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    https://www.faa.gov/airports/planning_capacity/profiles/ The FAA have released up-to-date revisions. If you enjoy controlling realistically, these documents provide information on how the US airports operate 🙂 (i.e. runway setup for specific wind directions). Enjoy 🙂
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    Things in life you can count on: death, taxes, and @Braf123456. 🤣 Hey @FeelThere, he said please. That means you have to do it. 😉
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    I don't know how this forum works as I'm fairly new but on other game forums I've been on, most members would never allow facts to interfere with speculation. 😀
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    Dear Folks, Thank you for the excitement, it means a lot to us. From us the next is KEWR and KIAD, EGLL in the pipeline and one surprise airport ( 😉 ). KORD is prepared for the next version as this current version likely could not handle it. As far as we know Gabor is working 2 interesting airports as well. Thank you Vic
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    Here is a help to use the Retro RC. Thank you EliGrim! The "retro only" option is now available in the Schedule Builder. https://builder.eligrim.de Gabor
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    +1 I appreciate that they are developing a new version, but unless they are done making DLCs for this one, then it would be better not to make it sound like Tower 3D is already dead. Not all will be ready to move on to the new version immediately, and DLCs for Tower 2011 continued to come out for months after Tower3D's release. Andrew
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    With the help of the airlines.txt in the RETRO folder and the manifest file of the texture pack you should have all necessary information at hand. Since it is planned that the Retro Pack will be extended and I didn't consider this when preparing the retro options for the Schedule Builder, I decided to rewrite a large chunk of code. I expect the first of the two retro options to be available in the Schedule Builder in a few days. If you can be a bit patient, you can create some schedules there and see if you can get the necessary information from them. However, this first option will not focus on realism.
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    I'm with you. And while at it, could we get the missing environment sounds for JFK?
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    Hi Gavin, Recently picked up Tokyo, should have purchased earlier as it is far better than I thought it would be. Thank you again for such comprehensive schedules, plenty of work to do with those.... Just a note on the procedures, I have been watching FlightRadar24 (well, working from home allows these little luxuries) and note the north flow is interesting. All arrivals on 34L & 34R. Departures to the east are off 34R (no departures from 34L or 4) and departures to the west are off 5. A shame Tower3d pro doesn't have the SIDS in it as in real life they head out into the bay and loop back over the arrivals on the 34's. To compensate I give them a 120 heading after departure and once they're high enough turn to 220, then hand off to departure. Increases the workload but isn't that what its all about? 😁
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    Thanks for the marvellous pictures, I've often considered a portrait screen might be good for STB.
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    Hi, Thank you so much! That was the problem
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    Hi The issue is you have the airplanes pack1 and airplanes pack1 manifest in the texturepack folder. They need to go outside the texturepack folder, i.e in the airplanes folder 🙂
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    No problem guys I love your plane its awesome I'm glad to be of help. And thanks also Matty260191
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    I think they are actually parameters to the Rotor Brake control, which has been re-purposed in the FSLabs A3xx aircraft.
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    Those look like "custom control" numbers. You can assign to those in the Buttons and Switched tab by selecting <custom control> from the drop down list (I think it's the first item). Then you can enter a control number (thosde above) and a parameter, if needed. You can have any number of assignments to the the same button, but to do this you have to edit the INI file and add them there. Assign the first action. Then open the FSUIPC settings file (.INI) and find that assignment -- eg search for that control number. Then duplicate it with a different entry number (the number before the =), and change the control number to your second action. For this make sure you do NOT have repeat selected. Please see the Advanced Users guide for more details of what you can do with button assignments. You can edit theINI file with the Sim still running, and get your changes recognised by using the "Reload ..." button on the Buttons & Switches tab. Pete
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    Like EliGrim said. Make sure you are using the correct plane for the repaint texture. The retro repaints are only for some of the plane types. It's not a generalized retro package for all airlines and for every plane type. It lists the specific plane types in @Pedantic G's main RC list that you can download via here : I'm pretty sure it also lists the different texture files you get on FT's website when purchasing the livery package. Hope that helps!
