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    Actually what happens in the sim engine is slightly different than what @ac455 describes above. Arrivals do not get deleted - the "no free terminal" error just means that at this point in time there is no gate available. The engine will continuously check (originally it was every 15 minutes but was improved to check every minute or two) to see if a gate frees up. If you look at a log file, this is evidenced by the many "no free terminal" messages for the same flight. If/when a gate becomes available, the arrival will spawn. After you press start (and not at pushback) is when the internal tracon (as FT likes to call it) determines the departure scenarios for each flight in the schedule (up to 8 hours). If there are not enough gates available to handle all the departures, then a departure could get dropped and you'll see a message like "Airplane dropped, no declared terminal". A departure could also never spawn if the tracon makes it dependent on an incoming arrival. You'll see these flights in the log file labelled as "Restarter airplanes". Again, this is done in the loading process so you'll see this "early" in the log file. The more flights that are loaded at the beginning the bigger the chance for some to not appear. That is why I was the first custom schedule maker to provide schedule snippets to combat this issue. Now most other custom schedule makers do the same whether they call them snippets or not. As they say, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". Also, as an FYI, you do not need to run tower.bat to get a log file. After your session you'll find a log file called output_log.txt in the tower3d_Data folder.
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    You can verify what @ac455 says, if you start Tower 3D from the installation directory using the "tower3d.bat" file. After you're done there will be a "game.log" file in that directory. Open it with WordPad or a similar text editor and you will find a lot of messages stating "***** no free terminal". Those are flights on hold at a waypoint outside the aerodrome's area, if you will. Tower 3D, as it is constructed, always needs an endpoint for arrivals. You can try it out when all gates for a ramp are occupied - there will be one call for push and start and a corresponding arrival calling in shortly after. Just let the departure sit at its gate without issuing a push instruction while the arrival lands. Then try to give taxi instructions to the gate. The PIC (or his/her FO) will respond "Negative, gate is not available" and stay sitting at the runway exit. As soon as you issue the pushback instruction to the delayed flight, you can give successful taxi instructions to the arrival. As long as there's no pushback available to open up a gate, arrivals to that occupied terminal are delayed. (The solution for this is on the wishlist for the next major version of Tower, which is "progressive taxi". This means you can send the aircraft on any way to any holding point on the airfield, until the gate opens. That holding point could even be an intersection on an inactive runway, as far as our wishes go. This is what happens in real life. One aerodrome where this is a very common occurrance is Kennedy. You may have already noticed, if you know the "Kennedy Steve" videos on Youtube.)
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    Adding to this, it will also depend on how many arrival runways are open as well. Tower assigns an inbound flight about a minute behind the previous one. On single runway like San Diego, they will stack up behind each other, but at Atlanta, if you have 3 arrival runways open you will get the arrivals flowing in a lot better. As ac455 says, try cutting 1 or 2 hours out of the schedule, and you will notice that the schedule times are followed a lot more accurately.
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    I can't seem to locate a specific topic on this, but I have read about this before, specifically for KLAS. However it will also affect all airports as it is just the way that the game engine works. Ill try and do my best to explain the situation: When a flight calls for a pushback, the sim looks in the schedule to see if there is a flight that can replace it as the gate. Without any modifications to the schedule, some of the inbound flights would not have a gate to go to because of all the traffic idling at gates; and because there is more inbound flights than gates. When the sim recolonizes their is no gate for a flight, it will simply delete the flight from existence. In the output log file, this can bee seen with an error showing "no free terminal" with its call sign. Since you added a bunch of extra departing flights in a short time, these "no free terminal" flights can now be assigned a gate; allowing them to come in. With the extra flights now coming in, shooting gaps at KSAN becomes nearly impossible. As others have said on this website, the only way to fix this issue is to use snippet files from custom schedules that be be found on this website. A snippet file is simply a schedule file that has flights for only 3 hours, not an entire day worth of flights.
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