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    Dear Folks, We would like to thank you for your continuous support in 2019. It was an interestingly challenging year, for your request we bumped up our airport productions and we almost got to the one airport per month schedule. We would like to keep this in next year too and provide you more airports and perhaps a look of the next Tower!XX Thank you very much and a Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones. Vic & Team
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    I've been trying to get a confirmation email so that I could post for/regarding the new V3 eJets, but, alas no reply. Strange -- so I changed my email. Anyway, loving the new eJet V3, but the night lighting in the Virtual Cockpit is a problem indeed. Not sure when the SP will be out and how it will be addressed. I'm going ahead anyway and posting this to help out the community with the problem in the VC with night lighting. I have created FSLabs Spotlights Profiles for the 170, 175 and 190. I'll try to finish the 195 as quickly as possible. The link to the files is below along with a link to the FSLabs SpotLights page. Drop each FSLSpotLights.ini file in the folder of the respective aircraft (same folder where the aircraft.cfg file is). You will need the FSLabs Spotlight utility installed; it's free. The lighting follows the real world EJet. I have tested these with P3D V4.5. Links: FSLSpotLights.ini file for the E170: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jun2uz3jhkbobc3/FSLSpotLights.ini?dl=0 FSLSpotLights.ini file for the E175: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3tphfni953ay4tk/FSLSpotLights.ini?dl=0 FSLSpotLights.ini file for the E190: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u9bkpmly0soh3g9/FSLSpotLights.ini?dl=0 FSL Spotlights.ini file for the E195: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jkquqzcy5cq3s8r/FSLSpotLights.ini?dl=0 FSLabs Spotlight Utility: https://www.flightsimlabs.com/index.php/spotlights-2/ Enjoy, Jeffrey S. Bryner
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    Dear Community, Enclosed are the tools I created for Tower!3D Pro. Maybe they are a help for one or the other. Note: You can only download files in this forum if you are registered and logged in. Alternatively the downloads are available on my website. SCHEDULE BUILDER TOOL Easy creation of schedules according to your specifications. https://builder.eligrim.de TOWER3D.REC MOD Modified version with enhanced commands. tower3d_rec_mod.zip VOICE COMMANDS - REFERENCE CARD (v2.02) A (more or less) concise summary of all voice commands. (new version) Tower3D_Pro_Voice_Commands_DIN-A4_v202.pdf SCHEDULE INFORMATION TOOL A quick graphical representation of schedules. https://schedule.eligrim.de (not optimized for mobile devices) CALLSIGN INFORMATION TOOL Search and display callsigns used in the schedule being played. https://callsign.eligrim.de (not optimized for mobile devices) CLIPBOARDER Predefine your frequently used commands and insert them into the game via copy & paste. A little helper when no microphone can be used. clipboarder.zip T3Dpathfinder v0.3 - for users of the STEAM VERSION ONLY Get correct install paths for add-ons like Real Traffic or Real Color T3Dpathfinder.zip TIMETABLE TOOL Generates a list of flight strips from schedules created with the Schedule Builder Tool. https://timetable.eligrim.de (not optimized for mobile devices) Criticism is welcome. Please let me know if you encounter any issues, errors, typos or strange use of the English language (I'm not a native speaker). These are small projects from a player for other players. There are no advertisements to be seen, no cookies to be used, no personal information to be requested. If you notice anything like that, please let me know immediately.
