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    I guess it depends what you mean by cleaning up. I agree the Nyerges Design needs updating and Gabor should go through and tidy up his file, since we are paying for it For me personally, my cleaning up process was to go through every IATA and make sure it was the correct ICAO, callsign and airline details, and then i added all missing airlines from the IATA database, so for me it was time consuming
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    OK, will have to see what Ben says regarding his airlines file. I'm too busy atm to look at it myself. Wait for a reply from Hexzed :)
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    Hi All, thanks for replying so quickly! I have the latest RT installed and redid the custom schedule files. Still stuck at 63%. I've attached the output log. Thanks for your help! output_log.txt
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    Thanks for your answer. It makes sense. What was I thinking!
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    Oh well, it was worth a try. 😂
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    I've listened to LAX Tower on LiveATC quite extensively. If a controller needs to change an instruction, the phraseology I've heard consistently is: "Callsign, taxi via Hotel Papa, hold short of Runway 25R" "Callsign, amend instruction, taxi via Hotel Tango, Hold short of Runway 25R." Taxiway Papa was recently renamed to Taxiway Juliet so you won't actually hear Taxiway Papa anymore...just saying that they use "amend instruction" in the real world.
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