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    Hi Paul, I'm usually opposing the idea of Early Access or beta releases, but I'm also opened to try it once. It could be very helpful by getting feedback from the community but I'm afraid it could go out of hand quickly once we reject a feature or we lock the development at some point. 99% of our community is friendly and really patient and helpful to us, a joy to talk to but every once in a while we got so much hostile attitude from certain members that is really ruining our days. So it's really a risky decision and as much as I would love to try maybe this is one of the case where a "no" makes more sense. Please let us sleep on it. Vic
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    Vic: Well, as they say - the proof's in the pudding. I appreciate the effort to maybe agree to include more pre-existing (aka older) airports under the initial release; that helps a lot with feeling better about money being well-spent, at least from my personal point-of-view. However, I would expect there will be a hefty group who will voice displeasure at needing to buy airports they have purchased in the previous version(s). It's just human nature I suppose. Reading between the lines, it sounds like you envision a new game that brings at least a few new approaches (see what I did there?) to pushing tin, whether it's capabilities we currently do not have at our disposal, or information available, or even a whole new feature I haven't thought of yet. Also Vic- I sincerely hope FeelThere will seriously consider Early Access Alpha or Beta with existing customers to help provide you feedback on the direction you are headed. I know it can feel a bit stifling creatively, not to mention a royal PITA at times; but it is a great way to connect with your core customers and garner not only their support in making a good game great, but also provide a sense of "ownership" for those who contribute. If nothing else it's a good exercise for you to think about and fit into an alternative development plan timeline with a cost-benefit analysis. I am only one guy, and a single guy who tends to spend a lot of money on my games, so maybe I don't represent a large majority here, so there is that too. Best of luck going forward, and I encourage you to stretch your comfort zone when it comes to development this time around Vic. You might be surprised with the results! Thanks for listening, Paul
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    Not yet... it is about to be released, this week probably.
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    Whoever wished an Australian and Canadian airport after EDDS is going to be happy... 🙂
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    I would love to see the use of unused/closed runways being used as a taxiways
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    Yessir - just make sure to back up the originals in case you need them again.
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    I think either should be fine, as long as at the end of the day the files are the latest ones in the folder🙂 Ben
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    Currently it appears KLGA is the only one that contains these liveries JIA|OH: {BLUE STREAK} PSA Airlines, United States CRJ2: CANADAIR REGIONAL JET 200, REGIONAL JET [KLGA] CRJ9: CANADAIR REGIONAL JET 900, REGIONAL JET [KLGA]
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    Hi ! Thank you very much for your words!! Your suggest for the future it is one of the features that i ll add for sure in next vNext update!!! Stay tuned ;-). Camera events feature is one of the most requested and for sure will be in next update!!! and much more !!! F
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    I think I'll share some pictures from my home airport, then. It's EDDH (HAM). It's named after former chancellor Helmut Schmidt and is the oldest as well as the fifth-biggest airport in Germany (but still pretty small and having a similar layout to La Guardia). It's equipped with two runways: 05/23 (10,663 ft., displaced thresholds on both ends) and 15/33 (12,028 ft., displaced threshold in the south). Most of the time the airport operates on both runways. The common configurations are landing on 23 (Langenhorn approach) or 05 (Niendorf approach), takeoff on 33 (Norderstedt departure). Depending on the wind they sometimes switch to departures on 23 and arrivals on 15, which was the scenario on the day I took the photos from two spotting points, Holtkoppel and Nordportbogen (in Norderstedt). Takeoff of an Air Berlin Airbus A321-211 with registration D-ABCA (now: Easyjet's G-POWU) on runway 23 with the radar tower. EDDH tower in front of Lufthansa Technik (maintenance) with parked aircraft on apron 2 and the television tower (we call it "Telemichel", derived from a the landmark steeple of St. Michaelis church we just call "Michel") in the distance. A Cessna 525 Citation CJ1+ performing a "late" touchdown on runway 15. A Lufthansa CityLine ("HansaLine") CRJ-701ER (registration: D-ACPD) landing on runway 15. The same Lufthansa CityLine CRJ taking off on runway 15 a little later (which is a rare occurrance, since the flight path leads over the whole city) with the "City Nord" business park in the distance. The ALS on runway 15. And this is Terminal 1 from the inside. It was rebuilt in 2005.
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    Sorry about that. I'll make sure I don't ever do that again.