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    Have been using SB with KSFO. Having the option to easily control the # departures vs. arrivals makes a huge difference in making this airport playable, i.e. makes it easy to create a schedule with better spacing between arrivals (especially since this airport was very limited in the number of customer created schedules. Fantastic tool! Thanks again for all your work Eli! I will soon try it out with KATL. Looking forward to using the Retro options as well. Andrew
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    That's strange. it is almost always the other way round -- the inputs from the encoder pile up whilst the display keeps up easily. Anyway, the normal way of dealing with these things, and one which i've used in several case of encoder+display going back many years, is to update the display locally, directly from the encoder changes, whilst also feeding the latter to the sim, only reading values to display when the encoder changes have paused for a measurable time, like half a second or so. I don't know if that's possible using this "mobiflight", whatever that is (software or hardware?). Sounds like something is badly wrong there then. Sorry, what do you mean "not stable"? Changing on its own without relation to the encoder or sim value? What LVAR? I thought you just said you were using the offset! If you are reading an L:Var instead then I'm not surprised it is slow. Accessing local Gauge values is very slow by comparison. Neither are any good as they are, and you certainly don't need two in any case. But it isn't worth going into any details to help you further until you clarify two things: 1. What has an LVAR got to do with it. what is wrong with the offset? 2. Why is offset 0x66C0 being used? What does that have to do with anything? Pete
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    Ok. No need for your log (at the moment!), now that I understand what is causing your issue. It's a good idea to try LVARS and the custom controls first. You should maybe ask on the FSLabs forums about controls for the FCU/Autopilot, as I expect there would be some form of control/lvars if the standard FS controls don't work. You can always use mouse macros for control of the ones that aren't supported.
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    The UI rectangle (switch/button) given the problem is RX400001c6, to which you have two macros assigned: 31=LDG LT Toggle=RX400001c6,3 32=LDG LT TOGGLE UP=RX400001c6,1 These macros are assigned to your Alpha Flight Controls buttons 22 and 23: 30=R1,22,CM1:32,0 -{Macro A320 Test: LDG LT TOGGLE UP}- 31=R1,23,CM1:31,0 -{Macro A320 Test: LDG LT Toggle}- These are also assigned to 'repeat' (R) - surly you don't want a toggle button to be repeated, no? Anyway, I suspect that one of those buttons may be continually firing, but I need to see a log file with button logging activated (as previously requested) to confirm that. You could try removing those two assignments as well, to confirm that they are the cause of your problem. Remove one at a time, starting with the last one first. John
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    Mouse macros emulate a mouse operation on the UI, which then alters the model somehow, either by sending a control/event or changing the value of a variable. Its more efficient to just send the control/event or modify the variable directly, rather than via the mouse operation. Also, different models of the same plane may have different rectangle ids for the same button/switch, whereas the control/event or variables would be the same. So, controls/events are more general, and can apply to many aircraft, and variables can be aircraft specific, but generally work for that series of aircraft, whereas mouse macros tend to be specific to that model. You need to check the documentation for that aircraft. Some add-on aircraft re-purpose unused controls, whereas others use 'custom' controlnumbers (e.g. PMDG). The 'Rotor brake' control you mentioned looks like it has been re-purposed to control various actions depending upon the parameter. To get a list of the lvars available for your aircraft, you can assign a button or keypress to the List Local Panel Vars control, which will list the available lvars (and their current values) for you. There is also a lua script (included in the provided examples) that does a similar thing. John
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    I've never used LINDA myself, but I would guess that it's much easier to use than you imagine. When used with one of their modules for addon aircraft, such as the one for FSLabs that John has linked above, it is to custom cockpit controls what FSUIPC is to default sim controls. You just select a joystick button in a drop-down menu and the cockpit control in another dropdown and you've created an assignment. You don't have to worry about macros, Lvars, rotor brake codes and other nonsense - the aircraft modules take care of that under the hood.
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    No, your ini contains the assignments to the macro file. The macro file itself is the name you gave It - it's in your installation folder, called A320 Test.MCRO.
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    You can delete (or rename) the macro file. But you already have lots of assignments to it, so you would need to remove them as well. I would leave this for now, until you have done the further tests I have advised, and provided me with the macro file so I can see what is in there, and a log showing your issue (with button logging activated). This would really help in tracking down the issue. If that rectangle is already assigned to a button, and that button is sticky/faulty (i.e. continually sending a press and/or release), then this would explain your issue.
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    Ok. I would like to see your macro file though, to see if anything is already assigned to that id. If its already there, and you also have assigned a button/switch to this macro, then this may be activating it. Logging 'buttons and switches' would also help if this is the issue.
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    Hey Vic, Understood. I think I heard some other vendors say that the SDK isn't available yet. Microsoft's that way; MS Teams is their all-inclusive collaboration platform in the cloud, but the telephony SDKs lagged releases of the product features by months. 😕 Thank you for replying and your continued support to us all. Jeff Bryner
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    Dear Folks, The time has come and we are opening a wishlist topic for our next Tower! XX version. Please note: -we will not reply to all requests -we will not acknowledge or confirm any wishes -some of the ideas will make the next version some of them are not -for some suggestion, we will ask for details but not for all of them -ti keep it clean please only suggestions for the next version. Please don't get offended if we don't reply or comment, we will need to check it on our end and see if we can reasonably add into the next version. We don't know when will the next version be available. Thank you Vic
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    Only the really rediculous ones, interesting. So this means that the highly, average and slightly ridiculous requests are being realized?
