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    Dear Folks, In the light of recent events around the world, looks like many of us will be asked to stay at home. To help you we run an unscheduled sales event discounting almost all but the latest products by 50%. As a matter of fact our two best sellers for fs9 and fsX (the Phenom and Florida Landings) are free during this sale event to help those who are still using older computers. https://www.feelthere.com/product-category/holiday-sales/ Please be safe and stay home. Vic & Team
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    Hello! Thanks for checking out my first ever custom schedule! This is based on the scheduled March 30th KLAX schedule. I took a combination of FlightAware and FR24 to build it (with a little bit of detective work to fill out any items e.g. only 1 BA flight). It's been a bit of an awkward time to build a schedule, but I think I've managed to take a decent crack at it. GA is NOT fully fictional. There's a total 1693 flights with a decent mix of cargo and flights. I've also included a couple more visualizations 🙂 I'm working on creating more - but that's a longer term project. I have included 3 separate master schedules in here: 1) As close to possible schedule 2) I've tried to keep to KLAX, KPHL, TIST Real Colour, but there may be some blank liveries to keep the actual planes used. Cargo liveries likely blank if you don't have the RC for the airports they fly into. 3) Only KLAX, KPHL, TIST Real Colour. Cargo flights have been amended to fall what is in the RC LAX. Please be gentle and let me know if you find any bugs or comments! 🙂 Spacing could probably be better. GA is still a work in progress... If there is interest in this schedule, I will break it into the hourly blocks as suggested by @pete_agreatguy Download link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlcrUZNLK1OlgdJWxDLTOC6YnCvfsQ?e=uFpypR Big shout out to @Ripskin for helping me out 🙂 Things iamblue91 is addressing in post: 1) Hourly blocks 2) 73J in some of the files to be changed to 739 Edit 1.1 - Forgot to add 2 of the schedules. Added them on 6 April morning in North America.
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    Alaska Airlines Op'd by SkyWest E175 reg N185SY - On final... A couple more previews of N185SY, Alaska Airlines Operated by SkyWest before I publish it to AVSIM tomorrow (Mar 29). Here it is on the ramp at KSEA pushed back from the gate at Terminal B .
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    Update v0.42 Selection of aircraft models for GA flights refined to prevent unwanted gaps on arriving flights. The Schedule Builder has passed the beta phase. No new features/options for the Schedule Builder are planned after leaving the beta. The only exception is the implementation of local air traffic, which is still on the agenda for a later date. In the course of this week the implementation of additional airports will be started. Which airports will come next and when exactly these are available, I don't dare to determine. The plan is that at least two more airports will be included this month. From now on a contact form is available, where you can report praise, criticism and especially bugs, inconsistencies and abnormalities, which you have found playing the game. I am a private person and not a company - therefore there is no department for data protection available. The contact form can be used without providing any personal or private information such as name, email address, etc. and I encourage everyone not to disclose any personal information unless absolutely necessary. (E.g. an email address if an answer is absolutely needed). At this point I would like to thank everyone who helped me create the tool, find bugs and collect information. Especially I would like to thank @Ripskin for the many gameplay tests and @OneNothing, who did and still does a lot of the research on destinations, flight numbers, terminals, etc. so that I can focus on integrating the airports into the tool. But in general I want to thank everyone who was and is active in and outside of this thread. You all are truly awesome! 👍
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    Due to the current "situation" I spend more time at home than I would like to, to put it mildly. Thus the update comes earlier than planned. Update v0.38b The incidence of an airline going to (or coming from) the same destination in a row has been drastically reduced. (See notes.) Intercontinental flights are now served by long-haul aircraft only, if possible. (See notes.) Minor code changes that are not worth being specified. Notes: - The tool now checks, during the creation, if there are identical destinations directly after each other and replaces them accordingly. Especially for small airports such as TIST, where most airlines only fly to one or two destinations, the more flights per hour are created, the more identical destinations can (and will) continue to be used in a row. At larger airports and airports with airlines serving many destinations, it can still happen, even if only sporadically. Just look at it as if one (or more) of the flights is delayed due to a technical defect, weather or something similar, which in the real world, unfortunately, is not uncommon. - Even if I now have unexpectedly more time, it will not happen, as mentioned in the previous post, that the Schedule Builder selects specific aircraft models for specific destinations based on target distances and aircraft ranges. But at least I can now provide you with a "light version". For this purpose, all, no matter if cargo or not, A300, A330, A340, A350, A380, MD11, B747, B767, B777 and B787 are designated as long-haul aircraft. If a flight crosses continental borders and there is one of these aircraft types in the RC Pack for the selected airport, for the airline in question, it will be used for the flight. If more than one model is available, the choice will be made randomly. To check if a continent is left, I have distributed approx. 2,800 of the most important destinations to 6 (!) continents. For a better result the Middle East has become a virtual continent of its own. The mechanism takes effect if the target (destination) is not found on the same continent where the operated airport is located, both for arrivals and departures. I try to include new local airports, that are possibly added with a release of a new DLC, as soon as possible. It should be noted that the reusability of aircraft models for schedules with high traffic volume should continue to be ensured. Possibly more heavy jets (even for domestic destinations) will now be used in the schedules. It would be important to get a report from you to make sure that the playability of the schedules is not affected. A further objective is the option to include local traffic if wanted. However, implementation is not planned within the next few weeks.
