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    I can, tbh. If it's EDDM quality - and bugfixed in the same way...
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    Thank you so much! You are a gentleman and a scholar. Lee
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    From a Tower!3D perspective, I agree with Pete that it doesn't matter. In real life it matters quite a bit. However, we don't have all the tools to see the big picture. It does make me cringe to see "YouTube experts" at KLAX simultaneously depart planes from 24L departing south and from 25R departing north. And, of course, every plane parking on the north side departs from 24L and the south side departs from 25R. This just doesn't happen in real life. But then, it is a whole lot easier to play Tower!3D as a game versus a true real life simulation.
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    well if u dont want to buy the dlc dont but i over look the bugs an play the game
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