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    I've had a virtual meeting with the associated virtual parties that are affected, and we have come to the decision that since we are such short staffed at LAX that only 1 controller is responsible for tower and ground operations, normal departure sequencing can be "tossed out the window" for the foreseeable future 😁
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    Yep, moved to the area about 10 years ago and this is what got me hooked into aviation. It first started with - I wonder where those planes are coming from? So, I stumbled across the amazing FlightAware and FlightRadar24. The first step into making this a hobby was buying camera equipment and plane-spotting at Founders Plaza at DFW airport (which I highly recommend) where they broadcast air traffic control communication between the tower and pilots. This naturally led me onto the awesome LiveATC which eventually morphed into an interest in commercial airplane travel logistics. So, onto the next step. I was "slightly" over 30 so that meant a career change was out of the question, as a result I did the next best thing. This is when I bought Tower!2011 (25 total airports) and later Tracon!2012 (7 total sectors including 1 self-created). I stubbornly did not make the Tower!3D plunge until the release of Pro ... had to have voice. It was tough to wait, but I'm glad I did. In the quest for more realism I became interested in multiplayer, so I selfishly created the Tower_MP Discord server to hopefully make this happen. Little did I know that this would become a vehicle to play the sim with people all over the world. Mind blown! And now we are on the brink of the next version of Tower ... a version that will take the franchise to the next level. I'm at my station, with headset on, and ready for my shift. Let's do this @FeelThere! 🙂
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    What's up everyone, My name is Joe. Thanks for checking out my custom (REAL) traffic schedules. You can find me at ATControl --- YouTube Home playing this game --- If you are using this in your games/videos/posts -- please make reference to ME as the owner (direct to YT channel) **Be sure to check out all my prior custom schedules for KLAX v1.0, KLAS, KLGA, KPHL, KLAX v2.0, KBOS, KPHX, KJFK, KMCO & KLAS v2.0! (links at the end of this post to all previous schedules) ==================================================== ((CURRENT GAME SCHEDULE -- 7/22/2018)) EDIT -- 7/24/2018 -- Terminal file updated to move all heavies out of Terminal F into Terminal E due to broken terminal. Pick up the new katl_terminal file in the Dropbox DROPBOX -- Atlanta v1.0 Summer 2018 Custom Traffic ***YOU MUST INSTALL THE UPDATED AIRLINES FILE TO GET MAX USE OF THE SCHEDULE *** Read the READ-ME file for install directions Quick Links to Prior Custom (REAL) Traffic Schedules KLAX #1 - v1.0 KLAS #2 -- v1.0 KPHL #3 -- v1.0 KLGA #4 - v1.0 KLAX #5 - v2.0 KBOS #6 -v1.0 Intro 2018 KPHX #7 -- v1.0 KJFK #8 -- v1.0 KMCO #9 -- v1.0 KLAS #10 -- v2.0 HAPPY CONTROLLING !!!
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    Just for the record: I'll make an analogy for Tower3D Pro with another 'niche' game of mine, Out of the Park Baseball. Now, OOP as it's known has been around since the early 90's and has grown over the years bit by bit, each year a new release with varying amounts of progress and new features. It now has an official MLB and Players license which opens up all sorts of capabilities like doing justice for the Negro Leagues, etc. For someone looking for a detailed simulation of being a General Manager and/or Manager of a Franchise, real or fictional, there is really no other game in town. Yet, on their forums posters get all bent out of shape about matters they have very little ground to stand on protesting. Seems to me Tower3D Pro is in the exact same boat. I don't know of any other ATC simulator that does all that this game does with the support we enjoy. Now, some of you may laugh at that statement, but REALLY... stop and think about it. Where else are you going to go if you want a detailed ATC game? Hmm? If there is a better alternative, don't you think many of us would be elsewhere than this board discussing and tactfully expressing our desires for features and improvements?? Folks who open their mouths and spout off before they really take in the situation with this game really need to adjust their attitude. Do all of us get frustrated with the pace of progress from Vic and Co. and Gabor as well? You Betcha. Would we all rather see monthly releases of patches and upgrades to existing versions of the game and the individual airports? You're damned right we would! However, most well-adjusted, mature individuals here temper their content, questions and comments in the knowledge that FeelThere and Nyerges have limited resources of time, money and manpower to apply to Tower3DPro. More importantly, we understand that continually "whipping the horse" to go faster will eventually result in him lying down rather than going any faster. There is always the risk of killing the golden goose, so to speak. So, let's all be careful not to over-do it when it comes to vitriol and hard lines getting drawn in the proverbial sand. Making demands doesn't help our cause, and may actually hasten a quicker end to the life of Tower3D. /rant off
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    The Brits are coming! Guess where we like to go on our holibobs...that should fill up some terminal space! G
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    Someone just needs to teach those Asiana pilots how to taxi, flinging that a380 around like it's some kind of toy!😠😜
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    Included are a couple of aircraft photos on approach to KDFW. The main reason I post these is to remember to ask for more realistic finals and hand-offs in the next Tower version. This is QFA7 turning from its right base leg to final. At this point, the A388 is about 12 miles out and under the control of the final approach controller. The hand-off to the tower controller occurs typically around 7 to 5 miles out. In Tower!3D Pro, the final leg is at least 20+nm with the hand-off to tower occurring 20nm out. BAW193's approach was more straight in because it arrived from the east and it had been approved for a landing on the west side. However, again at about 12 miles the B744 was still under control of the final approach controller with the hand-off to tower occurring about 7 miles out.
