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  2. Hi John, I followed your advice and everything is ok now thanks for your great support. Regards marten.
  3. @Jeffrey S. Bryner thanks again for this great lighting enhancement. Question - could it be the E170 download link does not include the correct file? I've noticed it is identical to the E175 ini and when using the E170 at night within P3D the lighting isn't correct/ some lamps don't work. Thanks for the help
  4. Hi, best is always to read as well the additional information from the download page or as the same information is included in the ZIP file you downloaded as README.txt file, you can read it from there. Thomas
  5. I download FSCUIPC7 from that link http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/FSUIPC7.zip and when I go to open the .exe file it tells me that the VCRUNTIME140_1.dll file was not found What to do ???
  6. Hi, at the moment I think SimConnect and MSFS are not really in line at all and we start to try to make too many things work they might (hopefully) partly fixed or implemented with the next SimConnect update. As we found there are even Controls working they are neither listed or tested by Asobo and it was just a very time consuming try and error way to find out. As you will find in different places of announcements of the MSFS state by MS/Asobo they more and more tell this or the other is not working correct or at all or should not be used. Special automated systems like AP/ AT are often mentioned already by MS/Asobo as "partly" working . . . As long the Systems itself are not fully replicated in their basic functions, the incomplete SimConnect interfacing wouldn't help even if it would work more as it should. Lets hope the next Update has something more that the last Thomas
  7. I use TouchOSC for a similar project. B737 MIP and AP is already implemented half way. Interface between TouchOSC is a .net application with Paul's DLL. TouchOSC provides many different controls for the UI. Running on both IOS and Adroid. The required app for the tablet costs less than 5,- EUR. Ruediger
  8. OK, that's what I thought. I will wait - hopefully Asobo will take note of your inputs. If I want to fly now, I just use P3Dv5. My interest here is to help debug FSUIPC7 if that is needed. Al
  9. John, I agree you should not implement workarounds at this time. I'm not currently doing any 'real' flying in MSFS because it has so many problems right now. My interest is in helping to get FSUIPC7 working well in anticipation of when MSFS finally is usable in a manner similar to P3Dv5. Al
  10. Ok, thanks. But the issue of the default key bindings in MSFS still arises. As you have to have numlock off for MSFS to send the numlock-on keys via simconnect, when you do this, the MSFS defaults for those keys will be actioned on before it is received by FSUIPC7, which may then also act on this if there is an available assignment. So, to work as expected, you will still need to delete the defaults assigned to the non num-locked numpad keys in MSFS. We need to wait for this to be fixed in MSFS really to be able to use both the MSFS non-numlocked assignments and also any numlocked assignments in FSUIPC.
  11. Maybe @Thomas Richter could comment on this I'm reluctant to implement any workaround for this that I don't fully understand, and could maybe adversely affect other AP implementations,. As a (maybe) temporary workaround, you could overload your button functions so that they always send (although only actually needed on the first press - maybe you could test for this via an offset condition) an AP SET control before writing to offset 0x07F2.
  12. Thanks John, I will give this a try. Al
  13. Yes, in some a/c the AP VS is set simply by capturing the aircraft's current VS (the Learjet 35A does this). In others, you dial in a target VS for the AP. My concern with the tests described above, which I conducted with the a/c sitting on the ground, is the working of Simconnect. As you can see in the picture I posted, the Baron58/G1000 in MSFS has a blue VS bug that can be set. The value of the bug is also shown at the top of the VS scale. This is the target VS for the AP, not necessarily the current VS. While the tests showed the VS bug can be set by writing to Offset 0x07F2 , the question is why does this only work if you first execute (write) the non-working AP VS SET control (66102) at least once? Does this indicate a problem with Simconnect, or with FSUIPC7, or with the sim itself somehow? Thx, Al
  14. @ark1320 Please try the attached build. In this version, you can add the following ini parameter to the [General] section of your FSUIPC7.ini: UseAlternativeNumpadKeyMapping=Yes Once this is added, FSUIPC7 will receive the numpad keys (but only with numlock off due to MSFS bug) via SimConnect, but then send them to itself as the un-numlocked keypad keys. So, as discussed, using this you would assign to the non-numlocked numpad keys, and when using MSFS you need numlockk off for FSUIPC to react to these keys. They will also work when FSUIPC7 has the focus (with numlock off). FSUIPC7.exe
  15. Yes Sorry, but this doesn't make sense. Custom controls are distinct, and are additional controls added by add-on aircraft. You should use the event/control name in the dropdown. You can use the offsets, but then you would use the various (depending upon offset size) offset set/toggle controls. If you have a choice between the two, use the control. Writing to an offset to trigger a control just adds another (unneeded) step. Only use the offset controls if no standard control is provided (e.g. for controlling pushback at offset 0x31F4), or for updating offsets for other uses.
  16. In general, should we use "custom control" and the offsets, or the named event from the dropdown, for button presses? Or, does it not matter?
  17. Discussed this with @Thomas Richter : So it seems that this is just due to the way the different AP systems work.
  18. Thanks. Spot checking, it seems like the official event name from this doc to the dropdown list is to TitleCase it, is that correct?
  19. Peter, your tutorial worked like a carm. Thank you so much!!!!
  20. I apologize for any confusion. The version at the top of the the main window title is 5.0.2020.17800 for Prepar3D V5
  21. That indicates that they are registered in Windows as digital, not analogue -- i.e. on or off only. The only way I know of fixing that, without editing the registry, is to uninstall the device and any drivers, via the Windows Device Manager, then re-booting and reconnect the device so that its proper details are recorded. If you want a more definite way, or if re-installing it as above doesn't work, then check this for registry editing: I know it refers specifically to Saitek, but the principle is the same for all joystick devices. Pete
  22. Btw, if you are using slopes to try to control the sensitivity for a particular aircraft, its best to make this 'profile specific'. Currently your calibration is only general and so will apply to all aircraft.
  23. By the way, you should activate the "JoyLetters" facility. You can do this by setting AutoAssignLetters to Yes in the [JoyNames] section of your ini. this will prevent you loosing assignments if your joystick ids change. It looks like this has already happened once, as you have entries assigned to device '3' which doesn't exist - you can remove these entries (highlighted in bold below):
  24. No. The read offsets are generally populated from sim variables, not events. The write offsets can use either sim variables or events. i agree that it would be useful to have the events listed against the offset(s) where its being used. I may get around to this at some point but it would take some time which I just don't have at the moment. The drop-down list contains all (or most) of the known sim events, plus additional ones added by FSUIPC and some older ones not mentioned in the MSFS documentation. Note also that the list was built from the MSFS list of the sim events under SimConnect and not under 'Variable Lists', which seems to contain more not avaiable via SimConnect. There is currently no such list - I will provide one later, when the product is released. For the time being you can use the 2016 list which should be 95% applicable - I've attached it below. John The 2016 List of FSX and P3D Controls.pdf
  25. The reason why I am using throttle 2 one my Z-axis ist that my x and y axis jump from 0 to 16383 and I cant adjust them. In my windows gaming pref it works like it should but not in the sim or FSUIPC.
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