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  2. Hi Pete, I previously asked the question as to why I was unable to create a mouse macro. At the time I was informed that mouse macros do not work with XML gauges. I use FSX. A friend who uses the same aircraft (Carenado Phenom 300) in P3d has successfully created a mouse macro. Did this change with P3d or has there been an update to FSUIPC? Many thanks Keith Hackett
  3. Pete Dowson

    Create mmosue macros

    First, please always post support questions here, in the Support Forum, not in any of the Reference subforums (you posted in "User Contributions") If it's the same rectangle ID from the same switch, then the Click Type should be the same. "3" just means a single click of the left button. Your 10 means you MOVED the mouse, not clicked it on the switch -- or at least moving the mouse was your last action in the rectangle area. So try again. Pete
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  5. MOVED FROM THE "USER CONTRIBUTIONS" REFERENCE SUB_FORUM SO IT CAN BE ANSWERED Hi, Pete, I have the following situation: In P3DV4.5 and the latest FSLabs A320 version I want to switch the Packs1+2 via hardware. A friend of mine wrote a program in the Linda program editor that works perfectly for his FSLabs A320. Unfortunately not with my FSLabs A320, although we both use the same P3D and the same FSLabs version. The two keys, which I have planned for the packs, are recognized by Linda but they don't switch the packs. Therefore my friend advised me to use FSUIPC Creating a Mouse Macro to get the clicktype value. Unfortunately this doesn't work. I get as output Rectangle x24402800, Clicktype 10. Press Tab to Test shows no reaction. So I can't go on with Linda. My friend's Clicktype value is Rectangle x24402800, Clicktype 3. We both are using the FSUIPC Version 5.132 Do you have any idea what I might be doing wrong? Is there a reason why this is done with my FSLabs doesn't work? Best regards from Kiel in northern Germany ciao Horst
  6. ColR1948

    UTC vs Local time

    When I create an ai flight plan I use the UTC (Greenwich Time). I go in the sim and when I want to view the ai I select the UTC time, connect to the airport and the ai is there. Now another time I go to view an ai I select UTC but the STB is an hour in front, so I have to reset the time in the sim to view the ai, this happens a lot, sometimes STB connects at the right time the other times it's an hour in front, is there a setting I may have missed in STB? I'm using version 3.2 by the way, two reasons I don't update is, this version has been very stable plus I don't want all those logos to show on the menu board.
  7. Pete, how would be the simmers world without your support - many, many thanks! I will try these things during the next days. Not too much time to play with my sim due to work. But You will get response! Have a nice day!
  8. Ah! I remembered (but only because John mentioned it in another thread!). There is a facility to Ignore specified buttons! See the Advanced User's guide, search for "IgnoreThese", in the Button Programming section. You can list all the 'real' buttons so that the assigned 'virtual' buttons can be seen and assigned. So, if you want the easiest way out then that's the answer. Sorry I didn't remember this before. I am getting too old! 😞 Pete
  9. Yes, there's something odd with the way the Installer has formed up the Modules folder path after being told where to find the P3D EXE.. Really the problem here is that P3D is not correctly installed. There's no correct installation entries in the registry. It looks like either P3D has been moved, or Windows has been restored from a time before it was installed. This will give many add-on programs problems problems. it would be far better for the user to re-install P3d properly. Pete
  10. Pete Dowson

    Ignore Axis missing

    If you don't assign those 'ghost axes' to anything, then FSUIPC will not be bothered by them at all. The way DirectInput works is that all buttons, axes, and POVs are read on each scan. It is just one call to DirectInput. This is why there's no 'ignore axis' facility -- there is no need for it at all. Just don't assign axes you aren't using! That only applies whilst you are assigning. It is simply to stop a jittering axis being recognised before one you want to assign. It has no further effect once you exit. I don't think it is worth adding a new facility, as it simply isn't needed. Perhaps alihor can explain what is really troubling him? Pete
  11. That does look strange. I'll look into it and get back you. John
  12. John Dowson

    12 Digit Key

    Hi David, I am not saying that you need to buy a new license! If you need FSUIPC4 then you obviously need a license for FSUIPC4, not FSUIPC5. I was just pointing out that FSUIPC4 and FSUIPC5 are different products and require different licenses. If you already have a license for FSUIPC4 then use that. John
  13. FeelThere Ariel