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    Thanks, but no thanks. I think I'll let you fight the legal battles for violating all sets of laws all by yourself. However, if it happens to go to court I plan to watch/travel by catching a flight on a plane with an old Alaska or Virgin America livery.
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    Don't forget @Mike1960, triplets separated at birth?
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    Yes sir, your assumptions are correct 🙂
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    Vic/Ariel, I was wondering- does this forum have the capability of having subforums? I was thinking that it would be much more user friendly if there was a way to do that. As all of us know, right now each airport has a ton of topics floating around, and it can be tough to find what you're looking for. If each airport could have its own subforum, and then users could post in there, whether it be schedules, tactics, etc., it would be in one place and much easier to find what you're looking for (and might reduce a lot of questions from everyone, myself included). Thanks!
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    Hi Gary, Except the BMI E145, all the planes are in the schedule. I'll make the livery of TUI on EDDS then on EDDM too. Gabor
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    Cool idea to have retro planes, but highly doubt it will happen 🙄 If it did then you'd want retro liveries too As a side note my family and i are from Bristol, and my dad has photos of concordes maiden flight out of Filton😀
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    No real colours for those who purchased the RC packs. Real logic there! Should implement real colours into the schedule or at least ask the forum members what they would like in a strawpoll or something. Fixed the 772 Korean Air. But now I got no livery for SAS940. So need to edit that one too. EDIT: For those who want to see the SAS ... Change : line 630 from "ARN, LAX, 333, SK, 939, 11:54, 12:00, 1, SK" to "ARN, LAX, 343, SK, 939, 11:54, 12:00, 1, SK". ... and ... line 1390 from "LAX, ARN, 333, SK, 940, 12:00, 14:48, 1, SK" to "LAX, ARN, 343, SK, 940, 12:00, 14:48, 1, SK".
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    Pete, I have just tested the RT default schedule and the KAL 772 is nicely in Korean blue. BTW, the KAL schedule line you quote above is for the inbound flight but your screenshot shows data for the outbound flight so the relevant schedule line should be: LAX, ICN, 77L, KE, 274, 12:00, 15:05, 1, KE Wayne
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    Terminal E definitely works. Post your log file after your next session and we'll be able to explain what your problem is. Also, waiting 9 minutes may not be enough. Because of various separation rules planes don't always arrive at the scheduled time (especially when using a full schedule at 100%).
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    Dear customer, This product is not designed or supported by feelThere. Please contact Wilco publishings for support.
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    Since LAX arrivals are usually slammed, I just let them land and taxi across. I've got a good system worked out now to where it's pretty simple.
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    Thank you for the informations about the current situation of the Alaska liveries, but we can't react to all of the real life changes this quick, because we see that the major of the Community desire new content rather than updating the existing add-ons. Of course updating is also an important thing, but the new content and the major bugs, which make the game unplayable, is on priority. Huge thanks to our testers and all of the active member of the Community for suopperting us and making requests for updates and new contents, but as @Pdubya said, we can only work in our pace, because we don't want to take quantity over quality. Gabor ND
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    Well ranted. I agree. Having been with this "game" since 2011, I have seen a number of cynics come and go but if you look around the forum now, there is a steady number of what I would call "true supporters" of FT & ND & what Vic, Ariel & Gabor & don't forget the others who have produced airports as well, are trying to achieve. Kev M
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    Thanks to all. This is one of the most entertaining threads for a long time! I remember early in my career receiving guidance to “keep emotion out of any argument otherwise you may lose even if you are correct” and “if you go to print with poor spelling and bad grammar your credibility will be in tatters and so will be your argument”. Wise words. Mike1960, I agree with your view that it would be great if Nyerges Design would update liveries in the RC add-ons, not just Alaska but other airlines as well. To be fair to Gabor at ND, liveries are being updated, but perhaps not quite as fast as we enthusiasts would like, but bear in mind that across the RC packs there are 441 separate aircraft model / livery combinations. Each time a new airport is released ND have a RC pack ready to go on day 1; when EDDM was released there were 77 brand new aircraft/liveries not seen before. With EDDS, a Canadian and an Australian airport in the near future for the T3D world perhaps ND are busy with higher priorities? I don’t know if ND is a large software company or Gabor is a teenager making liveries in his bedroom after school, but I do know that their add-ons make the T3D experience significantly richer. May I suggest you email ND with a polite request to update the Alaskan liveries? @crbascott and @hexzed are 2 of the most knowledgeable and helpful members of this forum. They deserve praise not a rant. I did wonder about your unhinged hatred of Airbus until you mentioned where you live. ‘Buy local’ is a great mantra by which to live, have you bought a Boeing? All the best Mike, I too look forward to all liveries in T3D being accurate but patience is a virtue. Wayne Seconds out! Ding! Ding! Round 2!
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    I did start at 9 am ^^ I drove through Wellington and stayed in Wellington for one and a half weeks! Sadly I did not fly through it, I just had a look at the windy airport and did some plane spotting. I love the Air Newzealand paint job, so I had to watch some planes, and which airport is better than Wellington with its difficult approach 🙂
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    Get Notepad++ it's a free text editor https://notepad-plus-plus.org/
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