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  2. dwc3402

    Saitex X52 Pro Pan View

    Hi pete, had it working before, but I have forgotten how to get the pan view working . my hotas switch on the X52 works but does not change the view. im obviously doing something wrong
  3. Pete Dowson

    Saitex X52 Pro Pan View

    FSUIPC is not involved at all in CAMERAS. What are you looking for in the FSUIPC documentation? ... Ah, i see you actually appended your real question as an afterthought: What are you assigning to and where? Do you mean "Pan view" in the axis assignments list? If so, please know that all this does is send that to P3D. So if it works in the Sim it will work when assigned in FSUIPC. Pete
  4. Pete Dowson

    PMDG 744 event ids

    No. It merely traps the events passing through the P3D windows procedure or being sent via SimConnect. Of course it is possible that programs might intercept them and handle them before FSUIPC sees them. The FSUIC "event" logging logs the same things. If your intent is merely to log or display evens as they occur it would be easier to just use the existing logging facilities. If you want to see them in real time, run P3D is Windowed mode and enable FSUIPC's Console Log (or use full screen but move the console to a different screen). Pete
  5. Hi Pete SKD is Skywest (Delta) I split my regionals up so they go the the correct terminal. You'll find ASU (Acey United) and RPD (Republic Delta) as well I have transferred a few liveries to get colour on the planes. In regards to the Spirit one, they are running a 320 Neo for that flight, I have swapped the type in the airplane file so the livery comes up. https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/n904nk
  6. :-) Reinstall of the newest RT and now it works thx :-)
  7. I have the latest version of FSUIPC. I had to delete my Cameras.cfg due to an issue wth CHASE PLANE. I have rectified that issue now BUT. I have read the FSUIPC .pdf but still no luck can anyone assist please Thansk Darren When i try and assign Pan view on my hotas it doesn't work FSUIPC5.ini
  8. Once again... Is there a limit to the event ids that are being watched by event.control? I'm specifically interested in the range from 70442 up to 70841. this is my code for testing right now: print("Running") function test(evnt,par) print("gotem") end event.control(70442,"test")
  9. pete_agreatguy

    Tower 3D/3D Pro CUSTOM SCHEDULE For KLGA/LGA v2.0

    Couple of minor issues here Ben: 1) Skywest aircraft appearing on the strip as SKD instead of SKW 2) NKS Spirit Wings aircraft appearing incorrectly on the strip info: Not had much running on this yet though.
  10. What a wonderful service, you are providing. I read what you are writing and can somewhat-ish follow the logic! Am now completely assured that my set up is ok! The next time I need to re-install Prepare3d, I will do what you advice!. Many Thanks Onno Reitsma
  11. dafyddp3d

    Wrong replay speed

    Hi Fabio Has this been fixed in the latest update? I have just done a recording with P3D v4.5 set to 30FPS and FCR set to 30FPS, and the replay speed is still too fast (at a guess at least x2). The recording itself was fine (PMDG QOSII), just wrong replay speed. Cheers Dave Nash
  12. the.gamer112

    PMDG 744 CDU screen-data

    The way to request it out of IPC is (in lua): text, powered = ipc.readStruct("5400","1215STR") --read 1215 character string from offset 5400 (Left CDU) after decoding from unicode-escape the text is formatted as followes: symbol(as string), color(hex), flags(x01, x02 or x04 not sure if combinations possible) so, as an example: 0\x00\x01 would show a small 0 in default color (green on monochrome screen, white on LCD) F\x02\x04 would show a normal F in dark green (dark because of the x04 flag, inop/unavailable)
  13. Loads fine for me. Make sure you installed all the required files. READ the readme file 😉 @Tommy2604 Also make sure all your addons are up-to-date 😉
  14. Pete Dowson

    COM1/COM2 is flipped in XPUIPC

    I see. So you've got a way. Well done. Pete
  15. There is always the opportunity to add to a future RC update
  16. Because it's considered a Seasoned airline. If you look on Wikipedia transat flies to a lot of places but there's not a lot listed in the original schedule because I don't think they list the seasoned flights for certain airports maybe.
  17. bingus

