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    Hello! I'm new to this forum, but I'm using FSUIPC/FS4IPC since FS98, and it is time to say thank you, Peter, for the great tools you provide for the FS community! Now I have a wish for future development: I know that there are various taxispeed control gauges downloadable as freeware, and I'm using one of them by trying to hit little click spots with the mouse pointer. But for the optical reason I don't really like those unreal things in my virtual cockpit … On the other side, I have an unassigned joystick axis, and in the moment I don't know what to do with it. So I think, it would be great if I could control the taxispeed of my aircraft with that axis! :cool: I have something like this in mind: while the axis is slided to the zero position, the control is inactive, and throttles and brakes are working as normal. When pushed out of the zero position, it takes control over throttles and brakes and adjusts the taxispeed corresponding to the slider setting. The maximum speed should be configurable in the FSUIPC settings. Maybe this is a dream, but I would appreciate if you can implement this feature in one of the future FSUIPC versions! :razz: Regards, Joerg
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    Hi Guy, And where is the FSCDBM_ FS9_logfile? Volker
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