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    Delta Connection / Republic Airways E170 reg N815MD previews on the ramp at KBOS Gate A9 . I will be releasing this on AVSIM tomorrow 4/8/2020. It has custom wheel textures front and back. This is an old airframe (msn 34) and gets a lot of airtime. The main wheels are usually quite dirty as you see them here. The nosegear is not white, but gray metallic. Everybody stay safe and stay at home. Jeffrey S. Bryner
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    You will need QsimPlanner (v0.4.8 as I tested) found on : https://qsimplan.wordpress.com/ This is a basic Qsimplanner v0.4.8 performance data set for Feelthere E170/E190 v3 sp1 It contants: Data from E170/190 AOM vol.1 Flaps2 and 4 take-off performance. You can get max FLEX temp based on Field and Climb limitation for given airport, weather and weight; Mission fuel calculation data for both LRC and M0.78 profile at optimal cruise flight level; Unfactored demonstrate landing distance data for E190 Flaps5 and Full; Unfactored OPREATIONAL landing disnance for E170 with autobrake BUT only for 1/8 inch standing water runway It DOSE NOT contant: Vspd calculation, due to QSP limitation; Take-off data for wet runway and flaps1/3, due to lack of data; Improved climb (aka. different V2/Vs ratio) or obstacle limitation, due to both lack of data and QSP limitation; Mission fuel calculation for a given altitue due to QSP limitation; Operational landing distance for dry runway for giving autobrake, due to lack of data. Also notice: As for feelthere EjetV3's E190, the fuel flow is a bit higher than realworld data as this use, If you want better match with this dataset, edit aircraft.cfg and change "fuel_flow_scalar = 1.1" into "= 1.0" For E170 sp1, =1.0 for LRC and =1.12 for M.78 is more accurate Feelthere's LRC is not accurate, manually manage your speed pre AOM can give you the best tripfuel match, otherwise it's close enough though... TO data I input here are rounded to 100kg/100lb, so maybe it's not as accurate as AOM; Whiel AOM includ TO data for elevation 500/1500/2500/3500 feet, I tried some data point and found linear interpolation is good enough, so I only inputed data for 0/1000/2000/3000/4000, and let QSP do the rest; Optimal cruise flight level for E190/170 for route longer than 400nmi is almost all over FL350, if you plan to fly at around FL300, add 5% of trip fuel should do the trick; Due to QSP limitation OR my ignorance, I cant get both flaps or cruise profile into one aircraft profile, so there are 4 different airplane profile, E190L2 for flaps2 T/O and LRC cruise, E170M4 for flaps4 T/O and M0.78 cruise, and so on. I don't have time to double check all the numbers I typed in blindly, so if you find a typo or so (like 45.2 inputed as 35.2), please let me know. There are EJet Vspd calculator on X-plane.org and E190 Operational landing distance calculator on Appstore if you want.... INSTALLATION: Unzip "PerformanceData" floder into C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\qsimplanner\0.4.8\ merge with the one already in there, it should not override any file. There should be 8 aircraft type as "E190L2""E190L4""E190M2""E190M4" "E170L2""E170L4""E170M2""E170M4" in QSP's list, choose one fits you. Qsim_E190_Performancedata.zip Qsim_E170_PerformanceData.zip
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    NOTE Currently the Schedule Builder is not available. The hosting provider is maintaining the server. In the worst case, a total shutdown or sporadic downtimes may occur until Wednesday. It is more likely, however, that the work will be completed within the next 3 hours and the Schedule Builder will then be again fully available.
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    Alaska Airlines NC Operated by Horizon Air E175LR (N630QX) released on AVSIM: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=p3dacrp&DLID=217095
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    @EliGrim My statement was definitely not addressed to you. As @Pedantic G mentioned, I was referring to the current state of air travel. My stance on community developed freeware schedules/tools is “you get what you get and don’t throw a fit”. So, what you do and when you do it is is totally up to you and you should not be pressured. Sadly, there are members that aren’t appreciate of what people do in their spare time. I’m definitely not one of those, and although I’m disappointed you would think I would call you out, I’m going to chalk it up as a translation issue.
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    I'm glad this topic is being updated since i've started it in February 24, 2014. There's a lot of information over here: https://tar1090.adsbexchange.com/ I think this community sure can build sectors and schedules, so i'm willing to pay a less price if the the developers tools are provided too. Wouldn't it be great to build MUAC airspace for example ! So my answer to your question @FeelThere (release the product for a less price without support): YES, YES, YES !, i'm willing to buy it.
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    Good Evening, 4X-EA1 is now complete!! Enjoy, please see link below and screenshot!! https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApB2Juk4klxHims5NlPlH86SdUy_?e=DZNJhu CptAnubis ✈️ 🙂
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    Virago, First of all you hijacked this topic, next time start a new one please. "Remember me, the guy that jumped on you on facebook" Since you didn't offer even your first name, unfortunately I have no idea who you are and with all due respect I don't see what is this discussion is about. "Then your new game engine, real moving raindrops" Something like this? "Maybe in reply you could tell us how many of those you are implicating and how many you have already dismissed." This is likely won't happen and here are the reasons for that. First of all we have to sort out the requests. We have hundreds of them (we got emails too) and we have to delete the duplicates or similar reports at least to understand them all. Once it's done we will throw out that; unrealistic, unreasonable, simply too hard (I know it's sound rather a bad excuse but if a certain request would take us months to develop just to address a slight topic then it must go). Once is all done I'm sure we will still have dozens of these suggestions. Then we will group them by importance such as "must", "should", "if we can", "if suddenly a day is more than 24 hours and we got some extra time". We also set some internal timeline and try to add as many of these as possible. "Since you are no longer talking in the facebook group" I do, but I never have/never will do it daily 🙂 No offense, even my personal facebook is unchecked for days sometimes 🙂 Vic
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    Any chance that this topic can be unpinned as it's nearly 3 years out of date now. Alternatively, update the title and information for the latest release which is only 2 years out of date now. Also, kick the butt of who ever is supposed to be doing the news on steam, apparently Vancouver was the last airport release that was good enough for an announcement and thus the last one that was worth buying. Without a news announcement, people on steam have no idea that there is a new release, unless they take the time to go and look. Most people are too lazy to do this and need prompting, thus the 10 minutes it takes to make an announcement is more than worth it for the increase in sales. edit: Interestingly, there was a post on the Tower!3D Pro community hub Discussions page 2 hours ago for EDDF. However, Steam did not send me a notification or show any indication that there was something new to see. A 'News' post however will show up at the top of the library page (ie. the page you open to install or play a game) as well as a chance to show up on the community home page.