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    A quick note for the newbies on Real Traffic (RT) updates. The older guys will know this. When you update RT it updates the schedule files and terminal files for ALL the airports that you have installed. You loose any custom files that you have made. Most of us oldies, do have custom files of some description. There are 2 ways that you can use to get around this. 1. Move or rename any custom files to a safe area & put them back after the update or 2. Load the update to a remote area & manually move the schedule & terminal files for the new airport to the respective airport folder. Also make sure that you keep a good records and backups of any files changed for future reference (title, date etc.). This might seem an overkill but you would be surprised how often you need to refer back to older files if problems arise. Also ALWAYS KEEP the download information for future reference. YOU WILL NEED IT! at some time. Been caught before Kev M
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    @NoodleNoggin, we checked the logs. You tried to open the multi window 5 times and something closed it. It's almost certain you have some antivirus and/or firewall that prevents the communication between Tower and its windows. Please make a very meticulous verification of any possible firewalls, antivirus, or any other program that may be affecting the game.
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    Nice! There are absolutely no rules against photos or screenshots. Your pics are appreciated! Vic
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    Thank you for the lovely report 🙂 Yes I agree KLAX, KPHL is a bit aged in Tower now, but we locked the product for now. At this moment (within the team) is about how are we going to make these airports backward compatible with the next version of Tower (I wish I'd have the freedom to tell you the so far planned list that we want to add this new version, but I can tell you that I type this with a huge smile on my face 🙂 ). At the moment we are not planning to touch the included airports as it would require an SP for Tower itself which we decided not to do. IF we come up with some solution of updating the included airports without touching Tower then it is possible we'll send out an SP but it's not a promise. Thank you Vic
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    We´ll possibly consider this for the next version guys. Thank you.
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    Okay, done!Added it as a Hotkey setting (i.e. set the key combo you want in the FSUIPC hotkeys tab). It'll be in the next INTERIM release, probably 5.132b, in the "Download Links" subforum. Probably tomorrow. Pete
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    Yeah, I do from time to time but they still slow down and go way to slow (taxi speeds) for the exits. This exactly. I love going to DFW's observation area and watching the tower blitz the traffic. One plane is barely passed the end of the runway and the next is rolling behind it. Planes come in to land and shoot off the high speed exits surprisingly fast and within minimums the next plane is right there landing. They'll either be clear between staggared pushes not quite at the runway so they move right across the departure runway or they wait for a few departures to create a space. Its a beautiful art of choreographed madness. Sadly that aspect is really hard to recreate in this simulation due to that required stop. At airports like EDDM that really necessitate the high speed exits to maximize the airport at 100% it can be brutal. Go around's are also not really viable unless you close a runway for the circling plane since we have no altitude control to avoid separation error's. Eat the error, the crash or delete the plane. I love EDDM, it's a great unique challenge and the custom schedule Braf put together for it is fun but it falls apart when planes putz down the runway at a snails pace to pull off and stop 1 at a time. Cant even get 2 in that area. Those 45 degree exits are made so planes can get efficiently clear of the runway without having to slow down so much. This way a departure or arrival can make use of it. If I issue their ramp / taxi commands they shouldn't need to stop unless they come up on an active runway or an issued command / problem. Now with that I can be okay with them not putting in but planes should MOVE IT off the run way whenever possible to get clear and stop if the game design necessitates it. At LAX the southern runway has a similar problem. It only comes into play with larger aircraft which typically use more of the runway to land but the stopping point on their exit leaves most of the plane still sitting on the runway blocking traffic. You don't get runway error's because according to the game the plane is clear, but you will have a crash no matter what if you are moving planes along. Until that situation is addressed, airports similar to EDDM that require planes to flow efficiently are a pass for me 😞.
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    Yes. "RUNWAY 25R AT F VIA C6 B F"
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    A lua file will definitely have to be used as there are some L: vars involved. Below are the mouse click scripts for each of the commands you require. The heading bug & OBS inc/dec also have additional code on top of the FSUIPC inc/dec commands to highlight the G1000 window area when values have changed. Heading bug to current - 1 (>L:pfd HDGKnob pressed, bool) (A:Plane heading degrees gyro, degrees) (>K:HEADING_BUG_SET) (P:Absolute time, seconds) (>L:time hdg bug changed, seconds) OBI to current - (A:GPS drives NAV1, bool) if{ quit } (L:CDI source selected, enum) 1 == if{ (A:NAV1 radial, degrees) 180 - dnor (>K:VOR1_SET) } (L:CDI source selected, enum) 2 == if{ (A:NAV2 radial, degrees) 180 - dnor (>K:VOR2_SET) } (P:Absolute time, seconds) (>L:time crs changed, seconds)
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    a big THANK YOU again for sharing your custom schedules with us!...
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    Further clean-up work on the schedule today for a SWA flight. DL from the dropbox for the most current. Check the original post to be sure your DL is the latest date and time.
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