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    VANCOUVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - CYVR - FOR TOWER3D/PRO IS OUT!!! Hello Folks, we are thrilled to announce our next great release for Tower!3DPro! A huge thanks to all the community for their support, suggestions, and patience! You can purchase CYVR right away in our webstores as usual! CYVR - ATCsuite CYVR - Feelthere.com The Real Color is already available, as is the Real Traffic update for CYVR. Remember to redownload RT to get the update! Vancouver tower wishes you a good flight!!!
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    Dear Users, thank you for your reports on the OMDB schedule. We found some problems in the schedules and we are working hard to release a service pack as soon as possible. Gabor
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    VERSION 4 FILES UPLOADED 25 MAY 2019 I was thinking, what airport doesn't get much love in this game? St Thomas immediately sprang to mind. To liven up the schedule, flights used are from TIST, TDPD, TTPP, TUPJ, MYAM and MWCR My schedule has 52 airlines that fly into these Caribbean airports including cargo, charter flights and also General Aviation flights. I have split my schedule into groups of hours (which I highly recommend) so all flights are more likely to arrive and depart correctly, or if you prefer you can load the entire day in one go. Please refer to the below graph for your preferred times Installation Instructions 1 Please back up the existing TIST folder, before doing anything else 2 Please download all of the files tist_airlines.txt, tist_airports.txt, tist_airplanes.txt and tist_terminal.txt, from the dropbox link below and over write the existing files in the "Extensions\Airfields\TIST" folder. The schedules will not work correctly if the above is not done 3 Select the folder corresponding to the hour (or full day) you have selected, and download the “tist_schedule.txt” and the “tist_gaandlocaltraffic.txt” from the dropbox link below and over write the existing files in the "Extensions\Airfields\TIST" folder. Any questions on install please ask Schedule Notes This custom schedule will only work properly with the latest Real Traffic version -------------------------------------- I have designed my schedules on the basis that all Real Colour packs have been installed If not all Real Colour packs have been installed, the schedule will work but you will not get liveries on all aircraft In addition to this some airlines in this schedule have no liveries associated with them at all and will appear white, this is a limitation of the game and not something i can change -------------------------------------- I have adjusted a lot of callsigns to reflect the correct pronunciation in real life, so will need to be pronounced differently to what you may be used to with the default real traffic -------------------------------------- Any questions in regards to these notes, please ask Apart from that, Anmize ou byen! Ben DOWNLOAD FILES FROM HERE Other custom schedules EDDM, Munich Airport, Germany KJFK, John F Kennedy Airport, New York, USA KLGA, La Guardia Airport, New York, USA
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    There will no doubt be another release from John soon. He's not available today, but I worked on the problem this morning and found the bug. Turned out to be a relatively simple (read "stupid") error which only shows up when large numbers of AI controls are sent via FSUIPC. In fact this error has been there for as long as the facility has existed -- so FSUIPC4 as well as FSUIPC5. It just happened that the error only causes a crash with a certain memory arrangement which of course changes with each build. Pete
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    Wayne, here's a tranquilizer (i.e., explanation). The table is a history of the updates - not just the last update. There are actually FIVE entries for RT - but it's by design. Now lay down in the fetal position and count little baby airplanes until you fall asleep. ✈️😴
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    @Mike1960, you may want to consider the words of Mark Twain I posted above. You've duded me a couple of time, said I was wrong, showed the entire forum disrespect, asked to backup your erroneous claims with a link, and have subsequently remained silent on uninformed claims you were willing to take to the Supreme Court. I believe you owe me and the rest of the forum an apology. Note: I wanted to take this message private but it said you couldn't receive private messages - so here we are. I assume that is because you are new or don't meet an age requirement. By your actions I have to assume the latter. Again, I'd ask that you calm down. Please remember this is a support forum and not a chat board for ranting and ravings. Thanks!
