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  2. If the file name include the wording "users" then you get SP3. SP2 had the term "Customer" Indeed we will fix it asap, in the meantime just look for the "users" and then you have the latest.
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  4. it looks good cant wait to play it
  5. By Me the file looks like this ejets-p3dv4-170-190_old_users_sp2
  6. Hello Replayers ! I'm coming with Hot news series today : 1. Release date for the New and Free June Update for FlightControlReplay : it will be available on Saturday June 26th. 2. Your power tool will benefit of the following enhancements : - RealTime modification of a Recorded Flight (user can decide to adjust Altitude and Landing gear status of a recorded flight during his replay in realtime !) - When User runs FlightControlReplay in PlayAsAI mode, he can also switch view into any created AI plane ! And if he wants, he can take control of one selected AI Plane And last
  7. If it says "new users" you have the latest update. It was a naming issue on our end.
  8. "We also plan to release more information, features and screenshots regularly so it's a good idea to follow us by signing up to our newsletter, following us on social media or visit https://feelthere.com/news/ often." 🙂 Vic
  9. We are on it, in the meantime please follow my suggestion about how to check the files.
  10. @Paul Henty Is there a way I can send a control like I can do in the FSUIPC UI (eg. 66241 - TOGGLE_MASTER_BATTERY) through your websocket server? Also, regarding Lvars - I guess I should be able to read/write those with the new FSUIPC 7.2 by configuring them in the .ini file? Greetings, Allan
  11. It sound nice but I'd still be interested in what specs we're going to need to run this. Charles
  12. Dear Folks, we have found a little problem in LTFM airport's installer so we have released the new installer, it's called HOTFIX. The problem appeared who didn't use Real Traffic add-on. Not need reinstall the LTFM airport for who has got Real Traffic add-on. Please don't forget update your Real Traffic add-on for correct works. Gabor
  13. Feelthere need to change the title of the files
  14. Dear Folks, Finally we can officially announce Tower! Simulator 3, the next version of the Tower! franchise. We just released 5 in game screenshots of the upcoming simulator today. We also plan to release more information, features and screenshots regularly so it's a good idea to follow us by signing up to our newsletter, following us on social media or visit https://feelthere.com/news/ often. We can confirm the first included airport which is not surprisingly St Thomas (TIST) airport. We will announce more airports in the future as well as the new features. Currently we are not
  15. Mine as well, not only that the installers once opened also indicate SP2
  16. Mine says _old_users_sp2 when I try to download through BMT Micro. Others see _new_users. Does the difference matter?
  17. If the one airport was EGLL you'd be singing a different tune. 🤣
  18. You can do this using Compound Button Conditions. See the Advanced User Guide, P20. Note that there is also a lua solution for fast/slow turning of rotaries that only have one button in each direction. See the example script Rotaries.lua, provided in the Example Lua plugins.zip (in your FSUIPC7 Documents folder). You should be able to use that, or adapt to your needs.
  19. Needs more than one airport!
  20. I'd like to use lua to change the assignment of an hid/control in fsuipc. Coming from a background in c++, so hopefully don't need everything spelled out. If anyone knows how to refer to fsuipc existing assigned control and be able to suggest any similar examples, i think i would hit the ground crawling. Specifically would like to be able to switch between OBI fast and slow with the same rotary switch to facilitate setting vor obi. Even more specific: would like to be able to hold down one toggle switch and have it change the assignment of a rotary switch from OBI normal to OBI fast.
  21. It is to prevent autosaves during approach, but I'm sure that it could be adjusted to only enable on approach if needed. However, it is only for FSX and P3Dv1-3 - at least thats what it states, but I don't know why it wouldn't work in P3Dv4 & 5. I haven't tested or looked in detail, but maybe some of the offsets it uses are no longer populated/available in P3Dv4/5.
  22. sags

    SP3 take off

    So, are you guys at Feelthere looking in to this problem? We've been waiting a long time for this to be fixed.
  23. Tower! Simulator 3. https://feelthere.com/june-developer-blog-for-tower-simulator-3-0/
  24. Unfortunately it involves editing the model file so we’ll have to wait til FT can implement them. thanks! Yes unfortunately I’m away so I can’t yet edit the readme.. but yes disable those 3 folders.
  25. Hopefully... Tower 2021 or Tower 4K or Tower 3
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