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    I created 2 full day's schedules from different days for a change in dynamic at the airport and used them to create some extra options for some fun. Real Traffic is required but Real Color is your discretion. I have links to videos of each schedule to save space vs large embeds. Disclaimer: I was taking notes for fixes and ensuring the schedules were working so while I'm not great at the game this is lower than my usual "standard" of play quality. :) Likewise a few fixes were made after the video's. 12/31/2018 I figured with it being New Years Eve a number of people would be heading home and this turned out to be true with quite a busy period of early morning departures. Sadly not a lot of GA on the holiday Video showing an hour of play from this schedule. Download here 2/2/2019 A typical Saturday with busy in / out traffic. Reasonable number of GA flights. Video showing an hour of play from this schedule. Download here For both schedules I've done a fair amount of testing and believe I have fixed all of the schedule conflicts and issues if any are found just send me a message and I'll fix them. I have not looked at fixing the white planes at this time. Extras: I have felt that KMCO can handle more traffic than it currently see's and decided it would be fun to play that. So I took both of my two schedules and merged them together for a... Double traffic schedule: I did go through and advance by one flight number duplicate planes following the same routes etc similar to the original schedules that had a few departures and arrivals back at the airport. This also means more periods of the day are active to keep things rolling instead of a slow late evening. Video showing an hour of play from this schedule. Download here Scenario Play: For the first few here I wanted to focus in on some things I have done privately and as most people have experienced while flying which add some fun as written into the schedule with some basic guidelines for play. As such I have created two scenario's for weather related fun: Scenario 7am through 8am: Video Showing this scenario Bad weather has been in the area around MCO, at 7am a storm starts to move in. In an attempt to get in / out before the weather arrives a number of planes will seek departure and arrival prior to the airspace closing. At about 7:10 the airspace will close, departures remain active until about 7:12am. Planes en-route will be held in a pattern by ATC and not released into MCO control until the weather clears. Departures are able to push roll to staging but are not allowed to depart and must wait in staging areas. There is a route open out of the area but MCO must share it with all airports. If any plane is released into MCO airspace the tower can then depart a plane as it is MCO's turn. The weather pushes out of the area and the airport is free to resume normal operations at 7:30am. ATC will pull planes out of their patterns and queue them for arrival. Scenario 8pm through 9pm: Video Showing this scenario Weather is still in the area around MCO this evening however the impact is primarily with other airports. A number of airplanes must divert to MCO due to weather at their destinations. This will create a small spike of planes routed in and then later in the evening a spike of departures as they all head out to their intended destinations. Download the scenarios here Configure the airport how you see fit but mix it up and replay seeing what works best but most of all enjoy. The morning period is going to be the more hectic and demanding as it is peak departure time for the schedules and you will have to stack up the planes in an area attempting to allow flowing traffic without blocking major paths. Typically planes must still have a route to return to the gate if needed so keep that in mind. The second period is still active for that time of night but the activity comes and goes specific to the added traffic which was only a few planes. I adjusted these planes in the schedule to set destinations in the reasonable area to divert to MCO though I did not adjust their source. I also adjusted their flight number advancing it by one to avoid duplicate issues but you can identify each as they arrive and then depart within the regular schedule for the evening. The goal I set was to have as much of the schedule COMPLETED as possible by the end of the hour as a gauge of performance. I have more scenario ideas for the next airport I will be making schedules for which hopefully will not take too long. If you run into any bugs or problems please let me know and I will go correct them. The schedules were made in Excel so for the most part fixes are fairly easy to process. I hope that you enjoy and happy controlling!
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    Woo hoo! 😉 What’s really important though is - what is the next airport and when is the exact release date or at least when will it be on short final?
