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    A small trap for schedule creators is A/C arriving & departing using the same flight numbers. This is mostly "Express" or "Connection" type operators. In Tower 2011 & 3D is probably the same, if one operators A/C arrives & departs in the same session with the same flt nbr, the departure one may not move from the terminal or be ignored because the game has already handled an A/C of that operator with that flt nbr. What I do is go through the schedule & change any duplicate flt nbrs on one operator to make them all unique. That way all flights are recognised. To do this I import the .txt file to Excel & manipulate it there, then convert it back to a .txt file. All this might seem old hat to the older players but might be of value the newer guys making their own schedules. Kev M
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    Not sure if this will go anywhere, but why not ask. Besides, 3D is all about pleasing the eye isn't it? Personally, I'd like to see Real Color stay up with the times and not be totally retro. As a result, what new liveries (I'm talking common and not special one-offs) would you like to see incorporated into Real Color? Here's a few off the top of my head: Spirit - yellow livery, introduced in 2014 ... would like to see at least one airplane type in the new livery especially when it's common to see planes in all three liveries at my local airport Alaska - redesigned livery was unveiled in Jan 2016 Air Canada - new livery was unveiled about the time Pro came out Rouge - Off topic, but need a RT fix. Their callsign is AIR CANADA instead of ROUGE. Swiss - what we have in the sim is the old "Swiss Air" brand if I'm not mistaken Frontier - new livery was introduced around the same time as Spirit in 2014. Craig PS - Good job on Frontier. I had it on my list (notice the strikeout) but then realized the A320 and A321 had the new livery while only the A319 is still in the "old" livery, which is probably realistic enough.
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    I'm not feeling too optimistic about a fix as their forum has gone quiet. It looks to me in Prepar3D the interior model should have been shown rather than the exterior model, so they had a bug which they fixed in V4. If this is permanent it's a shame as I don't know another way of pointing a camera at an AI exterior model such that the camera moves with the AI. However there are a few views not dependent on the model I could reintroduce, such as forward, rear and passenger view. I'll give it some more time and hope. Simon
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