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    Hey there, I decided to create my own reference card, based on the information given by @ATControl -- Joe in his post and the most important data for me, summarized and structured on one page. Since it might also help some other beginners, I decided to publish my reference card here. Link removed! The reference card is available in printable sizes for US Letter and DIN A4. I also provide a modified tower3d.rec file that can be found via the link. Feel free to comment if I made a mistake. Of course, the reference card is not for use in the real world. EliGrim I don't feel comfortable here in the forum anymore. In particular the arbitrary censorship of user posts and topics is not in line with my understanding of a respectful interaction. Therefore I retract my Reference Card.
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    Hi there, i just discovered this product and it looks that it will be a good alternative to fsrecorder. One question though: will you be able to record and playback the loadout of an aircraft? For example, if i load up the milviz phantom with weapons and tanks will they display on playback? that was the only thing i was missing on fsrecorder :) Keep up the good work,
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    Hi , this will happens in future FlightControlReplay v5 series 👍 f
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    Ok it has been bought to my attention that the A220 and the CRK plane models have only been released in the LEBL folder. To get EDDM to work correctly, you will need to copy the lebl_airplanes.text file from the LEBL folder to the EDDM folder and overwrite the eddm one. If anybody has an issue with this please tell me and instead i will upload a version without the A220 in it
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