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    I'm surprised FeelThere haven't offered you a job. You've done more in a month then they have managed in a year(s)
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    I can confirm there's a glitch with F north of 4L/22R. In my case I tried to let a Mokulele Airlines Cessna depart from 4L and desperately tried to utilize the northern part of F for it, but the game didn't allow it. The only way using this part of F was allowed was when I taxied an arrival via F, D, B, then E after having a UPS blocking C. (Note: I'm using my own schedule.)
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    the links have been locked (happens if hackers found them and excessive downloading resulted) contact BMTmicro with purchase details - cservice@bmtmicro.com or 800-414-4268 (USA/ Canada) / +1 910- 792-9100 (international customers)
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    As you can see we are working on the next SP. We will announce it as soon as possible. Thank you Vic
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    A380s being dropped as fast as the B747s. In a short while only fictional schedules will have these behemoths of the sky ... https://www.flightglobal.com/fleets/air-france-terminates-a380-fleet-with-immediate-effect/138463.article
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    Air France still has on order huge amount over 30 of A359 and one more 789 -> I think they're going to get more, Lufthansa awaits it's newest 777-9 - originally planed to be delivered this year. 777-300 and 9 of course too, config can be very dense, just look what Air Canada did with it's 773, few of them have config of 450(!) pax seats (28 first,24 premium rest eco). Lufthansa's A380s are configured into 509 seats ( 8f, 78biz,52 premium, rest eco) - I am not sure how Lufthansa is going to confiruge it's newest 777s, especially these times, normally I would bet that they go for huge biz, but now?
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