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  2. Worthwhile depends on the experience you want out of the game and your way of playing. The CPU should be fine though a bit on the leaner side. The GPU is what will hold you back more than anything. The game itself is fine but some airports lack quality optimizations so if you play a busy period your FPS will likely slide show depending on the airport and traffic levels. Now dropping the graphics to the floor may help but that card is more designed to display an image vs handle games. Low quality on a not so busy period it will probably be manageable.
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  5. That would need the entire control and movement of the flaps and slats to be built in code. Currently, the flaps and slats are controlled by the default [Flaps] section of the FDE. With that, flaps and slats cannot be moved seperately unless you assign them consecutive movements: for example, you would be able to have the slats extend followed by the flaps but it would have to be two seperate selections of flap in the sim. With the correct selection (i.e. one selection of 'Flap Down'), they will always move together. Limitation of the sim, unfortunately.
  6. SLAT/FLAP SYSTEM The high lift control system consists of flaps and slats. The slat system controls eight slat surfaces on the leading edge of the wing (four per wing) and the flap system controls four double slotted flap surfaces on the trailing edge (two per wing). SLAT INBOARD SLAT OUTBOARD FLAP INBOARD FLAP OUTBOARD SLAT/FLAP PANEL LOCATION Surface position commands are given to the Slat/Flap-ACE (SF-ACE) via a Slat/Flap control lever installed on the center pedestal in the cockpit. Each SF-ACE is a dual channel unit, with one channel for flap control and one channel for slat control. There are seven slat/flap control lever positions. Slat and flap motion is sequenced such that slats extend first and flap retracts first when the motion command requires both surfaces to move. The system uses electrical power to move the surfaces. http://www.aviationlearning.net/files/EMB 190 REFRESHER.pdf Page 38
  7. The SLAT FLAP indicator on the display shows concurrent movement. It should be slat movement then flap movement. Slats should be set to 15 degrees prior to any flap movement. On the retraction the flaps should move and finish moving before slat movement.
  8. Just a quick price comparison (because I was curious) for the PHNL DLC on Steam and feelthere.com in USD: Country Steam Website USA 19.99 19.99 AUS 19.18 21.99 UK 19.02 23.99 EU 18.50 23.79 – 25.39 CAN 16.57 19.99 MEX 8.34 19.99 BRA 7.15 19.99 ARG 3.31 19.99 Sources: steamprices.com, bmtmicro.com
  9. Yes, for both sites payments are processed via BMTMicro. And when there is not a sale in progress, the prices on both sites are the same. However, to date, there has NEVER been a sale on atcsuite.com. FeelThere just recently had a 20% off Memorial Day sale. The 20% off was only available through feelthere.com and not atcsuite.com. Why the price discrepancy on the two sites? I find it strange, but only FeelThere can answer that. Why purchase or even use atcsuite.com? If the prices are never lower, I see no reason to and that’s the basis of my recommendation. More than likely FeelThere will have a 4th of July sale. Let’s see if the site/sale pattern continues.
  10. Hi everyone, I have become wiser again with regard to the weather and the radar. In P3D 4.5 it works but then you may not use the ActiceSky beta version which is also suitable for P3D v5 with hotfix1 because then there will be no weather projected on the radar ..... So for P3D v5.xx no weather radar yet ..... For P3D v4.5, however, radar reflection provided that you use the old ActiveSky and not the beta for P3D 4.5 and 5.xx You can not change in the meantime as I did .... First I used the ActiveSky beta for P3D v4.5 / P3D v5.xx Which does not work with the E-175/195 v3 in P3D v4.5 Then started the ActiveSky regular version for P3D v4.5 but it then gives an error message about a xxx.dll file which gives a conflict and then ActiveSky closes automatically ..... So in summary, Start P3D v4.5 with the E-175 / E195 and use the normal ActiveSky version 7410 then you will have reflection on your weather radar Greetings, Hans
  11. OK, I kind of did that. The .ini file I sent you this time was after I had run a flight with the 737. I still have the old .ini file with all the profiles. What I did was took the GUIDs from the file I just sent you and replaced the ones in the file you fixed previously (they had changed) with the correct ones. That got almost everything working in the 737, which is the only AC that I have installed right now. The only things that don't seem to be working are a few of the MFD buttons. Funny thing there is that some of them work as before, while a couple have moved from MFD1 to MFD2, and a few just do weird things. But I can sort that out. I have spent the last few hours studying how the .ini file is formatted, so maybe I can figure some of this out without having to bother you. But I have a question about the JOYNAMES section. The fix you sent me had me turning the autoassignletters on, and then each device was assigned a number. When I tried changing the GUIDs, I assigned numbers as well, and that didn't work at all. So I went back and assigned letters A-E, and that got it working. Why did numbers work in the fix you sent me, but I had to use letters to get them working? Of course you know that after running the sim the JOYNAMES expanded and each has a letter and a number. I was just confused why I had to use letters.
