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  2. By that I mean that I wasn't expecting airlines like American, Delta, Lufthansa or KLM to do so well. I had expected airlines like Muse, Piedmont or Olympic to do better, but I'm looking forward to get the old liveries and aircraft models of those airlines that are still operating to play with in T!3D. We'll also get defunct Airlines with this vote. By "winners" I meant that these airlines are winning (as it looks at the moment) over airlines that have ceased operations, which surprised me. Not that only still operating airlines seem to be winning.
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  4. https://www.bizjournals.com/seattle/news/2019/05/23/sneak-peek-inside-sea-tac-airports-new-968m.html
  5. Airports are always under construction or undergoing modernization programs. If FeelThere or Nyerges only chose airports where no work was being done all we would get is grass airstrips from airports out in the middle of nowhere. KMEM was released with major terminal work being done, EDDF is about to be released despite major work being done, and KLAX, KPHL, and KJFK all had major taxiways and other areas built that aren't in the game. KDFW is about to add a new terminal, runway, and taxiways. I'm sure there's more examples and none of this has stopped these airports from being released thus far. So, there is no "hold up". For your sake, hopefully they'll work on it at some point.
  6. Are you saying this is the reason why KSEA is not in the game yet?
  7. Is it built yet? According to the news reports on this ot isn't even going to be completed till Spring 2021 at the earliest.
  8. That was exactly the solution. Thank you for the fast and effective help, as always.
  9. This sounds as if you are running FS2004 "as administrator" (i.e. with elevated privileges), but trying to get programs to talk to it which are running normally. If you must run FS2004 in such a way then you will have to run all of the FSUIPC applications with the same privileges. Pete
  10. There's no need to uninstall unless you want to stop using it, in which case the easiest thing to do is just delete it. I'm pretty sure there's a section in the documentation about this. The installer is not dependent upon it being "uninstalled" first. You just run the Installer as administrator. How does "it" stop you running the Installer. Sorry, but you have to be more specific. Do you get an error message at all when trying to do it? BTW, you posted your question into the "FAQ" subform, which is for reference, not support. I have moved it for you. Pete
  11. Go in hanger 22) or in-builds and pay the donation and get what you request then? Takes like 12 hours for a livery and everyone wants it free lol.
  12. Hi Ashlee the 2nd monitor issue was solved in another thread:
  13. I have a strange problem with the above mentioned constellation. FSUIPC is registered and works perfectly in FS. Buttons, keys, axes can be configured. But most of the external programs which access FSUIPC from outside do not recognize that FSUIPC is running and do not connect. This is true for self-made software via FsuipcClient.DLL as well as for others like weather programs etc. A few work. FSinterrogate does not work either. Tested with FSUIPC 3.5, 3.99999w and the current one. No idea what is going on.
  14. I know what the hold up is with ksea it's because they r adding things to it IRL there will be a sky bridge like what egkk has but taller and longer
  15. Good Morning. I have a problem and I do not know how to solve it. For several reasons I had to uninstall and reinstall the Prepard3D v3.4, after I realized that the FSUIPC did not work, when I went to uninstall it to reinstall it did not have it in the Windows 10 Control Panel and now it does not let me install the FSUIPC4. Thank you. Order date: 2015-11-23 15:33:05 order = 1378599 Francisco Cerdán fcerdan@ceyce.com
  16. I kept 3000 feet, and it was raining at this height. Angel of radar you can see in the picture, 0,0. I changed the angle, but it didn't help. Yes, weather radar was active.
  17. What do you mean? At least to me it seems like most of the planes that have higher scores, some or most aren't flying anymore. They might not have 707 or 727 aircraft but most airlines on the list are gone. I do agree that there are some like American, United, Delta, KLM, and most European list are still functional. But I guess that's the sad thing, is that anything can be considered retro depending on generation now a days. I loved flying on the 727s and the dc10s.
  18. Here is the latest official update for STB V3 for Prepar3D V4 (and STB Data Server) You can download the STB Client Update (V4.2.2020.01900) update from here: http://bit.ly/2TYlNfg For the STB Data Server (only required on the Prepar3D computer when running STB Client on a separate computer), the latest available version is also V4.2.2020.01900 and is fully compatible with the above STB Client. You can download the STB Data Server combined installer and updater from here: http://bit.ly/2sWIc1d Summary of Additional Changes since last official update (V4.2.2019.12100) • AIG OCI Content updated for all packages available to Flying-W as of 19/1/2020.• TrafficGlobal content updated for v1.1.1.2.• ORBX Australia and New Zealand AI content updated as of 19/1/2020.• Added “Universal” option as an “AI Package” choice. This should be suitable for any package and provide better content support to user with multiple packages.• Simulator related times may now be presented as Zulu Time as well as the local time zone in which the user aircraft is located.• Expanded logo support for airports. If a logo cannot be found for the user chosen airport, STB shows a "country" logo using either the first two characters of the code and failing that the first letter if either are available.• Add the US flag for ICAO codes beginning with "K"• Updated MakeRwys to Added support for altitudes containing floating point values in the runways.xml produced by MakeRwys (which are rounded to the nearest whole number by STB).• Fixed bug in synthetic “Arrived At” remark which resulted in an "at time" later than the current time to be calculated and displayed. • Code repository now GitHub based, source paths updated. The next few updates will continue the focus on content, i.e. airline definitions and logos. AIG changes are coming think and fast right now so there's always something to do there, and I'd like to work on the Military AI packages delivered through Matrix as well. As always, many thanks for your support and if you do happen to install it let me know how you get along with it. Simon
  19. Hi BLB. It's me again ... I wanted to thank you for all your assistance with my "A" issue 🙂 I will contact parallels and either upgrade to a newer version or pay for a "subscription" where I can get phone or email support. That however will cost me at least $50 which is not in my budget right now. For now the solution that works for me is closing the game but not exiting and "continuing." That fixes the issue and the A is there most of the time. The reason I am writing you is I have another doozy of a question and just wanted to know if you have any advice 🙂 When I play the game and I have the 3 little windows on top of the "main screen." Thus they block a lot of the screen no matter how I arrange them. So I had this brilliant idea to get a second monitor and connect it to my imac, thinking when I am in the game I can move one or 2 or all of the "support monitors to the new monitor on the right ... thus leaving the main screen with the planes in full view. WELL , it was a great idea; unfortunately technology threw a monkey wrench into the equation... the "support windows" will not move to the other screen (although the mouse arrow DOES move over).. it will not let me drag them to the smaller screen. Have you ever thought of that or heard of that? I am soooo close ... but after investing in a lot of time and effort to get another monitor.. get the Mini display port to VGA adapter... everything else works.. just not what I wanted it to do. Are you aware of a solution from the Feelthere software or parallels that can make it work? Thanks for your consideration, Ashlee p.s. maybe Parallels has a solution but they will probably not be that familiar with this game .
  20. JasonPC

