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  1. Added @thepropilot747's KDFW most recent schedule. Added @crbascott's recent KSFO schedule 🙂
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  2. OMDB has been out for well over a year and we know the game engine isn't changing. Where does one expect this thread to go?
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  3. Until the next version of Tower is ready to go, it seems that there are a ton of international airports being created which is great news! Just keep in mind that there are some great airports just below the United States. Doesn't seem like FT has any airports in South America. It would be nice to see a change towards that region as well as to see some of those liveries too! Just a thought. Edit: If the individual could explain why my post is considered funny or laughable when it's a simple request like all others. I would like to know why.
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  4. Happy New Year Folks! We are working on an Asian airport now. Best Vic
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  5. Thanksgiving is an American Holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November of the year. In 2020 it was the 26th. This schedule is based off of the airplane movements in and out of KDFW on November 26th 2020 therefore in some hours there will be a major imbalance of arrivals to departures and that is just how it was in real life. You will need an updated terminal file to accomidate airlines such as Viva Aerobus, if there are any white planes then I apologize, I won't be able to fix GA planes but any cargo and/or passenger planes just type it below and I will take a look at it, the planes
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  6. when i am playing dxb my frames rate drops a lot but when i play other airports they stay consisted frame rates
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