but is 100% clear of the runway allowing another to take off. Once wheel's are down some logic to either roll off and take the predefined or cleared route otherwise pull of and park. May help with high speed exits and other stuff if the plan can utilize speed ranges or something.
  23. There isn't any heavy gates in the Jetstar/Virgin terminals, that be why
  24. Kev, don’t take the international phrase too literally - as a matter of fact you should ignore it. Again, it basically just indicates a dropped departure because no gate/terminal is available. We covered this topic in a similar thread you started a few months ago. https://forum.simflight.com/topic/87510-no-international-terminal-found/
  25. Dear Pete, Thank you for all that you've done over the many years for us FS addicts. You would be worthy of much greater gratitude than I (myself) can offer. It's impossible for me to imagine the number of hours you have expended to enrich our enjoyment of the aviation business and hobby. Very best wishes for a happy retirement. And happy holidays too ~:) Ken Boardman
  26. Running ymml the other night I noticed that 2 Jetstar departure did not spawn. MEL,CGO,788,JQ,67,12:00,14:30.1.JQ MEL,HKT,788,JQ,17,12:00,14:50,1,JQ Looking at the log, it shows "Airplane dropped, no international terminal JST67" , same for JST 17. Without checking I assume all the JST arriving intl flights get dropped as well. There was space at the international terminal in both cases. Ques, how does the program know that these flights require the use of the international terminal? Terminal 2 in the case of ymml, and how do you get the aircraft to operate out of terminal 2 without changing the ICAO, IATA code to fool the program. I notice that all the QF internationsl flights depart and arrive at the QF domestic terminal (term 1). I can live with that. Attached is the log, and terminal .txt. Jetstar intl no terminal log ymml_terminal.txt
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