    E-Jets 170-190 under P3Dv4

    You are welcome 🙂
  14. Yesterday
  15. ramjetdave

    12 Digit Key

    John Per info in Pete Dawson's website, I need FSUIPC 4 for FSX not FSUIPC5, what am I missing? BTW when U say I need to buy a new license for FSUIPC, it means I have to buy the FSUIPC software again, am I right? Thanks for your time, D.Shahin
  16. Of course. Apologies. I forgot the ignore option only applied to axes. The only reason you are generating "virtual button" presses is for assignment in FSUIPC, right? Instead, why not simply program the action you want directly into the Lua. i.e. use ipc.control to send whatever it is you wuold be assigning to? More efficinet really. However, there's another method which saves all that Lua serial USB handling and relies on Windows instead.. The ROTARIES.LUA file you are using was intended for devices which do not register as regular joysticks in Windows. for those which do there is no need at all to have all that stuff. Instead you can read the buttons directly. Have the Lua pre-loaded via [Auto] and use event.button to act on the button changes -- both on and off. If the time between them is short it is being turned quickly, so you do one thinmg, if else do the other (via ipc.control). One catch. The joystick must be being scanned by FSUIPC for this to work -- only scanned joysticks can cause events to be detected by normal Lua functions. So you need at least one button assigned in FSUIPC, though that can be to something innocuous. Pete
  17. dmnunes

    E-Jets 170-190 under P3Dv4

    Thanks a lot for your reply. This afternoon I had made one more attempt to make the E-Jets work. So now I will clean my installation and wait for your news! Regards, Domingos
  18. Masterius

    Non-stop panel opening/closing

    Thank you for responding so quickly! I was worried more about that being a potential resource hog than I was it "flooding" the event log. (Hey! That rhymed! 😁) Even so, it's nice to be shown a method to block that from being logged. Thanks again!
  19. Hello, I upgraded my OS from WIN7 to Win10 because I got a message from Microsoft advising me the end was nearing for security Updates for Win7 from Microsoft. I ended up resetting the Win10 install because I had problems with some aps and it uninstalled some of my apps. Now some (not all) aps telling me my registry is not pointing to P3D properly. So I messed up on my P3D uninstall/reinstalls along the way while learning a new OS. I ended up reinstalling P3Dv4.5HF1 to F:P3Dv4 (previously on my 😄 drive , (was installed there twice). Currently when I installed FSUIPC and I pointed its installer to my correct P3D install folder F:\P3Dv4. I am rather sure I got a message from FSUIPC saying there was a problem with the normal P3D location and that FSUIPC could easily correct it and I accepted that. When the FSUIPC install finished I noticed that FSUIPC Modules folder was installed here : F:\Modules rather than inside F:\P3Dv4\Modules. It is working ok but I thought it would install to my F:\P3Dv4 folder. Note: Later when I installed the VRS F18 it asked me where my P3D was installed ... I answered F:\P3Dv4 and it created a Modules folder inside my F:\P3Dv4 path for its data files. So, just wonder how to get the FSUIPC data to normally install to F:\P3Dv4 also? I copied my FSUIPC log here for a reference: ****** Installer for FSUIPC5.DLL version 5.151 Looking in registry for Prepar3D v4 install path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 Parameter"AppPath" ... >>> OK! FOUND Prepar3D v4! <<< ... AppPath=C:\ =========================================================== INSTALLATION FOR Prepar3D v4: AppPath="C:\" Checking version of the Prepar3D v4 EXE: This version was not found in this path! User elected to Find the EXE for this version Couldn't obtain Version Info! Asking user to find Prepar3D v4.EXE ... User identified path: "F:\P3Dv4" Checking version of the Prepar3D v4 EXE: ... Version (Need at least Checking if there's already a version of FSUIPC5 installed as: F:\Modules\FSUIPC5.DLL ... No previous valid version found. Prepar3D v4 Modules folder created okay! Okay -- installed FSUIPC5 into "F:\Modules\FSUIPC5.DLL" Looking for the current user's Application Data path: ... found as "C:\Users\Vaughan\AppData\Roaming" Now finding \Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.CFG for all users, including this one Looking in "C:\Users\All Users\AppData\Roaming" ... No Prepar3D.CFG there Looking in "C:\Users\Default\AppData\Roaming" ... No Prepar3D.CFG there Looking in "C:\Users\Default User\AppData\Roaming" ... No Prepar3D.CFG there Looking in "C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming" ... No Prepar3D.CFG there Looking in "C:\Users\Public\AppData\Roaming" ... No Prepar3D.CFG there Looking in "C:\Users\Vaughan\AppData\Roaming" Found Prepar3D.CFG in "C:\Users\Vaughan\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.CFG" Now checking DLL.XML ... ... There is a previous DLL.XML, checking for FSUIPC5 section. ... FSUIPC5 section already exists but will be replaced. ... FSUIPC5 section of DLL.XML written okay Now checking for a SimConnect.XML file ... ... No SimConnect.XML file found. This is okay. "Modules\FSUIPC Documents" folder created okay! Removed "FSUIPC4 Offsets Status.pdf" okay Now installing additional files into the "Modules\FSUIPC Documents" folder: Installed "FSUIPC5 User Guide.pdf" okay Installed "FSUIPC5 for Advanced Users.pdf" okay Installed "The 2016 List of FSX and P3D Controls.pdf" okay Installed "FSUIPC Lua Library.pdf" okay Installed "FSUIPC Lua Plug-Ins.pdf" okay Installed "Lua License.pdf" okay Installed "LuaFileSystem.pdf" okay Installed "Example LUA plugins.zip" okay Installed "FSUIPC5 Offsets Status.pdf" okay Installed "Profiles in Separate Files.pdf" okay Installed "FSUIPC5 History.pdf" okay Installed "Lua Plugins for VRInsight Devices.pdf" okay Installed "ASN WX Radar facilities in FSUIPC4.pdf" okay Installed "Offset Mapping for PMDG 737NGX.pdf" okay Installed "Offset Mapping for PMDG 777X.pdf" okay Installed "Offset Mapping for PMDG 747QOTSII.pdf" okay =========================================================== All installer tasks completed. Registration dialog exit: selected FSUIPC REGISTER Providing FSUIPC registration dialogue ... Registration for FSUIPC5 was successful! (result code 00) *************** End of Install Log ***************
  20. FeelThere Ariel

