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    Contemplating adding a rating system? Give us a like on this post if you (as custom schedule developers) agree with having a rating system 🙂 If not, leave a comment below 🙂
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    Maybe this is a dumb question, but why even provide a full schedule if it shouldn't be loaded?
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    Ok, thanks for the update. So unfortunate, KATL is by far the most challenging airport on tower!3D, and the most fun! I hope that it will be fixed, *
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    Of course the community has made some posts, but the key point is that Facebook is the only place where FeelThere has initiated a poll. And the perception is the result of that poll is what you're going to do. I just feel hat this approach is neglecting the forum community at a time, at least in my circle of family and friends, where people are leaving Facebook for privacy/security concerns in addition to other reasons. PS - The poll doesn't look very scientific. Based on the screenshot, the same person has voted for the top 5 airports in the list. 😕
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    Agreed, I imagine some people already gravitate to some developers schedules over another, we don't need public favoritism, and people ignoring some because of how popular another dev is. Smaller devs/devs that don't necessarily publish a lot of schedules deserve a fair chance too. There is a list of schedules provided, let people find out and judge for themselves.
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    I am strongly against having a rating system. @Rob25's point regarding favoritism and a popularity contest are valid. And, I personally don't see the value of such a system. Pete, having a centralized list is/was a solid contribution - let's stop there.
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    @Kim @EliGrim Look up in the KBOS airplane file whether you have the CS3 (BCS3) aircraft in the list. Copying it in from another airport's aircraft file did the trick for me.
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    Currently, 3 of them are (CYVR, YMML, and OMDB) in development and we are researching another 3 at the moment. If everything goes as planned we will have some steady release schedule from around September. Best Vic
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    As you know, and Vic also mentioned it, we have 4 airports on the pipeline. We know we´ve been a slow in the release of airports for now, but we want to change it and increase in the very near future. Craig, we´ll plan a poll for folks here in the forum to, if that is what you guys wish. We really want to listen to ideas that all of our community has.
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    Old and/or new airport in Hong Kong would be awesome
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    Actually you don't always need to buy the Real Color (RC) for the airport. Once you buy a RC pack the liveries in that pack will show up at all other airports where the airlines/models are in the schedule. I always recommend trying out the airport first and if there are too many white planes for your taste, then go get the RC.
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    I can confirm, as i have done it a few times, if the airline is not listed at a terminal location, it will spawn into the "blank" terminal, as long as the terminal has enough gate types for the aircraft. Also they will randomly spawn across multiple "blank" terminals if there is more than 1. Again i am using a Steam download, but i'm sure this would not matter 🤷‍♂️
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    Can't confirm that. Just tested it with EDDM: Is it possible that there are differences between the website version and the Steam version? I am using the Steam version.
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    That's a little disappointing. Any clarification from Feel There on timelines?
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    Excessive penalty points at KPHL Is a known and recurring “feature “.
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    Hi Ashton, We keep finding issues that we wish to fix before release. Please be a bit more patient. We are working very hard to somehow make the releases more frequent with a goal of one release per month. Thank you Vic
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    The way it is doesn't need to have a ratings system I agree with crbascott
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    What Ben said: And to clarify the runway operations I provided are actual real-life operations ... not just to avoid penalties.
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    What Craig said. You're getting penalties because the arriving and takeoff point while both in air, is too close. Philadelphia has a tendency to give you multiple penalties that other airports don't. E.g If your arrival separation is reduced too much, you'll get hit with -500 after -500 after -500
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    For east flow, you should use 9L for departures and 9R for arrivals. For west flow, you should use 27L for departures and 27R for arrivals.
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    Exact Roman, when powered 1 yes correct, when cold and dark 0 and its ok. but in the digit remain ON. the problem is similar on topi shew last day in which is necessary to duplicate the precondition with opposite = 0...but not work 😞 I will investigate with the mobiflight team because of the problem i here and not from your .Lua.
