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  2. flyboy7798

    Connection to FSUIPC Fails in C++

    Paul, thank you. I think the 64 bit library may work for me within the gauge. In fact I think I may be able to compile the whole thing with the gauge. I'll be back on here to report whether it works or not. BTW, great work and kudo's to both of you guys for providing this stuff!
  3. Yesterday
  4. regulate

    Problems with FSPX AI aircraft V2

    Attached is a screenshot of the AI FSPX B772 taxing to the runway after push back from the gate. It remains in this configuration (reversers deployed among other visible issues) until it becomes airborne after takeoff from the runway then it works properly. There are no issues in the air or upon landing and taxi back to the terminal, nor when the aircraft is static. The same issue occurs with all of the FSP B772, B773, B787, A330 series aircraft that are V2. If I run P3Dv4 without starting STB, the FSPX AI aircraft do not display this behavior. It's only when STB is running that the FSP aircraft have the problem. Additionally, all other aircraft (FAIB, AIA, RAI, AIM, TFS etc) do not have this problem with STB. Thanks
  5. In this particular update only existing/new liveries will be updated 🙂
  6. Well, FSUIPC 4.974 wouldn't have changed itself. Have you updated or changed the relevant aircraft? A log from the log Lvars lua plug-in would be useful. And you know this how? By using the logging? Pete
  7. Pete Dowson

    general use offsets behaving oddly

    You'd best have a Lua plug-in to write your preserred values. If to offsets use ipc.writeUW or ipc.writeSW, or you could use ipc.control to sent the relevant AXIS controls with a parameter definiing the position (there's a list of controls provided in a pdf). For LVars you use ipc.writeLvar. See the Lua library reference document. Pete
  8. I'm running FSX Steam Edition on Windows 7 using FSUIPC4, Version 4.974 and LINDA Version, and have been for some time now. Never really had any problems before, except for a little glitch with LINDA at setup over my throttle quadrants. I've been writing my own lua scripts, and they've been running just fine up until the middle of last week. Now, however, if a newly-created function attempts to write to, or read from, a Lvars, nothing happens. I can see the function called, I can trace the button as it is activated and deactivated, but the LVar value itself does not change. As well, if I remove a function that has been working, make and save any changes to the user.lib, and then paste that function back inside, it no longer works. For example, this function had been working, until I removed it for a revised version. When the revised version didn't work, I deleted it and pasted the original back, but now that one no longer works, either. The function actually runs, because it takes 6 seconds to complete and permit subsequent functions to execute. function All_Magnetos_Off_a () ipc.writeLvar("L:Magnetos1Switch",0) ipc.sleep(1500) ipc.writeLvar("L:Magnetos2Switch",0) ipc.sleep(1500) ipc.writeLvar("L:Magnetos3Switch", 0) ipc.sleep(1500) ipc.writeLvar("L:Magnetos4Switch",0) ipc.sleep(1500) end I've no idea what's up, but it's intensely frustrating.
  9. This issue has been addressed in the 1.2.1 Update. Thank you for making TOPER better! Kind regards
  10. Perhaps I did not explain better. What I meant was, how do I have certain controls, like mixtures, turbo, fuel pump, etc, start at pre-defined positions? For example, start off with turbo at zero, mixture levers at idle cutoff (zero). Basically, have an .ini file to preset offsets and Lvars.
  11. Thomas Richter

    general use offsets behaving oddly

    Hi, did you not look up those in FSUIPCx Offset Status.pdf? Thomas
  12. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 737NG) - Updates

    Hello, please have a look at the thread here
  13. Thank you both for your replies. I've spread the axis across the board, giving space between them (ex. using 66C1, 66C4, 66C7, etc) and that seems to have fixed the overlapping writes. Now I just need to figure out how to start the offsets at certain values (for instance, mixture at idle cutoff, turbo at zero . . . that sort of thing). Thanks again! Al
  14. Hi. You should add your analysis to the Airport strategies sticky here on the forum. Andrew
  15. blacklabelbraai

