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  3. crbascott

    Community Poll - Tower!3D Product Survey

    Bumping to put the poll back on the first page.
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  5. Have you installed, or updated any programs in between installing Tower 3D and Tracon? Can you run Tracon in safe mode and see what happens?
  6. hexzed

    Tower 3d airport add ons

    Yes any DLC with Tower 3D in the title will work 🙂
  7. FeelThere Ariel

    Tower!2011 Airports and Tower!3D Pro SE

    Thank you for the suggestion 🙂
  8. Peeone59

    Tower 3d airport add ons

    I am currently playing tower 3d and i would like to add on new airports. Looking at the addons for sale on the feelthere website a majority are titled tower 3d pro. Can i purchase the tower 3d pro airfeilds and edds. And will they run on my tower 3d .
  9. BFunfer

    Tower!2011 Airports and Tower!3D Pro SE

    Excellent! Looking forward to CYVR for sure! And CYYZ would be awesome, if you ever get around to it, would LOVE to see that one. And just because I'm a bit of a sentimental old fool, I'd absolutely love to see CYYC, being that it's my hometown and all. 🙂
  10. Hi Vic, Thanks so much for the suggestion. This was one of the very first things that I checked. Both my firewall and antivirus are set up specifically to allow access to both Tracon!2012 and Tower! 3D Pro. But just to make sure, I even went so far as to turn off my antivirus/firewall software completely and then tried to run the game and the same problem occurs. It's very odd (and extremely frustrating) as Tower! 3D Pro runs perfectly, while this issue is happening with Tracon! 2012. If nothing else, I'm not alone. I see through browsing through this forum, that a few people are experiencing the exact same issue. I just hope that FeelThere can sort this out very soon! It's been two weeks now and I'd really like to be able to start enjoying my investment. As mentioned in a previous message, I know it's only $120 that I spent for the game and add-ons, but for an older disabled fellow with no income, it's particularly touchy. Thank you for your suggestion. I do appreciate your (and everyone's) help with this. I'm really hoping we can get this sorted really soon. Thanks, Brian Funfer
  11. Thank you for fast answer. About update: I tried the update 9.7.5, but had problems with the distance arc descending and climbing. Maybe that is because I have not installed all updates in between. Going from 9.6.8 to 9.7.5 might be to large a step? I have 9.7 but that needs 9.6.9 before install which I don't have. And there is no install read me with the 9.7.5 update so I am unclear what is needed from earlier versions. Started the 9.7.5 exe install file to check for info but that stopped when it recognized an earlier version, and no hints about what should be done. Tommy
  12. Hello Tommy, The theme is as old as Windows and FligfhtSim Commander. Short answer: NO! Workaround ... disable Move the map instead of the aircraft and ... set a high value for Refresh the map (seconds) example 600 or 900 seconds. The chances are getting smaller that the event Focus occurs Regards, Volker btw. Hint: Keep the FSC always up to date. The current version is 9.7.5.
  13. Pete Dowson

    fsuipc use

    Yes, but the axis event logging doesn't appear to be enabled. I can't check for sure because for some reason you started a "New Log". Please do not do that -- the log then doesn't contain essential information logged at the beginning. The log does show that either the aircraft you are using has a bug where it sends a PANEL_ID_OPEN control once every second, or you have some button programmed for that stuck somehow and repeating -- though in that case I would expect a faster repeat. The log entry you are referring to saying 66731.0 is merely the parameter from your INI file for the button you assigned. That is logged because you enabled Button/Key logging. Pete
  14. Pete Dowson

    fsuipc use

    Okay. That is correct. 66731 is the internal control number used for that control. Yes. If it is using that control, and youhave got Event logging enabled (and ias it's an axis event it needs to axis event logging enabled, then it will show. If you've not enabled that then please now enable it and repeat both tests. It sounds like you've only enable Buton/Key logging. Yes, you've already said that several times! That's why I want to see your logging to work out what is going on! Pete
  15. N8862V

    fsuipc use

    Hope this gets to you Brian FSUIPC4.2.log
  16. FeelThere

    EDDS Airport Errors

    Please see my other reply about European airports. Without satellite this is as close as we can get. Vic
  17. N8862V

    fsuipc use

    The simulator only appears to react when its "aileron trim centre" is operated. However any key /button entered via "aileron trim set" in FSUIPC does not work. Brian
  18. N8862V

    fsuipc use

    When the appropriate key on the joystick which is programed to Aileron trim set,0, log indicates 66731 parameter 0. When I press the keyboard key that I have set within FSX to select Aileron trim centre the log says Key not programed. In all cases the enable controllers is not clicked. Is there anyway I can see what FSX see's when I select Aileron trim centre? Brian
  19. ThomasAH

    SerialFP2 No Device Found

    I'd recommend using VRiSim and the modules corresponding to your hardware from http://www.vrinsight.com/devel_shot/index.html
  20. The focus shift (always back to FSX, or back to FSC) should not be a problem. To me, flying on Ivao on line, it very often is. When connected with the communication app IvAp and I use text, the waypoint shift of FSC makes the focus shift from IvAp to FSC to FSX (I assume). What happens is that when writing text (when there is no live ATC or when communicating with a fellow pilot) focus suddenly shifts to FSX, my next key presses that should´ve been a part of the message in the comm window of IvAp becomes key presses in FSX. An R or shift r may change the simualtion rate, the w changes the view, the t activates transponder and so on. Anyone but me disturbed by this? Can the focus switch be avoided by a command or is an FSC-update with that option in settings possible, Volker?? Regards, Tommy Engman /Win10 64 Pro, Intel Core I3 6100, Gigabyte GTX 1060, FSC 9.6 Rev 8/
  21. DeltaVII

