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  2. Assuming users haven't made their own assignments or changes in the Sim's key assignments, there are plenty of combinations of Ctrl + Shift + another which aren't defaulted in the Sim. The only problem with the choice of TAB + G was that TAB isn't used as a shift key in the Sim. I don't remember details of the 3210 method, but they are documented and i can look them up. But it would be better for you to ask specific questions about things you don't understand than for me to basically write the code for you. Pete
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  4. Hi Pete, Sorry for the confusion. The general key assignments tab is the one I was talking about. Ok. I'll re-think my hotkey strategy. I'm adding keys for several events that don't normally have keys, so I was trying to come up with a scheme that wouldn't require my users to remap keys in the sim. I'll probably just switch back to using keys defined in FSUIPC. It just means people will need to add a block of info to there ini file when I install my software. Could it also be an option to use the offsets at 3210 to define keys? In reading the documentation, I'm not totally clear on how to use those. Do you have an example of how to check for a hotkey from a lua script? I assume those keys are trapped? Thanks for all your help!
  5. The HotKeys dialog is not the one you should be compaing it with. That's just for special actions. They general Keys assignment tab is the one you should have used, as I said. The FSIOPC HotKeys are trated completely differently. Anyway, I've had a quick look and the Lua key event has always worked at just detecting the key presses not trapping them. So that's many years with no problem. I'll discuss it with John (who has taken over onward development from me), but my personal opinion is that it should stay as it is, as it was designed to be. If it were to be changed I think it would have to be an option, enabled by a special [General] parameter in the INI file. And it would only apply to current versions of FSUIPC (6 and maybe 5). Surely it would be better to just use keys not assigned in the Sim by default. Ctrl+G, Shift+G, Shift+Ctrl+G are okay. The "TAB" in "TAB+G" isn't counted as a shift by the Sim, so it will treat it as a TAB press and a G press. Pete
  6. Hello , I’m wondering if there is a way to “trigger” a toggle switch somehow when a crash or over stress occur from fsx ? i need it for my home build sim for ELT .
  7. Before you pay money for Atlanta, there is an issue with terminal F not open for heavies, and taxi issues with the southernmost runway. The rest of the airport works ok.
  8. Visually, Atlanta looks the closest I might also consider Dubai, it appears to have the highest ratio of International flights
  9. Could u send me that schedule for Heathrow please
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  11. I have only used Tower 2011 Heathrow As discussed in previous topics, after an upgrade to Windows 10 v1909 my laptop has stopped running this program So I have had to no choice to purchase a new computer in order to run this, and prepare for Tower 3D I was at the stage where I had modified Tower 2011 Heathrow quite heavily Summer 2019 timetable, with correct runway and Terminal use I am therefore looking to purchase to one airport for Tower 3D, that is as similar to Heathrow as possible The majority of flights are wide-body / International There are two parallel runways and the main terminal is between them A cargo terminal Any and all advice welcome
  12. Hi Pete, Yes, if I assign Tab+g in the FSUIPC hotkeys dialog, the key works and doesn't get passed on to the sim. If I assign the same key via a LUA key event, the event triggers, but also activate the landing gear. I'll try just assigning G in the FSUIPC hotkeys dialog, but I'm fairly sure I'll see the same thing where FSUIPC traps the key as expected. Assigning g as a hotkey via lua passes the key through as well as triggering my event. Thanks!
  13. FSUIPC "hotkeys"? In the Hotkeys tab? What about keys assigned in the normal Keys assignments tab? Why did you choose Tab+g for the comparison in "Hotkeys" not "G". Wouldn't that have been a proper comparison? I don't know at present, before looking at it. It may be an oversight. I'll check the code, see what was intended. It's possible that P3D4/5 defeats the FSUIPC code by accessing the keyboard more directly than FSX and P3D1-3 and no one else has noticed the change. FSUIPC only works by using WM_KEYDOWN and WM_KEYUP messages. There are other ways of reading the keyboard, but I don't know if they can be made exclusive. I probably won't get to this till Monday though. Pete
  14. Thank you @Jeffrey S. Bryner for working on 2K textures. I too fly out of KORD and will be flying this bird IRL in a couple of years hopefully.
  15. Hi Pete, Thanks for looking at this. I'm trying to use the lua events to assign keys in my software so I don't need to ask users to make a bunch of modifications to their fsuipc ini files, adding macros, etc. Here is what I found: 1. Adding g without any shift as a lua key event does trigger the landing gear. 2. Adding Tab+g as a FSUIPC hotkey triggers the fsuipc key action, but the gear doesn't activate. So, the way lua and regular FSUIPC hotkeys are behaving is definitely different. If this isn't going to work through LUA for assigning keys, do you have any suggestions on the best way to make my hotkeys, lua scripts, and macros portable? If I go that route, people will need to manually add all the correct profile entrys to their fsuipc ini files. I was trying to avoid that. Thanks!
