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    While I managed the Discord multiplayer server (Tower_MP) we had a dedicated channel for wishlist items for the next version of the Tower series. Below is an unedited/just as they were submitted compilation of all 69 wishlist items. Wishlist Number: 1 wishlist Item: that all previous airports be upgradeable to work with in the new version with minimal cost. Wishlist details: All airports currently in the base game of tower 3d pro and its expansion airports. WISHLIST NUMBER: 2 WISHLIST ITEM: Cross runway commands included WISHLIST DETAILS: As above WISHLIST NUMBER: 3 WISHLIST ITEM: Taxi speeds to be realistic WISHLIST DETAILS: When planes have landed, plane holds speed until close to its exit taxiway WISHLIST NUMBER: 4 WISHLIST ITEM: Action cameras to be more customisible WISHLIST DETAILS: To be able to choose when to zoom and to be able to hold zoom, choose position of camera (eg from behind, from above) WISHLIST NUMBER: 5 WISHLIST ITEM: Multiplayer TRACON inclusion WISHLIST DETAILS: Expand the game to include a TRACON section, and integrate it with multiplayer. This could create a simulation of at least 4 player games (Ground, Tower, Approach, Departure) WISHLIST NUMBER: 6 WISHLIST ITEM: Reduce the approach distance from 20NM to about 10NM WISHLIST DETAILS: A 20NM finale is not realistic most Towers don't get the call more than 10NM out(here at CYYZ its about 5-7miles out is their control range) EDIT: I really don't care if they decide to show us 20NM out like it is now but having control that far out is as stated before unrealistic and does not happen WISHLIST NUMBER: 7 WISHLIST ITEM: Some form of emergencies/special situations WISHLIST DETAILS: Have some type of emergencies(eg:low fuel or something) or have a departure have to return for some reason(which can happen) or have a plane come in diverted from another airport or something.... somethings could be difficult to implement but something more dynamic like emergencies would be neat and keep gameplay fresh and exciting and not just clearing planes for takeoff and landings Wishlist Number: 8 Wishlist Item: Realistic Weather and Seasons Wishlist details: see above The weather afffecting incomeing and outgoing planes ie snow storms that turn into blizzards and the Clearing of runways WISHLIST NUMBER: 9 WISHLIST ITEM: Be able to see what gate an arrival is going to park at before giving the command to taxi to ramp/terminal/apron WISHLIST DETAILS: see above- its annoying to have to give an additional taxi to ramp command because you just guessed at where they wanted to park WISHLIST NUMBER: 10 WISHLIST ITEM: Granular parking assignments WISHLIST DETAILS: Assign parking at the gate (instead of terminal) level WISHLIST NUMBER: 11 WISHLIST ITEM: Differentiate regional airlines by carrier WISHLIST DETAILS: A common example I use is that Compass flies for both American and Delta into LAX. The national carrier they are flying for should determine the livery and parking assignment. WISHLIST NUMBER: 12 WISHLIST ITEM: Improve runway assignments for arriving planes WISHLIST DETAILS: A major issue I have at some airports (KBOS, KPHL, and KLAS come to mind) is that the sim will assign runways to planes that wouldn't realistically land there. Medium to big planes getting sent to 17/35 at KPHL and large waives of commercial jets at KLAS sent to the 19s (primarily used by GA) when the 26s are open with little to no traffic. A possible solution would be to add a new function where the next X number of arrivals are previewed (before they show up on radar) with the proposed landing runway. The proposed landing runway could then be changed. This function could be the responsibility of another player/controller or an existing position (most likely tower). Bottom line, it's really not our place to figure out a solution - it just needs to be improved. WISHLIST NUMBER 13 WISHLIST ITEM: Airport Ops WISHLIST DETAILS: Having basic Airport Operations on and around the airport. Such as tugs moving from ramp to ramp communicating with ground or Ops vehicles performing runway