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    Good Evening, 4X-EA1 is now complete!! Enjoy, please see link below and screenshot!! https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApB2Juk4klxHims5NlPlH86SdUy_?e=DZNJhu CptAnubis โœˆ๏ธ ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Virago, First of all you hijacked this topic, next time start a new one please. "Remember me, the guy that jumped on you on facebook" Since you didn't offer even your first name, unfortunately I have no idea who you are and with all due respect I don't see what is this discussion is about. "Then your new game engine, real moving raindrops" Something like this? "Maybe in reply you could tell us how many of those you are implicating and how many you have already dismissed." This is likely won't happen and here are the reasons for that. First of all we have to sort out the requests. We have hundreds of them (we got emails too) and we have to delete the duplicates or similar reports at least to understand them all. Once it's done we will throw out that; unrealistic, unreasonable, simply too hard (I know it's sound rather a bad excuse but if a certain request would take us months to develop just to address a slight topic then it must go). Once is all done I'm sure we will still have dozens of these suggestions. Then we will group them by importance such as "must", "should", "if we can", "if suddenly a day is more than 24 hours and we got some extra time". We also set some internal timeline and try to add as many of these as possible. "Since you are no longer talking in the facebook group" I do, but I never have/never will do it daily ๐Ÿ™‚ No offense, even my personal facebook is unchecked for days sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚ Vic
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    Hi there, Nearly done - here's a little teaser and I have to say the E175 looks good in the El Al livery!! Just need to clean up a few things and add bits here and there. CptAnubisโœˆ๏ธ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Any chance that this topic can be unpinned as it's nearly 3 years out of date now. Alternatively, update the title and information for the latest release which is only 2 years out of date now. Also, kick the butt of who ever is supposed to be doing the news on steam, apparently Vancouver was the last airport release that was good enough for an announcement and thus the last one that was worth buying. Without a news announcement, people on steam have no idea that there is a new release, unless they take the time to go and look. Most people are too lazy to do this and need prompting, thus the 10 minutes it takes to make an announcement is more than worth it for the increase in sales. edit: Interestingly, there was a post on the Tower!3D Pro community hub Discussions page 2 hours ago for EDDF. However, Steam did not send me a notification or show any indication that there was something new to see. A 'News' post however will show up at the top of the library page (ie. the page you open to install or play a game) as well as a chance to show up on the community home page.
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    Hello, In the flight sim accessibility software I'm developing, I want to add support for reading info from the A2A family of aircraft. I'm doing this by reading panel variables with a LUA script, then writing those values to offsets that my software will read. I'm noticing that some of the readings will periodically show 0. For example, when reading the Engine CHT gauge with the Eng1_CHT variable repeatedly (say once a second), I will sometimes just get a 0 value. This is with the A2A bonanza. I'm using the event.Lvar function to update offset 66c0 when the var changes. My question is, is this normal? I don't know if a2a makes these variables fluctuate on-purpose to make the gauges more realistic? I'm totally blind, so I can't visually see what the gauges are doing.
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    Ron. This message doesn't belong in the FSUIPC support group. The software I'm writing is Talking Flight Monitor, formerly called Flight Following. I believe you are familiar with it. I'm not writing a simulator. The software is an add-on for Prepar3d and FSX.
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    Hello all! I recently purchased EDDF Frankfurt Main for Tower 3D pro, having been spotting here twice and fell in love with the airport I just had to buy it, knowing that handling it solo with 100% traffic would be a struggle! I am using Gavin's (Battlehawk77) custom 2020 schedule based in January with 100% traffic with the Sunday schedule, and also have the real traffic and real colours add on installed as well. Starting at 0800, it is a relatively quiet start, however it soon get's busy about 20 minutes later and I start loosing control a bit, not quite ready for such a surge of pushback's and trying to keep an eye on what's landing and what can take off! I will do another one soon starting at 9am, and hopefully I can keep up the pace better! A very enjoyable timetable, and I hope you enjoyed it too! Depending on the work situation (as a coach driver I can't work from home!!) I may end up with more time for more episodes Thanks for watching! James.
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    Hi Vic, Remember me, the guy that jumped on you on facebook for asking you about rereleasing the same airports on T!DX as we have now. Fix one is to include the most polular airports with the base game. Then your new game engine, real moving raindrops? Wow! What about: go arounds initated by the AI, crashes, return to ramp, VIP flights, Pan and emergency landings, smoother graphics and way more flexibility in commands. Try and make T!DX something more than the previous version with a spit shine. Re: Greedy. You're a business, it pays for you to be greedy. We are customers, we want everything to cost nothing. That's the way it works. But I feel conned if I have just spent hundreds of pounds on airports if I have to buy them all over again. Especially if taxiway LK has been removed and LH been added in a slightly different direction. I'm not sure what you can add to make the airport design more lifelike or more dimensional, but I'm sure there's a thousand players who could. In the TOWER! XX wish list thread crbascott had a lovely list of 69 Items that you could improve on or incorporate into the next Issue Maybe in reply you could tell us how many of those you are implicating and how many you have already dismissed. Since you are no longer talking in the facebook group I'd love to see an answer here!
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