  12. Well, I thought I would only need the [JoyNames] section really, because you must have taken my advice and used JoyLetters now -- so all the assignments in the rest should be okay. Except that I see you couldn't have used anything but the 737-800W so your other profiles didn't get updated. That means we need to try to match the numbers not just the letters, like previously. This is the part of the INI which matters: [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=Yes 0=Joystick - HOTAS Warthog 0.GUID={375E0230-95F7-11EA-800B-444553540000} 1=Saitek Pro Flight Combat Rudder Pedals 1.GUID={4B1F9350-95F8-11EA-8001-444553540000} 2=Throttle - HOTAS Warthog 2.GUID={4B249C60-95F8-11EA-8002-444553540000} 3=F16 MFD 1 3.GUID={B4C0B290-96A1-11EA-8001-444553540000} 5=BU0836A Interface 5.GUID={B4C34AA0-96A1-11EA-8004-444553540000} 0.WARNING=This joystick was ID 2, but was duplicated: review and fix assignments, reload settings 2.WARNING=This joystick was ID 3, but was duplicated: review and fix assignments, reload settings 3.WARNING=This joystick was ID 1, but was duplicated: review and fix assignments, reload settings 4=F16 MFD 2 4.GUID={B4C1EB10-96A1-11EA-8002-444553540000} 4.WARNING=This joystick was ID 0, but was duplicated: review and fix assignments, reload settings A=Joystick - HOTAS Warthog A.GUID={375E0230-95F7-11EA-800B-444553540000} B=Saitek Pro Flight Combat Rudder Pedals B.GUID={4B1F9350-95F8-11EA-8001-444553540000} C=Throttle - HOTAS Warthog C.GUID={4B249C60-95F8-11EA-8002-444553540000} D=F16 MFD 1 D.GUID={B4C0B290-96A1-11EA-8001-444553540000} E=F16 MFD 2 E.GUID={B4C1EB10-96A1-11EA-8002-444553540000} F=BU0836A Interface F.GUID={B4C34AA0-96A1-11EA-8004-444553540000} Now, I see you did as suggested and changed to using letters. The crucial question is: did you change this BEFORE the reinstall, and ran the sim too? Or is this new to this re-install? I see from the INI that, in any case, you only have the letters used in the 737-800W profile, and in default assignments, which is a shame. That means we have to match the numbers again to get those other Profiles working! The "WARNINGS" do actually tell you what the numbers used to be, so that helps too. From this: [Axes.PMDG 737-800W] RangeRepeatRate=10 0=CX,256,F,65763,0,0,0 -{ TO SIM: AXIS_AILERONS_SET }- 1=CY,256,F,65762,0,0,0 -{ TO SIM: AXIS_ELEVATOR_SET }- 2=DZ,256,F,66423,0,0,0 -{ TO SIM: AXIS_THROTTLE2_SET }- 3=DR,256,F,66420,0,0,0 -{ TO SIM: AXIS_THROTTLE1_SET }- 4=EX,256,F,66387,0,0,0 -{ TO SIM: AXIS_LEFT_BRAKE_SET }- 5=EY,256,F,66388,0,0,0 -{ TO SIM: AXIS_RIGHT_BRAKE_SET }- 6=ER,256,F,65764,0,0,0 -{ TO SIM: AXIS_RUDDER_SET }- we can see that C must be a Joystick , D throttle and E pedals. Then this: [Axes.PMDG 777-200] RangeRepeatRate=10 0=2X,256,F,65763,0,0,0 -{ TO SIM: