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  2. Spinning aircrafts and pauses are misteries for us and ... the programmers. The patience is the future.
  3. Dear Pete, I have a similar problem as stoelwinder. I purchased the new A320 sidestick and installed it as per instruction. I found out that the windows game controller is working well. I can see the buttons, switches and the "hat" moving. I could also make functions work using my Arcaze offsets and the Arcaze controller. For example, I could switch off the Auto pilot with the related switch at the side stick. I wanted to make functions work using your fsuipc offsets. For example view to the left, ricght and center, using the "hat". This did not work. As a matter of fact, none of the buttons and switches worked when I wanted to activate them throgh the fsuipc control window "buttons and switches". You need to know that in FSX, I switched off the controller, because I am using jeehell to simulate the A320. Previously, I used the thrust master side stick and all of the buttons and switches were active and could be used. Thrust master tells me that as soon as their side stick is recognized in the windows controller, their job is done. Everything else I should discuss with the supplier of the game. So here I am and start the next conversation to find out what I have to do make this side stick as functional as the old one. Thanks a lot fo your help Fritz Lambinet
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  5. The LUA interface will be available. Some functions will no longer work and will be removed (e.g. lvar access) , but the majority should be ok. I don't know about LINDA. John
  6. Is there any information if LUA scripts do work (or in other word if LINDA will work)? thx!
  7. Thanks for the marvellous pictures, I've often considered a portrait screen might be good for STB.
  8. Something is not installed correctly. Can be you be a little more specific and describe what "not working" means?
  9. Do the files in the PHNL folder look the same as the other folders?
  10. Yesterday
  11. Working well next to my 75" side view 😃
  12. Its currently only available to MSFS third party developers due to restrictions on SDK access.If you are an MSFS third party developer, check the MSFS forum for details on how to access.
  13. Did you download the latest version of RT and install as admin?
  14. Where do I download FSUIPC7? I just bought ver six last month
  15. I bought PHNL yesterday, but real traffic isn't working... It works on all my other airports, but not at PHNL. Why? And how do I fix it?
  16. I'm just looking for the list of events/command to send to the sim, as I'm planning my custom panel.
  17. Ah, the "Revised list of FSX controls" was superseded a long time ago. I'll look into updating that reference. If you mean for up-to-date reference, then you do have to install a current version. The Advanced User guide doesn't list sim events inany case. What is it you wish to do with this without any sim installation? Pete
  18. Where can I download the Advanced User Guide or other document that lists all the command/events for the sim? I gave up on FSX/P3Dv2 5 years ago, and don't have a PC with the sim or FSUPC installed, and can't seem to install without the sim being installed (in a VM for example). The document listed in following thread is a 404, not found:
  19. Just that no matter whether MSFS or FSUIPC7 has the focus, key assignments in FSUIPC still work. Pete
  20. I'm not sure what you mean by this, as far as I know Windows only allows one window/application from having the active focus?
  21. Okay thank you, I understand. I'll wait this next simulator, then I wait and see. Regards, Chris.
  22. Your registration details work here, although I have not tried to register via the installer. I've PM'ed you a key file. Please try that. If you have a WideFS license that you wish to add (using the same name/email), then you can add another line with your WideFS key as follows: WideFS=your 12 digit WideFS key John
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