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    A couple of commands need adding to YMML to make the speech more Aussie authentic: First contact quite often is started with good day, pronounced gday Hand offs especially in Brisbane sometimes end with "seeya" Also late at night when the traffic is low, sometime the taxi command is "XXX gate XX via which ever way you want to go" or similar. Looking forward to Mel (YMML).😊 Kev M
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    There will no doubt be another release from John soon. He's not available today, but I worked on the problem this morning and found the bug. Turned out to be a relatively simple (read "stupid") error which only shows up when large numbers of AI controls are sent via FSUIPC. In fact this error has been there for as long as the facility has existed -- so FSUIPC4 as well as FSUIPC5. It just happened that the error only causes a crash with a certain memory arrangement which of course changes with each build. Pete
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    * UPDATED 11th July 2019 * Version History: Ver 8: Published 11th July 19 - YMML Airport RC added and now released in new Excel format Ver 7: Published 24th May 19 - CYVR Airport RC detailed added. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 11/07/19 Hello controllers 😁 Following the recent Poll I conducted where the clear winner was producing this moving forward in the new proposed Excel spreadsheet format, I am pleased to publish the updated version below. There are 3 worksheets in the file, these being: Manifest List - detailing the list of RC currently produced by Nyergesdesign Full RC List - columns detailing the Aircraft Type code in each texpack, the airport released in, the IATA code, Airline name and any special comments if applicable Master Code List - columns detailing the IATA code, ICAO code, Airline Name, Call Sign, Comments field (ie Cargo Operator, Ceased Operations etc), Country of Registration and Global Region (ie Canada, Europe, Pacific, United States etc) Should be self explanatory to use but where applicable, each column has a filter where you can search away to your hearts content! Happy reading 😎 Gary Copyright © Tower! 3D Pro is a registered product of FeelThere Inc. Copyright © Real Traffic and Real Colors are registered products of Nyergesdesign Tower 3D Pro RC-Aircraft Master List_v8.xlsx
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    What was the exact poll question? I don't recall seeing a poll of bug fixes versus new DLCs. Wasn't it more of what DLCs would we like to see?
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    I very much appreciate the response Vic. I would make one small suggestion. Perhaps it could make sense to release some of the most requested changes as well as an airport or two as a slightly more expensive expansion pack if it makes squeezing in things like plane taxiing features or some such thing more palatable and keeps the business alive. Development of paid content shouldn't have to be mutually exclusive either airports or features. Even though the dream in software is always to rewrite and make the next best thing and fix all the mistakes we made in the past it's not always feasible and so I have a huge amount of empathy there (been in the same situation many times). But as I said this product is good, it fills a niche very well it just needs a little extra polish to be great and so it's with deep sadness that I hear that the stance of the company is to wait for a rewrite (which of course won't have the same defects it'll have new ones that'll be there forever without a good update policy too). I'd say that it is definitely hard to please everyone but choosing only dlc airports is far from pleasing everyone and seems to only please a single type of user. I also won't accuse anyone of greed because it's impossible to know your situation or business strategy as a complete outsider but I don't buy the airports because they're priced 2x higher than half of my steam library and then if I want the full version I have to pay another chunk of money just for the colors and the core game isn't getting updates. This is far beyond the normally called out "dlc greed" of other developers so even if it's simply done to survive (which I take your word for) you must consider the big picture of how it looks to outsiders who don't know what's happening, the real circumstances or how much effort goes into each airport release or their real colors. Anyway, I'm stepping off my soap box now. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my question and help fill in the blanks. I now understand the situation even if it is regrettable.
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    The full stops and any other separators are there to differentiate between the passenger and cargo versions of the airline as well as between the different regionals. I initially changed the ICAO, but due to possible double ups I have been trying this instead. The reason for this is so that the cargo airlines go to the cargo terminal, and the passenger airlines go to their correct terminal. In turn the same for any regionals, eg Republic Airlines operating for American will go to terminal 8, Republic airlines operating for Delta will go to terminal 2, etc Hope this explains everything 🙂
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    Now we know what the new FeelThere mystery project is. It's a steampunk grilling simulator! Andrew
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    Yes. it includes all the latest updates. I'll probably release next week as 5.152 with another additional (minor) change.
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    Braf, that email you received and posted in another thread invited customers to post comment, reviews, etc. Why are you telling people to shut up when FeelThere asked for the opposite? And remember, at one time you even posted you were ready for the next version. And that pole (it'a actually poll) you mention, was only about what airports people wanted to see and nothing more. Not everyone is willing to compromise their standards for software. As a former software (non-gaming) developer, my standards apparently are a little higher. Unrealistic workarounds, deleting planes, and overlooking bugs are not the answer for everyone.