    Add-on Airports

    Time for an update to my favorability list... 1) Still JFK. There's enough space to get planes in order when the sheer volume of departures messes up my field. But I have no problems working through a 1-hour backlog. I'm currently working on a real schedule from today that even includes Kape Air, Eurowings, Norwegian Air UK (callsign "Rednose"), XL Airways, although the planes stay blank. But working on my tool to create it takes up too much time, unfortunately... 2) Still BOS. 3) LGA. Once I figured out how to close the gaps it's not as dramatic as it was in March. But still a challenge. 4) LAS. More interesting after the update. 5) PHX. Challenging, but playable now. Even when I up the ante by using a 2-runway config. 6) PHL. Improving my strategy helped. 7) MEM. Yeah, the boring part is it being departure-only at some times and arrival-only at other times. But the interesting part is getting into or out of the "parking lot". 8) LAX. Rather boring when I take traffic from the southern gates to 25R and from the northern gates to 24L, and too complicated when I use the runways according to the SIDs. 9) SFO. I try to manage arrivals on the 28s and departures mainly from the 1s. I fail too often and jam up A and B. Not even works when I pile arrivals up on B short of B4 to make a turn onto A... The aircraft creeping across the 1s is a turn-off. 10) SAN. Still challenging the same way as in March. 11) MCO. Too many polygons to play without stuttering on my machine. 12) ATL. I'd need six eyes and three brains for the full volume. 13) MUC. My own schedule did the trick, but it's time to update it. And the tug issue really bothers me. 14) STT. Boring. 15) STR. Too many flaws, too boring.
  22. Hallo Rainer, dann kontaktiere mich bitte per e-mail. Gruss Volker
  23. FeelThere

    Tracon!2012 SE not working

    Could you please try to install the latest video driver? Thank you Vic
  24. FeelThere

    Tracon!2012SE Crashes immediately after opening

    Seems like something is shutting Tracon off. Please make sure all antivirus and firewall is off. Vic
  25. Pete Dowson

    fsuipc use

    Actually you can. You just need to supply the value as parameter. This is what I did suggest, but I can only think the OP made an error, because if that is what the "centre" control is sending, as i surmised (but wanted proof via the Logging), then it should (must) operate identically. In FSUIPC you can also assign button\key type events to axes, but in this case you have to do it on the right-hand side, assigning the events to points, or rather ranges, of the axis movement. That's often used for Gear levers, for instance, via Gear Up and Gear Down controls. Thanks, Pete
  26. "Connections" in such an interface aren't like communication connections which can "get broken". The interface uses SHARED MEMEORY -- a block of real memory which is accessible to both processes. As I pointed out before, everything to do with this is help in these fixed postion values: static HWND m_hWnd = 0; // FS6 window handle static UINT m_msg = 0; // id of registered window message static ATOM m_atom = 0; // global atom containing name of file-mapping object static HANDLE m_hMap = 0; // handle of file-mapping object static BYTE* m_pView = 0; // pointer to view of file-mapping object static BYTE* m_pNext = 0; // ... Your code is corrupting some of these. You can see m_hMap an m_pview are next to each other, so you have something tramplying on both. To find where just use the Debugger facility to set a breakpoint on one of the values, AFTER you've opened the interface. m_atom is a 16-bit handle. m_pView is a 32-bit memory pointer (64-bit in a 64-bit program). The close Close and Open and immediate check works because you haven't executed any of your code, including the part which is going wrong. Sorry, I don't see how I can help any further. You need to do the debugging. Pete
  27. Hallo Volker, würdest Du so freundlich sein und mir nochmals kurz erklären WARUM solche Einträge (F:/Flight Simulator X/...) am Anfang eines Eintrags (z.B. für eine neuinstallierte Scenery) in der scenery.cfg des FSX gelöscht werden sollten/müssen? Wir hatten das mal vor längerer Zeit, Du hattest mir damals dankenswerterweise geholfen - per Remote-Zugriff - solche Einträge zu verändern. Ich habe mir zwar über das WIE ein Protokoll geschrieben (hoffentlich verstehe ich es heute noch) nicht aber über das WARUM. Es gibt einige Einträge in meiner scenery.cfg bei einer neueren Überprüfung, deshalb die Nachfrage, da ich mir über die Handlungsnotwendigkeit diesbzgl. nicht klar bin. Ich versuche, unnötige "Schraubereien" am System möglichst zu vermeiden. Ich denke/hoffe, diese Bitte an Dich geht ohne die übliche Systemübersicht. Ich hoffe, Dir geht es gut, wünsche Dir einen schönen Tag und im voraus schon mal herzlichen Dank für Deine Antwort! Herzliche Grüße Rainer
  28. Braf123456

    KMIA for Tower!3D Pro?

    They have to make sure everything works ok they have to code everything an if I’m not mistaken the coding of the game is the longest part
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