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    With Dubai Airport in the pipeline - here's an interesting cool video inside Dubai's ATC. Hey @FeelThere, any plans to update our equipment (ADIRS, DBRITE, STRIP) to something more current like we see in the video?
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    Dear Folks, Please let me give you some background about an airport's development. We need to create the visual (3d work) and also the underlying logic (routes, terminals, etc). It was relatively easy for the US airports as we had so much information but for the international airports we keep running into difficulties; layout changes, information that we find late, etc. EGKK was also a special case with it's unused runway; we had to make sure it's a runway and also a taxiway (which wasn't supported by Tower's engine) so we had to come up with a solution (which we did). Everything caused an unexpected delay. Also we could've rushed it out before the holidays but rather try to send out more solid releases. However a good news is that Gabor is pretty close with his Barcelona release so we hope you will see two releases in early next year. Thank you and happy holidays everyone Vic
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    You can contact him directly here: info@nyergesdesign.com
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    @Controller- Rogues halloween schedule is in there, so i'm sure Pete will acommodate. Unless JetBoo is an actual airline now 🤔😄
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    Ik this is early but I want to take a moment an wish every one a merry Christmas an happy holidays
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    Diverted to Luton due to drones in the airfield...
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    * UPDATED 10th January 2019 * Version History: Ver 5: Published 10th Jan 19 - LEBL Airport RC details added and some minor amendments following feedback on last version update Ver 4: Published 4th Oct 18 - EDDS Airport Real Color details added Ver 3: Published 15th Sep 18 (Nyerges KLAX RT/RC Update details added) Ver 2: Published 10th Sep 18 (Air Tahiti moved from Europe to Pacific and a couple of spelling issues resolved) Ver 1: Published 6th Sep 18 (Initial version released for review and comment) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 06/09/18 Hello controllers 😁 A while ago on the forum there was much discussion on putting together a complete Master List of which aircraft and liveries were in each of the Real Colors Manifest folders so that it would minimise the likelihood of white planes turning up in custom schedules that the cleaver people in this forum put together for our use and for those of us that put together our own schedules but are not brave enough to publish!. I know that there are probably a number of these lists floating about in various forms but I have put together the attached PDF files in what I hope is a more professional looking format giving an overall consolidated view by regions of the world in an easy to read format that I hope will be of use to some of you. I have produced this with the permission of Vic and Gabor and is up to date including the recent KMEM release. Special thanks to @VenturaGuy101 who sent me the original list which inspired me to produce my own version of this and also @crbascottwho sent me his file to cross reference to hopefully ensure this is as accurate as possible. Also thanks to Gabor at @nyergesdesignwho provided some of the information I was missing. There are 2 files, one of which is in a printable A4 format for the UK, European & ANZAC controllers on the forum and the other one is in Letter format for controllers based in the US who may wish print and use this detail. The aim is to release updates to these files as and when new Real Color files are released by Gabor, either as updates or to correspond with new airports being developed. Also with the current Back to School sale a good reason to purchase some Real Color Airports to fill any gaps you have. I know I will be! Hopefully all is clear but please feel free to PM me with any questions or if there are any additions or errors that you spot for me to update. Happy reading 😎 Gary Copyright © Tower! 3D Pro is a registered product of Feel There Inc. Copyright © Real Traffic and Real Colors are registered products of Nyergesdesign Tower 3D Pro Airlines Master _v5 (Letter).pdf Tower 3D Pro Airlines Master_v5 (A4).pdf
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    Hello all, I would like to propose a new way of running up to an airport release. As well as asking for RC released packages to be updated, KJFK is the current package under review, why don't we look ahead? When FeelThere announce which airport will be released next, those community spirited members that write custom schedules could look ahead and ask Nyerges Design to include a list of their required aircraft/livery combinations before the RC package is released. If Nyerges Design is willing to work this way, think of the benefits for all of us. No more white aircraft or changed aircraft in custom schedules. Thoughts anyone? Especially from Gabor at ND who would have to produce an expanded RC pack to include the custom requests. Wayne
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    Just re-run the installer (or download the latest version first). Please cut and paste your registration details (name, email address, registration key) from your SimMarket license/registration email (you should be able to retrieve these from your SimMarket account if lost). What do you mean by 'I have key file data but FSUIPC does not accept it'?
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    I use the "pattern" from time to time, which I think is what you're talking about. I'll use it when ground traffic or a forgotten departure would result in an incursion or other hazards (e.g. simulated emergencies, etc). It starts by instructing the pilot to ENTER RIGHT/LEFT PATTERN RUNWAY xx. Then depending upon inbound traffic I may extend their downwind track which I've had most success in 5 mile increments if necessary (which I think the default is for them to turn back onto runway heading automatically at 10 mi out?). You can extend their downwind multiple times provided you do it before they start their turn onto the base. I've never tried extending the upwind. If traffic is continuous I'll manually pull them off the pattern and route them to a different runway or make my own perpendicular circuit about 15 miles out and then try to reintegrate them onto final. By the way, if you pull them off the pattern, you must instruct them to ENTER FINAL RUNWAY xx otherwise they will miss the runway (even if you set them on the right heading). You still have to give them clearance to land, even if they stay in the pattern. Hope that helps! Rameus
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    Sorry, missed that part... verify that there is no firewall running in the background that may be blocking these screen exe.´s.
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    @Gabor I know you have been working hard on the new airport BCN adding all the new liveries for that airport into the game and from what Joe has shown on youtube it looks fantastic! And I can't wait to play it! Once you are finished with that project or in your spare time would you be able to please add the new Southwest Airlines Livery into Tower3dpro? Southwest is one of my favorite airlines and It would be really fun to see all the new updated liveries while playing at the US airports! Thanks a bunch for all you do for the tower community!
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    I can make a note on the main blog post that your schedules marked with an "*" are purely fictional.
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    I think FeelThere assumes that if you buy a Steam Key, you already know how to activate it in the Steam Client. @FeelThere @FeelThere Ariel Perhaps it is an idea to link to the corresponding Steam Knowledge Base article, with the purchase email. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=5414-TFBN-1352
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    You are a great resource for all of us here. I must not have Real Color for some of the airfields and so I cannot always see them all. Thanks @crbascott
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    The user manual wasn't that great but a community member re-did it all. As like your card above, the quality is far superior. Well done!
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    @hexzed You will be the first people in the world to have xmas & we in Aus. will be the 2nd. The Americans will still be a day behind 😉 A merry Christmas to all the Tower/Tracon supporters over the years and of course the developers, who have put in a huge effort to present the various airports for us to enjoy or complain about. Without all the guys, the app that we all enjoy would not be there. A merry Christmas to all. Kev M
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    You purchase it through feelthere’s website, and it works with both steam and standalone version
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    confirmed it works now thanks
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    in barcelona we are waiting de diverted one;)
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    @ATControl--joe I watched your video of lebl an I saw that the air transit a310 didn't have a livery is that because you didn't have the real color for lebl or they haven't created on yet
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    @Aussie1234 that's nice to read. Thank you. Please don't hesitate to write a post if you have found a typo or any other nonsense. I will try to correct it as soon as possible. EliGrim
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    Personally, Just what I was after. A great training aid. Thanks again, Aussie
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    Have you set up voice according to this link?
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    I also think this is a great idea, thank you @winsaudi. This way, we can make Real Colors more flexible and it will be more beneficial for the Community. We can try it out wuth the next airport. I will send the new airport's Real Color list here, then you can make your wishlist. I would like to maximise the number of new liveries to 10. The deadline would be one week for making the list. I hope this system is acceptable for everyone here. Gabor
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