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    Pete you have trouble with Speedbird, which i never touched, don't blame my voice 😀
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    I do not use any PMDG aircraft and I don't know anything about the parameters other than what is in that PMDG SDK document. I expect that trhe parameters are all based on the equivalent mouse action which you would otherwise use on the cockpit on screen, i.e. these as listed in that document: #define MOUSE_FLAG_RIGHTSINGLE 0x80000000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_MIDDLESINGLE 0x40000000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_LEFTSINGLE 0x20000000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_RIGHTDOUBLE 0x10000000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_MIDDLEDOUBLE 0x08000000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_LEFTDOUBLE 0x04000000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_RIGHTDRAG 0x02000000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_MIDDLEDRAG 0x01000000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_LEFTDRAG 0x00800000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_MOVE 0x00400000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_DOWN_REPEAT 0x00200000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_RIGHTRELEASE 0x00080000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_MIDDLERELEASE 0x00040000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_LEFTRELEASE 0x00020000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_WHEEL_FLIP 0x00010000 // invert direction of mouse wheel #define MOUSE_FLAG_WHEEL_SKIP 0x00008000 // look at next 2 rect for mouse wheel commands #define MOUSE_FLAG_WHEEL_UP 0x00004000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_WHEEL_DOWN 0x00002000 Those are in hexadecimal. The value 536870912 is the same as hexadecimal 0x20000000, which means "MOUSE_FLAG_LEFTSINGLE" -- in other words a single click with the left mouse button. FSUIPC also accepts hexadecimal parameters. Just precede the value with an 'x', i.e. x20000000. Pete
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    Now FSUIPC control for AP1 disconnect works properly with the following: Value <70636> Parameter 536870912 I tried the above Parameter from the Linda's Lua for 737NGX (as suggested by Ian P). I have no idea where they took it from, but obviously it is not in PMDG's SDK docs. Thanks, Dirk.
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