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    Hello all! I recently purchased EDDF Frankfurt Main for Tower 3D pro, having been spotting here twice and fell in love with the airport I just had to buy it, knowing that handling it solo with 100% traffic would be a struggle! I am using Gavin's (Battlehawk77) custom 2020 schedule based in January with 100% traffic with the Sunday schedule, and also have the real traffic and real colours add on installed as well. Starting at 0800, it is a relatively quiet start, however it soon get's busy about 20 minutes later and I start loosing control a bit, not quite ready for such a surge of pushback's and trying to keep an eye on what's landing and what can take off! I will do another one soon starting at 9am, and hopefully I can keep up the pace better! A very enjoyable timetable, and I hope you enjoyed it too! Depending on the work situation (as a coach driver I can't work from home!!) I may end up with more time for more episodes Thanks for watching! James.
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    Hi there, I have now completed D-AWSI in full Braathens Regional livery. Please see screenshot below and follow link ✈️ https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApB2Juk4klxHil0N0Pl6Ow04B_PO?e=CRNXra Enjoy! Cpt Anubis ✈️🙂
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    Happy to help, thank you for a fun and easy to use tool! Will be doing LAX for next weeks test. (Did MCO for this week unrelated to this tool).
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    Dear Folks, In the light of recent events around the world, looks like many of us will be asked to stay at home. To help you we run an unscheduled sales event discounting almost all but the latest products by 50%. As a matter of fact our two best sellers for fs9 and fsX (the Phenom and Florida Landings) are free during this sale event to help those who are still using older computers. https://www.feelthere.com/product-category/holiday-sales/ Please be safe and stay home. Vic & Team
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    Thanks Vic, generous offers. It's been so great to see payware developers step up and provide free or deeply discounted products during this unprecedented event, makes me very proud to be part of this great community of flightsimmers!
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    We all work remotely so business as usual. Indeed some situations makes life a bit more difficult so we might loose a day or two but we are working on 2 airports and Gabor is working on one too. -PHNL -KSEA for us Thank you Vic
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    I have completed the Copa Airlines E190AR, registration HP-1556CMP. Please see the preview screenshot included in this post. I will be posting it to AVSIM tomorrow, March 18th in the AM (GMT-4).
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    Thanks for your report, I appreciate that. It is on my list for next week, not to have two close flights of one airline to the same destination. (Edit: This will not be possible for small airports like TIST.) However, there will be no selection of aircraft models in correlation to the flight destination. The calculation of distances and fuel consumption is too time consuming for this leisure project. I can't do that in my spare time. Theoretically it would be possible to include it over a weekend, but only if I would not submit to the restrictions of the RC Packs. It would be extremely complex to integrate it with relatively few available models, if at the same time a freely selectable traffic volume per hour should remain allowed. That would be something for a paid full-time project. Furthermore, since the basis for this schedule creation are the corresponding RC Packs, such restrictions would lead to the fact that not always new schedules would be created, but only variations of the same ones. I would like to prevent this at all costs. If I start with the flight ranges, next, departure time frames would follow, then, to be realistic, aircraft models outside the RC Pack would have to be used for the airport, then periodic flight routes and seasonal destinations would have to be involved - and in the end we would basically end up with a database of real flights from which the schedules would be compiled. And this is exactly the path I don't want to go down, because it has already been done. If possible, playable and entertaining schedules should be generated. For this purpose, in example, the Schedule Builder will always give priority to the reusability of aircraft models within a session, even at the expense of an accurate, percentage-based distribution of airlines. There is no question that the automatic generation of schedules will be compromised if the random factor is to be maintained (within certain limits). I would like to emphasize once again that this Schedule Builder does not aim to replace realistic, custom schedules. Neither should it, nor will it ever be able to do so. Even though I would like to be as realistic as possible with the Schedule Builder, I have to disregard the flight ranges of the aircraft types. Just imagine it would be a multi-stop flight. Of course the ATC would not have the final destination on its console but I think you understand what I'm trying to say. 😉
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    Real life is a @#$%& right now.
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    It is in the realm of the possible that I have tamed the beast. Update v0.35b KLAX added KPHL bug fix Please test KLAX to the limit and report on all inconsistencies. I am now taking a week off as far as working on the Schedule Builder is concerned. But of course I will continue to observe this thread closely. It is planned that the tool will leave the beta next week and then to focus on the implementation of further airports.
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    is the kind of comment that really pisses people off, after they have been spending their own time ('family time' after they finish their day job) sorting things out to make it work for you. Believe me, this is not a job that pays well - roughly £2 per hour, I'd say, and that does not include after sales support and extra work on SPs etc. It is actually done primarily as a hobby and to (hopefully) enable people to get some enjoyment from the sim. This is not a 'Level D' sim, but I think it has evolved into a very good simulation of the aircraft (at least, the rated pilots on the test team seem to think so!) @Matty260191 I apologise in advance if this seems like a rant towards you - it's aimed more generally, you just hit the 'trigger sentence'. I think there are a lot of people that expect perfection from an addon which costs a little more than the base sim, and which doesn't cost much more in real terms than the addons we were buying back in the days of FS9. Think of the functionality levels back then: basic VC (a black shape, couple of instruments if you were lucky), no real systems depth and I was certainly buying addon aircraft in the region of £30 just because (Shackleton, Vulcan etc) they were aircraft I wanted to fly in the virtual world. I didn't care that the only way to start the engines was Ctrl+E, I actually enjoyed my time in the sim. Back to today, the SP is probably out in the next few days. I hope it's good enough. I really do. I also hope that people will be a little more realistic with their expectations and look at this addon with fresh eyes. It really is pretty good in term of modelling and systems depth and if you want something equivalent to airliner-standard simulation you really should shell out a few tens-of-thousands of pounds on a professional cockpit and systems simulation rather than sticking with a 'cheap' home PC simulator. I know that's what I'll be doing when I win the lottery next week. Paul.
