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    Alright guys. Mission accomplished. I have posted the schedule and have PMed Pete_agreatguy to add it to his list. Thank you all for your help through the entire creation of this schedule. Have a great rest of your year and I hope to get working on my next schedule soon. COVID 19 Density KDFW CUSTOM Schedule - ATC Simulators - The simFlight Network Forums
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    Hello, so I decided to make a schedule for KDFW mimicking the traffic density during the COVID -19 Pandemic. This schedule is very light in the way of density with the most departures per hour being around 35. This is recommended for the beginner to the game or airport, or someone wanting really easy, casual, and slow gameplay. The project was started in April and I ended up taking a break in the summer but due to more time on my hands I finally finished it. I could not have made this schedule without the help of these amazing community members: Controller- Rouge, hexzed, 707FAN, bartccost, EliGrim, and crbascott. I would have been lost without them and their incredible help is what helped this project keep going. This was also a great easy schedule for me to start on and hopefully they should be better in the future. Thank you. kdfw_schedule.txt
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    Will adding just one or two flights really make someone want to play those hours? I say stick to your principles and to the main point of the schedule.
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    At 1041 PST unable to load store. @FeelThere @FeelThere Ariel IMO the site host is being slammed because of the Black Friday sale.
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    Well, credit given where credit is due Vic. We talked at length months ago about opening up the development process a bit more, and I think you have given the idea a chance. This is great progress in my opinion. My hope is that it helps the second version of Tower3D launch much closer to software entertainment that everyone is excited about and anxious to play. Look, at 56 I am more of a realist each and every day. Some aspects of ATC will not be included for various reasons, many of which people like myself don't understand. I am OK with that and am just glad we built a bridge between the community and you and your team. Here is to a better release and continued development. Cheers!
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    This may be so, but FSUIPC4, the version for FSX was produced in 2006 and one payment gave users free updates and support ever since then. It was only frozen to future development last year. FSUIPC7 for MSFS has more in common with FSUIPC5 and FSUIPC6, the 64-bit versions, which themselves were a great deal of work, and the difficulties of the version of SimConnect implemented in MSFS made FSUIPC7 even more. I'm really more surprised that John has offered a discount at all. Not only that but the main price is substantially less than I expected (compare to previous version prices). On top of this, the facilities offered so far by the MSFS version of SimConnect fall well short of what was provided in FSX, let alone P3D, but because MS/Asobo seem to have pledged ongoing development (unlike FSX which died in development terms within 18 months) there will be continuous ongoing development too of FSUIPC7. Would you rather a discount on initial cost but an ongoing payment for updates? It isn't our policy to do such things. For the initial payment you automatically get the ongoing improvements and facilities. If you don't need or want to use the user facilities offered by FSUIPC then there's no need for you to pay for it in any case. Evidently you and the previous poster don't actually want or need to use those facilities, so you wouldn't buy it in any case. There's no need to post complaints. Pete
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    It could be that this issue is created by an old bug relating to the total number of connections used by simconnect clients - this is an old issue known in FSX and has been confirmed over at FSDeveloper. ( Discussion, An improvement in the same thread). To check if this is the cause, you could try modifying the maximum number of clients (MaxClients) in the SimConnect.xml file. You could first try reducing this to see if you can provoke this issue to occur earlier, and if this works then you can set to the maximum value which seems to be 255. John
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    @FeelThere Vic, thanks for the opportunity for input. In the wishlist topic I have already provided two posts with fairly detailed thoughts, a conceptual design, and examples. Among other things the main thoughts are to be able to differentiate cargo/commercial flights, implement regional carriers with multiple liveries, allow for special liveries, and expand terminal assignments to the gate level. My posts don't address domestic/international assignments but I would very much like to see this incorporated. Thanks!
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    They are still marketing themselves as Mokulele airlines, https://mokuleleairlines.com/ so i would assume that they will still be using that livery.
