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    I wasn't referring to the cost - that's not an issue at all. I just think the Concorde would help sell it. As a non-retro guy there is nothing in the original list (I'm not slamming the original list by any means) that makes me say "I gotta have this". The Concorde would at least make me think about it.
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    Isn't it? Reminds me of a Peacock. It's just one of many backgrounds I get from a Bing wallpaper app. I finally found the right settings to make it work. I just hadn't gone back for enough in the compatibility modes. This setting did the trick. It's always good to have a third point. 😀 Thanks for the feedback.
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    Get rid of the points system. This is a simulation, not Space Invaders. Instead, just have the onscreen counter show the number of errors you have made. If you click on that number, it should bring up a pop-up that shows a detailed list of what they were, beginning with the most recent. Andrew
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    The issue is the list of planes could grow exponentially, so there has been a cap placed on the aircraft types
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