AXIS_AILERONS_SET }- 1=2Y,256,F,65762,0,0,0 -{ TO SIM: AXIS_ELEVATOR_SET }- 2=3Z,256,F,66423,0,0,0 -{ TO SIM: AXIS_THROTTLE2_SET }- 3=3R,256,F,66420,0,0,0 -{ TO SIM: AXIS_THROTTLE1_SET }- 4=4X,256,F,66387,0,0,0 -{ TO SIM: AXIS_LEFT_BRAKE_SET }- 5=4Y,256,F,66388,0,0,0 -{ TO SIM: AXIS_RIGHT_BRAKE_SET }- 6=4R,256,F,65764,0,0,0 -{ TO SIM: AXIS_RUDDER_SET }- gives the equivalent numbers we need: C=2, D=3, and E=4. So, extracting those devices from your new [JoyNames] section and setting them right with what we found: 2=Joystick - HOTAS Warthog 2.GUID={375E0230-95F7-11EA-800B-444553540000} C=Joystick - HOTAS Warthog C.GUID={375E0230-95F7-11EA-800B-444553540000} 3=Throttle - HOTAS Warthog 3.GUID={4B249C60-95F8-11EA-8002-444553540000} D=Throttle - HOTAS Warthog D.GUID={4B249C60-95F8-11EA-8002-444553540000} 4=Saitek Pro Flight Combat Rudder Pedals 4.GUID={4B1F9350-95F8-11EA-8001-444553540000} E=Saitek Pro Flight Combat Rudder Pedals E.GUID={4B1F9350-95F8-11EA-8001-444553540000} That leaves us with the F16 MFD1, the F16 MFD2, and the BU0836A. In your old INI they were joysticks 1, 0 and 5, respectively. So just extract and renumber those, and work out which letters they should be by comparing your assignments for the 737-800W and, say, the 777: 0=F16 MFD 2 0.GUID={B4C1EB10-96A1-11EA-8002-444553540000} B=F16 MFD 2 B.GUID={B4C1EB10-96A1-11EA-8002-444553540000} 1=F16 MFD 1 1.GUID={B4C0B290-96A1-11EA-8001-444553540000} A=F16 MFD 1 A.GUID={B4C0B290-96A1-11EA-8001-444553540000} 5=BU0836A Interface 5.GUID={B4C34AA0-96A1-11EA-8004-444553540000} F=BU0836A Interface F.GUID={B4C34AA0-96A1-11EA-8004-444553540000} Now, those three are just intelligent guesswork, looking at similar assignments between two aircraft profiles. Now put those three together with the previous three, make a new [JoyNames] section with just those (and the AutoAssignLetters line), and try it out. Be sure to load each aircraft profile so the letters replace the numbers in the assignments, then you'll be a lot better off next time! Pete
  13. As a non-US citizen this is very likely to be the case because of (taxes for the European Union and) generally higher prices. Even with a sale on feelthere.com you are usually cheaper with the full price on steam. As a US citizen, you are well advised to look out for a feelthere.com sale. That's true, but all @crbascott wrote is that it is more likely that there is a sale/discount on the FeelThere website then on the ATCSuite website.
  14. I thought it was GFDev2k4.dll in GF driver's package. But no, it should be GFDev64.dll from this forum. Thanks.
  15. It seems I will have to write everything on my own. No worries, I expected the NMEA output of FSUIPC to be designed for human users, not for crazy engineers 😉 Thanks anyway, it was worth checking.