inspections. It could add a lot more realism and immersion into what its like working Ground/Tower. wishlist number 14 wishlist item: being able to pushback on every taxiway wishlist details: sometimes I've got the problem that planes dont always pick up the command to hold short of a certain taxiway so planes get on a collision course on the same taxiway with no exit. Being able to get out of that situation with things like a pushback truck would be nice. WISHLIST NUMBER: 15 WISHLIST ITEM: Taxing on Runways WISHLIST DETAILS: I'd like to be able to command planes to taxi on a runway. KBOS in real life has planes taxi on the crossing runways to the ramp to avoid planes having to slowly taxi on the landing runway to the end. Ex: Planes arriving 04R will taxi on 15L to N to the ramp. WISHLIST NUMBER: 16 WISHLIST ITEM: Ground vehicles perform realistically WISHLIST DETAILS: Ground vehicles follow correct roadways, ground vehicles dont drive through/get in the way of taxiing planes WISHLIST NUMBER: 17 WISHLIST ITEM: Planes use runway exits correctly WISHLIST DETAILS: Planes exit at high speed exits at speed, when exiting runway the plane doesn't dead stop before continuing taxi, planes don't stop with their tail out onto the runway WISHLIST NUMBER: 18 WISHLIST ITEM: Give Way WISHLIST DETAILS: I'd like to be able to command planes to give way to a plane pushing or to one coming out of the alley. WISHLIST NUMBER: 19 WISHLIST ITEM: The ability to rotate the map within the ADIRS WISHLIST DETAILS: Would like the ability to be able to rotate the taxiway map within the ADIRS to maximise the amount of space within the window. So if the map is say at a 45 degree angle, I would like to be able to make it at 0 degrees (diagonal slant to horizontal) WISHLIST NUMBER: 20 WISHLIST ITEM: Updrade of 3d Game graphics to HD level WISHLIST DETAILS: The quality of the current graphics are old school now and need to be far sharper than currently and at least HD level. Lagging way behind the standards of modern games being released now at similar prices. WISHLIST NUMBER: 21 WISHLIST ITEM: One for Gabor which he could do now...Cargo plane model skins not to have windows and defined as F (ie 748F, etc) WISHLIST DETAILS: Hopefully speaks for itself and would look great when combined with better graphics as in WL 20 above WISHLIST NUMBER: 22 WISHLIST ITEM: Completely re-model all current aircraft to be modelled to all the same scale. WISHLIST DETAILS: Aircraft can be seen currently in game to be different scales. i.e. the b739 seems large compared to a b767. Plenty of other instances of this. WISHLIST NUMBER: 23 WISHLIST ITEM: Modding Tools WISHLIST DETAILS: To provide modding tools to the community so we don't have to develop our own. Main ones I was thinking of were: a) Schedule Developer b) Airport Editor (sort of like AFCAD design for Flight Sim is what I am thinking here) c) Ability to repaint default aircraft skins using PS or other image editor WISHLIST NUMBER: 24 WISHLIST ITEM: Better terminology in given instructions. See details below. WISHLIST DETAILS: As much as I appreciate that the developers primary language isn't English; I think the current statements given are really poor and could be improved. This isn't a given for every single command. WISHLIST NUMBER: 25 WISHLIST ITEM: Modernize the equipment (ADIRS, DBRITE, STRIP) and take advantage of multiple screens in the design/use WISHLIST DETAILS: The Dubai ATC video I posted shows that the equipment used by controllers has advanced quite a bit while FeelThere keeps us in the 20th century. I can't find anything on ADIRS anymore. ASDE-X has been around for quite a while and in use at most US airports released thus far. I'm sure there are alternatives also. The DBRITE is pretty basic and could use some enhancing. Our STRIPs are digital but have none of the digital functionality (like status updates and categorization). Regarding the second part of my wishlist. I can understand having less functionality and keeping these items small/compact for single screen users. But for those that use multiple screens, take advantage of the real