    Schedule analyzer

    This is awesome! I don't personally write in Rust or C/C++, so I also worked out a (fairly inelegant) solution in Python with Pandas dataframes and NumPy inspired by your Rust solution. Some caveats: I added headers to each schedule file manually, so if you want to run the code yourself you have to copy and paste the header line into the text file and save as a csv. The header line is: DEP,ARR,AIR,X,N,TIME,LOL,IDK,CALL You would need to put in your proper file path for each airfield. I really like the elegance of putting multiple airports in the Rust code and I'm thinking of adding that later to this Python code. This also means you have to be aware of the difference between ICAO and 3-letter code (eg, EDDM = MUC). Later I intend to add graphing support from MatPlotLib, to visualize frequencies across airfields. If you don't want to spend the time to compile and run this yourself or if you don't have Python or Rust on your machine, I've also attached each text document with arrival and departure frequency by hour for every airport below except JFK. I haven't quite worked out why, I'm assuming something with the way the JFK data is formatted but the text file turns out wrong each time I run it on the JFK schedule. Some possible uses: Like me, a gamer who just wants to play busy times for a more engaged experience. If you develop schedules, particularly busy schedules, a quick way to see when your busy times are without playtesting right away. import pandas as pd import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt print('Hewwo!') #Reads schedule CSV into Pandas Dataframe, insert your chosen file path. df = pd.read_csv(r'''YOUR PATH HERE''') #Loads second clean Dataframe for later determination of arrival or departure. df2 = pd.DataFrame(columns = ['ARR','TIME','DEP','DEPTIME','ARRORDEPART'],index = df.index) df2['ARR']=df['ARR'] df2['DEP']=df['DEP'] #For loop to make all arrival time strings into just the first two digits, indicating hour of the 24 hour clock. EG, 11:24 -> 11, 21:31 -> 21. i = 0 for i in range(0,len(df2)): placeholder = df.TIME[i] placeholder2 = placeholder[:-3] df2.TIME[i] = placeholder2 i+1 #For loop to make all departure time strings into just the first two digits, indicating hour of the 24 hour clock. EG, 11:24 -> 11, 21:31 -> 21. j = 0 for j in range(0,len(df2)): placeholder = df.LOL[j] placeholder2 = placeholder[:-3] df2.DEPTIME[j] = placeholder2 j+1 #Nifty trick with Pandas and Numpy to find and assign arrival or departure values based on the Arrivals column in the second dataframe. Definitely #look up a good Stackoverflow if you're curious how this works, I'm still getting the hang of it myself after trying to write a lot of different more #standrad loops before this. NOTE: YOU NEED THE SPACE BEFORE THE AIRPORT CODE BASED ON HOW I PERSONALLY SET UP THIS DATAFRAME. I will likely fix this later. df2.ARRORDEPART = np.where(df2['ARR']==' 3 DIGIT AIRPORT CODE EG JFK or MUC','Arrive','Depart') #Actually builds out the text files provided. In lines 41 and 43, only standard print functions. In 42 and 44, group by functions to first select what we're counting, #then group by all the possible hours for arrivals and departures, based on the dataframe. print("Arrival Count:", file = open(r'''YOUR PATH HERE\0YOURCITY.txt''',"a")) print(df2[df2['ARRORDEPART'] == 'Arrive'].groupby('TIME')['ARRORDEPART'].count(), file = open(r'''YOUR PATH HERE\0YOURCITY.txt''',"a")) print("Departure Count:", file = open(r'''YOUR PATH HERE\0YOURCITY.txt''',"a")) print(df2[df2['ARRORDEPART'] == 'Depart'].groupby('DEPTIME')['ARRORDEPART'].count(), file = open(r'''YOUR PATH HERE\0YOURCITY.txt''',"a")) print("Goodbye!") #At some point, I also intend to explore graphing these sets with Matplotlib, and writing a file chooser so you don't have to manually enter your desired #airport info. 0atlanta.txt 0barcelona.txt 0boston.txt 0lasvegas.txt 0londongatwick.txt 0losangeles.txt 0memphis.txt 0munich.txt 0newyorklaguardia.txt 0orlando.txt 0philadelphia.txt 0phoenix.txt 0sandiego.txt 0sanfrancisco.txt 0stthomas.txt 0stuttgart.txt 0vancouver.txt
  18. I’m wondering why Edelweiss wasn’t put in the airports
  19. alaskaGuy2018

    Tower 3D Pro - Real Colors/Aircraft Master List by Airport

    here is a screen shot of them flying it from paris to jfk and back to paris but I see in the schedule it is like every other day right now here is a screen shot from flightradar24.com I thought I saw it in the schedule from paris to Vancouver but now I don't see that I will have to maybe look at the airport and see but this is what I found
  20. Braf123456

    Big News!!! CYVR - Vancouver for Tower3D/Pro is OUT!

    I wish they would have had that airline called Edelweiss
  21. Ripskin

    Big News!!! CYVR - Vancouver for Tower3D/Pro is OUT!

    Well, there you go. Used to running the bat to enable the front end debugging one and thought it was the only one.
  22. DeltaVII

    Big News!!! CYVR - Vancouver for Tower3D/Pro is OUT!

    Counting peas again, huh? And I appreciate that. Believe me - I was even more surprised that our banking system was able to process the transfer within a day. In the past, this whole process took much longer...
  23. Abdullah Radwan

    COM1/COM2 is flipped in XPUIPC

    There isn't a direct way of knowing that you are connected to XPUIPC, however, I noticed that when you are connected to XPUIPC, FSUIPC_FS_VERSION reports SIM_FSX and FSUIPC_VERSION reports 5 (which is impossible). So here is the code: bool isCom1Selected, isXPUIPC; isXPUIPC = (0x0f & (FSUIPC_Version >> 28)) == 5 && FSUIPC_FS_Version == SIM_FSX; if(audioSelection & 128) isCom1Selected = true; else isCom1Selected = false; if(isXPUIPC) isCom1Selected = !isCom1Selected;
  24. Abdullah Radwan

    How to read radio audio switches

    Thank you so much! This what I need. Thanks for pointing out the correct way.
  25. Last week
  26. Braf123456

    Big News!!! CYVR - Vancouver for Tower3D/Pro is OUT!

    Yeah ik what makes me mad I am .13 cents short of getting the airport
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