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  3. If you have a license for FSUIPC5, you will automatically get the reduced/discount price of 9.99 + taxes for FSUIPC6 when you check-out your purchase in SimMarket (assuming you purchase from the same account). John
  4. I have updated the autothrottle lua scripts to work with Mach# as well as IAS in knots. Each autothrottle script defaults to airspeed values in Knots below its crossover altitude, and in Mach# above its crossover altitude. The crossover altitude for the TurboJet and CRJ scripts is currently set at about 29000ft. For the TurboProp and C441 scripts it is set at about 24000, and at about 22000 for the MU2 script (crossover altitudes can be changed with a text editor). When a script is activated you will see When climbing or descending through the crossover altitude the autothrottle automatically switches to Mach# or Knots, respectively. In addition, a key or button can be setup through FSUIPC to manually switch the autothrottle back and forth between knots and Mach# at any time.The corresponding A/T target speed displays when the script is running looks like this AutoThrot3C441.lua AutoThrot3CRJ.lua AutoThrot3MU2.lua AutoThrot3TrbJet.lua AutoThrot3TrbPrp.lua SetUp Autothrottle Lua Scripts.docx
  5. BillA

    Dual Monitor

    Thanks for the help
  6. Your Windows version, probably...
  7. BillA

    Dual Monitor

    That did the trick, I was not running it in admin mode. Did something change? I never had to run it in admin mode in the past.
  8. My first Tower 3D Pro schedule is based on a Monday first month after a new timetable My previous Tower 2011 EGLL timetable was based on a Wednesday / Thursday The main problem with EGLL were there were many international flights that varied by day However, I have only seen a few (so far) with OMDB If I see more then I can easily amend the Monday schedule to reflect another day This will be easier next month when the majority of the Summer 2021 timetables are activated I think I have made relatively good progress in just over one week into Tower 3D Pro, given I have been unable to use Tower 2011 since about October 2019 (9 month), so a little rusty All points taken into consideration, and will most likely be used as I refine and finalise Also, I stumbled across a topic about Restarter Airplanes This is something I will also come back to soon On the plus side, my schedules are created in XLS format Spreadsheet, then converted to TXT, so will be easy to edit as required Today I am working on just the EK flights, Terminals 1, 2, Apron C and Apron G I have 15 aircraft (30 flights) that are showing blocked (no gate available) in my spreadsheet Assuming the same as Tower 2011 EGLL this is due to long turnaround times, where in reality the aircraft would be taken off stand However, I had assumed Apron C was used for this Again, something I will need to come back to as there are more than likely duplicate aircraft as a result on using the two timeables, ie some overlap with some destinations now removed
  9. Literally just fixed this, re-installed to a different location seemed to fix the issue.
  10. Hi, Is there still an upgrade available going from v5 to V6? Or do I need to buy V6 outright? Thanks Andy
  11. Hi guys, STB was working fine up until just while ago when it wouldn't start anymore I am getting an error on start up - please find attached the crash.txt log file Any help appreciated. Regards, Greg crash.txt
  12. Yep, that's why I eventually moved from using scheduled flights as is to editing the scheduled flight times to using actual flights. With everything on the 5's there's a flurry of activity then you sit and wait until the next 5 minute interval. I prefer a more steady flow, but obviously to each their own. As a fan of realism, I like using actual flights because it is a reflection of what really happened. That's also why I was the first to provide 7 daily schedules and snippets- which, thankfully, @battlehawk77 is carrying the torch on. One day schedules don't really reflect the true flow/personality of an airport. And snippets help lessen the dropped flights and delays due to way the game engine loads a full schedule. But unfortunately right now due to to COVID-19, traffic volumes don't allow for great custom scheduling And, just like arrivals, the 5's impact departures too. The game engine can't handle departures (pushback requests) with the same time, so it will delay each subsequent departure/pushback around 14 seconds. Again, using the log file and schedule you provided, there are four departures scheduled at 06:55 (UAE805, UAE819, ESC9961, KQA305), This is when the pushback requests occurred: UAE805 - 06:55:06 UAE819 - 06:55:20 ESC9961 - 06:55:34 KQA305 - 06:55:48. As you can see, you get four pushback requests on top of each other and then you have to sit around and wait until 07:00 for the next "wave". I personally would edit the schedule to have a 06:55, 06:56, 06:57, and 06:58 departure for a steady flow and somewhat more realistic play. Again, this is my preference and it takes work but I feel it is worth it. The less I leave up to a game engine I don't necessarily trust, the better in my opinion.