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    Watcha, mate! It is my pleasure to introduce my third offering for week schedules - EGKK - London Gatwick! Like Barcelona and Orlando, you get to experience a typical week in southern England, taken, as always, from actual traffic data. You will be seeing what the actual controllers saw. Gatwick is a hub for several airlines, including EasyJet, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and Norwegian Air Shuttle, and is Britain's second-busiest airport behind Heathrow. Given that, this place will keep any decent controller on his or her toes. That said, there is very little GA or cargo traffic. As always, every effort has been made to use existing Real Color aircraft and liveries. There are only a couple of aircraft that will show up as white: a one-off BA CityFlyer E170 and a few Freebird Airlines charters. Like with Barcelona and Orlando, you will find, within the main EGKK-battlehawk77 folder, a folder for each day of the week, along with snippet file folders within each day to allow you a smoother and more robust traffic feel. Also included is a listing of the GA operators, graphic and text files of the traffic levels for each day, and a file within each day folder of the hourly traffic breakdown. It is recommended to place the EGKK-battlehawk77 folder in your main EGKK folder, then copy and paste the files needed (after you back up the originals, of course). If you have any questions, comments, or notice any bugs, please feel free to message me here or on Discord. Cheers! Gavin (battlehawk77) EGKK-battlehawk77-v1.21.zip
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    What's up everyone, My name is Joe. Thanks for checking out my custom (REAL) traffic schedules. You can find me at ATControl --- YouTube Home playing this game ***I create QUALITY schedules -- not QUANTITIES of schedules*** --- If you are using this in your games/videos/posts -- please make reference to ME as the owner (direct link to my YT channel) EGKK -- London-Gatwick International Airport *******SEE THIS SCHEDULE IN MOTION******* (click links) 1. London-Gatwick (EGKK) -- First Look 2. London-Gatwick (EGKK) -- Night Ops ==================================================== ((CURRENT GAME SCHEDULE -- 2/26/2019)) ==================================================== DROPBOX -- London-Gatwick (EGKK) v1.0 -- Winter 2019 ==================================================== What to expect with EGKK v1.0 - Winter 2019: ****This schedule was carefully developed to give you the best chance to move traffic -- adequate spacing for a departure push before the next arrival -- make the most of the space!*** ---- I spent more quality time developing this schedule than any other schedule I have made --- -- 723 commercial flights === This may not seem like a lot of flights for one day -- in a compact space with 1 runway -- it's A LOT of traffic --- Schedule averages ~40+ flights per hour, up to 47 at peak mid-morning volume --- Power hour schedules for easy plug and play -- View the Volume Chart image to pick the hour that is right for you --- No GA and cargo this go around -- sorry, just not that type of airport --- This airport will TEST you -- expedite departures, shoot gaps and keep planes moving -- Terminal file up to date with current 2019 airline locations HAPPY CONTROLLING!!!!
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    Props to @Ripskin for featuring this schedule in his video. 🙂
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    So I minimized Tower without pausing cos I needed to be AFK and then forgot about it for one night....
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    🔝It's time for Gatwick! Who else is excited to try? Our FIRST UK AIRPORT for Tower!3D & Pro is OUT NOW! ➡Gatwick/EGKK for Tower3D/Pro⬅ 🆕 Make sure to get yours by Saturday, when we are launching our new contest on this airport and get a chance to own the next airport add-on FOR FREE!
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    @FeelThere Ariel - while you are noting items please make note of the following link: https://tower-mp.weebly.com/wishlist.html This is a "live" wishlist (currently 60 items) of new features, bug fixes, etc. that have been contributed by various members on Tower_MP. If anyone is interested in joining in the discussion of these items or adding items of your own please join us on Tower_MP. PS - If I need to list these individually to get them added to your list like the ones above please let me know.
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    Not really, it only takes two clicks. 🙂
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    * UPDATED 4th March 2019 * Version History: Ver 6.1: Published 4th Mar 19 - Correction to RwandAir details and some formatting errors corrected. Ver 6.: Published 28th Feb 19 - EGKK Airport RC and Nyerges KJFK RC update details added. Ver 5: Published 10th Jan 19 - LEBL Airport RC details added and some minor amendments following feedback on last version update Ver 4: Published 4th Oct 18 - EDDS Airport Real Color details added Ver 3: Published 15th Sep 18 - Nyerges KLAX RC Update details added Ver 2: Published 10th Sep 18 (Air Tahiti moved from Europe to Pacific and a couple of spelling issues resolved) Ver 1: Published 6th Sep 18 (Initial version released for review and comment) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 06/09/18 Hello controllers 😁 A while ago on the forum there was much discussion on putting together a complete Master List of which aircraft and liveries were in each of the Real Colors Manifest folders. This would minimise the likelihood of white planes turning up in custom schedules that the cleaver people in this forum put together for our use and for those of us that put together our own schedules but are not brave enough to publish!. I know that there are probably a number of these lists floating about in various forms but I have put together the attached PDF files in what I hope is a more professional looking format, giving an overall consolidated view by regions of the world in an easy to read format