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    Guten tag, meine damen und herren! I'm pleased to share with you my latest addition to my real traffic schedules - EDDF - Frankfurt am Main Airport. As with all of my other schedules, you'll get to experience a week in the life of a controller in western Germany. What you'll see is what they saw. Frankfurt Airport sits southwest of its namesake city. It is the busiest airport in Germany and the fourth-busiest in Europe, seeing over 70 million passengers in 2019. This places it as the 13th-busiest airport in the world. With its four large runways, Frankfurt is Lufthansa's primary hub for the parent airline and its many subsidiaries, and it serves as a focus city for Ryanair, SunExpress Deutschland, and TUI fly Deutschland. There is also a great number of carriers from around the world that pay the airport a visit, often bringing their most modern aircraft. Those that enjoy cargo operations are going to be very happy campers here, as Aero Logic, Lufthansa Cargo, and FedEx, among many other cargo carriers, operate here, and at differing hours of the day. There is a small amount of GA traffic, too. As with my other airports, every effort has been made to use existing Real Color aircraft and liveries. There may be a few white aircraft, but, for the most part, you will find Frankfurt to be a colorful and busy place! And, if you'd like to see the schedule and airport in action, take a look at this! Like with my previous offerings, you will find, within the main EDDF-battlehawk77-Winter 2020 folder, a folder for each day of the week, along with snippet file folders within each day to allow you a smoother and more robust traffic feel. Also included is a listing of the GA operators, a PDF taxi chart, graphic and text files of the traffic levels for each day, and a text file within each day folder of the hourly traffic breakdown. It is recommended to place the EDDF-battlehawk77-Winter 2020 folder in your main EDDF folder, then copy and paste the files needed (after you back up the originals, of course). It is also HIGHLY recommended to review the included Readme file, as it contains important operational information, along with where you need to put the included files for best results. If you have any questions, comments, or notice any bugs, please feel free to message me here or on Discord. Genießen! -Gavin (battlehawk77) EDDF-battlehawk77-Winter 2020-v1.2.zip
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    Konichiwa! I'm pleased to share with you the latest in my series of real traffic schedules: RJTT - Tokyo (Haneda) International As with my other schedules, you'll get to experience a week of air traffic around downtown Tokyo. You will see what the controllers saw. Tokyo International, commonly known as Haneda Airport, sits between downtown Tokyo and Tokyo Bay. In 2018, it handled just over 87 million passengers, making it the fourth-busiest airport in the world. When combined with Narita, Tokyo is the third-busiest city airport system in the world, after London and New York City. Haneda serves as the primary base for both JAL and ANA, as well as Air Do, Skymark, Solaseed, and StarFlyer. This airport is, by far, a passenger airport. While most air cargo for Tokyo comes into Narita, there is a daily ANA cargo flight that visits Haneda. GA traffic is also very rare here. As always, every effort has been made to use existing Real Color aircraft and liveries.ο»Ώ There may be a few white aircraft, but, for the most part, you will find Tokyo to be a very colorful (and busy) place! Like with my previous offerings, you will find, within the main RJTT-battlehawk77-Autumn 2019 folder, a folder for each day of the week, along with snippet file folders within each day to allow you a smoother and more robust traffic feel. Also included is a listing of the GA operators, a PDF taxi chart, graphic and text files of the traffic levels for each day, and a text file within each day folder of the hourly traffic breakdown. It is recommended to place the RJTT-battlehawk77-Autumn 2019 folder in your main RJTT folder, then copy and paste the files needed (after you back up the originals, of course). It is also HIGHLY recommended to review the included Readme file, as it contains important operational information, along with where you need to put the included files for best results. If you have any questions, comments, or notice any bugs, please feel free to message me here or on Discord. Sutekina tsuitachi o! -Gavin (battlehawk77) RJTT-battlehawk77-Autumn 2019-v1.1.zip
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    A Very Big Thank You for all the people at Feel There and all the people who created all those custom schedules for the airports that are released for Tower 3D Pro. All of you are very much appreciated especially during this quarantine summer of 2020! πŸ˜€ Thanks again.....