estate. WISHLIST NUMBER: 26 WISHLIST ITEM: Progressive taxi WISHLIST DETAILS: Currently when routing a plane on the ground we must provide an entire route to the endpoint (RAMP/APRON/TERMINAL or RUNWAY). In real life this doesn't always happen as a controller is just trying to get a plane from A to B. Additionally if we get to handle occupied gates, progressive taxi will be necessary. Theoretically, this is already on the list for the next version (https://forum.simflight.com/topic/85206-ai-routing-issues/?do=findComment&comment=515395) but I don't want to let FeelThere off the hook. WISHLIST NUMBER: 27 WISHLIST ITEM: Use preferred callsign pronunciations (Group form and heavy/super) WISHLIST DETAILS: Tower!3D Pro and Tower!2011 only use single digits (example: "United Five One Seven") for callsigns. The preferred method by the FAA is called group form. The following are examples in the official policy: “American Fifty−Two”, “Delta One Hundred”, “Eastern Metro One Ten”, “General Motors Thirty Fifteen”, “United One Zero One”, “Delta Zero One Zero”, “TWA Ten Zero Four.” Additionally the FAA states that the word super/heavy must be used as part of the identification in all communications with or about super/heavy aircraft. Example: "“United Fifty−Eight Heavy". WISHLIST NUMBER: 28 WISHLIST ITEM: Enhance generic use of handoffs WISHLIST DETAILS: (a) In most airports you very seldom hear the pilot contact Tower - it's usually the other way around - Tower contacts the pilot. Once Ground has given final taxi instructions and is ready to handoff, they will say something like "Monitor Tower 118.1". At this point control passes to the tower controller but the pilot doesn't talk (no "with you") but switches to the tower frequency and listens. (b) In some handoffs the frequency should be passed (Example; "Contact Ground 121.65") and at some airports a specific name is used ("Contact SoCal Departure" ). WISHLIST NUMBER: 29 WISHLIST ITEM: String/combine commands together WISHLIST DETAILS: The current process is basically one command, one transmission. I would like to see the ability to string/combine commands together. Simple examples would be issuing a taxi via and hold short together -and- issuing a cross runway and contact ground together. WISHLIST NUMBER: 30 WISHLIST ITEM: As tower controller, have the ability to request that an arrival aircraft approach at a given speed (increase or decrease it's approach speed). WISHLIST DETAILS: e.g. "[callsign], increase approach speed to 150 knots" or "[callsign], decrease approach speed to 140 knots". Realism would be required here on the developers side due to different aircraft sizes and weights obviosuly. This happens in reality at most UK airports. e.g. At "medium-small" airports tower controllers control the approach speed of aircraft for seperation purposes. At major airports such as Heathrow, the arrival controller will control the approach speeds. WISHLIST NUMBER: 31 WISHLIST ITEM: If commands are issued, have the aircraft follow them immediately without the need to stop, unless instructed to via hold short command OR due to airport hold short points (e.g. runway entry points). WISHLIST DETAILS: i.e. If a controller issues a "continue taxi" command to an aircraft with a hold short command, the aircraft ignores the original hold short command and follows the given new command immediately without stopping. WISHLIST NUMBER: 32 WISHLIST ITEM: Strip info auto update improvements WISHLIST DETAILS: Add the following strip info automatically: - Arrival exits for the tower controller - Departure takeoff hold short points for ground controller WISHLIST NUMBER: 33 WISHLIST ITEM: Controller annotations (if used) on the strip to be automatically visible to both controllers. WISHLIST DETAILS: The strip currently holds the ability to add custom notes. However at this current time, only the controller who makes the notes can see them. I feel it would be handy to have an auto sync function so that both controllers can see each others notes. WISHLIST NUMBER: 34 WISHLIST ITEM: Inclusion of SIDs and STARs (inc. clearances). See details below. WISHLIST