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  1. @FeelThere the proposed approach seems simple (possibly not the most efficient and clean design) but to directly answer your question I think it should allow us to: ~ eliminate the need of bogus IATA/ICAO codes ~ differentiate cargo/commercial ~ implement regional carriers and multiple liveries ~ allow for special liveries ~ distinguish domestic/international flights for parking purposes. That checks most boxes for me. However, hopefully the terminal file will be much more granular (gate level is a MUST have item for me) than the example you provided.
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  2. Hi @FeelThere, I am very curious about the progress of this program. Could you also answer my last question about releasing the product for a less price without support and let the community build sectors and schedule. Cya, Leo
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  3. We would run into the same problems as we have now just with the option to assign a livery. I would completely do without a terminal file. My suggestion would be: (The bold print is only for better readability.) Airlines (or Database) file: ID0001;BA;BAW;A320;TERMINAL_1;GATE07,GATE08,GATE09,GATE14;BAW_LIVERY01,BAW_LIVERY03,BAW_LIVERY04;SPEEDBIRD ID0002;BA;BAW;B777;TERMINAL_1;GATE06,GATE11;BAW_LIVERY02,BAW_LIVERY05;SPEEDBIRD Schedule file: 0630;EGKK;123;ID0001;0715;EGLL;456 1217;EGKK;222;ID0002;1305;EGKK;333 Flight one would arrive at the airport at 6:30am, coming from EGKK as BAW123 and would depart at 7:15am going to EGLL as BAW456. This Flight would be an A320 with BAW_LIVERY01, 03 or 04 and would use a free gate of the defined ID0001 gates at Terminal 1. If you would start the game at 6:00am, flight one is an arrival and departure. If you would start the game at 7:00am, flight one would be a departure only. Text files would serve their purpose, an appropriate editor would of course be more user-friendly. In an additional file or integrated in the editor, the player would have to be informed about the terminal and gate identifiers. Edit: I do not know who reacted with the confused emoji?!? The player or schedule creator would have full control over the gates or a/c stands, as well as the liveries. If only one gate or livery for an ID is set, the game is forced to use it. If more than one is given, the game can decide for itself. For me this is a clean solution that is easy to implement for the developer. Edit2: And another confused user... Folks don't just hit that emoji. Let me know what you don't understand so I can explain it to you!
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