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    I'm working on bringing back some of the enhanced views we lost going from Prepare3D V3 to V4. "Unfortunately" Lockheed Martin fixed a bug in this transition which no longer renders the AI external model in the camera available to me. This means I can only provide views looking outwards from the aircraft, those views looking inwards no longer make sense. Here's the options you are likely to see: This will depend on the AI virtual cockpit rendering not having any negative effects, which is new to V4. Simon
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    thanks for the great work giving us lots of hours of controlling! BTW like your youtube channel and the way you playing the game. Mack
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    Hi, the correct version would be FSUIPC5.123C but because of a problem with latest version FSUIPC5.122 will work. You will not have to re-asign when using an existing FSUIPC INI file. Pete returns on 20th and will for sure have a look. Thomas
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    It's better than I could ever have hoped for. The above change to the SDK reintroduces the exact capability we lost going from V3 to V4, the ability of the simulator to render external AI models when using the camera system. I am seriously impressed. When I first reported the loss to Lockheed Martin they kindly investigated and concluded it was never quite meant to work the way it did in Prepar3D V3, so they fixed it (and broke it for STB) in V4. I asked, "do you think you might add this back to a future version", and today I have the answer a resounding "YES". Well done Lockheed Martin. And because we are rending the complete external model, all views we became use to in V3 will return, and without any messing around with Prepar3D.cfg I will get this built into an update just as soon as I can, although of course everything described above can only work with Prepar3D V4.2 Simon
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    And just as I write this, I see P3D 4.2 is released with the following in the SDK: " Added SimConnect camera type to create external AI cameras " Be interesting to see what that brings!
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