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    Thank you for replying. I'll try converting them using imagetool.exe from the P3D SDK. I think I'll start with the feelThere PIC E175\sharetexture\lighting folder. All/most of those textures all appear to be 4Kx4K, DDS format DXT5 Compression. I'll convert to DDS5 DXT5 with 2048 resolution, no mips first. After that, I'll have a go at the (what appear to be) VC textures in the \sharedtexture folder. I'll let you know my results. P.D.: For anyone who might be trying the same, I'll batch resize using PhotoShop's custom Action/Record and Automate as imagetool.exe does not (batch) resize. Jeffrey S. Bryner
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    Vic, I hope your team is not discouraged by the constructive criticism and commentary. Personally, I love seeing the new screenshots, whether they be old airports, new airports or what have you. The new weather looks awesome and I look forward to more photos. I really like the way that Microsoft is keeping the public in the loop with their weekly updates on MSFS2020. It really builds hype around the product. Probably not something you can do with a smaller staff but even just some bits of info are appreciated. It gives us all something to look forward to in these dark times. Thanks Fred
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    This airport needs to be closed immediately by the local authorities! πŸ˜‰ The weather effects are still in an early state of development, right? This massive semi-transparent lake can't be the final result. Drying concrete after rain looks quite different in the real world. But I don't want to be overcritical either. Much more important to me than the graphics is the (as free as possible) communication with the pilots, instruments/systems that come close to reality and realistic behaviour of pilots, aircraft and ground vehicles. Will you publish a roadmap so that we can follow the development progress and get an idea of what you plan to include in the new version?
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    We are still using the "old" airports as we are developing brand new materials for the airports itself, but let me show you some drying concrete after the rain πŸ™‚
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    Hello, virtual ATCs! We're living in tough times right now, so I thought I could make them a little lighter. You have lots of stuff to do, but you want to take some time playing Tower!3D? Well, you can do both! I took a day of operations in Frankfurt and put them together in a rather relaxing schedule - with just 197 movements for the whole day, because of the corona virus. (I only had to make up the LH9989 flight, since the game needs the first operation to be a departure, and otherwise we would see ten delayed arrivals until the first departure.) This is the schedule for 15 April 2020. I promise, you won't sweat much! Hourly operations: If you want to make it a tiny bit more realistic, there were lots of NOTAMs out with restrictions for that day, so I put those restrictions into a handy text file and added them to the ZIP archive. For example, runway 07L/25R was closed, as were taxiways L and M (both partially and temporarily) as well as W. I strongly recommend backing up your eddf_schedule.txt, eddf_gaandlocaltraffic.txt, and eddf_terminal.txt, before you put my schedule files into the airport folder. Have fun - and don't fall asleep! DeltaVII EDDF_15Apr2020.zip
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    OK. To solve this once and for all. Looking at the schedule quickly there are 66 types of Aircraft/Operator codes of which only 38 (58%) are actually in the PHNL_RC file, therefore if this is the only one you own 28 (42%) will turn up as white aircraft (this does not include GA). Attached is a file which shows the breakdown and details for those Aircraft/Operator codes that are not in the PHNL_RC (ie the 28) and WHICH Airport pack RC they are actually in. IF you do not own the corresponding RC pack for the type listed that is in AlaskaGuy's schedule IT WILL turn up as a white plane as @hexzedand @crbascott have tried to explain above. AlaskaGuy_Sched_RC.xlsx
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    Of course you don't have white planes because you have ALL the RC packs (and you made the schedule). But not everyone has the same setup as you, so what you see may be different than what they see. The original post specifically referenced a Max9 and you said you included flights that used to fly to PHNL so that means that just having RC for PHNL is not enough to guarantee all planes have liveries when playing your schedule. That's why @hexzed posted the link to @Pedantic G's spreadsheet so @Aleksanderj02 could decide if he wanted to get other RC packs in order to reduce the number of white planes he is seeing. I'm not bashing you at all, I'm just trying to help you understand. They key point being that not all people have the same RC packs. Schedule developers need to keep this in mind as do custom schedule users. So, the next time someone says they have white planes playing one of your schedules, you can tell them they may need additional RC packs instead of "what are you talking about".
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    I'm surprised FeelThere haven't offered you a job. You've done more in a month then they have managed in a year(s)
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    @nolan_4_wilson and accompanying discussion should be in its own thread instead of hijacking Pete’s thread.
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    Also in the noon hour ga Medevac N911ZF calls but the call sign it uses is <Medevac 911ZD which they won't answer too. Easy fix to change the ga file. Charles
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    This is the kind of stuff i can't understand....