  13. Dear Pete and John, I operate the PMDG B747-400 QOTS II v3 on FSX-SP2 and Win 7 x64 with registered FSUIPC4. The B744v3 from PMDG does not come with 2-D panels so I constructed my own working 2-D panel sets with my own XML gauge code and FSUIPC4-LUA scripts. I also built a hardware MCP+EFIS+DSP unit using Arduino Megas and FSUIPC4-LUA. Of course Pete's documentation for the FSUIPC offsets and the PMDG 747 SDK for Control Event ID's are the backbone of this implementation. You can see the system in operation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saFJ_xGBDTs Anyway, all was going well with FSUIPC 4.974b until a few days ago when I saw a newer version FSUIPC 4.975a and decided to install it. And immediately thereafter, the B747v3 stopped working properly. Specifically, the inputs and outputs to and from my Hardware and XML gauges were not being read or linked properly to the PMDG software. Replacing the FSUIPC4 DLL with the earlier version 4.974b immediately solved the problem and everything started working again. I switched the modules back and forth a few times, so I can confirm that something has broken, at least as far as the B747v3 in FSX is concerned, in the move from FSUIPC 4.974b to 4.975a. I have posted this report in this thread, because I suspect it may have something to do with the modifications that have been discussed here, which may or may not have been necessary for the FSX version of the B747v3, for which development ceased several months ago. For the time being I am reverting to FSUIPC 4.974b in order to be able to fly this wonderful airplane again. Would you please investigate? Thanks and Regards, Chakko.
  14. Thats strange. If it hasn't been created, then most likely FSX is crashing before FSUIPC is loaded. You shouldn't remove the original as that is the one thats copied back - you need to remove the one from the same folder as the FSX.cfg file, as I said. Maybe, and probably FSUIPC as well. Your install log file would help with this. Thats probably a good idea. Remember to run FSX at least once before attempting to install FSUIPC. Check or post your FSUIPC install log after you install. There should be a copy in the folder that contains the installer, as well as in your FSX Modules folder. You should also try running FSX again after you have installed FSUIPC, to see if your problem persists or if its starts correctly and you have FSUIPC in the Add-ons menu. Cheers, John
  15. Dear John, Thank for your reply. I can't find the FSUIPC4.ini file. It is not in the FSX modules map. I also couldn't find it with search. I also looked in the weather folder. I removed the wxstationlist.bin and wzmapping.bin but that didn't solve the issue. My Weather folder has two subfolders: clouds and themes.and three BIN files: icao pos.bin; wxstationlist.BIN and wxmapping .bin. In non of these folders are any .WX files. It looks to me that my FSX install is not correct. If jou agree I will reboot my computer and install FSX and FSUIPC again or did I look in the wrong folder(s)? Thank for your support so far. Dolf
  16. Are you running the game in admin mode?
  17. Well spotted My spreadsheet is supposed to highlight missing entries with a red background However it would appear when there is only one left it stops! Examining all the WY flights I had not processed the departures aircraft assigned, E75 was still present! Both issues have now been corrected
  18. As discussed elsewhere, I am using real world timetables (summer 2019 and summer 2021) For the last hour I completed 07:00 to 08:00, and some arrivals were not completed due to no gate and so in effect arrived late I have factored this in
  19. Yesterday
  20. I have tried varies times throughout the schedule, usually the first 15 to 20 minutes Any I am expecting have appeared Any missing I have been highlighting, and will resolve later (same as what I did with Tower 2011 EGLL)
