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    This is my first attempt to build a LUA script and it intends to manage sound in particular situations during the flight. Feedbacks are more than welcome as I am interested to know about your satisfaction with it and to receive suggestions for future improvements and new features. First I would say a big, big thanks to Pete, for how he has supported me in this attempt with his competence, passion and patience and for his incredible and amazing tool. Prerequisites: The script is done for FSX and needs FSUIPC 4.644 or superior where Pete has put special offsets allowing some functions of the script. Installation: copy and paste the script (located at the end of this post) in a file called ipcready.lua and put it in the module directory of FSX (where also FSUIPC is). To install the wav files look the notes below. With that name the script will be active when you are ready to flight and until you close FSX. Features Turbulence sound: the script plays a looping sound when a turbulence is detected at the altitude where the aircraft is. The sound is stopped when the turbulence is no more present. Sounds advising to fasten the seat belts or to unfasten them are also in the routine Seats belt advises: 4 different sounds are here to be played in the following sequence (in FSUIPC assign a key to toggle the seatbelt switch): 1. BELT SIGN ON 1st time: normally before to leave the gate to play a welcome on board message 2. BELT SIGN OFF 1st time: normally after the climbing to play the message regarding to unfasten the seat belt 3. BELT SIGN ON 2nd time: normally during the descent to play the message to fasten seat belt before the approach 4. BELT SIGN OFF 2nd time: normally parked at the arrival gate to play the message of ended flight Note: at the moment no controls are in place regarding the fact that the flight is in the right condition to play the messages and no controls are in place to avoid simulaneous sounds if you click on the sign more than once at the same time. ATC Chatter: ATC conversations are played on a random base (every 1 minute plus another random interval) if you tune the COM2 radio on 118.10 and 118.20. As is the routine is built to have 70 radio files in two directories (one for each radio-frequence). General Notes: The script is built for my environment (sound directories, wav filenames). Even if you are not experts of LUA scripting (like me) is anywhere easy to understand which are the parts you need to modify. I do not attach any wav file as the mine are for the most part coming from payware add-ons and I do not think I can distribute them, but similar files (crew announcements, radio chatters) are availble as freeware in several sites (like flightsim.com or avsim.com). The WAV filenames are free, in the sense that you can change them in the script. Only exception are the ATC radio files (the name is expected to be 1,2,3,.. and so on until 70). Hope the info are enough clear (i'm not native english speaker). I'm not responsible of any problem, damage you could have using the script, even if I think the biggest possible issue you could face is only to have the script doing nothing (like during some of my first tests). Have fun and good flights Here start the script ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Turbulence looping sound -- Seat Belts Messages -- ATC Radio Chatter -- Initializing flags -- sndflg=0 -- turbulence sound flag seatfl=0 -- seat belt flag -- Function to play sound if and until turbulence is detected -- function turbulence(offset,value) ground=ipc.readUW(0x366) if (value > 0) and (sndflg == 0) and (ground == 0) then ref=sound.playloop("c:\\mysound\\turb.wav") sndflg=1 ipc.sleep(1000) if (seatfl == 2) or (seatfl == 4) then sound.play("c:\\mysound\\paxsign.wav") ipc.sleep(1000) end sound.play("c:\\mysound\\fastenwind.wav.wav") end if (value == 0) and (sndflg == 1) then sound.stop(ref) sndflg=0 if (seatfl == 2) or (seatfl ==4) then sound.play("c:\\mysound\\paxsign.wav") ipc.sleep(1000) sound.play("c:\\mysound\\unfastenseatbelt.wav") end end end -- Function to manage messages when seat belts sign changes - welcome on board -- descent --- on cruise ---- parked at the arrival gate function seatbelt(offset,value) if (value == 1) and (seatfl == 0) then sound.play("c:\\mysound\\paxsign.wav") ipc.sleep(1000) sound.play("c:\\mysound\\welcomeonboard.wav") seatfl=1 end if (value == 1) and (seatfl == 2) then sound.play("c:\\mysound\\paxsign.wav") ipc.sleep(1000) sound.play("c:\\mysound\\descent.wav") seatfl=3 end if (value == 0) and (seatfl == 1) then sound.play("c:\\mysound\\paxsign.wav") ipc.sleep(1000) sound.play("c:\\mysound\\levelautobelt.wav") seatfl=2 end if (value == 0) and (seatfl == 3) then sound.play("c:\\mysound\\paxsign.wav") ipc.sleep(1000) sound.play("c:\\mysound\\atgate.wav") seatfl=4 end end -- Function to play ATC chatter - COM2 freqs 118.10 and 118.20 - 70 wavs for each freq - y var to make the frequency of chat random - x var to make the messages random function ATC_Radio() -- Radio squelch if a valid freq is selected n = ipc.readUW(0x3118) if (n == 0x1810) or (n == 0x1820) then if (n1 ~= n) then sound.play("c:\\mysound\\Radio.wav") n1=n end end -- Radio chatter play routine y= math.random(1,5) if (y == 2) or (y == 4) then if (n == 0x1810) then x=math.random (1,70) suono = "c:\\mysound\\11810\\"..x..".wav" sound.play(suono) end if (n == 0x1820) then x=math.random (1,70) suono = "c:\\mysound\\11820\\"..x..".wav" sound.play(suono) end end end -- FSUIPC LUA calls for the different events -- timer to exec the ATC function every 1 min event.offset(0x0E88,"UW","turbulence") event.offset(0x0E98,"UW","turbulence") event.offset(0x341D,"UB","seatbelt") event.timer(60000,"ATC_Radio") ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Great advise Peter and thank you much for taking the time to respond. I know you often feel like your pulling your hair out with some of us. Just the same, my project would never be where it is without FSUIPC and Wideclient. Thank you ever so much. Yes, I will point the sound to the FS sound directory as per your example above.
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    What are you using for the offset? You don't need quotes "", just 0x66c0 will do -- it's a number in hexadecimal. You can put that in quotes if you wish but there's no point. Regards Pete
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