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    In theory they are but the problem arises where you have "updated packs" such as we have had with KLAX, KJFK, KSFO, EDDM and EGKK (and soon to be LEBL by the sound of it) which have their original number. As the game loads in RC (Manifest) Pack number order even updates in these can be overridden by later versions that still have an older livery so as hexzed says you can renumber to suit your own requirements if you know what you are doing. In the current format of the game this is all that can be done I am afraid. I try to keep the Master List updated with what new liveries, new freighter versions etc are in each of the RC packs and @hexzed, @battlehawk77and myself try to get as many of the updated liveries, if applicable, in each new/updated airport RC pack releases as possible if we are involved in the airport testing etc but it is a nightmare and with the soon to be released Dallas and Tokyo airports to add there will be some 2500 lines in the list to try and keep on top of.
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    There could be a multitude of unending different orders that you could put the RC packs into. To keep it simple for most people then in release date is the most logical. If you know what you are doing then i guess it would be up to the individual to ascertain what is best for them?
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    Dear Pete, Thank you for all that you've done over the many years for us FS addicts. You would be worthy of much greater gratitude than I (myself) can offer. It's impossible for me to imagine the number of hours you have expended to enrich our enjoyment of the aviation business and hobby. Very best wishes for a happy retirement. And happy holidays too ~:) Ken Boardman
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