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    Hi again, Apologies - just had a look at OneDrive, appears the left wing texture didn't upload correctly. I have uploaded it again and it is there, please redownload and overwrite when asked. You won't need to change aircraft.cfg or anything else. https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApB2Juk4klxHij9hUtt7_08LFQvw?e=Ktt8Ug Happy Flying ✈️ CptAnubis 🙂
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    Update v0.33b Slider turned into a drop-down list to select the airport Added realism/variety slider With the variety option the tool can also process airlines that have ceased operations, as long as they are included in the respective Real Color Pack Small bug fixes and changes that are not exciting enough to list them here There is a small chance that I will not be able to be online for the next two days due to maintenance work by the cable provider. Therefore this post does not come as announced, with a one day delay. If the website does not show version 0.33b, please clear your browser cache and restart the browser. If the realism/variety slider is set to realism, this does not mean that real flight data is loaded. This is about the selection and distribution of the airlines. The individual flights are still generated based on key data such as real destinations, credible flight numbers, and aircraft models that have liveries included in the RC Pack. It is planned to add KLAX this weekend with the help of a few (few!!) community members. This is the plan, no promise, it depends on my time available! I will edit this post as soon as KLAX is available. EDIT: KLAX should be online by tomorrow (Sunday). Especially this airport, which has a lot of airlines in the RC Pack, is extremely time-consuming to implement and currently turns out to be a bit bitchy concerning a reasonable distribution of the airlines. Now I need a break of a few hours and then I will get back to work.
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    Airport: KLGA and all airports Bug/error: Same as error reported above by Vantskruv for KPHL. I've seen this at every airport. At KLGA, when using R31 for departures, an aircraft is told to hold at taxiway W for example. Later you tell the aircraft to continue taxi. Even if you tell the aircraft again to hold short of runway 31, it plows into the aircraft already waiting on 31 for takeoff. This is causing my scores to plummet as it kills me in every game. Easily reproduced. Bug/error: On takeoff airplane animations do a 360 degree turn in midair after leaving the runway. I've also seen this at multiple airports. This is also easily reproduced. Thanks for this otherwise great simulation, looking forward to the next version!
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    Yep, they are only operating on the east side right now due to the lower traffic levels. Actually, If you want to try and replicate real life this is from the KDFW D-ATIS - "ALL ACFT LNDG RWY 17C EXIT LEFT AT P2". They take the high speed exit at P2 and then take the P, ES, JS loop. Not sure if the game will handle this left exit very well though.Plus, this game doesn't recognize a high speed exit as all planes come to a stop. Regarding 17L landings, it would be best to post a log file and then we can determine where the issue is and if there is a possible solution. More than likely it is a bug. I have my doubts it will get fixed but if it's airport related maybe there's a slim chance. During the interim you could try just issuing a TAXI TO TAMP VIA ER command and see what route it draws. Then as it approaches P, try sending it around the loop.
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    I did... I don't know which fixed it but I went into the dll.xml file and removes all references to the non-steam version of the files and then I told FSX and Steam to run as admin. Still don't get any sound but at least it's not blocking the file now... And I just figured the problem out... I use a software mixer... The panel hates anything that's not a direct source to the sound card. As soon as I set the speakers to the windows default sound source the sounds started working... So it looks like whenever I want to fly these planes I have to make sure the sound source is set correctly for it.
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    So all my Feelthere EJet uploads on AVSIM have been corrected. Files, details, download counts, etc are correct. Thank goodness. Thanks to Brian Neuman, Library Director at AVSIM and his help getting this sorted out. Jeffrey S. Bryner
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    The E190's fuel comsunption works perfect when fuel_flow_scalar=1.0 for both LRC and .78 profile.
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    Looks like the wings were neglected in this version (also reported by me in another thread). The wings and trailing edge flaps are not modeled correctly to a point the e-jets v2 wing view looks better. The leading edge however is really nicely done with the chrome/PBR effects.
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    I agree, I thought that this was going to be addressed in SP1, maybe I was wrong? Kinda disappointing.
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    Dear Folks, The SP for the 175/195 has been released. The 170/190 will follow hopefully next week. You can re-download your product from the link you received during purchase. You will need to re-install the plane from scratch. Once the 170/190 is out we will release the list of fixed items in a more official announcement. Stay safe Vic
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    😀 My 😀 bad. 😀 I 😀 totally 😀 misinterpreted 😀 the 😀 seriousness 😀 of 😀 your 😀 post. 😀
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    I have heard from Gabor about some questions he had regarding the retro RC. Be assured he is working on it, as well as the other projects he has on, including the ongoing release of RT and RC for upcoming airports.
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    Hi there, Nearly done - here's a little teaser and I have to say the E175 looks good in the El Al livery!! Just need to clean up a few things and add bits here and there. CptAnubis✈️🙂
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    Hi, first forget about Offset 0280 and 028C. Those switches multiple things ON/OFF altogether like the 'L' key on your keyboard does. One byte has 8 bit, each bit is a ON/OFF switch. Bits are representing the power of 2 in math. So 2^0=1, 2^1=2, 2^2=4, 2^3=8, 2^4=16, 2^5=32, 2^6=64, 2^7=128. The 8 bits are counted from 0 to seven and we count the bits always from right to left. So what you get is bit0 = 2^0 = 1, if this bit (switch) is ON. In binary you would write 00000001 (bit0=ON), 00000000 (bit0=OFF). 11111111 (all bits=ON)Dec value=255 (1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128), 00000000 (all bits=OFF) 00000001 (bit0=ON)(dec value=1, 2^0=1), 00000000 (bit0=OFF) 00000010 (bit1=ON)(dec value=2, 2^1=2), 00000000 (bit0=OFF) 00000100 (bit2=ON)(dec value=4, 2^2=4), 00000000 (bit0=OFF) 00001000 (bit3=ON)(dec value=8, 2^3=8), 00000000 (bit0=OFF) and so on 00000101 (bit0+bit2=ON)(dec value=5, 2^0 + 2^2) 00001101 (bit0+bit2+bit3=ON)(dec value=13, 2^0(1) + 2^2(4) + 2^3(8)) Offset 0D0C = 2 bytes = 16 bits (bit0 to bit15) bit 0 Navigation bit 1 Beacon bit 2 Landing bit 3 Taxi bit 4 Strobes bit 5 Instruments bit 6 Recognition bit 7 Wing bit 8 Logo bit 9 Cabin So switching NAV + LndLight + Logo to ON (bit0+bit2+bit8) 00000001 00000101 = dec value=261, 2^0(1) + 2^2(4) + 2^8(256) Switching LndLight from above now to OFF, leaving NAV + Logo ON (bit0+bit8) 00000001 00000001 = dec value=257, 2^0(1) + 2^8(256) Thomas
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    You could try assigning a button or keypress to the FS control 'Offset Word Togglebits', giving the offset as 0x0D0C, and one of the following parameters 0x0001 - for Navigation lights (bit 0) 0x0002 - Beacon lights (bit 1) 0x0004 - Landing lights (bit 2) 0x0008 - Taxi lights 0x0010 - Strobes 0x0020 - Instruments 0x0040 - Recognition 0x0080 - Wing 0x0100 - Logo 0x0200 - Cabin
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    I will reoccur unless you disable controllers completely within P3D, as it has a habit or re-assigning. Also, its a good idea to update to use JoyLetters to prevent problems if your Joy Ids get re-assigned (just change AutoAssignLetters=No to AutoAssignLetters=Yes in the [JoyNames] section of your ini). ...saw Pete just replied: Its at the bottom of the 'Controls - Other' page John
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    sorry for the late answer 🙂 i read it from phone. offline got so excited that it finished the next 90 cmds between homeschooling the kid due to corona school closings here in my country 😄 by now i managed to get out working. its not realy fast yet 🙂 but in crude its working tweaking the software step for step 😄
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    It shouldn't be long, but please bear in mind that some of the team working on this are doing it in our spare time around real-world jobs and families, plus the testers that are actually flying these things for real are often away from their PCs by the very nature of their job! It all adds to the timeframe, but I think SP1 should be released early this coming week. Paul.
