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    All advanced users were once new, so i hope they wouldn't scoff. Anything that helps out other users is fine in my book 🙂
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    I am fairly new to Tower3d PRO - I have been reading the forums. I pulled data from the tower3d.rec file, and put it in a chart. The advanced users will scoff, but I needed a guide so I could find all the commands that are recognized. Hopefully it will help newbees like me. I wanted to know how to "Vacate Runway". If this list exists somewhere else, please let me know. Great Simulation - First and Best Voice Command SIM I have ever used. I have Tower3d Pro and am on 6 DLC Airports Tower_Voice_CMDS.txt
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    You should always use offsets if you can. Reading LVars is very slow compared to using offsets. Only use LVars as a last resort, when there are no offsets or controls (events). I think you can control the door using the PMDG custom controls (events). Send events using FSUIPCConnection.SendControlToFS(). There is an enum for the PMDG controls to make this easy. I think this might work: FSUIPCConnection.SendControlToFS(PMDG_737_NGX_Control.EVT_DOOR_FWD_L, 1); I'm not sure of the parameter though (I don't use PMDG). It might be 1 = open, 0 = Closed. Or the parameter maybe ignored and the door just toggles whenever you send the control. You can test this out for yourself. The enum PMDG_737_MGX_Control contains the other door commands which you will see on the popup when you type the "." after it. I can't see any way to do this. If the PMDG aircraft loads a flight plan into the FlightSim you might be able to get the destination airport from offset 0x6137. Declare as a string of length 5. Paul
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    yesss 🙂 i got the lvars working from GSX 🙂 now i go search some lvars from the pdmg 🙂 then i have GSX and doors " crew controlled "
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