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    Hi, there seems to be a problem with latest FSUIPC5.123c and P3Dv4.2. As others reported FSUIPC5.122 / FSUIPC5.123b would work OK with P3Dv4.2. Here are links to: FSUIPC5.122 FSUIPC5.123b Thomas
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    Sorry Fred, I didn't see your reply. I think you edited the post. I don't get notified of edits, only new posts. Yes the message will be the same, but this time the stack trace has line numbers. However, my source code has changed a lot since I sent that .pdb. Can you please use the current version attached, get the error and show me the full exception as above. There might be a few changes to the DLL that break your code. I have renamed a few properties and methods. Let me know if you get any errors and I'll tell you the new names. Thanks, Paul FSUIPCClient3.0_RC8.zip
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