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    If you want to convert it, you need to convert the Value of the offset, rather than the Offset itself: bool result = Convert.ToBoolean(maincabindoor.Value); However, you don't have to convert it - you can just test the value being 1 or 0: if (maincabindoor.Value == 1) { // Door is open } else { // Door is closed } Or maybe do something like this to get a string you can display: string mainDoorState = maincabindoor.Value == 1 ? "Open" : "Closed"; Depends on what you want to do with it. Paul
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    While I managed the Discord multiplayer server (Tower_MP) we had a dedicated channel for wishlist items for the next version of the Tower series. Below is an unedited/just as they were submitted compilation of all 69 wishlist items. Wishlist Number: 1 wishlist Item: that all previous airports be upgradeable to work with in the new version with minimal cost. Wishlist details: All airports currently in the base game of tower 3d pro and its expansion airports. WISHLIST NUMBER: 2 WISHLIST ITEM: Cross runway commands included WISHLIST DETAILS: As above WISHLIST NUMBER: 3 WISHLIST ITEM: Taxi speeds to be realistic WISHLIST DETAILS: When planes have landed, plane holds speed until close to its exit taxiway WISHLIST NUMBER: 4 WISHLIST ITEM: Action cameras to be more customisible WISHLIST DETAILS: To be able to choose when to zoom and to be able to hold zoom, choose position of camera (eg from behind, from above) WISHLIST NUMBER: 5 WISHLIST ITEM: Multiplayer TRACON inclusion WISHLIST DETAILS: Expand the game to include a TRACON section, and integrate it with multiplayer. This could create a simulation of at least 4 player games (Ground, Tower, Approach, Departure) WISHLIST NUMBER: 6 WISHLIST ITEM: Reduce the approach distance from 20NM to about 10NM WISHLIST DETAILS: A 20NM finale is not realistic most Towers don't get the call more than 10NM out(here at CYYZ its about 5-7miles out is their control range) EDIT: I really don't care if they decide to show us 20NM out like it is now but having control that far out is as stated before unrealistic and does not happen WISHLIST NUMBER: 7 WISHLIST ITEM: Some form of emergencies/special situations WISHLIST DETAILS: Have some type of emergencies(eg:low fuel or something) or have a departure have to return for some reason(which can happen) or have a plane come in diverted from another airport or something.... somethings could be difficult to implement but something more dynamic like emergencies would be neat and keep gameplay fresh and exciting and not just clearing planes for takeoff and landings Wishlist Number: 8 Wishlist Item: Realistic Weather and Seasons Wishlist details: see above The weather afffecting incomeing and outgoing planes ie snow storms that turn into blizzards and the Clearing of runways WISHLIST NUMBER: 9 WISHLIST ITEM: Be able to see what gate an arrival is going to park at before giving the command to taxi to ramp/terminal/apron WISHLIST DETAILS: see above- its annoying to have to give an additional taxi to ramp command because you just guessed at where they wanted to park WISHLIST NUMBER: 10 WISHLIST ITEM: Granular parking assignments WISHLIST DETAILS: Assign parking at the gate (instead of terminal) level WISHLIST NUMBER: 11 WISHLIST ITEM: Differentiate regional airlines by carrier WISHLIST DETAILS: A common example I use is that Compass flies for both American and Delta into LAX. The national carrier they are flying for should determine the livery and parking assignment. WISHLIST NUMBER: 12 WISHLIST ITEM: Improve runway assignments for arriving planes WISHLIST DETAILS: A major issue I have at some airports (KBOS, KPHL, and KLAS come to mind) is that the sim will assign runways to planes that wouldn't realistically land there. Medium to big planes getting sent to 17/35 at KPHL and large waives of commercial jets at KLAS sent to the 19s (primarily used by GA) when the 26s are open with little to no traffic. A possible solution would be to add a new function where the next X number of arrivals are previewed (before they show up on radar) with the proposed landing runway. The proposed landing runway could then be changed. This function could be the responsibility of another player/controller or an existing position (most likely tower). Bottom line, it's really not our place to figure out a solution - it just needs to be improved. WISHLIST NUMBER 13 WISHLIST ITEM: Airport Ops WISHLIST DETAILS: Having basic Airport Operations on and around the airport. Such as tugs moving from ramp to ramp communicating with ground or Ops vehicles performing runway inspections. It could add a lot more realism and immersion into what its like working Ground/Tower. wishlist number 14 wishlist item: being able to pushback on every taxiway wishlist details: sometimes I've got the problem that planes dont always pick up the command to hold short of a certain taxiway so planes get on a collision course on the same taxiway with no exit. Being able to get out of that situation with things like a pushback truck would be nice. WISHLIST NUMBER: 15 WISHLIST ITEM: Taxing on Runways WISHLIST DETAILS: I'd like to be able to command planes to taxi on a runway. KBOS in real life has planes taxi on the crossing runways to the ramp to avoid planes having to slowly taxi on the landing runway to the end. Ex: Planes arriving 04R will taxi on 15L to N to the ramp. WISHLIST NUMBER: 16 WISHLIST ITEM: Ground vehicles perform realistically WISHLIST DETAILS: Ground vehicles follow correct roadways, ground vehicles dont drive through/get in the way of taxiing planes WISHLIST NUMBER: 17 WISHLIST ITEM: Planes use runway exits correctly WISHLIST DETAILS: Planes exit at high speed exits at speed, when exiting runway the plane doesn't dead stop before continuing taxi, planes don't stop with their tail out onto the runway WISHLIST NUMBER: 18 WISHLIST ITEM: Give Way WISHLIST DETAILS: I'd like to be able to command planes to give way to a plane pushing or to one coming out of the alley. WISHLIST NUMBER: 19 WISHLIST ITEM: The ability to rotate the map within the ADIRS WISHLIST DETAILS: Would like the ability to be able to rotate the taxiway map within the ADIRS to