    LFPG custom Schedule ADR, and some observations/remarks

    Very VERY good analysis @andredragt!!
  16. Paul Henty

    Connection to FSUIPC Fails in C++

    As Pete suspected, my DLL only implements the external FSUIPC interface, not the internal (gauge) one. The DLL is aimed at people who want to use .NET instead of C or C++. Since a gauge can only be written in C/C++, I didn't see any point in implementing the internal interface for .NET. Paul
  17. flyboy7798

    Connection to FSUIPC Fails in C++

    I see the 64 bit module zip and its contents. I'll try that and see where it goes. If I run into more trouble then I'll contact Paul. Thanks for the assistance.
  18. Falryx


    Hey andredragt, I definitely understand how doing a reinstall is tedious -- especially doing all the RC and airports. However, I've found it was the only reliable way for me to recover RC when it went wonky on me once.
  19. New Version up, with Terminal,Airplanes and Airport files. Also... some random thoughts added.
  20. Pete Dowson

    Connection to FSUIPC Fails in C++

    No example. I think we expected anyone brave enough to try wrtiing a DLL running within the Sim would be experienced enough. The interface is almost the same. Please refer to the text documentation within the relevant ZIP in the SDK: Library for FS Internal Users.zip (32-bit sim) or ModuleUser64.zip (64 bit sim -- i.e. P3D4) I wasn't referring to anything in the FSUIPC5 SDK, but to Paul Henty's .NET DLL, an independent development. I don't know if that can be used for an internal DLL -- I doubt it. But there's no harm in asking him if it looks interesting. See his website: http://fsuipc.paulhenty.com/#home Pete
  21. Pete Dowson

    general use offsets behaving oddly

    Each byte contains only 8 bits, and can take signed values of -128 to +127 or an unsigned value from 0 to 255. Axis values are usually 16 bits, so need 2 bytes or 16 bits, which would accommodate a range signed -32768 to +32767, or unsigned 0 to 65535.. To split 66C0-66FF into 2 byte values you can only use every other byte: 66C0, 66C2, 66C4 and so on. Please take a look at this FAQ subforum thread: Pete
  22. flying-w

    Problems with FSPX AI aircraft V2

    I'm not sure I understand the problem 1) You talk about the aircraft names in the objects section, is that working OK? It's quite normal to map what the AI provider calls their aircraft in the aircraft.cfg to something more consistent with other AI aircraft you may have. 2) What's the problem with the flaps settings. You say you have tried various settings, but what exactly isn't working? All I do is assert the flap handle settings through SimConnect, it's up to the AI aircraft whether it chooses to do something with that or not. Most do, but some may not. Thanks Simon
  23. I think it is better having current liveries then old ones for airlines that don't exist anymore beyond that it would make it very difficult to create a terminal file with all the current airlines and any old airlines and liveries together so I think it is much better having the current ones.
  24. I assume he means retro liveries such as TWA liveries for American airlines; old Delta, United, and BOAC liveries for planes. Something you could pick and choose to have in game. So like if you wanted to sim the game back in the 80s or 90s then you could have legit livery colors.
  25. Last week
  26. Gypsy Baron

    general use offsets behaving oddly

    It just occurred to me that you have an axis assigned to 0x66C1. The axis is a 32 bit number and most likely it requires both 0x66C1 and 0x66C2 to hold the actual data. You probably should be writing/reading a signed word using an EVEN offset such as 0x66C0/C1 or 0x66C2/C3 Paul
  27. Hi Thomas, I checked the registry by comparing the registry entries for the BU0836X on another windows 10 machine where it worked to what was in the registry for the BU0836X on my sim computer. I found one key entry "Present" was set to 0 on the computer where it worked but was set to 1 on the sim computer. I changed it to 0 and presto everything now works? Have you any idea what the key name "Present" is? Maybe the existence of the device? Not sure. Anyway, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Best Regards, Paul
  28. Braf123456

    DXB update request

    Ok awesome can't wait
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