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    You're really not helping anything here Braf. It's already been noted in this thread that there has been no such poll (see above). I already own the game, and 3 of the DLC. But as an actual pilot and a programmer I see a lot of weak areas in the game. I said already that I think it's a good game, but with some extra work it could be a great game. If you look at the bug reports and feature requests you'll see its not quite there yet. Don't you want the game to be better? Wouldn't you appreciate if every time you bought a dlc your planes didn't spin? Or that planes didn't get stuck doing nothing randomly with no possible way to unstick them? Even if you don't there's nothing wrong with collecting opinions and doing polls to help the developers make informed decisions. Even if it's not their current mode of business it might help them realize there's unearned revenue in creating expansion packs with features as one example. Let's be honest, it's incredibly unlikely anything will come of my efforts. So just leave me to my own devices and you can go back to buying up all the new DLCs.
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    Heathrow would be nice. A nice compliment to Gatwick.
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    I have since found the download to your Winter schedule and got it up and running with no issues so thank you for your work. Being English, EGKK is in my own back yard so I'm thrilled to have your schedule. 👍
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    @Pringle Right now, I only have a winter schedule for EGKK. I may do a summer schedule at some point in the near future.
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    VERSION 1 FILES UPLOADED 28 JUNE 2019 My schedule has 118 airlines that fly into JFK including cargo, and charter flights and also General Aviation flights. I have split my schedule into hour groups (which I highly recommend) so all flights are more likely to arrive and depart correctly, or if you prefer you can load the entire day in one go. Please refer to the below graph for your preferred times  Installation Instructions 1 Please back up the existing KJFK folder, before doing anything else 2 Please download all of the files kjfk_airlines.txt, kjfk_airports.txt, kjfk_airplanes.txt and kjfk_terminal.txt, from the dropbox link below and over write the existing files in the "Extensions\Airfields\KJFK" folder. The schedules will not work correctly if the above is not done 3 Select the folder corresponding to the hours (or full day) you have selected, and download the “kjfk_schedule.txt” and "kjfk_gaandlocaltraffic.txt" from the dropbox link below and over write the existing files in the "Extensions\Airfields\KJFK" folder. Any questions on install please ask Schedule Notes This custom schedule will only work properly with the latest Real Traffic version -------------------------------------- I have designed my schedules on the basis that all Real Colour packs have been installed If not all Real Colour packs have been installed, the schedule will work but you will not get liveries on all aircraft In addition to this some airlines in this schedule have no liveries associated with them at all and will appear white, this is a limitation of the game and not something i can change -------------------------------------- I have adjusted a lot of callsigns to reflect the correct pronunciation in real life, so will need to be pronounced differently to what you may be used to with the default real traffic -------------------------------------- Any questions in regards to these notes, please ask I have tested the files and are working, but of course any issues, comments or corrections, please tell me Ben DOWNLOAD FILES FROM HERE Other custom schedules EDDM, Munich Airport, Germany KLGA, La Guardia Airport, New York, USA TIST, St. Thomas Airport, US Virgin Islands
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    In addition to Pete's answer, the IATA defines the livery. You can change ICAO, callsign anything else, but the IATA must match with the plane type to get the livery to appear 🙂
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    Finally got some additional DLCs for a decent price, awsome ! Time to download some custom schedules 😄
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    The correct syntax as specified in the manual is CALLSIGN, RUNWAY XX AT TAXIWAY X VIA TAXIWAY X (multiple taxiways can be assigned to generate a complex routing). In tower.rec the command is as follows: #airplane1; RUNWAY ;#runway1; AT ;#taxiway1; VIA ;#taxiway2;#taxiway3;#taxiway4;#taxiway5;#taxiway6 However there is a way to use the command exactly as you described above. I personally prefer the "TAXI VIA" phrase, so I added the following to tower.rec and it works like a charm: #airplane1; RUNWAY ;#runway1; AT ;#taxiway1; TAXI VIA ;#taxiway2;#taxiway3;#taxiway4;#taxiway5;#taxiway6
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    Looking forward to YMML's arrival...Card in hand 🙂 Aussie
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    Sorry only just had a chance to look at this thread. Try this one. This should answer all your questions 😉 This is the near final version that was used when I was testing the RC and RT for Nygeresdesign. The only difference is the angled gate on the far left terminal n6 which is the a380 Emirates gate. Also, yes Gatwick do use non gate positions and bus people out to them. Not as many as you will need to use in the game due to some of the issues with game play gate restrictions (ie the Terminal_S3 no heavy gate issue all ready reported), hence the custom schedulers use some gaming "licence" when they set up their terminal file for their own schedules. G