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    Hi everyone. As a real-world pilot in this aircraft, I'd like to point out some of the issues I have seen when comparing it to the real aircraft. Some of these may seem picky, but thought I'd throw in what I can for the first SP. Also some of these issues may be epic load dependent, so in advance, sorry if that is the case. Also note I have only flown the E175 product. Going to fly it some more today and will report if I have more. MCDU/VNAV/FMA/PFD/AT Intercept course line does not work correctly. What currently happens is the aircraft will sequence to the next waypoint once it comes within 5 miles of the waypoint. FMA does not drop out flight modes (Track, GA, etc.) after landing. This causes an issue where if you are turning the aircraft after arriving, the TOGA button does not present the proper FMA display of ROLL and TO. You have to press the TOGA button several times before it resets to ROLL TO. Currently, the VNAV system has no magenta FLCH (for descent). Magenta FLCH is just like the green FLCH, except it will comply with altitude restrictions in the MCDU. There is no vertical direct with the current system. You should be able to take ***** fix at 250 knots/10000 and put 250/10000 back in on top of the restriction and it should adjust the descent angle to redirect to a constant path to meet that restriction instead of the angle you input in PERF INIT. The VNAV path with a between restriction only takes the top or bottom altitude (forgot which it was), it does not calculate an altitude between. In general, VNAV needs to be worked on. The autothrottle system needs to be tweaked. The autothrottle likes to add more thrust coming to within 10 knots of selected speeds, which is too sensitive. You should also get a LIM T amber message on the FMA if it is unable to accel/decel at a proper speed schedule to the selected speed. AT is overly sensitive with the speed brakes out in VNAV or on an ILS. Works perfect in FLCH. There is no RTE page. This is where you would actually input the flight-plan initially. This is normally where you'd put in the ADS-B flight ID as well. I was flying into EYW which should have an LNAV/VNAV with a GP and there was no VNAV GP. I Had a VNAV disconnect when leveling at CHIPR at 13,000 on the CHIPR1 into ATL FMS autotune on radio page should be green, not cyan (EPIC load dependent?) The green triangle showing localizer deflection went out of the black box (http://prntscr.com/qeuk0c) Flight Dynamics/Engines/Other Systems Way too high of a VS on climb out through 10,000 (4000-5000fpm even at an higher weight). Above 10,000 is much better. (http://prntscr.com/qeuqvz) Taxi light glitches at full rudder ("Tiller") deflection. When retracting flaps from 1 to up, the retraction happens too fast. The brake temperature seems rather low after landing when applying full brakes on landing (should be at least close to amber). When Anti-Ice is set to all and no ice is detected on the initial climb, the associated EICAS messages should disappear at about 1700AGL or 2 minutes after departure, but the messages are still staying on the EICAS. The engine start up is not correct. Should take around 45-55 seconds. Also the fuel flow is way off for the start. Should only be 300-600pph during start and about 550pph at idle per engine. (http://prntscr.com/qeutdz) Other Flight timer does not reset with the associated button/switch (switch does move though) on the ground. However, once you take off it does reset. Also, on the panel chronometer once it hits 60 minutes, it should continue to go to 61, 61, 63; but this one resets back to zero and continues. APU shutdown sound can be heard when shutting down APU with engines running (should not be able to hear it). I'm guessing this is a flightsim-ism though. Wiper speeds not correct. They are way too slow. I'm guessing it may be hard to model. Also the rain effects, with a higher speed, aren't accurate; once again probably hard to model.
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    Let them first make a new version of T3D. The graphics are a joke for this era. It looks like a game that was made in the early 2000's
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    https://www.faa.gov/airports/planning_capacity/profiles/ The FAA have released up-to-date revisions. If you enjoy controlling realistically, these documents provide information on how the US airports operate πŸ™‚ (i.e. runway setup for specific wind directions). Enjoy πŸ™‚
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    Howdy, y'all! I'm pleased to share with you the latest in my series of real traffic schedules: KDFW - Dallas- Fort Worth International. As with my other schedules, you'll get to experience a week of air traffic in northeast Texas. You will see what the controllers saw. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and this airport is no exception. In the first half of 2019, DFW was the 11th busiest airport in the world in terms of passengers, serving just over 36 million people in that six-month span. In the US, it is the second-largest airport by land area, behind Denver. Dallas has been a hub for American Airlines since 1981. It accounts for over 68% of the airport's passenger traffic. DFW also serves as a hub for Boutique Air, Ameriflight, and UPS, while Spirit and Sun Country each have it as a focus city. Along with the hefty amount of passenger traffic, there is also a largo amount of air cargo that come in daily, including FedEx, UPS, and Amazon's Prime Air, along with a small amount of GA traffic. As always, every effort has been made to use existing Real Color aircraft and liveries.