DETAILS: Was thinking more along the lines of including a SID (standard instrument departure on this one) as it would be so much more realistic. WISHLIST NUMBER: 35 WISHLIST ITEM: Introduce Control Customisation. WISHLIST DETAILS: Allow users to customise controls such as the PTT key. WISHLIST NUMBER: 36 WISHLIST ITEM: File Sync option in game for making sure users have the same files prior to starting a MP session. WISHLIST DETAILS: Have an option in the MP menu to allow the host to sync files between both parties so they have the same files. Would be great for custom schedules. WISHLIST NUMBER: 37 WISHLIST ITEM: Follow "Call Sign" WISHLIST DETAILS: Same as "Follow Company" but with aircrafts from other companies WISHLIST NUMBER: 38 WISHLIST ITEM: Read Back, then Next Request WISHLIST DETAILS: In the current version, when a plan has a request (to push/taxi/land) they will call the controller regardless of if the controller just gave another plane instructions. I’d like for the instruction read-back to occur first, then the next request. WISHLIST NUMBER: 39 WISHLIST ITEM: A cancel voice command button/control WISHLIST DETAILS: Add a control or button which we can click or press to cancel a current voice command that is currnetly being translated. I don't like the current system whereby if you make a mistake or the sim mis-understands you, that you have to hold the PTT key down so that the command can be forgotten in order for you to retry. A control or button in the sim to cancel this would be useful, so you do not have to wait. WISHLIST NUMBER: 40 WISHLIST ITEM: Ability to decide how many hours of flights should be loaded WISHLIST DETAILS: Currently 8 hours of flights are being loaded when you start a session. This results in overfilled airports and in result of that in arriving planes that don´t even spawn or even departing planes that don´t get an available gate at the start of the game. You should be able to decide how many hours of flight you want to load to make both (long session players and short session enthusiasts) happy..... (eg: slider to pick from 1-8 hours of loaded flights) WISHLIST NUMBER: 41 WISHLIST ITEM: Able to use more than 6 taxiways in a single instruction WISHLIST DETAILS: The game currently has it hard coded that we can only use 6 taxiways in a single command. Seeing as LEBL has just been released with a rather large number of taxiway labels, I feel it would be beneficial if we could have unlimited taxiways when issuing taxi commands. WISHLIST NUMBER 42: Multi player lobby WISHLIST ITEM: Have a multiplier party finder lobby. WISHLIST DETAILS: As a User I want the ability to go to a multiplayer lobby join on people wanting to play the game. So that I don’t need to hunt the forums to find a friend to paly with. The lobby could also check for version compatibility. WISHLIST NUMBER 43: Dedicated server API WISHLIST ITEM: Allow payers to setup a dedicated server(s). WISHLIST DETAILS: As a User I want the ability to set up a dedicated multiplayer server(s) that players could easily find and connect to so that players don’t need to relay on the in-game multiplayer mechanics. The idea is that I could host a game on a dedicated server, then the players could see that they were open and join in on the game. Dedicated server would do the heavy listing and, also maintain all the map and traffic files. That why players don’t need to spend hours trying to see if they have compatible files. WISHLIST NUMBER 44: updater tool WISHLIST ITEM: version compatibility and updater tool WISHLIST DETAILS: As a user I want the game to inform me if a DLC (addon) is out of date so that I know to patch the DLC. If possible, it would be nice to have the game ask if we want to download the latest files. That way we don’t need to go hunting for the emails, keys and downloaders. WISHLIST NUMBER: 45 WISHLIST ITEM: Multiplayer pause function WISHLIST DETAILS: The ability for either player to pause the game whilst in a multiplayer session. WISHLIST NUMBER: 46 WISHLIST ITEM: Ability to save the current session and reload from that point. WISHLIST DETAILS: I've always