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    With a one button press for alternately using 1 step or 10 step, use the button flag and make it conditional. There's an example of toggling the button press action in the Advanced User's guide, thus: For every possible “normal” button (16 joysticks x 32 buttons = 512 buttons) FSUIPC maintains a “Flag” (F). Each time any button is pressed (goes from off to on) FSUIPC toggles its flag. This makes the buttons flag a sort of “latching” switch. You can test it in any parenthesised condition by preceding the condition by F, thus: N=CP(F+j2,b2) … This says the rest of this parameter is obeyed if the Flag associated with j2,b2 is set. A condition (F–j2,b2) tests for the Flag being clear. Note that the actual current state of the button j2,b2 is not relevant. All that matters is whether it last left its Flag set or clear. So for example 1=CP(F+4,2)4,2,C12345 2=CP(F-4,2)4,2,C54321 says alternately send control 12345 and 54321 each time Joy 4, button 2 gets pressed. Ah, maybe I didn't read it so deeply. Without me spending time trying to decipher the code, why doesn't the Lua tracve logging help you. The line numbers and variable values are shown. They don't help me because the Lua section you posted doesn't have enough line numbers -- the logged ones don't match. If you help me look at the part you think should "toggle" then I can maybe help. The LeoBodnar cards I use work with standar rotaries which send o press or release indication ("ground" or "live") for each click. They're the easier ones to handle. If your rotaries are of the phased type which need more decoding then I don't know whether the Bodnar microcode does the decoding or whether you have to. Assuming they are the former type, or the board does handle them okay, then obviously you can use the same method as in Triple Use to decide on the interpretation of the button on/off changes based on how fast they arrive -- slow = signle, fast = 10's. Though in the latter case you would probably discard some of the changes as on/offs will be arriving too fast for decient control. Pete
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    What's up everyone, ATControl here -- aka Joe. Thanks for checking out my custom (REAL) traffic schedules. You can find me at ATControl --- YouTube Home playing this game ***I create QUALITY schedules -- not QUANTITIES of schedules*** --- If you are using this in your games/videos/posts -- please make reference to ME as the owner (direct link to my YT channel) KPHL -- Philadelphia International Airport ******SEE THIS SCHEDULE IN MOTION******* (click link) 1. Back To Philadelphia ==================================================== ((CURRENT GAME SCHEDULE -- 5/3/2019)) ==================================================== DROPBOX -- Philadelphia (KPHL) v2.0 -- Spring 2019 ==================================================== What to expect with KPHL v2.0 - Spring 2019: ****DO NOT PLUG IN THE FULL SCHEDULE -- Use the power hour files designated by hour!*** **New & UPDATED airlines.txt file -- YOU MUST REPLACE THIS WITH YOUR GAME FILES FOR THE SCHEDULES TO WORK** -- 1066 commercial flights --- 1232 total flights (including GA traffic) --- Schedule averages ~65 flights per hour, up to 88 at peak later afternoon push --- Power hour schedules for easy plug and play -- View the Volume Chart image to pick the hour that is right for you --- 166 GA flights -- Push traffic management getting aircraft to and from the GA area -- Terminal file up to date with Spring 2019 airline locations *****Visit my profile page to find all previous schedules I have written***** Thanks for visiting and as always...... HAPPY CONTROLLING!!!!
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    @pete_agreatguy - I just wanted to say thanks for maintaining the list. It's obvious some are not as appreciative of your efforts as they should be.
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    If you added a new plane to the airplane file, then all you'll get is a generic white aircraft. The airlines files is pretty much the same for all airports, with some exceptions. Having extra airlines in there doesn't hurt anything. PS - You and @shyguyseattle should get together. You seem to be like twins separated at birth.
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    I do not use any PMDG aircraft and I don't know anything about the parameters other than what is in that PMDG SDK document. I expect that trhe parameters are all based on the equivalent mouse action which you would otherwise use on the cockpit on screen, i.e. these as listed in that document: #define MOUSE_FLAG_RIGHTSINGLE 0x80000000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_MIDDLESINGLE 0x40000000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_LEFTSINGLE 0x20000000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_RIGHTDOUBLE 0x10000000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_MIDDLEDOUBLE 0x08000000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_LEFTDOUBLE 0x04000000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_RIGHTDRAG 0x02000000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_MIDDLEDRAG 0x01000000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_LEFTDRAG 0x00800000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_MOVE 0x00400000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_DOWN_REPEAT 0x00200000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_RIGHTRELEASE 0x00080000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_MIDDLERELEASE 0x00040000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_LEFTRELEASE 0x00020000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_WHEEL_FLIP 0x00010000 // invert direction of mouse wheel #define MOUSE_FLAG_WHEEL_SKIP 0x00008000 // look at next 2 rect for mouse wheel commands #define MOUSE_FLAG_WHEEL_UP 0x00004000 #define MOUSE_FLAG_WHEEL_DOWN 0x00002000 Those are in hexadecimal. The value 536870912 is the same as hexadecimal 0x20000000, which means "MOUSE_FLAG_LEFTSINGLE" -- in other words a single click with the left mouse button. FSUIPC also accepts hexadecimal parameters. Just precede the value with an 'x', i.e. x20000000. Pete
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