ο»Ώ There may be a few white aircraft, but, for the most part, you will find Dallas to be a colorful place! Like with my previous offerings, you will find, within the main KDFW-battlehawk77-Autumn 2019 folder, a folder for each day of the week, along with snippet file folders within each day to allow you a smoother and more robust traffic feel. Also included is a listing of the GA operators, a PDF taxi chart, graphic and text files of the traffic levels for each day, and a text file within each day folder of the hourly traffic breakdown. It is recommended to place the KDFW-battlehawk77-Autumn 2019 folder in your main KDFW folder, then copy and paste the files needed (after you back up the originals, of course). It is also HIGHLY recommended to review the included Readme file, as it contains important operational information, along with where you need to put the included files for best results. If you have any questions, comments, or notice any bugs, please feel free to message me here or on Discord. Y'all enjoy! -Gavin (battlehawk77) KDFW-battlehawk77-Autumn 2019-v1.11.zip
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    FSUIPC6 will be released in the coming days. This version of FSUIPC6 will be valid for P3D versions 4 and 5. With this release, FSUIPC5 will be retired from sale. We will continue to support FSUIPC5 (as always, latest version only) via this forum, as we still do with FSUIPC4 and earlier versions. I will also continue to apply bug-fixes and any new features added to FSUIPC6 (for P3Dv4) to FSUIPC5 until the end of the year, at which time FSUIPC5 will be frozen for new development. It may still be updated after this period if required by any subsequent P3Dv4 releases. There will be a substantial discount on FSUIPC6 for FSUIPC5 license holders, with the price of the upgrade to be around the Β£10 mark. FSUIPC6 will come with a new installer that will - support both DLL.xml and add-on.xml integration methods - allow either a single or dual installation for those users running both P3Dv4 and P3Dv5 - optionally install some additional freeware tools (the FSUIPC SDK, HiDScanner, FSInterrogate2) What does this mean for existing customers? 1. For registered FSUIPC5 users who are staying with P3Dv4 there is no change - bug-fixes and updates will be provided until the end of the year and support via this forum will continue as usual. 2. For registered FSUPC5 users who will be switching to P3Dv5 and require FSUIPC, then they will need to purchase FSUIPC6 for the upgrade price. For those users who have recently (i.e. on or after 1st February 2020) purchased FSUIPC5 but will be updating to P3Dv5, I will supply a free license if you PM (or email) me your registration details (order number and date). As always, PLEASE DO NOT publish your key details in any public forum (or your key will be banned). This free upgrade offer is valid until the end of May 2020 only. 3. For unregistered users of FSUIPC5, it is recommended to update to FSUIPC6 (as this is a free upgrade) John
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    Dear Folks, I just want to give you a quick update regarding the SP. It's 99% done, we are checking one last issue in the FD. Once it's cleared we will release the SP. It's our goal too to get you the fixes asap. Thank you for your patience Vic & team
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    Autumn 2019 - Gavin must have been holding on to this for a while.
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    This took Google 0.59 seconds to give me the correct answer:
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    You knew this was coming didn't you? πŸ˜‚ With KDFW being my home airport, having worked and volunteered there, you knew I had to lovingly 😍 scrutinize RT/KDFW to make sure it met the standards of realism. Overall, I'd say good job but I would like to make some suggestions to @nyergesdesign for some improvements as I do feel an SP will be needed. Terminal Assignments AIJ - Interjet is an international carrier and needs to be reassigned to Terminal D. At KDFW, all international flights (excluding Canada) arrive at Terminal D (and gates B1-B3) in order to go through customs. AMF - Ameriflight is a cargo part 135 airline and should be moved out of terminal D (they have no commercial passengers) to a cargo area on the west side (their headquarters are actually located there) ANT - Not in schedule and needs to be removed from the terminal file BTQ - Boutique Air flies out of the Corporate Aviation Terminal (GA?) and not terminal E Real Color Skywest actually flies as an AAL regional carrier at KDFW. It looks like Skywest is included in the RC for KDFW but I assume is it the same generic livery? @Pedantic G? Schedule (this is where the SP is definitely needed) In looking at the flight volume (which is very low, especially when compared to @battlehawk77's schedules) I found a major discrepancy between the number of arrivals and departures. In doing a deeper dive, I noticed two major gaps where there were no departures and only arrivals. This would point to a data problem versus the airport being shut down. The gaps are between 10:53 - 12:15 and 12:49-13:51. This is well over 2 hours of no departures during relatively busy time periods. As a result, I would suggest an SP to fix this gap in departures in order to provide a fully playable schedule. Again, an improvement by the ND team (no duplicates this time) but I would say further research and quality control is needed. Thanks!