thought it would be beneficial to be able to save a session, both in single player and multiplayer. Thus allowing the player to resume a session from a specified save point. With regards to naming of said save files, it could either be the user responsibility or be generic e.g. USER 1 USER 2 DATE _ AIRPORT WISHLIST NUMBER: 47 WISHLIST ITEM: Control live airplanes with the use of real-time data WISHLIST DETAILS: With ADS-B and other real-time data feeds becoming more available (and required on aircraft), why not take advantage of the technology and use real-time data as the schedule. Incorporating this along with real-time weather and runway configurations would definitely be a unique experience. WISHLIST NUMBER: 48 WISHLIST ITEM: FeelThere continues to support base game as long as airports are being developed/released WISHLIST DETAILS: Pro was released in Jan/Feb 2017 and support stopped for the base engine in Mar 2018 - barely a year later. However, there are serious bugs/flaws in the base engine that plague both old airports and new releases. If this is their support model in the future, is there any reason to trust/support them if they have chosen to not support their customers and products? WISHLIST NUMBER: 49 WISHLIST ITEM: Improve documentation (game manual) WISHLIST DETAILS: This one is more for the "just bought the sim for the first time" players. The documentation (game manual) needs seriously improving. I personally learnt more from this community, the manual provided by rameus and threads on the forum. WISHLIST NUMBER: 50 WISHLIST ITEM: Traffic Pattern WISHLIST DETAILS: Seriously improve this as it doesn't work as it should in game at all. OR just totally get rid of it completely. WISHLIST NUMBER: 51 WISHLIST ITEM: Improve overall pushback WISHLIST DETAILS: Pushback communication, including direction of pushback rather than runway. Pushback is realistic, the tug doesn't push then pull the aircraft halfway up the taxiway WISHLIST NUMBER: 52 WISHLIST ITEM: Multiple ground/tower controllers WISHLIST DETAILS: I added this as a discussion point for #5 but it really should be a separate item. At game setup, there should be an option to have more than 1 tower and ground controller. Example: north ground, south ground, north tower, south tower at LAX. At busier airports (like KATL) this would be a real plus. And, if FT adds some of the other features that we are requesting the responsibilities of each position will increase making multiple positions almost a necessity. Implementing it where the split in duties is user-defined would be an added bonus. WISHLIST NUMBER: 53 WISHLIST ITEM: Military aircraft WISHLIST DETAILS: As an example, at KPHX, there is an Air National Guard ramp on the north side of the field. It would be wonderful to see military movements at airports that have such ramps. Plus, seeing a flight of F-16s or a C-17 would definitely break up the humdrum of pushing civilian tin. WISHLIST NUMBER: 54 WISHLIST ITEM:Fix last plane called on MP WISHLIST DETAILS: The "Last Plane Called" command on multiplayer is totally screwed up. If the host calls this command, the client gets the reply for themselves as well and visa versa. WISHLIST NUMBER: 55 WISHLIST ITEM: Consistant installers WISHLIST DETAILS: All the DLC installers at the moment are not consistantly installing directly to the main Tower 3D Pro folder. This has caused many issues for those who are not so technically minded to realise the installers aren't installing files to the correct locations. It's been all over the forum. WISHLIST NUMBER: 56 WISHLIST ITEM:Each installer needs its own uninstaller WISHLIST DETAILS: Currently each installer for DLC installs a default "uninstall.exe". Each installer needs to have a seperate uninstaller in order for a user to uninstall the entire T3D Pro sim fully (e.g. uninstallkjfk.exe, uninstalljfkrc.exe ... etc). Not just uninstall the last DLC that was installed. i.e. If you install all airports, all RC and lastly RT. If you run the uninstaller for any of those you have installed, you will only uninstall RT as that was the last item to be installed. WISHLIST