    E-Jets 170-190 under P3Dv4

    Dear Domingos, The Ejets are not compatible with P3Dv4.5 YET, but the next ejets version will be.
  21. The joysticks #3, #4 and #5 do not generate axes. I get no axis-assigment while clicking "rescan" in the FSUIPC-interface (axis-assignment) and then turning the rotaries. The field "ignore axis" remains grey/inactive. The #3, #4 and #5 are USB-boards with 32 pins for buttons (www.leobodnar.com). I will play and test this evening, f.e. flash new firmware. But I am sure that my configuration is buggy.
  22. ramjetdave

    12 Digit Key

    John R U saying I need to buy FSUIPC again? I assume FSUIPC5 is the latest version? Thanks for your time, David Shahin
  23. alihor

    Ignore Axis missing

    I am using this button 'ignore' each time when I start to fly. And I have to do this for 4 axis! Next time I have to do it again and again, cause this axis ignore is not stored. So I still think this function is missing.
  24. John Dowson

    12 Digit Key

    All 3 components (name, email, key) must be exactly as specified in your purchase email from SimMarket - please cut and paste from there. If your current licence is for FSUIPC4, then you will need to purchase a new license for FSUIPC5. Your address is with SimMarket and can be updated from our SimMarket account. Please do not post or attach any key details - I have removed them for you. John
  25. I had to re-download FSUPIC, everything worked except my 12 digit key. A message said it as invalid! Do I need a new one? Thanks, *** details removed **** PS: plz correct my state from AL to CA
  26. John Dowson

    Ignore Axis missing

    I'm not sure this is needed.... Can you not use the 'Ignore Axis' button (top right) in the Axis Assignment tab?
  27. Pete Dowson

    fsuipc & vrinsight

    You will need to try monitoring the COM ports to find out. But as John says, use LINDA which you say works! Pete
  28. Since they also look like normal joysticks you'll get both. You will need to suppress the joyskic #3 axes using the button provided, i think it is top right. Pete
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