maximise the amount of space within the window. So if the map is say at a 45 degree angle, I would like to be able to make it at 0 degrees (diagonal slant to horizontal) WISHLIST NUMBER: 20 WISHLIST ITEM: Updrade of 3d Game graphics to HD level WISHLIST DETAILS: The quality of the current graphics are old school now and need to be far sharper than currently and at least HD level. Lagging way behind the standards of modern games being released now at similar prices. WISHLIST NUMBER: 21 WISHLIST ITEM: One for Gabor which he could do now...Cargo plane model skins not to have windows and defined as F (ie 748F, etc) WISHLIST DETAILS: Hopefully speaks for itself and would look great when combined with better graphics as in WL 20 above WISHLIST NUMBER: 22 WISHLIST ITEM: Completely re-model all current aircraft to be modelled to all the same scale. WISHLIST DETAILS: Aircraft can be seen currently in game to be different scales. i.e. the b739 seems large compared to a b767. Plenty of other instances of this. WISHLIST NUMBER: 23 WISHLIST ITEM: Modding Tools WISHLIST DETAILS: To provide modding tools to the community so we don't have to develop our own. Main ones I was thinking of were: a) Schedule Developer b) Airport Editor (sort of like AFCAD design for Flight Sim is what I am thinking here) c) Ability to repaint default aircraft skins using PS or other image editor WISHLIST NUMBER: 24 WISHLIST ITEM: Better terminology in given instructions. See details below. WISHLIST DETAILS: As much as I appreciate that the developers primary language isn't English; I think the current statements given are really poor and could be improved. This isn't a given for every single command. WISHLIST NUMBER: 25 WISHLIST ITEM: Modernize the equipment (ADIRS, DBRITE, STRIP) and take advantage of multiple screens in the design/use WISHLIST DETAILS: The Dubai ATC video I posted shows that the equipment used by controllers has advanced quite a bit while FeelThere keeps us in the 20th century. I can't find anything on ADIRS anymore. ASDE-X has been around for quite a while and in use at most US airports released thus far. I'm sure there are alternatives also. The DBRITE is pretty basic and could use some enhancing. Our STRIPs are digital but have none of the digital functionality (like status updates and categorization). Regarding the second part of my wishlist. I can understand having less functionality and keeping these items small/compact for single screen users. But for those that use multiple screens, take advantage of the real estate. WISHLIST NUMBER: 26 WISHLIST ITEM: Progressive taxi WISHLIST DETAILS: Currently when routing a plane on the ground we must provide an entire route to the endpoint (RAMP/APRON/TERMINAL or RUNWAY). In real life this doesn't always happen as a controller is just trying to get a plane from A to B. Additionally if we get to handle occupied gates, progressive taxi will be necessary. Theoretically, this is already on the list for the next version (https://forum.simflight.com/topic/85206-ai-routing-issues/?do=findComment&comment=515395) but I don't want to let FeelThere off the hook. WISHLIST NUMBER: 27 WISHLIST ITEM: Use preferred callsign pronunciations (Group form and heavy/super) WISHLIST DETAILS: Tower!3D Pro and Tower!2011 only use single digits (example: "United Five One Seven") for callsigns. The preferred method by the FAA is called group form. The following are examples in the official policy: “American Fifty−Two”, “Delta One Hundred”, “Eastern Metro One Ten”, “General Motors Thirty Fifteen”, “United One Zero One”, “Delta Zero One Zero”, “TWA Ten Zero Four.” Additionally the FAA states that the word super/heavy must be used as part of the identification in all communications with or about super/heavy aircraft. Example: "“United Fifty−Eight Heavy". WISHLIST NUMBER: 28 WISHLIST ITEM: Enhance generic use of handoffs WISHLIST DETAILS: (a) In most airports you very seldom hear the pilot contact Tower - it's usually the other way around - Tower contacts the pilot. Once Ground has given final taxi instructions and is ready to handoff, they will say something like "Monitor Tower 118.1". At this point control passes to the tower controller but the pilot doesn't talk (no "with you") but switches to the tower frequency and listens. (b) In some handoffs the frequency should be passed (Example; "Contact Ground 121.65") and at some airports a specific name is used ("Contact SoCal Departure" ). WISHLIST NUMBER: 29 WISHLIST ITEM: String/combine commands together WISHLIST DETAILS: The current process is basically one command, one transmission. I would like to see the ability to string/combine commands together. Simple examples would be issuing a taxi via and hold short together -and- issuing a cross runway and contact ground together. WISHLIST NUMBER: 30 WISHLIST ITEM: As tower controller, have the ability to request that an arrival aircraft approach at a given speed (increase or decrease it's approach speed). WISHLIST DETAILS: e.g. "[callsign], increase approach speed to 150 knots" or "[callsign], decrease approach speed to 140 knots". Realism would be required here on the developers side due to different aircraft sizes and weights obviosuly. This happens in reality at most UK airports. e.g. At "medium-small" airports tower controllers control the approach speed of aircraft for seperation purposes. At major airports such as Heathrow, the arrival controller will control the approach speeds. WISHLIST NUMBER: 31 WISHLIST ITEM: If commands are issued, have the aircraft follow them immediately without the need to stop, unless instructed to via hold short command OR due to airport hold short points (e.g. runway entry points). WISHLIST DETAILS: i.e. If a controller issues a "continue taxi" command to an aircraft with a hold short command, the aircraft ignores the original hold short command and follows the given new command immediately without stopping. WISHLIST NUMBER: 32 WISHLIST ITEM: Strip info auto update improvements WISHLIST DETAILS: Add the following strip info automatically: - Arrival exits for the tower controller - Departure takeoff hold short points for ground controller WISHLIST NUMBER: 33 WISHLIST ITEM: Controller annotations (if used) on the strip to be automatically