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    EDIT: Latest version (1.1.3) attached as of 1/17/2012 I wrote this Lua script to allow the button below the detent on a Saitek quadrant lever to be used to toggle whether the lever acts toward forward or reverse thrust. State feedback is via display or sounds (attached). It currently handles the first two throttles but can be quickly expanded (by adding a configuration section) to include all four. I wasn't allowed to upload a .lua file, so it's attached as a .txt that you have to rename to .lua after you download it. Below is more information from the header: -- Throttle Manager for FSUIPC -- E-mail: pilotjohn at gearsdown.com -- Sounds: http://www.freesound.org/people/milton./packs/5284/ -- -- Manage throttles to provide both forward and reverse thrust -- on single axes by allowing functionality toggle through dedicated -- joystick buttons (such as those below the detent on Saitek quadrants). -- Can be configured to auto-toggle to forward thrust, and in many other ways. -- Setup (do steps 2-5 for each throttle to manage): -- -- 1. Edit "FSUIPC.ini" and add (substitute X for 1 or next # if exists): -- [Auto] -- X=Lua ThrottleManager -- -- 2. In FSX "Settings" "Controls", -- delete joystick assignment for throttle N -- -- 3. In FSUIPC "Axis Assignment", -- "MOVE" "LEVER", -- select "Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration" -- and check "Throttle N" -- -- 4. In FSUIPC "Joystick Calbiration", -- on "3 of 11: Separate throttles per engine", -- check "No reverse Zone", -- and "Set" "Min" and "Max" for "Throttle N" -- -- 5. In FSUIPC "Buttons + Switches", -- check "Select for FS control", -- choose "LuaToggle ThrottleManager", -- and enter "N" for "Paramater" -- -- 6. Configure below as desired. ThrottleManagerF.wav ThrottleManagerNR.wav ThrottleManagerR.wav ThrottleManager.txt
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