  16. @ram123, Sorry for the lateness, "next couple of days" turned into weeks.. Been extremely busy with all sorts of personal things. In any case you may find the autosave project here. Hope it works well for you, Roman
  17. Thank you Pete for a quick reply don't know what I just did differently to last night but now the button press is picked up in FSUIPC (and of course showing up in the logs). I could swear I used the same values for press and release, but anything could have happened. it was a long day. Thanks again Ran
  18. This lua script was done only as an interesting project in response to this thread, requiring that autosaves not occur during the most critical phase of flight in an advanced aircraft.. The landing. For FSUIPCv4.xx only. FSUIPCv5+ already has facilities to toggle off/on its own built in AutoSave. A lua script has also been made for FS9/FSUIPCv3.xxx, introducing auto save for this older sim where none was available beforehand in FSUIPC. If there is interest I may finalize the script with more substantial testing and then upload it. You may get it here. Roman
  19. Hi WN Mike, Next time buy airports DLCs from steam directly as I found it to be cheaper than on feelthere site:) But addons like Real color and traffic you have to buy from feelthere.com, if you go this way, everything works perfectly. BTW crbascott ->most of the time, prices on both sites are the same, airports for 19,99 and colors for 6,99 and on both web pages when u go to check out it redirects you to bmtmicro payment
  20. Yes, unfortunately I had to re-install Windows10. Didn't really want to but I had corruption issues that I couldn't get rid of, so I didn't have much choice in the matter. I will attach the fsuipc.ini file that worked on the last install after you fixed it for me that I copied over to this install, and subsequently showed duplicates. All the other files are the same as what I uploaded earlier. And whenever you have the time to help,m I know you are busy. You have no idea how much I appreciate the assistance. BTW, is there any guidance for how to do what you did last time? Or is it something that you just have to know? I ask because I am going to have to do all this for my P3Dv3 install at some point, and I would rather not have to bother you with it if I didn't have to. Thanks again, john FSUIPC5 (NOT WORKING).ini
  21. Thanks for the response, but it slightly misses what Milonas, the OP, and myself have been trying to explain. So far as I can make out, the WXR problems began when LM issued 2 hotfixes a month ago. HF1 for P3D v5 was expected, but they also released HF3 for P3D v4.5 which was a complete surprise. These hotfixes both caused problems with Active Sky, so a beta version of Active Sky was released. These changes do not seem to be compatible with the Ejets WXR. The current position is that the Ejet WXR behaves differently in P3D5 HF1 and P3D4.5 HF3. 1. In P3D5 HF1 the WXR cannot even be selected, as the OP explained very clearly. There are no buttons on the MFD to select it with. 2. In P3D 4.5 with HF3 The WXR can be selected but appears to do nothing, regardless of weather conditions. I believe it used to work in earlier releases of P3D4, but the only one now available from LM is v4.5 with HF3 included. Two versions of Active Sky are useable with this release (existing AS for P3D4 and the new beta for P3D 4.5 and v5) Both versions are recognised in the sim and work as usual, but no difference with the WXR. I believe that Active Sky have indeed changed something in their API to fit the changes made by LM, which is not very helpful to developers. Alex will probably know a lot more about this and hopefully can make any necessary fix.
  22. No way, sorry. The CPU is being used by many other threads in the Sim, apart from those used by FSUIPC. The GPS timing is just using a regular Windows timer, but it can't get control until Windows switches to it, and that depends on loadings elsewhere. If this is critical the only way I can think of is to have an external program running a thread at high or critical priority level, (higher that other programs on the same PC), and whilst reading the data much more often in one of its threads, then doing its own interpolation for the 10Hz transmissions performed in its critical thread. Pete
  23. If I had found an Intel CPU with integrated graphics in that price segment that would even come close to the performance of the Vega 11 graphics, I would have used it for the budget build example. But as I said: It is not a buy recommendation! It's an idea, a suggestion you can play around with and make comparisons. You asked for suggestions and I gave you a budget build as a starting point for further considerations. Whether you consider something from it or ignore it is entirely up to you. In the end you need to choose or put together the system that suits you best.
  24. It's still the [JoyNames] section in the INI file, as before, but the one really useful would be the one saying there were duplicates! Evidently you reinstalled Windows and/or reconnected all your devices differently? Why not leave well alone? Sorry, but "ASAP" might be tomorrow now! Pete
  25. Make sure you have the 64-bit version of the GFDEv module included in your FSUIPC6 installation folder. GFDev64.dll frim this SubForum thread:
  26. You'll need to purchase FSUIPC6.DLL. FSUIPC4 is for 32-bit versions of FSX and P3D. But that's nothing to do with your profiles and other settings. Just keep a safe copy of the FSUIPC4.INI file in your Mducles folder, which is where your settings are saved. Plus any Lua and MCRO files you use,. Then aftrer you install FSUIPC6 you will be able to use pretty much everything without change -- excepting renaming FSUIPC4.INI to FSUIPC6.INI. If you have your Profiles in files, you need also to save and copy over your Profiles folder complete. Pete
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