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  2. kgmann

    FPS after update

    Jeffrey, I really appreciate the effort you have spent with the 175/195 textures. I can finally run the aircraft in V5 now. I too would like to know if you can do the same for the E170/190. Cheers Keith
  3. Today
  4. May I inquire in this retro project what is the year or years it is suppose to represent?
  5. sho69607

    FPS after update

    Ok thanks! Is this compatible with the E170/190 as well?
  6. I just downloaded the update, but the file i received was labeled SP1a. Did I get the wrong file? Andrew Jones
  7. Yesterday
  8. John, I do indeed appreciate you lending your support and input. More minds are always better than one. BTW: You're up late, though it is Friday. 😉 Thank You, Jeff Bryner
  9. Axel, Not sure about why the command did not work, but the alternative way to proceed from where you are at present is as follows. 1. Right click on the folder named sharedtexture and select rename. Then rename it to sharedtextureBAK or sharedtextureOriginal Do not delete this folder. 2. Then right click on the new folder named sharedtexture.resized and rename it sharedtexture Job done. It becomes the replacement for the original and works in the same way. It has the same files in it but they are half the size. If you want to revert just rename what is now the sharedtexture folder to something like sharedtextureModified and rename the original folder back to sharedtexture. Hope this helps. Edit. Jeffrey beat me to it and I realise that my suggestion might also run into a problem with permissions with your installation. Otherwise it does work. John B.
  10. Hi Axel, Sorry you are experiencing challenges with this. I installed the Feelthere EJET V3 as an Addon, which in part, makes permissions to the files a non-issue. As yours is installed in the Prepar3D folder, I do see what is happening in your situation. The problem indeed is permissions to the Prepar3D folder, as it is under a the Program Files parent folder, which has stricter file permissions, which can make installations and updates a headache at times. So, in order to resolve this, you will need to run the installresized.cmd file with "elevated privileges." That should resolve the permission issues the script is encountering which results in the "false errors", allowing it to do the job correctly. 😉 So, to accomplish this, you will need to run the installresized.cmd file not by clicking or double-clicking on it, but rather by doing a right-click over the installresized.cmd file name entry in the directory. Then you will see a menu (called a context menu). See the attached screenshot illustrating this. In that menu, you will see an entry that reads (in English) Run as administrator. It may also have a shield icon to the left of it. Click on that. You may receive some prompts from Windows indicating something to the effect of "Do you want to allow this program / app to make changes to your computer / device" You should reply Yes. You may also receive a prompt about requiring administrative permissions. If you do, click the Continue button. This should allow the command file to run correctly. If all else fails, you can do manually what the installresized.cmd file does. Here's the steps; After initial installation of the textures into the folder where your E175 is, there will be a folder named sharedtextures.resized and another named sharedtextures. To activate the resized textures, rename the folder sharedtextures to sharedtextures.original. Then rename the folder sharedtextures.resized to sharedtextures. To restore the original textures (if you don't like the experience with the resized ones), rename the folder sharedtextures to sharedtextures.resized. Then rename the folder sharedtextures.original to sharedtextures. Let me know how it goes. Best, Jeff Bryner
  11. Here ya go. Three minutes of duckduckgo (it would have been less than one minute but I had to let the dog out) https://www.airliners.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=219397 The entire thread is quite interesting. but for those that suffer from TL;DR, I believe the original Terminal 1 is the terminal you're looking for. Post #12 is very informative. BLB
  12. Dear Folks, due to technical issues, a wrong installer had been uploaded. We are apologize for any inconvenience! The fixed installer is downloadable on EKCH_airport_SP2.exe name. Have a pleasant weekend! Gabor
  13. axelsubo