that I hope will be of use to some of you. I have produced this with the permission of Vic (FeelThere) and Gabor (Nyergesdesign). Special thanks to @VenturaGuy101 who sent me the original list which inspired me to produce my own version of this and also @crbascottwho sent me his file to cross reference to hopefully ensure this is as accurate as possible. Also thanks to Gabor at @nyergesdesignwho provided some of the information I was missing. There are 2 files, one of which is in a printable A4 format for the UK, European & ANZAC controllers on the forum and the other one is in Letter format for controllers based in the US who may wish print and use this detail. The aim is to release updates to these files as and when new Real Color files are released by Gabor, either as updates or to correspond with new airports being developed. Also with the current Back to School sale a good reason to purchase some Real Color Airports to fill any gaps you have. I know I will be! Hopefully all is clear but please feel free to PM me with any questions or if there are any additions or errors that you spot for me to update. Happy reading 😎 Gary Copyright © Tower! 3D Pro is a registered product of FeelThere Inc. Copyright © Real Traffic and Real Colors are registered products of Nyergesdesign Tower 3D Pro Airlines Master_v6.1 (A4).pdf Tower 3D Pro Airlines Master _v6.1 (Letter).pdf
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    Gabor from Nyerges Design, has again requested what airport Real Colour pack the community would like to see updated with new liveries. As before we will vote on the airport, when the poll closes, I will set up a new thread for specific livery requests. NB: KLAX, KJFK, LEBL, and EGKK have been omitted, as have recently had updates/been released. The poll is open to all forum members. Special mention to @crbascott for initiating the first community livery update.
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    Thank-you for pointing this out. I had missed this thinking by choosing Kg in the Load manager of the configuration utility this would change the units in the FMS. Mike
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    Actually what happens in the sim engine is slightly different than what @ac455 describes above. Arrivals do not get deleted - the "no free terminal" error just means that at this point in time there is no gate available. The engine will continuously check (originally it was every 15 minutes but was improved to check every minute or two) to see if a gate frees up. If you look at a log file, this is evidenced by the many "no free terminal" messages for the same flight. If/when a gate becomes available, the arrival will spawn. After you press start (and not at pushback) is when the internal tracon (as FT likes to call it) determines the departure scenarios for each flight in the schedule (up to 8 hours). If there are not enough gates available to handle all the departures, then a departure could get dropped and you'll see a message like "Airplane dropped, no declared terminal". A departure could also never spawn if the tracon makes it dependent on an incoming arrival. You'll see these flights in the log file labelled as "Restarter airplanes". Again, this is done in the loading process so you'll see this "early" in the log file. The more flights that are loaded at the beginning the bigger the chance for some to not appear. That is why I was the first custom schedule maker to provide schedule snippets to combat this issue. Now most other custom schedule makers do the same whether they call them snippets or not. As they say, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". Also, as an FYI, you do not need to run tower.bat to get a log file. After your session you'll find a log file called output_log.txt in the tower3d_Data folder.
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    Only the flights in the schedule will appear, but they may appear in different orders and at different times depending on gate availability, and arrival spacing restrictions. You will find all those flights somewhere in the schedule.
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    Well, the mantra around here for several years has been no log = no bug. So, if you want something fixed you need to provide logs and/or screenshots.
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    No, in all current versions of FSUIPc4 and 5 the email address can be different. It is only the user name that should be the same. Pete
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    What would really help would be the use of "expedite" for getting slow-taxiing planes off the runway in time for the following plane's safe touchdown....! ...or some speed control for planes on approach? Still good fun though!
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    And if the game time runs past midnight, traffic will stop due to this bug.
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    Played for about just over an hour at 90% load to get used to the taxiway layout and I am in love with this airport. The amount of work you guys have done really shows here! I think there is a new contender for my favourite airport to play. Can’t wait to have some more free time to really get into it at 100%.
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    After a full install of "everything", everything works fine again. Something to do with C++ missing.
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    Probably a bit late for you but yes, running 170/190 in 4.4 just fine.
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    SimSmith released KLGA in Nov 2017 and at the time promised to fix several bugs A.S.A.P. (mentioning a Jan 2018 SP that never occurred) and even talked about converting his Tower!2011 airports to 3D. He hasn't been seen or heard from in over a year on the forum and quit updating his Facebook page. I understand you going through the standard bug/log protocol, but in this case I have a hard time realistically expecting any updates to KLGA.
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