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    Well that makes me feel better 😉 Thought I was going senile LOL. Your new build is working nicely now thank you Paul! Let's see what John comes up with... James
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    Thank you for the clarification and for the work you have done to the community.
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    #1 - This forum is not a 24/7 activity for everyone ... even @pete_agreatguy - please have patience. #2 - You saying "he hasn’t responded to my message yet" is unnecessary. #3 - Your description of the "problem" is totally incorrect. The only problem is that the links to your custom schedules are switched. It doesn't affect the download at all. #4 - You need to remember, Pete is a great guy. He'll get to it.
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    Looks to me you'd have to click on every flight in order to get the plane type. "A pain in the wotsit" is an understatement, unless they offer a mass download behind the scenes.
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    I don't have access to an RW manual at the moment but if memory serves it has to do with some computer logic in the FBW and other systems that the full flaps setting cues up.
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    No no, it is actually done for a reason, which to be honest I cannot fully remember, but if you look at the specific settings of the flaps its actually quite interesting to see, that Flaps 4 and 5 are exactly the same - still they are seperated not only but a regular flap detent on the selector, but even a guard, over which you have to lift the flaps selector. Flaps 0 = Slats 0° & Flaps 0° Flaps 1 = Slats 15° & Flaps 7° Flaps 2 = Slats 15° & Flaps 10° Flaps 3 = Slats 15° & Flaps 20° Flaps 4 = Slats 25° & Flaps 20° Flaps 5 = Slats 25° & Flaps 20° Flaps FULL = Slats 25° & Flaps 37°
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    Hi, Just to add: In the meanwhile I make it much easier: I have the LUA files per aircraft in a separate directory: <FSUIPC folder>\LUA\A320 <FSUIPC folder>\LUA\DH8D : In my master start routine I first determine the aircraft type out of the name read out of the FSUIPC offset. Then I start the necessary modules directly out of the subdirectory: ipc.runlua ( "LUA\\A320\\A320_GF_EmergLt" ) Attention: use the double \\ for subdirectories ! In fact I have a LUA table defined in a profile module and run each module out of a loop: -- init all GF functions defined in the AC profile local k=0 local j=0 local v="" for k in pairs(AC.GF) do for j,v in ipairs(AC.GF[k]) do ipc.runlua ( v ) ipc.sleep(500) ipc.log (v.." initialized") end end Profile: -- init GF tables AC.GF = {} -- GF-RP48 Unit 0 AC.GF.RP48_0 = { "LUA\\A320\\A320_GF_TOConf" , "LUA\\A320\\A320_GF_ASkid" , "LUA\\A320\\A320_GF_ECAM" , "LUA\\A320\\A320_GF_EmergLt" , "LUA\\A320\\A320_GF_SeatBelt" , "LUA\\A320\\A320_GF_NoSmoke" , "LUA\\A320\\A320_GF_WxrBright" , "LUA\\A320\\A320_GF_WxrTilt" , } -- GF-RP48 Unit 1 AC.GF.RP48_1 = { "LUA\\A320\\A320_GF_Bat" , "LUA\\A320\\A320_GF_Altern" , "LUA\\A320\\A320_GF_Avionics" , "LUA\\A320\\A320_GF_BusTie" , "LUA\\A320\\A320_GF_FuelPump" , "LUA\\P3D\\P3D_GF_ParkB" , "LUA\\A320\\A320_GF_APU" , "LUA\\A320\\A320_GF_IGN" , "LUA\\A320\\A320_GF_ABRK" , } Rgds Reinhard
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    There are several performance calculators for vspeeds or check out the manual charts for vspeeds. The Flight Dynamics are being fixed and tested currently and I can say for the E190 they have sorted it quite well. Especially the takeoff rotation. The AT and other things were fixed in the last update.