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    Actually, @battlehawk77 is slipping! Last airport he had his schedule out before the airport release announcement. πŸ™‚
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    KEWR custom Schedule Files hope that this works for everyone there were some errors but I fixed them so these are the updated files. The only files that are not there yet are the GAANDLOCALTRAFFIC files. these files are coming I have to fix this file that came with the airport and when I have I will add them to this. kewr_airplanes.txt kewr_gaandlocaltraffic.txt kewr_airports.txt kewr_schedule.txt kewr_airlines.txt kewr_terminal.txt
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    Dear Folks, In the light of recent events around the world, looks like many of us will be asked to stay at home. To help you we run an unscheduled sales event discounting almost all but the latest products by 50%. As a matter of fact our two best sellers for fs9 and fsX (the Phenom and Florida Landings) are free during this sale event to help those who are still using older computers. https://www.feelthere.com/product-category/holiday-sales/ Please be safe and stay home. Vic & Team
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    Update v1.0 SCHEDULE BUILDER REACHES VERSION 1.0 Retro fuse option: Seven randomly selected airlines from the Real Color Retro Pack can be merged into a regular schedule New pages: Support, Updates, Airport List Minor code changes and backend optimizations Enjoy! Schedule Builder Website
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    Dear Folks, Nyerges Design are pleased to announce Service Pack_1 update for the recently released EKCH airport to address some minor issues. These include The DBRITE screen now shows the correct Runway Orientation angle Corrected the placement of some Runway/Taxi Boards Fixed a minor spacing and Aircraft push back issue at one of the terminal aprons. Gabor
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    Things in life you can count on: death, taxes, and @Braf123456. 🀣 Hey @FeelThere, he said please. That means you have to do it. πŸ˜‰
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    Wait for it ... πŸ˜€
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    Dear Folks, due to technical issues, a wrong installer had been uploaded. We are apologize for any inconvenience! The fixed installer is downloadable on EKCH_airport_SP1a.exe name. Have a pleasant weekend! Gabor
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    Folks, Let's keep the suggestions in the Wishlist topic, please. In the meantime here are some new liveries. Yes, yes I realized it too as soon as I posted it. It will be fixed (cargo without the windows) πŸ™‚
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    Hmm that's interesting because you submitted over 10 liveries for Airlines that still exist, and 3 of the ones you submitted were selected πŸ€”
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    I thought it was Professional Bull Riding. This makes a lot more sense. πŸ˜‚
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    Hey all, I've now completed a United Express (Skywest's N202SY) for the E175, the repaint can be downloaded here under E175: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v4vix6aalhs8ew8/AAAc-3sMDBd2tNOYGjkXHut5a?dl=0 Merry Christmas all. πŸ™‚
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    I agree it seems that when the airport is put out by Feelthere rather than Nyerges Design that the update to the airport seems to move quicker also it seems sometimes they move as slow as molasses i get there busy but really KATL should have been done a long time again also i know that KLAS is suppose to have a update soon which is cool as that airport has a few problems to.
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    Yep you are speaking for yourself on this one. I held out on purchasing tower 2011 for tower 3d pro simply because of 3d graphics. If you want just 2d only, play tower 2011 because there you have 2d and better commands and better use of features that they decided to take away. If feelthere is going to charge us for a whole new game, then I am hoping that it will be better than tower 3d pro and tower 2011. Because there would've been no point for this thread and there would be no point to purchase something later down the line.
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    ksea_airlines.txt ksea_airplanes.txt ksea_airports.txt ksea_gaandlocaltraffic.txt ksea_schedule.txt ksea_terminal.txt
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    Master File Vs. 19 Published with KSEA RC details added and updated on ceased airline/aircraft types operations where known and a couple of minor corrections thanks to a couple of eagle eyed viewers. I have also added the details included in the soon to be released RETRO RC pack from Nygeres Design.
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    Preview of Conviasa YV3052 E190 Here's CONVIASA's E190 reg YV3052 enr SVMI - MDSD on a sunny spring afternoon. Logos are all hand drawn and vector for sharpness. I hope to release this by week's end on AVSIM. Next up is Royal Jordanian's E175, then a China Southern E190.