    FPS after update

    Hey Jeffrey, I seem to be having a couple issues with the package as well, unfortunately... When I try to run the CMD file, I get a message saying that it is the e-jets folder, however folder access is denied: This makes sense, as this happens with all things I try to modify in my sim's root folder (it's in the program files folder). Then however, when I try to run the CMD file as an administrator, the file seems to think I somehow changed what folder it's in and doesn't think it's in the E175 folder... As you can see, I do have the 175.air file there and do have the textures and the CMD file in the correct location... Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks! Axel
  14. For those that own EKCH, please download it again. I just did, and it shows as EKCH_airport_SP2.exe After installing it, the airport shows properly in the DBRITE.
  15. AutoThrottle_TJ.lua, AutoThrottle_TP.lua and AutoThrottle_CRJ.lua are simple PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) implementations of an Autothrottle for TurboJet, TurboProp, and the AeroSoft CRJ aircraft, respectively (the Aerosoft CRJ is somewhat of a special case because of unique throttle coding). These scripts work reasonably well on the Flysimware Learjet35A, Falcon50, MU-2, and on the Aerosoft CRJ aircraft. I have been told the Autothrottle.TJ script works with the Aerosoft DC-8. I'd be interested in hearing how these scripts work on other aircraft. There are parameters at the top of the scripts that you can experiment with if necessary for a particular aircraft. The TurboJet and TurboProp scripts assume standard FSX or P3D throttle coding and should work for aircraft with up to four engines. To try out an autothrottle put the script in your modules folder and use FSUIPC in the usual way to assign a key or button to the appropriate script to activate it. When activated a window will open asking for a target IAS between 50 and 500 Kts. Of course you need to use a target IAS that is reasonable for the a/c. If the A/T is running you will need to call the script again to change the target IAS, or to turn the A/T off by entering a * instead of an airspeed value. You could also use the FSUIPC LuaKill option to quickly exit a script. It is best that the AP is on and the a/c is stable and reasonably close to your target IAS when the A/T is activated. If you ask for large IAS changes it can take a while for the IAS to finally settle down. When the A/T is running you will see a green bar across the top of your screen with the target A/T IAS. Note that you can grab the right side of the green bar with your mouse and resize the bar down to a small display. You can also drag and reposition the green bar to where you want it. AutoThrottle_CRJ.lua AutoThrottle_TJ.lua AutoThrottle_TP.lua
  16. The INI file actually has nothing at all to do with registration. It contains the settings you make, but no registration details. The explanation must only be that you made a slight error in entering the Registration details the first time. All three parts -- name, email and key -- must be correct. Best always to cut and paste to avoid errors. Pete
  17. Ah, flaps calibration -- that was the entry you removed (same as pressing "Reset" on the Flaps entry in the FSUIPC calibration tab). The axis input from FSUIPC was presumably coonflicting with the setting in the PMDG aircraft. Most axes are read directly by PMDG aircraft and so, if you calibrate in FSUIPC, there are two possibly conflicting values getting into the Sim -- one from FSUIPC and one from PMDG. This is a pretty well known thing with PMDG aircraft, but mainly with the main flight controls. I think most folks use the Flaps Inc and Dec controls rather than an axis. Pete
  18. I tried the textures first in P3d 4.5 as above. I've been trying them since, on the ground, in P3Dv5 and found it saves on average 0.4 GB of GPU memory with a virtual cockpit and 0.2 GB when using detached panels and a non VC forward view. These were a series of direct comparisons using the default airbase with only Orbx FTXG. The fps in both cases were quite high and fluctuating too much for a meaningful reading, but the gains in GPU memory are quite definite and consistent and should apply in any scenario. The best saving, on 2 tests in the VC was 0.5GB. I did not notice any degradation of cockpit textures over the original, but I use 2048 textures in the sim with 1080p panels. All in all it seems like a very useful modification. John B.
  19. Seemed to have found the culprit. Also noticed that the ACARs data on VAMSYS was also screwey on the flaps. Deleting the flaps settings from the FSUIPC5.ini resolved this as per link below. https://support.precisionmanuals.com/kb/a103/aircraft-does-not-want-to-climb-or-flies-with-negative-aoa.aspx Thanks you can close this topic.
  20. Update-- I tried again by first uninstalling FSUIPC6 from the addons folder and also removing the FSUIPC6.ini file. Then I recopied and renamed the FSUIPC5.ini file to FSUIPC6.ini and reinstalling and reregistering. This time it seems to have worked.
  21. Greetings, Please see the annotated screenshot posted above. It may help you determine if you did install correctly or not. Best, Jeffrey S. Bryner
  22. Likely we will tell what's new once we release SP2.
  23. I'm a long-time FSUIPC user. I just installed P3D V5 and initially just installed FSUIPC6 without registering. I had copied the fsuipc5.ini file from my p3dv4 installation to the fsuipc6.ini file in the p3dv5 addons directory. I saw that it showed up in P3D as an addon, but unregistered. So I bought the registration key for FSUIPC6, and reinstalled FSUIPC6, entering the registration key, name and email as requested, which was accepted. However, when I start P3D, FSUIPC still says it's unregistered. What did I do wrong?
  24. Greetings John, Glad to hear you got to use the textures. The message 'This is not the folder where the E175 EJET is installed' is generated if the air file, 175.air is not present in the folder the CMD file is run from. It's kind of a sanity check of the config/install location for the user. I, like you, have the EJET installed as an Addon. Below is an annotated screenshot showing what the folder should look like after the initial install. This is for everyone's benefit as it is clear you got everything installed correctly. I hope this visual helps out. Best, Jeff Bryner
  25. New screens for DBRITE and ADIRS should look like this... @nyergesdesignGabor - feedback that the FT updated link seems to be incorrect and downloads the original files - Can you check?
  26. Jeffrey, I tried it on my desktop pc and initially followed your readme instructions, but probably because I have the E175/195 installed in Documents/P3D4 Addons, it came up with the 'This is not the folder where E175 is installed. I then extracted your shared textures folder and installed manually after renaming the original to allow reversion if needed. It's working without issues and with some improvement in fps. Can't say how much just yet, but it looks useful. I'm also trying it in my cockpit setup, which doesn't have the VC visible, but it still runs in the background so it is using some resources. Loading 'lighter' textures even when they are not in view seems to have a benefit. So once again thank you for your work. John B.
  27. I have downloaded the Sp1 non steam version from BMT micro and the DBRITE still shows the runway heading of about 090-270. Maybe the updated release reached the steam version release but not the feelthere release so far. Don't know about the terminal problems. kev
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