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    Ahh Paul, I really didn't know I could use LVAR facility with your marvellous dll. (How did I not see that before? 🙂 ) Sir, thank you very much, for your help and for creating such a great dll. I will do lots of things with this facility. Thanks again.
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    My two cents: KSFO is basically impossible to run using the realistic setup of departures on the 1s and arrivals on the 28s. KLAS is pretty good. Only gripe is too many commercial arrivals on the 1s/19s. In multiplayer, it's one of the few airports where tower is more challenging than ground. KPHX can be really fun during busy periods. Primarily an AAL and SWA hub, so traffic variety is not its strongpoint. KMEM is the weakest of the bunch. Unless you have a FedEx fetish, there's not much here to excite you. My ranking would be KLAS, KPHX, KSFO, KMEM. For each of these airports, I'd definitely recommend using a custom schedule. A list can be found here: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/85784-custom-schedules-list-real-life-airport-timetables/
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    As Ariel asks, is the program being run in Admin mode? and your comments. All are valid. I don't think I can contribute much more until we know if running 3D or 3D pro. Kev M
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