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    In your opening post you said you had a RTX2060 Super but later you posted that you have a RTX2080 Super. Is there a typo or have you changed your graphics card? It's significant because there is a big difference in performance and you are running a lot of addons. You say things are perfect when you don't move the controls, but the delay in rendering the external view during the takeoff run in your video was for the entire 8 seconds that view was selected. This is not normal. Your fps were around 21, but something in your system is restricting graphics performance. As a comparison, my own setup has 2 outside view screens running from a GTX 1080ti and to render an external view takes about 1 second. I use the E195 v3 exclusively. In my post on November 20 I suggested monitoring your CPU and GPU workloads and temperatures when the fps drops are occurring. This could help to show what is happening.
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    I'll quote @hexzed - "Start the game, let it get to the 63%. Shut it down, go into your tower3dpro folder then the tower3ddata folder, copy the output_log.text and post it here That will tell what is wrong"
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    What @hexzed means is that the times are in the column for arrivals and not departures. You tell the game from line 411 to line 572 that all departures should start at 12:00. Over 160 flights within one minute is a bit exaggerated! 😉
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    Odds are you are probably runnng into a game design feature. The game always starts with a departure so depending on what you have in your schedule beginning around 11:45 will determine the first flight you see when starting at 12:00. Attaching your schedule (instead of copying and pasting) would probably help more than a game log.
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    The output_log.txt file is in the Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\tower3d_Datathere folder. There is a paper clip at the bottom of the text box you can drag the file into and it will attach it to your post for you when you find it.
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    Sorry for any inconvenience or trouble I caused. How was I supposed to know that Scoobflight is a part of Feelthere? I was thrown by something legit and wanted a clear answer as there still seemed to be room for doubt based on what I was seeing and not very clear descriptions with things. I just wanted to make sure of what I was doing. Sorry for the trouble.
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    You can start typing, just the initial part, and the list moves to the first control starting like that. I never have trouble that way. What exactly do you have in mind? Pete
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    What has this got to do with RT files?
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    Yes, thank you for your help, Gabor! Have a nice weekend!
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    Dear Folks, This IS the time 🙂 During the Tower!XX wishlist we received so many requests for changing the schedule editor. Currently we are thinking about something like this: type/callsign/subcolor It means you could set the type, the airline who flies it and a special livery. Would it be OK? Would it be useful for the regional airlines flying for many airlines? The subcolor could be a cargo livery as well. Please note the callsign would remain the same but you could add any number of liveries this way under the same airline. When you set up the terminal instead of assigning an airline you could assign any livery into any terminal (so you could create for example international or domestic "liveries" by copy paste and send them to domestic, international or cargo terminals) Please give us your input, this is the time when we can make changes. Please get your answer short and clean and with some examples. Thank you Vic
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    Thanks Gabor, I just re-installed Real Traffic and KIAD works great! Keep up the great work! Thanks
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    John, Thank you for your tip to decrease the flight control response. It made MSFS flyable for me. I presume msfs was made with new controllers in mind, e.g. the honeycomb has a 180 degree control turn. However, a lot of controllers, e.g. saitek have only 90 degrees. Thank you, your tip and program have saved my flying!! Gert57
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    Please try the attached simple lua script. Save it in your FSUIPC7 installation folder, then open your FSUIPC7.ini and add the following to the [Auto] section: 1=Lua tbmLights (change the '1' to the next free number if you have other lua's auto started). This only controls the TBM 3-way lights toggle. You can add further controls and/or keypresses for your other actions as you wish, or set those up via the UI assignments panel. Let me know how it goes. tbmLights.lua This just adds a 600ms delay between sending the landing lights toggle and sending the taxi lights toggle (on your button 12 release), which seems to do the trick. I'll look into allowing you to specify a delay for button and key assignments made via the UI.