NUMBER: 57 WISHLIST ITEM: Career Mode? WISHLIST DETAIL: I would love for there to be a Career Mode feature whereby you have to rank up to be able to control at certain airports. Also introudction of more detailed stats would be great! WISHLIST NUMBER: 58 WISHLIST ITEM: File System designed for community made add-ons (like Flight Simulator) WISHLIST DETAILS: A good example of what I mean is how FSX/P3D handles AI aircraft. Models would be provided and the community could use paint kits to develop airline liveries. With dynamic (next wishliste iten) schedules this would be a must have to avoid white planes WISHLIST NUMBER: 59 WISHLIST ITEM: Dynamic schedules WISHLIST DETAILS: Some service that could provide dynamic and live schedules. I was thinking of grabbing parameters from FlightAware or Flightradar24. To be able to choose on a 24-hour timetable it would use flights from 2-3 days ago having problem with editing.... I didn't mean to get the information directly from FlightAware of Flightradar24... was just meant to give an idea WISHLIST NUMBER: 60 WISHLIST ITEM: Realistic landing or departure runway requirements being met WISHLIST DETAILS: Currently the Sim is coded so that aircraft use a fixed length interger when departing or landing on a runway - regardless of destination / origin. In real life, even though aircraft specs for runway requirements are the same - due to the weight of an aircraft being considerably smaller for a short haul flight compared to a long haul, the aircraft that weights less due to having less fuel onboard etc will use less runway to depart or land on. I would love to see dynamic runway length for departures / landings being implemented - based on aircraft destination / origin. i.e. if it is a long haul, the aircraft uses a greater distance to depart or land; whilst a short haul uses a smaller amount of runway to depart or land. WISHLIST NUMBER: 61 WISHLIST ITEM: Consistancy in game coding files (schedule and ga traffic) ! WISHLIST DESCRIPTION: Currently when coding custom schedules, there seems to be alot of inconsistancy: i.e. GA traffic file uses ICAO codes for the airports whereas commercial use IATA codes! And in the commercial schedule.txt file you see the departure iata, arrival iata ... then later the times are arrival, departure ... great logic here! WISHLIST NUMBER: 62 WISHLIST ITEM: See short taxiway´s names when zooming in WISHLIST DESCRIPTION: For example at KPHL I recently noticed that taxiways R, V, Q, TA can be used in the game. Would be nice to be able to see them at least when zooming in in the ADIRS. WISHLIST NYMBER 63 WISHLIST ITEM: more buttons for mouse controllers WISHLIST DESCRIPTION: lot of typing when you have to type in contact ground/tower at every aircraft WISHLIST NUMBER 64 WISHLIST ITEM: New Airport KDFW WISHLIST DISCRIPTION: DFW should be added to Tower3d because it is the busiest airport in Texas, and it would be cool to have a home state airport to control. WISHLIST NUMBER: 65 WISHLIST ITEM: aircraft crabbing animations in high winds WISHLIST DISCRIPTION:I would love to see aircraft "crabbing" in high winds 😃 Whether they are on approach or departing 😃 WISHLIST NUMBER: 66 WISHLIST ITEM: movable flightstrips WISHLIST DISCRIPTION: Could help managing the planes in realistic way in own preference WISHLIST NUMBER: 67 WISHLIST ITEM: different planes colors on "ADIRS"/ASDE-X WISHLIST DISCRIPTION: Would be easier and more real to manage a huge traffic to have an eye on those leaving/entering some terminals/gates WISHLIST NUMBER: 68 WISHLIST ITEM: Cargo Flights WISHLIST DETAILS: have a separate ramp to where cargo planes could be included and used WISHLIST NUMBER: 69 WISHLIST ITEM: Aircraft Sound WISHLIST DETAIL: In-game aircraft use real sounds (takeoff whine, idle/taxi, reverse thrust) that are also
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    more than likely u are the only 1 becuz both cpc and clx are not even in the RT schedule for omdb so their is no patch needed since the problem is on you're end and if u r using a custom schedule then maybe u need to ad them too the terminal file.