  21. I will keep an eye on this, not been able to notice if it has a direct effect
  22. Thanks so much Paul, that's a great help.
  23. Looking at the log, the game engine never successfully completed calculating a route to the terminal - this is unusual. Typically it calculates a route or the log indicated unable to calculate route. This didn't happen in the case of UAE824. I did notice that you issued a TAXI TO TERMINAL command prior to receiving the successful landing message. I don't know if this triggered the issue, but just thought I'd mention it. Here is some more info worth noting. As I have shared with you this game engine has gate availability issues. According to the schedule you used, UAE824 was scheduled to arrive (actually, appear on the DBRITE) at 06:50. Due to gate availability issues, UAE824 didn't actually appear on the DBRITE until 06:59:34. When you ended your session at 07:10, there were 6 flights (FDB344, FDB446, FDB754, FDB730, FDB1706, FDB174) that were in a virtual holding pattern (no free terminal error) due to a lack of gates. Also, from a custom scheduling perspective here's a little tip. The game engine does not handle duplicate arrival times. You should space arrivals, if possible, at least a minute apart. In the case of this schedule, there are 7 flights scheduled to arrive (as mentioned before, appear on the DBRITE) at 06:50. This obviously won't happen and having duplicate arrivals time automatically causes delays. Here's what happened to those 7 flights that were scheduled for 06:50: UAE377 - appeared on DBRITE at 06:50:06 UAE824 - delayed until 06:59 UAE533 - delayed until 06:58 FDB754 - delayed, never spawned FDB446 - delayed, never spawned FDB344 - delayed, never spawned FDB174 - delayed, never spawned. I think gate availability was a bigger factor on these delays, but even if gates were available these flights would definitely have been delayed. Looks like everything is happening at the 5 minute marks (:00, :05, :10, :15, etc.) in the schedule. For better realism and playability, the times should be a little bit more creative. I also noticed flight OMA613 (a departure at 23:15) does not have an airplane type. This could potentially cause loading issues for certain playing times. Since I don't make custom schedules anymore 🙂 I'd recommend checking out @battlehawk77's schedules to either play or emulate.
  24. Hi, does anyone have issues when using dual monitors where the windows showing the airport ground traffic and the slides with takeoff and departing aircraft disappear when transferred over to the other monitor? When I click the option for the pop out window it transfer it over to the second monitor for a split second, then it disappears. This did not happen to me before, yet I haven't played Tower 3D in some time.
  25. Thanks Thomas. I still haven't figured out a way to reliably trigger the problem. Al
  26. Hi Martin, The MoveAircraft() method uses the "Initial Position" feature in FSUIPC that makes sure the scenery, weather, atc etc gets reloaded. This is normally used for things like instructor stations that get you set up for an approach to a selected airport. You would want everything reloaded in that case. If you don't want to reload the scenery etc, then you can write directly to the Aircraft Longitude, Latitude, Heading, Altitude offsets etc. Example using just Lon and Lat: Declare offsets.. private Offset<FsLongitude> playerLon = new Offset<FsLongitude>("Position", 0x0568, 8); private Offset<FsLatitude> playerLat = new Offset<FsLatitude>("Position", 0x0560, 8); Move aircraft... this.playerLat.Value = lon; // lon here is an instance of FsLongitude this.playerLon.Value = lat; // lat here is an instance of FsLatitude FSUIPCConnection.Process("Position"); // Instant move, no reload. Paul
  27. To use the command, either edit the tower3d.rec file itself or replace it with a modified file. A modified version can be found here: If I remember correctly, the original file only contains the command "Pushback approved, expect Runway X".
  28. John, No problem at all. We have a workaround. In my opinion it is a good idea to remove that check; a warning should be sufficient. In that way it is still possible to install an older version. Seems to me a perfect solution. Many thanks. Kind regards, Alje
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