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  1. When some of the original add-ons to T3D were released the default install routings were in error, later versions have corrected this. May I suggest you try downloading the latest versions of each of the elements using your original links and having another go at a clean install?
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  2. Its the annual San Diego cargo hoedown. The Fedex boys dancing with the UPS girls, and some of those UPS girls are big :-)
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  3. For creating a RAAS system maybe this small program i enclose could be of help. Program "RwyLength.rar" enclosed. You must copy the original "Runways.txt" file that is created when you run "MakeRunways" > "makerwys.ex" (by Pete Dowson) into your actual working Folder where RwyLength is installed. (Runway.txt file is 100MB) This program is extracting: ICAO, country, City, Apt-name ..... Rwy-ID, length in ft, le in meter, le in nautic miles. creating a new txt-file you can use and extract data. regards Raimund
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