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    My Online Schedule Builder for Tower!3D (Pro) is ready for early testing and therefore I ask you to help me with it. SCHEDULE BUILDER TOOL WEBSITE There are so many things that can go wrong and I would probably never find out myself. Are there any errors on the website? Can the files be downloaded with different browsers? Are the files saved with the correct character set? Do the schedules work for everyone in the game? And so much more I probably haven't thought about yet! Currently only TIST is available and I would like to ask you to generate one or more schedules and test them in the game. To do so, please drag the Airport Slider to the very left when creating the schedules. Afterwards it would be great if you could give me feedback about bugs or anything else you noticed. Even if it's incorrect wording in the english language. Just anything you notice. If the test with TIST turns out to be successful, I will continue and integrate more airports. But for this I would need your help again. Especially the creation of useful terminal files, destinations of the different airlines and the definition of ranges for credible numeric identifiers for the callsigns. If you are interested in helping me with this, please write me a PM. I have created a small forum, where we can then lay the foundation for a quick integration of further airports. You will get all needed information via PM. Many thanks in advance EliGrim EDIT: For bug or other reports you can of course also reply here in the thread!
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    @EliGrim I have just tried it and it seems good. I make my own schedules but never publish them. I am currently working on RJTT to make it useable. I will PM you on the subject. KevM
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    Thank you so much. It is back up and running in V4.5;)
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    Dear friends, thank you for all your good wishes, your patience and your help. The bad news I have for you is that there is no medical improvement yet. The good news for me and you is that I could retire now from my main job - so I hope (do not promise, but hope) to come back here in the sence that I will be able to visit this forum once or twice a week and to start to continue work on MyTraffic. To define a smaller project for the time beeing, and to have enough time to get all the tools working again, I want to concentrate on a simple paint update first - using the existing schedules and airports and just refreshing the liveries. I will ask for that on another topic. Yours Burkhard
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