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    This is a real world schedule for KLAX that took place on February 20, 2020, according to Flightradar24 website. I have also added additional flights, in order to increase the fun and realism for the day. To use this schedule, I have attached the text files that you will need. You will need to be put these files in your main Extensions\Airfields\KLAX sub directory for Tower3d Pro. Before you insert these files and overwrite your existing files, it is highly recommended that you make a backup of your existing text files first, using the following example. klax_schedule.bak.txt. This way, you won't lose your original files, in case you want them back. Once you have renamed these files, you can just drag the attached files into your sub directory. I've also attached the Excel spreadsheet that I used in order to create the custom schedule for your enjoyment. Also, if you want all of the Real Color Airlines to show up and to not just have white airplanes, this custom schedule schedule uses aircraft from the following Real Color Add On's in the schedule. You may or may not have all of these purchased. You only need to purchase the Real Color Add On's and not the airports, for the aircraft to show up. TIST, KPHL, KLAX, KJFK, KSAN, KATL, KPHX, EDDM, KMCO, KMEM, LFPG, KRDU, RJTT. I have done extensive testing for weeks on this schedule, making tweaks and adjustments where needed, and everything seems to be working as advertised. The attached schedule file covers the times from 12:00a until 23:59p. there are 894 Arrivals, and 891 Departures klax_schedule.txt klax_terminal.txt klax_airlines.txt klax_airplanes.txt Thursday, February 20, 2020.xlsx
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    I found an error in the schedule where one of the arrivals is listed with LIH and is suppose to be listed as HNL. This can cause an issue: OGG, LIH, SHF, R9, 14, 02:53, 12:00, 1, R9 Change it to this: OGG, HNL, SHF, R9, 14, 02:53, 12:00, 1, R9
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    Master File Vs.18 Uploaded with PHNL RC details added and updates on ceased Airline operations where known.
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    I started building model airplanes when I was 10 years old, and over the years it extended into other forms of model engineering. I started simming with FS95, but got more interested from FS2004 onwards, using Saitek stuff, but computers were still too inadequate. Later I saw some Boeing cockpits that people had built in the US, and for their time they were amazing. That got me researching what might be possible, on a sensible budget. Most of the aircraft software I tried was unsuitable, either because control functions were not accessible, or the panels did not allow a realistic layout on multiple screens. The one software that eventually ticked all the boxes was the E-jets v2. I started the build about 8 years ago and it took about a year. The components are home built, using readily available materials to minimise cost. In fact the total cost, apart from the computer was about Β£2000. More recently I built the steering tiller, new rudder pedals and fitted an extra screen for a forward left view. I did pay a lot of attention to the feel of the controls, as well as their electronic function, because it adds so much to the immersion factor. The bits that don't show can look quite crude, providing the moving parts are adequately engineered. I don't fly online, just individually, but it was important that it should feel like being in a cockpit. I've attached a few more images in case they might stimulate others to try it. I should say the rudder pedals are home built, as a one off for personal use, because they are based on the excellent MFG Crosswind units which I acknowledge and recommend. What are GWI panels?
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    Thank you Fred πŸ™‚ We are not discouraged by the criticism because at this point there is nothing to criticize yet πŸ™‚ I'm sure we'll get it once we get to a more advanced stage πŸ™‚ Best Vic
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    You want Harrison Ford to be the AI?
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    Sorry, but you are just going to have to wait. Looks like it might be a year or two before the infield dries and the airport is usable. πŸ˜‰ First it was the pandemic and now it's the FeelThere Flood. When will it stop?!?
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    Thinking... thinking... responding: Please forgive the brash introduction. You have been on the forums long enough and have enough experience with the game to know that the game is poorly optimized and buggy. Also the DLCs show errors which are partly due to errors in the base game. You should also know that the developer will not make any changes, optimizations or QoL improvements to the base game. Also bug fixes of the DLCs are rarely done. This is unfortunate and annoying for the players, but that's the situation. A new graphics card will not fix the existing errors of the game. Edit: By the way, I am not the one who reacted with the laughing emoji. I think you have a valid point, only I am afraid that there will be no solution.
