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    Hello! I owned Tower 2011 back in the day and recently picked up Tower!3d Pro on Steam. I suspect this has been asked before but I thought I'd go ahead and throw it out there: is there any chance of supporting the "group form" of numbers pronunciation for airliner callsigns? This is the FAA regulation where callsigns like "UAL2042" should be read as "UNITED TWENTY FOURTY TWO" instead of "TWO ZERO FOUR TWO," the latter of which is the only thing Tower seems to support. Even though I know that group form isn't currently supported, it's a tough habit to break from ATCpro and Vatsim.... Thanks for your consideration!
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    Hello Pete, Somewhere along the way there seems to be a bug that crept into the code related to ShortAircraftNamesOK=Yes and the Aircraft specific setting for Axis and Keys. Buttons and Switches seems to still be OK. I am running FSUIPC4 4.97 on Win7 Pro X64. Here are the entries I made today8 to those three categories while in the same aircraft: My recent Buttons inputs, Aircraft specific went to the correct place. [Buttons.C182] . . 220=PF,13,CL38:K,0 -{LuaKill DispC182 (Flag 0)}- 221=UF,13,CL53:K,0 -{LuaKill C182_Visor (Flag 0)}- 222=PF,0,Cx510066D2,x00020001 -{offset byte cyclic inc, offset 66D2 (Incr=1, Limit=2)}- 224=RF,38,C65680,0 -{VIEW_LEFT}- 225=RF,34,C65676,0 -{VIEW_RIGHT}- My Keys and Axis inputs, Aircraft specific did not. [Keys.C182_VH-DLL] 8=48,9,x510066D2,x00020001,L53:R,0 -{shft+0: Press=offset byte cyclic inc, offset 66D2 (Incr=1, Limit=2), Release=Lua C182_Visor }- [Axes.C182_VH-DLL] RangeRepeatRate=10 0=FS,256,F,x020066D0,0,0,0 -{ FSUIPC: offset word set, offset 66D0 }- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And the two ini file lines related to the operation: ShortAircraftNameOk=Yes UseProfiles=No There was an existing [Axes.C182] section in the INI but the new assignment created the one above which has the full aircraft name, as does the newly created Keys section. Not sure when this issue began but it was present with 4.959n which I had on this laptop until I installed 4.97 yesterday. Paul
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    I struggled for over a month with voice recognition total failure and intermittent failure. After getting all my settings like the VR thread displays, my VR would work the first time I used it in a game and then never again. Pilots would read back properly and follow instructions ONCE. After that the text box didn't register a thing. Very weird. After back and forth and back and forth with support (Vic was INCREDIBLY HELPFUL), I still couldn't get past it. A NEW, QUALITY headphone/mic set COMPLETELY FIXED ALL PROBLEMS. I had a RAZER set which I considered great quality. NO background noise on recordings, very clear, surround sound, etc. But it was about 6 years old. I bought a RAZER Kraken 7.1 v2 set for other reasons (another game) and low and behold ALL MY VR PROBLEMS DISAPPEARED. This is weird because my old set worked for ONE command each scenario. Obviously the program could "hear" it. Why would it stop after that? I don't know. But---- If you're having VR problems which are persistent after getting the correct VR settings... I would try an up-to-date quality headset. I start now from the desktop shortcut. I don't even have to "run as administer." Good Luck Chazsi
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