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  1. In the 850xp this L:Var has 3 values : 0 = Batt 2, 1 = Normal, 2 = Batt 1 Using 2 buttons, the left click can be : #=L:ASD_SWITCH_ISOLATE_850XP=Inc,2 then the right click can be : #=L:ASD_SWITCH_ISOLATE_850XP=Dec,0 Save a button! 👍 😃 Just make 1 button cyclic : #=L:ASD_SWITCH_ISOLATE_850XP=Cyc,2 Ref - Pg. 43 FSUIPC for Advanced Users.pdf Hope this helps, Roman
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  2. I believe that FeelThere posted it a while ago on Facebook. So my guess is ZBAD -Beijing Daxing Intl. Airport 😉
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