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    Germany: Hallo zusammen Mir ist auf gefallen das es im Tower 3D Pro in EDDF und EDDM noch immer das starke ruckeln und zupfen da ist und das noch da zu mit eine ganz neuen Grafikkarte. Die ich mir am Montag den 27.04.2020 um € 175,-- gekauft habe und zwar ist das eine MSI Gaming Geforce GTX 1650 Aero ITX mit 4 GB Arbeitsspeicher und jetzt kommt mal so eine frage ich ndachte es sollte dann besser werden weit verfehlt. Jetzt soll mir bitte keiner sagen das diese Grafikkarte auch zuschwach ist denn wen ja danmn bitte mal zur Kasse. Auch mit der neuen Grafikkarte dachen die Fehler Punkt 9, Punkt 1, 2 und 5 vermehrt auf. Daher wird dringenst geraden einen Update zu machen vor allem das Haupt Programm und EDDM und EDDF. Bevor es jetzt wieder los geht mit dem vielen Fehlfragen wird gebeten vorher zu denken und dann zu antworten den zwei User konnten mir bei Pinkut 6 Helfen und daher ist es mal abgeschlossen mit dem Terminal Cargo S. English: Hello everybody I noticed that in Tower 3D Pro in EDDF and EDDM there is still a lot of jerking and plucking and that too with a completely new graphics card. The one I bought on Monday, April 27th, 2020 for € 175, - and that is an MSI Gaming Geforce GTX 1650 Aero ITX with 4 GB RAM and now comes a question I thought it should be better then far missed. Now no one should tell me that this graphics card is also too weak, because if so please check out. With the new graphics card, errors 9, 1, 2 and 5 are also becoming more common. Therefore it is urgent to update the main program and EDDM and EDDF. Before we start again with the many wrong questions, we ask you to think in advance and then answer. The two users were able to help me with Pinkut 6 and that's why it's finished with the Cargo S terminal.
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    EHAM ( schiphol, Netherlands ) would be awesome to have in the game.
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    We appreciate this professional attitude. We are OK with posting the 2K textures, no problem. Thanks for asking! Vic
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    Update v0.53 KRDU added Some backend optimisations, not noticeable for users Note: Since I do not own the KRDU DLC I am dependent on your feedback. Do the created schedules load without errors, are all liveries where they belong, is there anything abnormal going on when playing the schedule? Schedule Builder Website EGKK, CVYR and KSFO are next in line. I won't promise, but I hope they will be available within the next days.
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    In FSUIPC the code to process the 0D70 method is the same common code used for buttons. I suspect it might be a timing issue. To determine if that's the case so the cause can be pinned down, could you use FSUIPC logging. Compare the times via your two methods. It has been found by others that changing L:Vars is not something you can do rapidly. I think the code in the Panels part of P3D is non-re-entrant and there's no queuing of requests. After all, the L:var mechanism was implemented as an internal thing for panel gauge modules. Try making sure there's a normal key/mouse pressing delay between each request. A good portion of a second I would think. Pete
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    Obviously it would make more sense if the game engine did all the appropriate sorting, but we all know that is not going to happen. Arrival times and how the engine determines the landing runway are also a factor on seeing the schedule utilized to its fullest, but in the case of the latter there's not much we (except maybe for @WildCard) can do about that.
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    here is a custom schedule and other files for PHNL PHNL AlaskaGuy.zip
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    crbascott your doing it again stop bashing me i don't have any white planes in my scedule ok if you keep doing this to me then i am reporting you to feel there and nyerges design for doing this so please stop.
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    and i have seen this before that what is actually included in the rc pack for HNL doesn't correspond to the photo that they are referencing that has happened in previous releases that there were planes in the photo that were or are not even in the list of aircraft and airlines in the list in the rc color pack.
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    Hi there, I found some minor ICAO issues here:) UGGG -> UGTB WMAM -> WMKL UMRR -> EVRA Great schedule!:))
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    @WildCard The landing points line up as close as practical with where real airplanes land at the real airport.
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    Why does every runway have a deferred threshold when IRL none of them do? This shortens the allowed landing length of the runway preventing some planes from being able to land on it that should be able to. Runway 26R has a fake deferred threshold of over 2000ft, this will push a lot of planes to exit at the end of the runway, when they could have exited at Taxiway L or earlier? Airport PHNL runway 8L has displaced threshold of 1450 feet. Airport PHNL runway 4L has displaced threshold of 1118 feet. Airport PHNL runway 4R has displaced threshold of 1500 feet. Airport PHNL runway 8R has displaced threshold of 1222 feet. Airport PHNL runway 26R has displaced threshold of 2160 feet. Airport PHNL runway 22R has displaced threshold of 1275 feet. Airport PHNL runway 22L has displaced threshold of 1118 feet. Airport PHNL runway 26L has displaced threshold of 1460 feet.
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    Thank you... looking into these.
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    This is something I will look into. Thanks for reporting it.
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    Possibly similar result with EDDS. It's a shame that even some beautiful airports miss stuff. Hopefully a fix in the future possibly
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    @Braf123456 At some point, yes. Not sure when, though.