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    Thank you for replying. I'll try converting them using imagetool.exe from the P3D SDK. I think I'll start with the feelThere PIC E175\sharetexture\lighting folder. All/most of those textures all appear to be 4Kx4K, DDS format DXT5 Compression. I'll convert to DDS5 DXT5 with 2048 resolution, no mips first. After that, I'll have a go at the (what appear to be) VC textures in the \sharedtexture folder. I'll let you know my results. P.D.: For anyone who might be trying the same, I'll batch resize using PhotoShop's custom Action/Record and Automate as imagetool.exe does not (batch) resize. Jeffrey S. Bryner
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    This airport needs to be closed immediately by the local authorities! πŸ˜‰ The weather effects are still in an early state of development, right? This massive semi-transparent lake can't be the final result. Drying concrete after rain looks quite different in the real world. But I don't want to be overcritical either. Much more important to me than the graphics is the (as free as possible) communication with the pilots, instruments/systems that come close to reality and realistic behaviour of pilots, aircraft and ground vehicles. Will you publish a roadmap so that we can follow the development progress and get an idea of what you plan to include in the new version?
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    We are still using the "old" airports as we are developing brand new materials for the airports itself, but let me show you some drying concrete after the rain πŸ™‚
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    Hello, virtual ATCs! We're living in tough times right now, so I thought I could make them a little lighter. You have lots of stuff to do, but you want to take some time playing Tower!3D? Well, you can do both! I took a day of operations in Frankfurt and put them together in a rather relaxing schedule - with just 197 movements for the whole day, because of the corona virus. (I only had to make up the LH9989 flight, since the game needs the first operation to be a departure, and otherwise we would see ten delayed arrivals until the first departure.) This is the schedule for 15 April 2020. I promise, you won't sweat much! Hourly operations: If you want to make it a tiny bit more realistic, there were lots of NOTAMs out with restrictions for that day, so I put those restrictions into a handy text file and added them to the ZIP archive. For example, runway 07L/25R was closed, as were taxiways L and M (both partially and temporarily) as well as W. I strongly recommend backing up your eddf_schedule.txt, eddf_gaandlocaltraffic.txt, and eddf_terminal.txt, before you put my schedule files into the airport folder. Have fun - and don't fall asleep! DeltaVII EDDF_15Apr2020.zip
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    Update v0.42 Selection of aircraft models for GA flights refined to prevent unwanted gaps on arriving flights. The Schedule Builder has passed the beta phase. No new features/options for the Schedule Builder are planned after leaving the beta. The only exception is the implementation of local air traffic, which is still on the agenda for a later date. In the course of this week the implementation of additional airports will be started. Which airports will come next and when exactly these are available, I don't dare to determine. The plan is that at least two more airports will be included this month. From now on a contact form is available, where you can report praise, criticism and especially bugs, inconsistencies and abnormalities, which you have found playing the game. I am a private person and not a company - therefore there is no department for data protection available. The contact form can be used without providing any personal or private information such as name, email address, etc. and I encourage everyone not to disclose any personal information unless absolutely necessary. (E.g. an email address if an answer is absolutely needed). At this point I would like to thank everyone who helped me create the tool, find bugs and collect information. Especially I would like to thank @Ripskin for the many gameplay tests and @OneNothing, who did and still does a lot of the research on destinations, flight numbers, terminals, etc. so that I can focus on integrating the airports into the tool. But in general I want to thank everyone who was and is active in and outside of this thread. You all are truly awesome! πŸ‘
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    Due to the current "situation" I spend more time at home than I would like to, to put it mildly. Thus the update comes earlier than planned. Update v0.38b The incidence of an airline going to (or coming from) the same destination in a row has been drastically reduced. (See notes.) Intercontinental flights are now served by long-haul aircraft only, if possible. (See notes.) Minor code changes that are not worth being specified. Notes: - The tool now checks, during the creation, if there are identical destinations directly after each other and replaces them accordingly. Especially for small airports such as TIST, where most airlines only fly to one or two destinations, the more flights per hour are created, the more identical destinations can (and will) continue to be used in a row. At larger airports and airports with airlines serving many destinations, it can still happen, even if only sporadically. Just look at it as if one (or more) of