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    This was done just to see if it could be made to work. ( too much coffee ☕, insomnia & boredom also contributed ) For the advanced FSUIPC user, gauge programmer, cockpit builder, lua tweaker etc.., a problem arises, at times, where the aircraft designer has code that constantly fires commands into the sim. 👎👎👎 When it comes time to do some logging, for instance, to see what control is being fired, on user input, is tough to find in the FSUIPC console window. The [General] "DontLogThese=" entry in the FSUIPC.ini does a fine job of blocking these. Of course, you could do a text log of the Events (non-axis controls), open the log and find the offending controls and then build up an entry for "DontLogThese=". This lua does it automatically and appends to a text file, appending it so you can have a library of the offending aircraft. An output example of my testing : NOTES : axis pan heading 66504 axis pan pitch 66503 mouse look toggle 66734 misc maddog 70646 --------------------------------------------- Fly The Maddog X MD-82 - North Central N760NC [General] DontLogThese=66557,66556,66523,66479,66478,66466,66463,66442,66239,65962,65836,65833,65832,65709,65708,65707, PMDG DC-6B PMDG House (N6PM | 2017) [General] DontLogThese=66818,66659,66508,66073,66060,65786, P-51D civ 'Providence Permittin' [General] DontLogThese=66508,66507,65764, Lockheed Constellation L049, C69 [General] DontLogThese=66507,65922,65921,65920,65919, 666 F-16D AK375 F [General] DontLogThese=66707,66073,66065,66057,66031, When needed : 1) Assign a temporary key to run the lua (as you named it) 2) Run it with the aircraft loaded, keeping your hands off of any controls ( axis or other ) 3) When its done, it will report so, making, or appending, a file named "NoLogReport.txt" in the modules folder (or wherever FSUIPC is installed) 4) Copy the aircraft's report and paste in to the FSUIPC.ini [General] section, replacing the line if already there. 5) In the FSUIPC UI, go to the Axis Assignment tab and click on Reload All Assignments. Done, the offending controls are now blocked. This was only tested in FSX, I would imagine it would still work from FS9 thru P3Dv4+. The lua : -- USER SETTINGS local startCtrl = 65537 -- THE STARTING CONTROL NUMBER TO BE SCANNED local endCtrl = 68309 -- THE ENDING CONTROL NUMBER TO BE SCANNED local runTime = 3 -- RUN THE CONTROL RECORDER FOR HOW MANY SECONDS, >= 2 (NOT REALLY LEGIT, THERE IS A "LOT" OF BACKED UP FUNCTION CALLS!) -- END USER SETTINGS local cntrlsOut = {} local doesContain = 0 local acftTitle = ipc.readSTR(0x3D00, 256) acftTitle = acftTitle:gsub('%z','') local outString = "\n\n" .. acftTitle .. "\n[General]\nDontLogThese=" function logControl(controlnum, param) doesContain = 0 for _, value in pairs(cntrlsOut) do if value == controlnum then doesContain = 1 end end if doesContain == 0 then table.insert(cntrlsOut, 1, controlnum) end end function countDown(timer) if runTime == 0 then file = assert(io.open("NoLogReport.txt","a+")) for i = 1, #cntrlsOut, 1 do outString = outString .. cntrlsOut[i] .. "," end file:write(outString) file:close() ipc.display("Modules\\NoLogReport.txt was created", 1) ipc.sleep(1000) -- !!! OPTION, OPEN UP THE REPORT.TXT AND FSUIPC.INI -- !!! UNCOMMENT & CHANGE THE PATHS OF YOUR PREFERRED EDITOR AND OUTPUT FILE(S) -- handle1, error1 = ext.runif("E:/Notepad++/notepad++.exe","G:/FSX/Modules/NoLogReport.txt") -- handle2, error2 = ext.runif("E:/Notepad++/notepad++.exe","G:/FSX/Modules/FSUIPC4.ini") -- !!! UNCOMMENT IF THE ABOVE DOES NOT WORK, PROVIDES ERROR DISPLAY -- ipc.display(handle1 .. error1 .. "\n" .. handle2 .. error2, 0, 5) -- ipc.sleep(5000) ipc.exit() end runTime = runTime - 1 end for i = startCtrl, endCtrl, 1 do event.control(i, "logControl") end event.timer(1000, "countDown") Roman
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    Hi, I got this fixed. Turns out that has been my fault all along. DOH!!!! I used the Microsoft speech engine speech dictionary to add words to help with recognition thinking (stupidly) that it would help with the computer better understanding what I was trying to say when using London Control ATC Sim. The readback didn't affect LC as it uses a different system for pilot comms. These were mostly airlines and sector names with a few numbers. After going demented trying to find a solution and many, many uninstall/reinstalls I came across by chance a post on a website, on an unrelated issue, that suggested to someone that the entries in speech dictionary might be an issue. I deleted all the words I had inputted and now everything works. Did not think the TTS engine would be using words I put in and confuse itself. Completely threw me as it wasn't happening with Tower3D. Moral of the story: Don't dabble in the unknown. Useful if somebody else has similar issues. Redwood Three Seven One. WHOOHOO! Thanks and sorry.
