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    Hi there again rockliffe: f you want to test to see if the aircraft Burkhard mentioned in his reply are the same as those you showed in your picture, you can find them in: YourFSXfolder\MyTraffic\Aircraft - folder. Just cut & paste them to your desktop. If the subject aircraft are from MTX they will not appear until they are restored to the MyTraffic\Aircraft folder. That can apply to any aircraft you need to remove from the MyTrafficX addon. Just to expand on Burkhard's reply (although I'm certainly not saying this on his behalf): In my opinion, ai aircraft should not be (don't need to be) designed to be finely detailed or pretty. If they are too detailed or pretty, they put un-needed strain on fps and results in reduced performance. That is especially true if running traffic at higher volumes. The reason I use ai is to give that extra bit of realism in atc while I am taking-off/flying/landing along with addon scenery, weather etc. They are not there for eye-candy. The only time I see ai close-up is at an airport and that is about 5% max. of my sim time. For the other 95% when I'm in the air, they are around but happily not visible. If I am close enough to see them when airborne, atc is screaming at me. :oops: I prefer simpler ai models because, even when I cannot see the ai, if they are inside my FSX "reality bubble", FSX will try and draw them. FSX doesn't care if it can't render the textures but it still uses resources to try to do that. Also, just my opinion, the ORBX aircraft are relatively few and far between and only operate at ORBX airports with their addon scenery. The few I have seen (and btw I turned them off) are only touch and go flights and do not encompass all the possible variations of types/models/flight plans etc. I don't use the ORBX static aircraft either. For me, MyTrafficX ai is available everywhere I fly and at every airport that has a ramp/parking/gate etc. and with or without any addon scenery. None of this is intended to offend anyone, sorry if it does. Cheers, Mike
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