    big lights

    I figured out what addon was doing it. It was AI Lights Reborn Free Edition. I thought it only affected AI aircraft, but apparently not.
  21. scoobflight

    big lights

    This video shows P3D's default external lights -
  22. LFPG and EDDM in particular appear to be problem children. I have had problems with EDDM when using many custom schedules. So far only the following has helped me (on Windows 10): 1. uninstall EDDM 2. clear Windows temp AND cache 3. re-install EDDM 4. install the latest version of REAL TRAFFIC (to overwrite all custom schedules of all airports) Windows 10 caches significantly more files than previous versions to reduce load times and increase overall performance. How exactly this is related to the EDDM DLC, I could not find out since I had enough free storage and free RAM. But to my mind there is a correlation. Whether this is also the case here, of course, I cannot say.
  23. Hey guys! I'm still working on my home sector for TRACON, but I'm stuck. Maybe you can help? I started building the params for the sidstar_cfg.txt so that traffic uses the correct routes. Before I did that, I had all the traffic in the schedule. But now there's no traffic, and the game log shows me lots of messages for every single arrival. The STARs in the sector file, however, look like at other sectors like LA and NY (including the param "EDDH:23" for every STAR route), and I think I used the correct syntax in the sidstar config file like other airports (because I copied those definition blocks from HNL). Does any TRACON aficionado have the smallest idea what exactly I keep f-ing up? Tracon HAM.zip
  24. Please provide details on your computer hardware: CPU, memory, GPU, and GPU memory. What is your operating system? A game log file will also help.
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