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    As Vic just alluded, the next version should give us the tools to build whatever size airport we want.
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    The purpose of this thread and master list is to track what liveries/models are included in each RC pack, since this information is not included as part of the RC packaging. Why questions should be directed to Nyerges Design, the Real Color developer, in a new/separate thread.
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    Heureka!!! There is something called x52luaout, made by erkswede. It does exactly what I want it to do, see this Youtube link Alas! It is for X-plane only, but the name suggests to me that it should be possible to port it to P3D & FSX. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find anywhere where I can download it. I will try to contact erkswede. This holds more promise than my attempts today with an USB sniffer... BRGDS Sven
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    You have to purchase real color of the airport you have purchased to see those liveries at that particular airport as well as real traffic to see the real schedules at those airports. The nice thing is that you only have to purchase real traffic once. Unfortunately you have to purchase each real color for each airport you control at. A trick I have done is that I look at the liveries excel chart that @Pedantic G (Gary) has created kindly to see which airports have which liveries. It's a great tool to have and that he keeps updated for the community. For certain US Airports most liveries (e.g.. southwest, delta, United, AA, etc..) are available for almost all airports and so not every US real color product is required in order to load them for playing. You can find the real traffic and real color products for purchase on the feelthere website or on steam if you have the steam version as well. Hope that helps! Ashton
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    Just to put my two cents in... Instead of running the risk of being limited in terms of functionality in the new version because of trying to make old airport files work, it would be easy to update the airport installer. This way, both the old and the new version of the airport could be installed, depending on the choices you made during installation. Either the files could be installed directly from the installer file, or they could be loaded from the FeelThere or BMT Micro servers during the installation. With Steam, the verification and installation would be even easier. If the customers should be asked to pay again, it would also be possible to integrate a system in the shop where an upgrade for the respective airport could be purchased by providing the purchase information and/or registration key. As long as the price including taxes and fees does not exceed 5 Euro, I personally would be willing to do so. At least it is likely that I will do it, which of course depends on the features of the new version. On the Steam sales pages for the airport DLCs you could put a note that there is the possibility of an upgrade via the FeelThere page or similar.
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    I'm sorry, but the old airport buildings and ground textures aren't doing it for me. The new plane models just get lost in the drabness. However, for whatever reason, the area surrounding the airport looks better to me. But from a pure graphics perspective thus far, and I know it is early still, my excitement level is at about 5 or 6 out of 10. Overall, I'll need to be closer to a 9 in order to purchase along with the confidence that development support (for what I hope is a sim and not a game) won't be dropped after a year.
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    Addendum: After RTFM session I re-discovered that you right click on the throttle to move it to the idle/cut off position. I thought you'd like to know that. πŸ™‚ 😷
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    FSUIPC6 will be released in the coming days. This version of FSUIPC6 will be valid for P3D versions 4 and 5. With this release, FSUIPC5 will be retired from sale. We will continue to support FSUIPC5 (as always, latest version only) via this forum, as we still do with FSUIPC4 and earlier versions. I will also continue to apply bug-fixes and any new features added to FSUIPC6 (for P3Dv4) to FSUIPC5 until the end of the year, at which time FSUIPC5 will be frozen for new development. It may still be updated after this period if required by any subsequent P3Dv4 releases. There will be a substantial discount on FSUIPC6 for FSUIPC5 license holders, with the price of the upgrade to be around the Β£10 mark. FSUIPC6 will come with a new installer that will - support both DLL.xml and add-on.xml integration methods - allow either a single or dual installation for those users running both P3Dv4 and P3Dv5 - optionally install some additional freeware tools (the FSUIPC SDK, HiDScanner, FSInterrogate2) What does this mean for existing customers? 1. For registered FSUIPC5 users who are staying with P3Dv4 there is no change - bug-fixes and updates will be provided until the end of the year and support via this forum will continue as usual. 2. For registered FSUPC5 users who will be switching to P3Dv5 and require FSUIPC, then they will need to purchase FSUIPC6 for the upgrade price. For those users who have recently (i.e. on or after 1st February 2020) purchased FSUIPC5 but will be updating to P3Dv5, I will supply a free license if you PM (or email) me your registration details (order number and date). As always, PLEASE DO NOT publish your key details in any public forum (or your key will be banned). This free upgrade offer is valid until the end of May 2020 only. 3. For unregistered users of FSUIPC5, it is recommended to update to FSUIPC6 (as this is a free upgrade) John
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    I'd like to see two things in the next version actually first i would really like to be able to do my own liveries, second the landing gear should be automated when a plane takes off that they retract.
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