visible to both controllers. WISHLIST DETAILS: The strip currently holds the ability to add custom notes. However at this current time, only the controller who makes the notes can see them. I feel it would be handy to have an auto sync function so that both controllers can see each others notes. WISHLIST NUMBER: 34 WISHLIST ITEM: Inclusion of SIDs and STARs (inc. clearances). See details below. WISHLIST DETAILS: Was thinking more along the lines of including a SID (standard instrument departure on this one) as it would be so much more realistic. WISHLIST NUMBER: 35 WISHLIST ITEM: Introduce Control Customisation. WISHLIST DETAILS: Allow users to customise controls such as the PTT key. WISHLIST NUMBER: 36 WISHLIST ITEM: File Sync option in game for making sure users have the same files prior to starting a MP session. WISHLIST DETAILS: Have an option in the MP menu to allow the host to sync files between both parties so they have the same files. Would be great for custom schedules. WISHLIST NUMBER: 37 WISHLIST ITEM: Follow "Call Sign" WISHLIST DETAILS: Same as "Follow Company" but with aircrafts from other companies WISHLIST NUMBER: 38 WISHLIST ITEM: Read Back, then Next Request WISHLIST DETAILS: In the current version, when a plan has a request (to push/taxi/land) they will call the controller regardless of if the controller just gave another plane instructions. I’d like for the instruction read-back to occur first, then the next request. WISHLIST NUMBER: 39 WISHLIST ITEM: A cancel voice command button/control WISHLIST DETAILS: Add a control or button which we can click or press to cancel a current voice command that is currnetly being translated. I don't like the current system whereby if you make a mistake or the sim mis-understands you, that you have to hold the PTT key down so that the command can be forgotten in order for you to retry. A control or button in the sim to cancel this would be useful, so you do not have to wait. WISHLIST NUMBER: 40 WISHLIST ITEM: Ability to decide how many hours of flights should be loaded WISHLIST DETAILS: Currently 8 hours of flights are being loaded when you start a session. This results in overfilled airports and in result of that in arriving planes that don´t even spawn or even departing planes that don´t get an available gate at the start of the game. You should be able to decide how many hours of flight you want to load to make both (long session players and short session enthusiasts) happy..... (eg: slider to pick from 1-8 hours of loaded flights) WISHLIST NUMBER: 41 WISHLIST ITEM: Able to use more than 6 taxiways in a single instruction WISHLIST DETAILS: The game currently has it hard coded that we can only use 6 taxiways in a single command. Seeing as LEBL has just been released with a rather large number of taxiway labels, I feel it would be beneficial if we could have unlimited taxiways when issuing taxi commands. WISHLIST NUMBER 42: Multi player lobby WISHLIST ITEM: Have a multiplier party finder lobby. WISHLIST DETAILS: As a User I want the ability to go to a multiplayer lobby join on people wanting to play the game. So that I don’t need to hunt the forums to find a friend to paly with. The lobby could also check for version compatibility. WISHLIST NUMBER 43: Dedicated server API WISHLIST ITEM: Allow payers to setup a dedicated server(s). WISHLIST DETAILS: As a User I want the ability to set up a dedicated multiplayer server(s) that players could easily find and connect to so that players don’t need to relay on the in-game multiplayer mechanics. The idea is that I could host a game on a dedicated server, then the players could see that they were open and join in on the game. Dedicated server would do the heavy listing and, also maintain all the map and traffic files. That why players don’t need to spend hours trying to see if they have compatible files. WISHLIST NUMBER 44: updater tool WISHLIST ITEM: version compatibility and updater tool WISHLIST DETAILS: As a user I want the game to inform me if a DLC (addon) is out of date so that I know to patch the DLC. If possible, it would be nice to have the game ask if we want to download the latest files. That way we don’t need to go hunting for the emails, keys and downloaders. WISHLIST NUMBER: 45 WISHLIST ITEM: Multiplayer pause function WISHLIST DETAILS: The ability for either player to pause the game whilst in a multiplayer session. WISHLIST NUMBER: 46 WISHLIST ITEM: Ability to save the current session and reload from that point. WISHLIST DETAILS: I've always thought it would be beneficial to be able to save a session, both in single player and multiplayer. Thus allowing the player to resume a session from a specified save point. With regards to naming of said save files, it could either be the user responsibility or be generic e.g. USER 1 USER 2 DATE _ AIRPORT WISHLIST NUMBER: 47 WISHLIST ITEM: Control live airplanes with the use of real-time data WISHLIST DETAILS: With ADS-B and other real-time data feeds becoming more available (and required on aircraft), why not take advantage of the technology and use real-time data as the schedule. Incorporating this along with real-time weather and runway configurations would definitely be a unique experience. WISHLIST NUMBER: 48 WISHLIST ITEM: FeelThere continues to support base game as long as airports are being developed/released WISHLIST DETAILS: Pro was released in Jan/Feb 2017 and support stopped for the base engine in Mar 2018 - barely a year later. However, there are serious bugs/flaws in the base engine that plague both old airports and new releases. If this is their support model in the future, is there any reason to trust/support them if they have chosen to not support their customers and products? WISHLIST NUMBER: 49 WISHLIST ITEM: Improve documentation (game manual) WISHLIST DETAILS: This one is more for the "just bought the sim for the first time" players. The documentation (game manual) needs seriously improving. I personally learnt more from this community, the manual provided by rameus and threads on the forum. WISHLIST NUMBER: 50 WISHLIST ITEM: Traffic Pattern WISHLIST DETAILS: Seriously improve this as it doesn't work as it should in game at all. OR just totally get rid of it completely. WISHLIST NUMBER: 51 