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    Version 5.02 of MakeRwys is now released. New files f4x.csv and f5x.csv are 8.33kHz compatible. The f4 and f5 files only contain 25kHz frequencies with 8.33 ones converted. Pete
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    Leave it with me, I'll get back to you.
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    Many thanks for your effort. I appreciate it very much. :)
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    @alioth Arturo, Wow - Very nice setup! Specially using the real instruments / avionics.. A big thank you for listing the L:Vars, saved a bunch of time. 👍 @Chucky55 Chuck, All set and tested - attached. Just place the .lua in the modules folder then get it running by using [Auto] in the FSUIPC.ini. (preferably best using separate profile files & activate it there) Start the sim and begin assigning buttons as needed using the reference chart. Hope this works well for you, Roman PA24AP.lua
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    Brief note: It seems that I've found out what causes duplicates on schedules longer than 2 hours, respectively prevents the creation of unique flight numbers. Some more tests are needed to see if the duplicates follow a pattern. I am working on a fix, but it could take a week or two to solve the issue. I will inform you as soon as there is something new to report. The Schedule Builder can still be used, there is just the possibility that during gameplay an aircraft does not react to commands and has to be deleted.
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    I think that would be unreasonable. There is no point for that and imagine a worldwide traffic where you need to add all reg codes. Thank you Vic
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    You can right click on your download and go to open with excel if that's what you're trying to do.
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    No all you do is choose what you want to install and don’t run when the sim is running that stopped my issue all together
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    How would it work by putting the registration number in
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    i have not yet had the 2010 update of windows. however, i have done a bios update since then, and it appears to have solved the issue, as i have now played for 1.5 hours straight without crashing. thus it appears to have been a bios issue of some sorts
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    An update has been released, with build date 3/11/2020. This will (hopefully) be the final version before it goes on sale at the weekend. I have updated most of the documentation now but there are till some updates needed. Changes in this release are: - MSFS controls list now generated - Start menu changed to MSFS - Menu option to Exit MSFS - saving of Previous Flight re-enabled: only works when exiting MSFS via FSUIPC, using the new Exit menu entry. **** However, note that flights saved via SimConnect/FSUIPC can still not be loaded due to a bug in the SimConnect SDK *** - some empty controls removed - disabled AutoSave when in main menu - logging updates - minor UI tweaks Updates to the installer include: - no key file now included (please use the one you already have!). If you don't have one, I've attached the beta license below, valid until 08/11/2020. - option to generate a desktop shortcut to start MSFS with FSUIPC7 - correction to determination of Documents folder - documentation updated With this release of the installer, the previous issue has been corrected and you do not have to manually uninstall FSUIPC7 before re-installing - this will now be done correctly by the installer. FSUIPC7.key John
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    Hi @FeelThere, I am very curious about the progress of this program. Could you also answer my last question about releasing the product for a less price without support and let the community build sectors and schedule. Cya, Leo
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    If this is about Tower!3D (Pro), then that is correct. (I just assumed, out of sheer impudence!)
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    Your schedule is only arrivals? What exactly is the issue? Posting a log file from your Tower!3D folder would help.
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