  16. ah ok yer fly 170 a couple of times but mainly the E190 for BA yes
  17. Hi Matt, I did look at your channel. Wow, Lots of fly time indeed. I noticed you almost exclusively fly the E190. The Service Pack was released for the 175/195 product and this thread is for that (post SP FPS issues). I don't see this issue on the E170/E190 on my machine either. Best, Jeffrey S. Bryner
  18. OK, update to my update; I was looking into an old tool from Microsoft called texconv (texture converter), released as part of the Direct X SDK "in the day." MS re-released it as part of Azure Remote Rendering, but it lacks some capability. The legacy version was maintained and enhanced by a group of chaps and available on github. So, I converted all the textures with that version/edition and am testing. Jeffrey S. Bryner
  19. I'd have to check. It isn't documented like that, and I think perhaps that the key press Event may not always be wanted in a Lua plug-in to change its assignment, but simply to know when it occurs for other purposes. Though I suppose the solution then should be to send it on before exit as intended for control or axis interception. Certainly Keys assigned in FSUIPC take precedence over those assigned in the sim. It also occurs to me that TAB+G shouldn't cause the GEAR Toggle conttrol to fire in any case -- is the Sim ignoring the TAB button? I wonder if the use of TAB as a shift (not a standard type of shift as recognised by the sim like Shift, Ctrl and Alt) is confusing the issue. Could you see what just G does? Let me know. i won't be able to check properly till, probably, Monday. Also see if TAB + G operates the Gear even if assigned to something else in FSUIPC. That would prove conclusively that the G goes through with TAB as the "shift". I assume, of course, that you hold the TAB down before pressing the G? Else the G would certsinly go through first. Pete
  20. Peter, Please contact Aerosoft, all I do is supply the materials to them and ask them to update their website. Simon
  21. Hello, I'm trying to define some key events in a lua script. The keys are working, but the keypresses are also being passed on to the sim. This is fsuipc 6.0.8 and p3d v4.5. My event line looks like: event.key(71, 24, "heat_dec") This fires when I press Tab+g, but the landing gear control in the sim also triggers. I thought fSUIPC was supposed to trap these keys? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  22. Greetings Axel, Absolutely would have sought Feelthere's permission first. Thank you for mentioning it and thank you to @FeelThere in advance for their permission. I'm still working on it, but bogged down a bit with the process using Adobe Photoshop and a combination of Custom Actions and File Automation tool using DDS files. Because DDS files are processed (on my system) in Photoshop with the NVidia Photoshop Plugin, it seems the resize part of the Action is not preserved by the Automation, so all files are the same size in the end. Still trying to find a way to do this for a DDS file and currently exploring NVidia Texture Tools. Jeffrey S. Bryner
  23. EKCH Airport SP1 Release Previous: EKCH_Airport.exe New: EKCH_Airport_SP1.exe
  24. Ah, I see! Oops. "Toggle" (in all of its uses in FS I think) means "on-if-off" or "off-if-on" not "on-then-a-little-later-off", perhaps emulating a key press or a momentary button. That's the way the term is used in all of the FS controls called "Toggle", like SOUND TOGGLE, SLEW TOGGLE, PAUSE TOGGLE, GEAR TOGGLE, TOGGLE MASTER BATTERY, TOGGLE NAV LIGHTS, TOGGLE PUSHBACK, etc etc. To do "press then release" means sending two commands as you were doing for buttons 0 and 1, with a delay between them for them to be seen, just like real keypresses or button presses. The delay might need only be 20 mSecs or do, but 50 mSecs to be on the safe side (corresponding to the typical keyboard 20 per sec repeat rate). They were automatic repeats based on the button staying pressed and the "repeat" option set in the "Buttons & Switches" assignment. FSUIPC provides this for buttons to emulate the keypress repeats when you hold a key down. (Windows operates that for keypresses). Pete
  25. I am a great lover of 3d tower pro and notice you've released London Gatwick any idea if London Heathrow is going in development?
  26. Ah - I assumed wrongly that a toggle is a press and release action - my bad. I understand now that this is just a change from a previous state. my challenge is that the mobiflight app that I am using only assigns action on an encoder set, and not on release. I was hoping that the toggle action will be translated as a press+release. And the repeats you see in the log are probably due to a noisy hardware button - thanks for tip re-performance, I will check it out. (I need the repeat to simulate a press and hold, and I have to use a key press via an LUA script as the stupid GTN750 gauge I am using doesn't respond to virtual joystick button presses directly - a long story). thanks for your time helping me with this - I can take it from here. Regards - Ran
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