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    @Ripskin has done a video on part of it if you want to take a look 🙂
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    Hello again Controllers! At the beginning of the year, KJFK was my first public custom schedule release. Although it was received well I thought it was time to revisit New York and give it it's due by releasing 7 daily schedule. If that doesn't get you signing New York, New York I don't know what will! 🙂 As always, my schedules are real and based on downloaded information from FlightAware. To avoid duplicate flight number issues a few flight numbers were changed. The schedules are full of passenger, cargo, and a few GA flights - enough to get you controlling like Kennedy Steve. The chart below illustrates the day-by-day commercial and GA traffic included in the daily schedules. For those that enjoy higher traffic volumes, Sunday and Monday are obviously the busiest days with Wednesday and Saturday having their share of fun too. The busiest hour is Tuesday at 08:00 with 92 flights (mostly departures), the busiest hour with balanced arrivals and departures is Monday at 17:00. The most arrivals you'll see in an hour is 52 on Saturday at 14:00. Each daily schedule file has the hourly breakdown to help you choose the traffic volume that satisfies your pallet. And what is a standard feature for my custom schedules, I've included snippet files for each day - optimized schedule files containing 3 hours of flights from the full schedule. For example, the snippet optimized for a 10:00 session start contains flights for the hours of 09, 10, and 11. What I've seen and experienced is that using a full day's schedule (Real Traffic or custom) causes flights to be dropped because of gate availability and delayed due to "no free terminal". By reducing the number of hours in the schedule, you can eliminate the dropped flights and get a richer more realistic flight volume experience. Attached to bottom of this post you'll find a zip file called kjfk_crbascott7.zip that contains: Common files to be used for each of the 7 days: Updated terminal file - kjfk_terminal.txt Updated airlines file - kjfk_airlines.txt Updated airports file - kjfk_airports.txt Reference file for GA/charter airlines included in GA traffic - kjfk_charter_airlines.txt 7 folders containing the daily schedule files (05-Sunday, 06-Monday, 07-Tuesday, 08-Wednesday, 09-Thursday, 10-Friday, 11-Saturday). Within each folder you will find: Full custom schedule file for that day - kjfk_schedule.txt Full GA traffic file for that day - kjfk_gaandlocaltraffic.txt Folders containing snippet schedule files (commercial only) for the hours 06 thru 22. I'd recommend unzipping kjfk_crbascott7.zip into your KJFK folder. It will create a crbascott7 sub-folder (to differentiate it from my earlier KJFK release) with the above mentioned contents. As always, please remember to backup your original Real Traffic files - the current version of sp6v9a is recommended. Feel free to contact me on this forum or Discord with questions, comments, and/or issues. ENJOY!! Craig (crbascott) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you are interested in multiplayer action and haven't yet joined us at Tower_MP, check out the following post for more information. https://forum.simflight.com/topic/83242-tower_mp-meeting-place-for-the-multiplayer-community/ Previous custom schedules: KLAX - https://forum.simflight.com/topic/85782-custom-schedules-for-klax-~-by-crbascott-~-7-daily-schedules/ KPHX - https://forum.simflight.com/topic/85555-custom-schedules-for-kphx-~-by-crbascott-~-7-daily-schedules/ KLAS - https://forum.simflight.com/topic/84804-custom-schedules-for-klas-~-by-crbascott-~-7-daily-schedules/ KSAN - https://forum.simflight.com/topic/84788-custom-schedule-for-ksan-~-by-crbascott-~-bonus-files-included/ KJFK - https://forum.simflight.com/topic/84721-custom-schedule-for-kjfk-~-by-crbascott-~-bonus-files-included/ Next custom schedule: KMEM - a single day schedule with a week's worth of flights 🤔 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ kjfk_crbascott7.zip
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    SFO I have spent many hours sitting in the parking lot at the south end of 1R (before it was closed after 9/11) and listening on the scanner. Normal operations (90% of the time) consist of arrivals on 28L/R and departures on 1L/R. 1L departures are generally limited to RJs but I have seen an occasional mini-bus (A318/A319) depart 1L. Most traffic departs 1R. Some heavy a/c cannot accept 1R and they have to depart 28L/R. I enjoy working SFO, the crossing runways make for an interesting challenge.
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