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  1. Update v0.29b - Only Stop-and-Go and Touch-and-Go is now used for flight maneuvers. Low Approach is no longer used unless you really want it back. - Parts of the code for the distribution of flights have been revised, as well as minor changes in various areas. - KPHL is added for further testing of the tool. For testing purposes, KPHL's focus has shifted to diversity, not realism. This means that the schedule does not consist of almost only American Airlines flights, but that the other airlines are more represented than they are in real life (from what I could find out).
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  2. Dear Folks, I just want to give you a quick update regarding the SP. It's 99% done, we are checking one last issue in the FD. Once it's cleared we will release the SP. It's our goal too to get you the fixes asap. Thank you for your patience Vic & team
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  3. Adding to Ripskin's idea - maybe have the toggle include airlines that have ceased operation? Meaining: JFK could see an Air Berlin, XL Airways, or WOW Air flight, Gatwick could see a Joon, Thomas Cook, or Germania flight. PHL could see Virgin America. If the liveries are available, why not use them to create some variety?
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  4. I can't see any way of switching the G1000 off alone. You can switch it off with the Avionics Master switch 0x2E80 but this might affect other things as well. Paul
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  5. Maybe make a toggle to switch between randomized or more "realistic" airlines. While not as clean having a drop down for the airport may be easier than the slider once more airports are in / added to the game :o
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  6. Took 3 or 4 refreshes but it finally grabbed the 29 version. Not sure why it wouldn't clear out of cache. All good now though. Original post: I didn't post the sad face, but I want to for PHL: "2 errors have occurredGeneric error occurrence, airport not yet added" 😞
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