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    I second that. KATL has waited a very long time for some basic fixes: 1. Terminal F 2. Tower height 3. Rain textures Andrew Jones
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    Now that we’ve had a Retro Pack released I wonder if there is any chance we can get an SP on a “retro” airport - KATL. Or has that ship sailed? Would love to see some flights in/out of the International Terminal. Historically @FeelThere has been diligent about fixing terminal/gate issues (the recent PHNL SP is a good example). Not sure why this one never made the cut.
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    @Pedantic G Yep! Definitely happy about the gates!
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    hi battlehawk. excuse my bad english, i am from germany. your schedules are the best.:-) i have a question, is it possible that you create retro schedules? it is so difficult to create. i have I am sbought all ad ons i need. i dont understand how to create schedules myself. i have all add ons, but i dont know what i have to do! that would be so kind of you. regards from germany
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    We won't be adding it to the documentation. I've done some tests here on P3Dv5 with some default panels, and it doesn't work. in fact it can hang P3D completely. The function will probably be removed in future updates of FSUIPC6. If a reliable way of doing it by program is ever found then we'll look at adding it when time permits. If it works with FSUIPC4 on FSX or P3D1-3 then by all means go ahead and use it. We won't be changing FSUIPC4. Pete
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    Really appreciated. Thanks FeelThere!
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    All, As I know there is a lot of interest in this SP and to answer the specific question raised on what has been released I can confirm the following for those that are interested (Some were forum raised and others the beta testers spotted when testing the SP fixes) FIXED - Line Up for take offs on Runway 22L is now aligned to centre of runway (spotted in testing SP) - Taxiway Foxtrot/Delta Loop 22R/22L Issue fixed (Forum Bug posting - Multiple forum postings) - Terminal 1_A2 Missing Jet Bridges now added! (Forum Bug posting by @ashman99and I know he will be happy about this 😁) - Hold Point Missing 22R TO 22L on a couple of taxiways (spotted in testing SP) - Pushback irregularity in Cargo North terminal fixed (spotted in testing SP) - Jetbridge Connection issue in Terminal E gate fixed (spotted in testing SP) NOT FIXED - Taxiway Lima/Golf "Squeeze" North of LG Intersection (Forum Bug) We spent a lot of time trying to fix this issue but the space available to allow A/C to pass correctly on Lima and Golf is not available without the A/C being way off the actual lines on the ground scenic and looked really unrealistic. We tried but it looked appaling. The workaround is that Controllers should tell northbound taxiway traffic to hold south of taxiway crossway L/G to allow passage safely without collision/close proximity warnings/penalties coming into force. Think I got them all - Enjoy Gary
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    Only if you choose to ignore the ready-for-push or ready-for-taxi. As soon as it's taxiing, you're absolutely fine. At JFK, I honestly had taxiing times of more than an hour before departure, and I was fine. I even upped the ante by deliberately declaring a certain region not available for some time due to severe weather - in reality those planes would mostly not even leave the gate (as Kennedy Steve put it: "I'm not going to make your problem my problem, unfortunately"), but I let them taxi from the gate to an unused taxiway or runway and just park them there until my declared release time came.
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    Okay, after constructing a facility to create a menu that I can select from (I don't have anything installed on my Development Pc which creates SimConnect menus), I have finally seen the the problem, and can reproduce it every time. ipc.keypressplus appears to be changing the keyboard focus away from P3D (not sure where to yet), and it seems impossible to bring it back using mouse clicks on the P3D window. Weird. I'll investigate what changed here between 6.0.8 and 6.0.9. Pete
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    Anytime the main screen loses focus (for example, clicking on the ADIRS without re-clicking on the main screen) the game clock/performance slows down. Hopefully this is an area that will receive much needed attention in the next version.
