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    The guidance panel on the E175 E195 is very hard to see and use, unless you zoom it in. most all flight sim aircraft either have a pop up under vehicle instrument panel or a right mouse click on instrument to open it up then undock the instrument to move it around. my hope is Feelthere will consider and make the guidance panel more user friendly. Jim Walters
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    Sorry, I thought something had gone wrong my side and it never posted.
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    @WildCard that method would fix the voice callsign but unless @nyergesdesign does something in the manifest files of the RC pack to account for this, then one of those lines will result in white aircraft. Simply copying the .ba entries and also labelling them similar to β€œdot whatever fake IATA code” is used for the domestic shuttles would work.
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    In general LM did a great job with observers, there's just a little icing they missed off of the cake as you describe.
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    Hi Roman, That's it! Thank you so much. Christoph
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    Terminals are stored in a list and iterated over from first to last until a free terminal is found for that aircraft type and company. The list is most likely generated when loading the XXXX_terminal.txt file, so it may be possible to prioritise terminals by changing the list order. Higher on the list = higher priority. Edit: nope. After looking a bit further, it looks like they are added in the order they are loaded from the airport xml file ie. node order. So essentially random, the order could change everytime the airport is modified. On the other hand, after loading the airport it would be a neat feature to sort the terminals by the order they are in the teminal.txt file. feature request πŸ˜‡
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    Nice testing procedure. The question is whether the priority can be programmed. Talking to a few beta testers they don't believe this is a thing that can be changed at gate level. However this can only be definitively answered by @FeelThere I myself will not be holding my breath, but am happy to be proven wrong πŸ˜‰
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    I wonder? Has anybody heard? What's the hold up? Those mysterious questions in life that never get answered, but are asked repeatedly ... especially on this forum. πŸ˜‚
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    In that case: Request for terminal Priority in EGLL; make Terminal 5 a higher priority to go to for incoming flights as Terminal 3. Both are used by BA, but T5 is only used by BA, while T3 is used by more airlines. If T3 has a higher priority, it would just fill up with BA-flights, thus taking up the spots for non-BA flights.
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    Lol - you've definitely improved the wheel, that's for sure. Regarding a schedule generator, @dickparker built a Schedule Creator for Tower!2011. T!2011 had just one massive schedule file so it was not community custom schedule friendly. Dick's SC was a nice alternative and was really appreciated by those that wanted increased traffic. Theoretically SC can still be used for some of the T!3D airports but the base data is old so, to be honest, the tool has lost its usefulness. Good luck, if you decide to pursue this. I thought about it myself but decided to go the 7-day route for my custom schedules instead.
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    @The Computer Dood To be honest "new commands" is a bit of an oversell. These are all existing commands with tweaked parameters. Not to take anything away from @EliGrim, but most of these voice "mods" were done by others. However, he's done a great job of consolidating it all into one place. Additionally, his other tools are top notch.
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    Hmm that's interesting because you submitted over 10 liveries for Airlines that still exist, and 3 of the ones you submitted were selected πŸ€”
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    This is now available on AVSIM: https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=216308. Also for FINNAIR, finishing up OH-LKN in the FINNAIR One World Livery. After that, Costera (AeroMexico Connect) XA-ACT, then the J-Airs 170 and 190, then Copa Airlines' E190.
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    @crbascott Craig, We are going somewhere with our bar offers. I could handle a bottle of cold Sam Adams any time now πŸ™‚ It's very difficult to answer at the moment because we are not there yet to see if we can capable importing the "old" airports into the new system, It;'s possible (however it's my personal quest not to happen) that we wont be able to move the old airports to the new version regardless of free/pay/whatsoever. The editor I envision is somehow totally different from the current one. I will have to pitch the idea to the team and see if it's possible at all. I would love to get into details but pretty much hours after I posted here someone jumped on us in our Facebook group and I rather not fight on multiple fronts πŸ™‚ Re: greedy. I learned to ignore it. As long as we ask for money for our software someone is going to call us greedy. The funny thing there is a beautiful free add-on for the flight sim I use for fun and there are people who still attack the developer. It tells everything. We can see a bigger picture; we received so much requests for more airports we had to reshuffle resources and now we can release a new airport in every month. That makes some other people happy while it make some unhappy. To give you an example how much we try to save money I'm willing to marry our marketing person soon πŸ™‚ The Tower!3D and Pro was built on Tower!2011 and to be honest we underestimated the community. I thank you all for proving us wrong. T!3DX will be built from scratch and it's whole development and support philosophy is planned to be changed. Once again I wish I could get into details but I don't want to fight over this on social media while everything is still in planning stage. For sure once we make the new editors we will keep future compatibility in mind. So after the release of T!3DX we should expect backward compatibility for the future versions (Tower releases after T!3DX). That's the goal πŸ™‚ Thanks for the Uber, I pick up the tab for the drinks πŸ™‚
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    Finishing Finnair OK-LKH. Just a few minor details to resolve and I should have her released this week. In progress: J-Air E170 and E190, Costera (AeroMexico Connect) E190, Copa Airlines E190 and finally the Alaska /SkyWest New Livery E175
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    Let them first make a new version of T3D. The graphics are a joke for this era. It looks like a game that was made in the early 2000's
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    Hi, I am a person who just downloaded and bought DFW airport for my steam version of Tower 3d Pro from Feelthere.com the airport was obtained through some minor technical difficulty that I later got solved. But I bought real color for DFW and it didn't work. no matter how hard I tried it just didn't work. I have bought the item 3 times now thinking it will fix it twice from feelthere.com and once from ATCsuite.com. I don't know what the problem is and how to fix it. Any help will be welcome Thanks -Propilot
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    I hate to ruin it, but the current engine is not supporting Terminal prioritization. Accidentally it might work, but that is pure coincidence. Vic
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