the flights is delayed due to a technical defect, weather or something similar, which in the real world, unfortunately, is not uncommon. - Even if I now have unexpectedly more time, it will not happen, as mentioned in the previous post, that the Schedule Builder selects specific aircraft models for specific destinations based on target distances and aircraft ranges. But at least I can now provide you with a "light version". For this purpose, all, no matter if cargo or not, A300, A330, A340, A350, A380, MD11, B747, B767, B777 and B787 are designated as long-haul aircraft. If a flight crosses continental borders and there is one of these aircraft types in the RC Pack for the selected airport, for the airline in question, it will be used for the flight. If more than one model is available, the choice will be made randomly. To check if a continent is left, I have distributed approx. 2,800 of the most important destinations to 6 (!) continents. For a better result the Middle East has become a virtual continent of its own. The mechanism takes effect if the target (destination) is not found on the same continent where the operated airport is located, both for arrivals and departures. I try to include new local airports, that are possibly added with a release of a new DLC, as soon as possible. It should be noted that the reusability of aircraft models for schedules with high traffic volume should continue to be ensured. Possibly more heavy jets (even for domestic destinations) will now be used in the schedules. It would be important to get a report from you to make sure that the playability of the schedules is not affected. A further objective is the option to include local traffic if wanted. However, implementation is not planned within the next few weeks.
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    How about we be patient and just wait until @Pedantic G posts and tells us the new version is ready? Keep in mind this is all volunteer, time consuming, and apparently under appreciated work. PS - The last version was 15, so by my count (using fingers and toes) I would be fairly confident in saying the next version will be 16.
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    @crbascott Craig, We are going somewhere with our bar offers. I could handle a bottle of cold Sam Adams any time now πŸ™‚ It's very difficult to answer at the moment because we are not there yet to see if we can capable importing the "old" airports into the new system, It;'s possible (however it's my personal quest not to happen) that we wont be able to move the old airports to the new version regardless of free/pay/whatsoever. The editor I envision is somehow totally different from the current one. I will have to pitch the idea to the team and see if it's possible at all. I would love to get into details but pretty much hours after I posted here someone jumped on us in our Facebook group and I rather not fight on multiple fronts πŸ™‚ Re: greedy. I learned to ignore it. As long as we ask for money for our software someone is going to call us greedy. The funny thing there is a beautiful free add-on for the flight sim I use for fun and there are people who still attack the developer. It tells everything. We can see a bigger picture; we received so much requests for more airports we had to reshuffle resources and now we can release a new airport in every month. That makes some other people happy while it make some unhappy. To give you an example how much we try to save money I'm willing to marry our marketing person soon πŸ™‚ The Tower!3D and Pro was built on Tower!2011 and to be honest we underestimated the community. I thank you all for proving us wrong. T!3DX will be built from scratch and it's whole development and support philosophy is planned to be changed. Once again I wish I could get into details but I don't want to fight over this on social media while everything is still in planning stage. For sure once we make the new editors we will keep future compatibility in mind. So after the release of T!3DX we should expect backward compatibility for the future versions (Tower releases after T!3DX). That's the goal πŸ™‚ Thanks for the Uber, I pick up the tab for the drinks πŸ™‚
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    Airports are always under construction or undergoing modernization programs. If FeelThere or Nyerges only chose airports where no work was being done all we would get is grass airstrips from airports out in the middle of nowhere. KMEM was released with major terminal work being done, EDDF is about to be released despite major work being done, and KLAX, KPHL, and KJFK all had major taxiways and other areas built that aren't in the game. KDFW is about to add a new terminal, runway, and taxiways. I'm sure there's more examples and none of this has stopped these airports from being released thus far. So, there is no "hold up". For your sake, hopefully they'll work on it at some point.
  48. 3 points
    Ha Ha...I took it as a back handed compliment... Been called many things in the past but gibberish is a new one. That must be what the G is for.. All the best Pedantic Gibberish 😁
  49. 3 points
  50. 3 points
    Get rid of the points system. This is a simulation, not Space Invaders. Instead, just have the onscreen counter show the number of errors you have made. If you click on that number, it should bring up a pop-up that shows a detailed list of what they were, beginning with the most recent. Andrew
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