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    bummer i guess that meens i wont get to vote becuz my fav is not in the list oh well but wow u said they r working on ksea to i didnt know that and havent seen that before but if u say it it must be true this is so awesome but we r gonna be broke buying dlcs but i think ill save sum of my moeny for the next version ESPecially if the landing gear goes up an down an all the other stuff peeple wish for gets put in to
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    i like all the airports but especially lga mem phx tist i think they are the best airports ever made but i really hope for ord or dfw because they are the best airports ever made too
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    would be cool if that when a plane takes off if the landing gear can be automated to retract
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    Requests are finished. The final list has been sent to Gabor
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    Here is my list (been slowly collecting it since the day after launch). I put asterisks next to items I feel are especially needed. *-Multiple fixed POVs (user selectable) (i.e. Tower, ramp tower, end of the runway, cargo ramp, major intersections, etc.) -Chase plane view -There should be two options for schedules, Fixed (user-made) and randomly generated (but based on airlines known to serve a given airport). Having this would suit different styles of play. *-Colors should be more vibrant *-Downloadable real world weather, or at least allow users to set the desired wind direction/speed along with other weather parameters. *-Visible landing lights on airborne aircraft -Real pilot voices -International terminals need to be handled differently, so that flights are not classified just by carrier, but by destination/origin. For example, at KATL, DAL does fly out of international terminal, but you will not see DAL MD-80s and CRJs there. Instead it will usually be A330s,767s and 777s. The small fries mostly go to other terminals. -Aircraft should periodically need to be towed between terminals and maintenance facilities. *-Provide a way for aircraft that get into in nose-to-nose situations to be towed out of the way. When this happens IRL (rare but it does happen), life does not stop permanently, it is just delayed for a while and someone gets yelled at and towed out of the way 🙂 -Holding pads should be incorporated where appropriate. -Catering trucks, waste disposal trucks, wing walkers, need I say more 🙂 -I understand that you do not wish to depict crashes, but there should still be emergencies. Aircraft that need to return to the gate because of sick passenger or mechanical failure or other problems. -Player should be evaluated on average time from runway to gate, and from gate to runway -Speaking of seasons... We need them. Have the trees change color and the length of the day and night vary realistically. In winter weather, aircraft should require a visit to a deicing station, prior to departure. -Please incorporate more realistic cargo terminals with actual buildings. -If RT and RC will continue to be sold as add-ons, then they should be purchasable/install able from within the game. -Ability to work Ground, and have the Tower position automated in single player mode. At bigger airports, the player should even be able to chose among several positions (i.e. ground northside, ramp tower, etc.) to work, as well as being able to combine them. -Aircraft landing speeds should be less sluggish, and planes should clear the runway quickly. -A "cleared for immediate takeoff" command to expedite departures when necessary. -"Turn right/left on Taxiway xxx" command. -We need a "Give way" command. i.e. "Give way to DAL 737 before joining taxiway Mike." *-Pushback instructions need to include "tail north/south/east/west" -Gates need to be spaced farther apart, so that planes are not crammed together unrealistically at crowded airports like KLGA -Allow for multiple liveries of the same airline and airframe (e.g. SWA uses several different liveries for their 737-800s) -User-controlled spacing requirements for approaches (i.e 5 miles, 8 miles, 10 miles); this could be incorporated by allowing us to "send a request" to Approach Control Andrew
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    Hey, i just thought about this idea yesterday when i tried out YMML: It would be nice, if one could configure the runways a bit more when starting up a session (regarding arrivals). I was thinking about defining which runways will be GA-Arrivals only / Commercial only or mixed arrivals. I addition to that it would be nice to decide wheater a certain runway is open for all aircraft types or just heavies. For example playing YMML in the config: 27 for arrivals only, 34 for all departures and some heavy arrivals. I´d like to be able to adjust the runway settings so the runway 34 only has arriving heavies and that all other smaller planes go to runway 27. On the other hand a percentage slider would be nice so one can decide on the percentage of planes that arrive on a specific runway. If for example on an airport most of the planes arrive on one runway and the other runway is used not so often, one could put the slider for the first runway to 90% and the other to 10% 🙂 One more thing: Adding the ability to use the runway setup as it is used right now in the real world would add a lot of realism if one wishes for that ^^ Thank you!
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    Dear Folks, We got a new RT from Nyerges Design (posted on BMT already). It supposedly fixes the issues with LFPG and OMDB. Vic
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    omdb_airlines.txt omdb_airplanes.txt omdb_airports.txt omdb_schedule.txt omdb_terminal.txt
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    I did some landing tests of all 11 variations of the B747 we have in the game. Only the 74N is unable to land at 22L and 22R. According to RT, the 74N requires a runway length of 8514 to land and 22L (8401) and 22R (7925) are too short. Based on the other variations, the 74N could use some adjusting (probably need to look at the takeoff distance too). Additionally, it looks like the 74Y could use some adjusting. Hopefully @nyergesdesign can tweak this, we went through this exercise almost 2 years ago and it needs to happen again. Below are the required runway lengths of all 11 B747 variations according to RT: 74D - 6930 74E - 6534 74L - 6930 74M - 6930 742 - 6534 743 - 6930 744 -6534 74Y - ? (was able to land at 15L/33R at KBOS which is only 2559 ft) 😂 747 - 6534 748 - 6930 74N - 8514 Note: I'm going to mention this again. We had the ability to edit these attributes in T!2011, but lost it in T!3D. Definitely need modding capabilities back in the next version ... having to hope and wait on the developers to take action on these "simple" issues can be frustrating.