WISHLIST ITEM: Improve overall pushback WISHLIST DETAILS: Pushback communication, including direction of pushback rather than runway. Pushback is realistic, the tug doesn't push then pull the aircraft halfway up the taxiway WISHLIST NUMBER: 52 WISHLIST ITEM: Multiple ground/tower controllers WISHLIST DETAILS: I added this as a discussion point for #5 but it really should be a separate item. At game setup, there should be an option to have more than 1 tower and ground controller. Example: north ground, south ground, north tower, south tower at LAX. At busier airports (like KATL) this would be a real plus. And, if FT adds some of the other features that we are requesting the responsibilities of each position will increase making multiple positions almost a necessity. Implementing it where the split in duties is user-defined would be an added bonus. WISHLIST NUMBER: 53 WISHLIST ITEM: Military aircraft WISHLIST DETAILS: As an example, at KPHX, there is an Air National Guard ramp on the north side of the field. It would be wonderful to see military movements at airports that have such ramps. Plus, seeing a flight of F-16s or a C-17 would definitely break up the humdrum of pushing civilian tin. WISHLIST NUMBER: 54 WISHLIST ITEM:Fix last plane called on MP WISHLIST DETAILS: The "Last Plane Called" command on multiplayer is totally screwed up. If the host calls this command, the client gets the reply for themselves as well and visa versa. WISHLIST NUMBER: 55 WISHLIST ITEM: Consistant installers WISHLIST DETAILS: All the DLC installers at the moment are not consistantly installing directly to the main Tower 3D Pro folder. This has caused many issues for those who are not so technically minded to realise the installers aren't installing files to the correct locations. It's been all over the forum. WISHLIST NUMBER: 56 WISHLIST ITEM:Each installer needs its own uninstaller WISHLIST DETAILS: Currently each installer for DLC installs a default "uninstall.exe". Each installer needs to have a seperate uninstaller in order for a user to uninstall the entire T3D Pro sim fully (e.g. uninstallkjfk.exe, uninstalljfkrc.exe ... etc). Not just uninstall the last DLC that was installed. i.e. If you install all airports, all RC and lastly RT. If you run the uninstaller for any of those you have installed, you will only uninstall RT as that was the last item to be installed. WISHLIST NUMBER: 57 WISHLIST ITEM: Career Mode? WISHLIST DETAIL: I would love for there to be a Career Mode feature whereby you have to rank up to be able to control at certain airports. Also introudction of more detailed stats would be great! WISHLIST NUMBER: 58 WISHLIST ITEM: File System designed for community made add-ons (like Flight Simulator) WISHLIST DETAILS: A good example of what I mean is how FSX/P3D handles AI aircraft. Models would be provided and the community could use paint kits to develop airline liveries. With dynamic (next wishliste iten) schedules this would be a must have to avoid white planes WISHLIST NUMBER: 59 WISHLIST ITEM: Dynamic schedules WISHLIST DETAILS: Some service that could provide dynamic and live schedules. I was thinking of grabbing parameters from FlightAware or Flightradar24. To be able to choose on a 24-hour timetable it would use flights from 2-3 days ago having problem with editing.... I didn't mean to get the information directly from FlightAware of Flightradar24... was just meant to give an idea WISHLIST NUMBER: 60 WISHLIST ITEM: Realistic landing or departure runway requirements being met WISHLIST DETAILS: Currently the Sim is coded so that aircraft use a fixed length interger when departing or landing on a runway - regardless of destination / origin. In real life, even though aircraft specs for runway requirements are the same - due to the weight of an aircraft being considerably smaller for a short haul flight compared to a long haul, the aircraft that weights less due to having less fuel onboard etc will use less runway to depart or land on. I would love to see dynamic runway length for departures / landings being implemented - based on aircraft destination / origin. i.e. if it is a long haul, the aircraft uses a greater distance to depart or land; whilst a short haul uses a smaller amount of runway to depart or land. WISHLIST NUMBER: 61 WISHLIST ITEM: Consistancy in game coding files (schedule and ga traffic) ! WISHLIST DESCRIPTION: Currently when coding custom schedules, there seems to be alot of inconsistancy: i.e. GA traffic file uses ICAO codes for the airports whereas commercial use IATA codes! And in the commercial schedule.txt file you see the departure iata, arrival iata ... then later the times are arrival, departure ... great logic here! WISHLIST NUMBER: 62 WISHLIST ITEM: See short taxiway´s names when zooming in WISHLIST DESCRIPTION: For example at KPHL I recently noticed that taxiways R, V, Q, TA can be used in the game. Would be nice to be able to see them at least when zooming in in the ADIRS. WISHLIST NYMBER 63 WISHLIST ITEM: more buttons for mouse controllers WISHLIST DESCRIPTION: lot of typing when you have to type in contact ground/tower at every aircraft WISHLIST NUMBER 64 WISHLIST ITEM: New Airport KDFW WISHLIST DISCRIPTION: DFW should be added to Tower3d because it is the busiest airport in Texas, and it would be cool to have a home state airport to control. WISHLIST NUMBER: 65 WISHLIST ITEM: aircraft crabbing animations in high winds WISHLIST DISCRIPTION:I would love to see aircraft "crabbing" in high winds 😃 Whether they are on approach or departing 😃 WISHLIST NUMBER: 66 WISHLIST ITEM: movable flightstrips WISHLIST DISCRIPTION: Could help managing the planes in realistic way in own preference WISHLIST NUMBER: 67 WISHLIST ITEM: different planes colors on "ADIRS"/ASDE-X WISHLIST DISCRIPTION: Would be easier and more real to manage a huge traffic to have an eye on those leaving/entering some terminals/gates WISHLIST NUMBER: 68 WISHLIST ITEM: Cargo Flights WISHLIST DETAILS: have a separate ramp to where cargo planes could be included and used WISHLIST NUMBER: 69 WISHLIST ITEM: Aircraft Sound WISHLIST DETAIL: In-game aircraft use real sounds (takeoff whine, idle/taxi, reverse thrust) that are also
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