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    For non-steam clients it resets everything as the points are stored in the registry. Steam clients have their points and achievements stored in the steam account, so aren't affected. Tower3D Remove External Window Settings.reg This file resets only the external window positions. I managed to recreate the problem on my computer, and it is a bug with the game. Every time an external window is opened a new TCP server is created for that window, and is very CPU hungry. Closing the external window does not stop the server, so every window that is opened and then closed will start a new server that stays running until the game returns to the main menu. As more servers run, it makes it harder for the information to get to the new external windows and back to the game, this information includes the window size and position. Due to another bug in the game, when these external windows are closed, the server that was created for them become even more CPU hungry and tries to send even more data to the, now closed, window. I managed to get this to happen after opening and closing about 6 windows on a Intel Core i5-9600K (Q4 2018), so a 10 year old AMD Phenom II X6 1055T (Q2 2010) will have difficulty after just a couple of external windows opening and closing, and may have trouble running more than 1 external window. What does this all mean? For the best chance of success, only open the window once. As a work-around, seeing as you are having trouble resizing the windows to get them setup, try setting up one window, exiting to the main menu, then setting up the next window (by itself), exiting to the main menu, then setting up the last window and exiting to the main menu. Then, if your computer can handle all 3 windows, you should now be able to open all of them and play. If your computer can't handle all 3 windows being open at once, then the window positions/sizes will probably get corrupted again, and you are back to the start. Not the best of news, but I hope this helps you understand what is happening. Cheers, Daniel p.s. Opening more than one external window of the same type at the same time almost guarantees that a problem will occur.
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    I am always up for crazy speculations! 😇 For me there are only 4 reasons that could cause a developer to refuse to fix bugs. 1) You no longer have access to the project files. 2) The code is a mess and not or poorly documented. 3) You are afraid (not completely unjustified) to load the project files into a newer version of the engine. 4) There are legal obstacles, because you do not own parts of the code or licenses for assets or the like have expired. The third option will probably not be the one, since all Unity versions back to v3.4.0 are officially available. Why FeelThere refuses to fix bugs, even the ones that were known before support was discontinued, we will probably never know. But that's not the topic and so a word about the bugged gates: These can be found at many airports and in my opinion have something to do with the schedule used. But the main reason is not the schedules, but how the game processes information when a schedule is loaded. Therefore the bug may occur more often with some schedules and less often with others. Unfortunately we have to cope with the fact that there are and will be "dead" planes in the game.
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    I figured this out myself. On the 145LR and 145XR changed Exit 0 from: [exits] number_of_exits=2 exit.0 = 0.4, -27.49, -3.68, 4.49, 0 exit.1 = 0.4, -27.11, 3.6, 2.1, 1 To: [exits] number_of_exits=2 exit.0 = 0.4, 29.49, -3.68, 4.49, 0 exit.1 = 0.4, -27.11, 3.6, 2.1, 1 Originally I just took away the negative and the jetway was off center from the doorway so I added two to the original and it looks and works great now
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    One other thing I forgot to mention about the trim. The reason I stated those numbers for the trim check is because our procedures require us to reset the trim to 4.0 up after landing. This may be different based on airline procedures. However, during cold weather ops, if the temperature is going to be 10 degrees Celsius or less over night, then we set the trim full nose down. This means the values for the trim check will be different if you're checking the trim from a full nose down position.
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    Yep this is a gate bug, and will need to be fixed by the developers. This was reported just recently by mjkerr
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    EliGrim, thank you for your input. By the way it sounds FeelThere or maybe a very savvy forum member may be the only I hope I have for solving this issue. I guess I should have asked for help when only the DBRITE was having the issue (you know what they say about hindsight). I’m also having some difficulty understanding why I didn’t have any issues for at least a year or so of using dual monitors and then all of a sudden the issue started with the DBRITE and later manifested itself into the other two windows, especially since I’ve re-downloaded and reinstalled the game numerous times since the issues first started. I’d also like to add that I really like and appreciate your schedule builder and the other associated tools you’ve created as well as your forum inputs. So far you’ve hit all the airports I have except for DFW in your schedule builder. Keep up the good work.
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    I would add: - A Lite version, as the current model is very heavy. The passenger cabin is useless and lowers the frames a lot. The PMDG's 747-8, for example, uses fewer frames than the E170v3. - Fix the knobs. In the manual, page 4 is written: "The autopilot knobs are adjusted in the following ways: • with the pointer over the knob the mouse wheel can be used to increase / decrease the set value • left of knob center left-mouse-click will increase value by one • left of knob center right-mouse-click will increase value by ten • right of center left click will decrease value by one • right of center right click will decrease value by ten • many knobs will react to a center mouse button click by synchronizing a setting to the aircraft's current orientation, toggling displays, or engaging an function. " Here with SP1 installed, these functions are not working.
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    I just noticed the "Normal" CG for this add-on seems is 50%MAC while the real aircaft would be 25%, The behaivor I saw is bacause my 3rd-part loading program load the CG to about30%, that make the airplane very nose-heavy. with normal load, it's much better, about +7 and -5, I would say it's manageable.
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    It's hard to be anonymous when you're one of a kind and/or a member of the Facebook group. 🙂 Vic actually requested that we use our real names in signing posts, but I can definitely understand if you don't want people to use your real name.
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