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    Hello all, My first play it through video of Tower 3D EGKK Gatwick with Battlehawks 2019 custom schedule. watch here I had to do a link text above, otherwise for some reason it loads up on here as a massive video preview! I hope it's ok, any constructive criticism is welcome, playing it back I seem to be a bit boring, but for the first video of these types I didn't know much what to say especially when it got a bit quiet (which I cut some of the quiet traffic bit out in the end) Also if I'm playing it wrong in terms of holding points and taxi routes, do let me know! James.
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    @ATC AlaskaGuy You could also just put on your big boy pants and do some research for a change - you can't always expect to get everything delivered to you on a silver platter in life. Grow up! If you read the manual or do the search I suggested, you'd know everything you'd need to know about the command. It makes no sense to repeat what is in those threads. Obviously, the language you used should result in a banning, But something tells me you'll be back as changing your name/identity is not unusual for you.
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    Awesome! All working again on my side. Thanks to all for your help and input, much appreciated!
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    As an aside, I also found that mic quality (I guess in retrospect, this is obvious) plays a role. I had several instances of frustration with speech recognition especially if background noise in the house was high. I wound up purchasing a $30 Fifine mic off of Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Microphone-Condenser-Recording-Streaming-669B/dp/B06XCKGLTP) that's sort of "entry streaming/podcasting" (or described as such anyway). I've seen a noticeable difference in the quality of speech recognition by simply changing up my mic situation. My old mic wasn't bad - I played games with my kids (and we use in-game or discord audio to communicate) and it has never been a problem. That said it was apparently just bad enough that it was causing some issues with speech recognition (I kind of wonder if I was also getting audio bleed from the headphones...). Either way, if you have $30 to spare for trying out a different microphone setup, I'd consider that.
  18. 1 point
    Well I played Dubai a second time with the Real Traffic schedule and while fun I know the airport is busier and I really wanted to play the very well designed and well mapped airport with actual traffic so I pulled the data for Saturday the 14th and made a schedule. I test loaded the completed schedule to ensure it loaded without issue which it did. I played through 4 am without any problems (other than my errors :p) as well. I have not played the other periods just yet. In total there are 1056 handles to enjoy. I broke the day up into several periods you can reference the grouped folders against the below chart. I didn't want the airport to be empty for some of the slower periods as an explanation for the groupings. I will be playing through more periods looking for any errors or problems. I may have put a few airlines at the wrong terminal. Some I could not find listings for or flight data showing where they parked but tried to be accurate. Will correct as I find mistakes and feel free to post any you find. If they are things I can I will correct. Video of 4am Play Through Download Here and I hope you enjoy! Edit: 9/16 - Corrected a flight Edit: 9/17 - Corrected some aircraft Edit: 9/25 - Replaced Terminal File with one from Biosuit1
  19. 1 point
    Brilliant, thats a great help. Will try it over the weekend and let you know how i get on. Thanks Biosuit1 🙂
  20. 1 point
    Hi, just go back 1 page and you can select the whole .zip file to download if I remember correctly. Had the same problem as you for the individual file.
  21. 1 point
    Ah, that's the nicest thing anyone has said to me this week. 😂
  22. 1 point
    I personally think FlightAware is the best data source.
  23. 1 point
  24. 1 point
    Louis. Please don't post in all caps. It is the equivalent of screaming at everyone.
  25. 1 point
    Dear Users, thank you for your reports on the OMDB schedule. We found some problems in the schedules and we are working hard to release a service pack as soon as possible. Gabor
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