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    Hello Everyone TL;DR-version: Here is a schedule for LFPG, from 16 augustus 2019 : LFPG-ADR Consist of a complete day-schedule and 4-day snippets starting every 2 hours, except the nightshift that lasts 8 hours. You have to have RealTraffic installed of course, just copy the 4 txt-files into your LFPG-folder, for the snippets, use the appropriate lfpg_schedule.txt Some remarks for the designers: In the airlines file, Air Next has the code 7A. Air Next ceased operations, and code 7A went to Tunisia Cargo ; XRC, 7A, TUNISIA CARGO, Express Air Cargo, Tunis In the airlines file, JAT Airways has been rebranded to AirSERBIA ; ASL, JU, AIR SERBIA, , AirSERBIA, Serbia In the airlines file, Air Chatham has the wrong code, it should be 3C not CV ; CVA, 3C, CHATHAM, Air Chathams, New Zealand In the airport file, Setif has the wrong code, it should be QSF ; QSF AIN_ARNAT_AIRPORT_SETIF_ALGERIA 36.10 N 5.19 E DAAS In the GA-file, there is an Air France Plane I couldn't find two planes in the planes list; the new A359-1000 and the E175S There are some bugs, most noticeable taxiway 1S, but that needs a bug report. Very nice Airport to play, the French really love numbering every street.... Question: is the RT-schedule the following planes look for Terminals in the game? I noticed that planes will first goto Terminal 2, not Terminal 1, but still prefer to goto 2A before 2J when I changed those around in the terminal-file. I Guess the priority is hardcoded in the game, not in the file. //END REMARKS I am crazy, so I give you this: RED= Heavies // WHITE= Normal Jets // GREEN= Small jets/props I would have loved that 1remoteS would have been after the rest of Terminal 1, so I could use it as overflow, same for padH, would loved to have used that as overflow for padQ. But it seems the game has another priority. pad G is the GA-pad, although I also let GA go to cargoI, in case of bigger planes Terminal 2J is mostly useless, It used to be the terminal for Joon, HOP and Luxair. But Joon and Airhop now use AFR flightnumbers, JOON being completely absorbed. I still use HOP in my schedule. But there are almost no small planes HOP uses into CDG, mostly E190. Most of the Terminal will not be used beacuse of that. I Noticed that when planes go to their Terminal, they first look if a spot is available for their size (e.g. a 737 going to Terminal 2K will first look if gates 7,11 and 17 is available before going to the lowest available gate) If a plane needs to go to a Terminal where all gates (available or occupied) are to small, it will randomly go somewhere (e.g. an Airbus 388 with padG as Terminal, will randomly spawn somewhere on a Heavy Gate, but if has 2B, and the two Heavy gates are occupied, it will not spawn, no available terminal) I designated ASL Airlines France as a Cargo-Airline, they have some passengers flights, but most of them seem to be cargo. Also, this day seemed to be Cargo-light. I didn't changed the GA-file (you can delete the AlphaFoxtrotRomeo flight yourself) As for the airport itself, Taxiway Sierra-1 seems to be not working, and getting planes from 08R to use taxiway ECHO is also problematic I suggest to let them hold short of TANGO, after which they will see ECHO 😛 ) At the Moment, Terminal 1U, and adjacent gates of 1T and 1V are not used, I think 1U is actually being rebuild? Also 2B is out of use. I still used them in my schedule, because I would have had a problem with all the AFR-flights TIP: if you play this, use 09R/27L for all flights that go to North European (start with an E, like EHAM), the Americas, East Europe (starts with U) and far east destinations. Have fun
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    For sure the airplanes will be remodeled from scratch. Currently, we are running tests how many polygons can we squeeze with LOD without major fps loss. We plan to add the following animations: -flaps -gears -reversers -PAX doors -cargo doors In T!3D we use 2 pieces of 512x512 textures per plane. The new planes will receive 5 pieces of 2K textures and PBR. I think this will be the first thing that I can preview for you. What I saw is amazing already. Thank you Vic
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    So, are you trying to figure out the method to Gabor's madness? Good luck with that!
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    Version 9 is now uploaded 😊 This now includes the RC from the recently released LPFG (Paris CDG) and updated EDDM (Munich) RC, which should be out any day now to coincide with the SP on EDDM, kindly done FOC by Gabor @nyergesdesign. Just update your original link for EDDM to get this. I am sure @hexzed (Ben) will be running a new poll soon for the next one once he gets the OK from Gabor. Hopefully this will be one of the US Airports so we can get some of the updated liveries in the game, Southwest, Sun Country and Air Wisconsin for example. Some exciting additions to these releases, notably the introduction of the 787-1000 (B78x) in the LPFG RC in the Air France and United Airlines livery and the B789 in the new WestJet livery. Etihad liveries have also had a makeover to the new design. Also, for the first time, Gabor has found a solution to the bug bear of all Cargo fans in that they now appear without the dreaded passenger windows. There are too many to list so just click on the “Non Window Freighter Version” drop down in the comments field in the Full RC List tab. The bad news for all the custom schedulers is that they now need to update all their schedules to reflect the model changes! ☹ The EDDM RC update included pretty much all the forum requests consolidated by Ben and this also includes some more NEO models which include: A20N_km Air Malta A20N_ib Iberia Airlines A20N_lh Lufthansa German Airlines A20N_pc Pegasus Airlines A20N_sk SAS Scandinavian Airlines A21N_tp TAP Air Portugal A20N_u2 easyJet A21N_u2 easyJet As always, a reminder, PM me with any errors or admissions you spot or comments for future releases and don’t forget to download the latest updated Real Traffic version to take advantage of these models. The 738 Max (B78M) light issue reported by @alaskaGuy2018should be fixed in the RT update as well. Happy controlling G
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    Lol you let us watch your whole video for 2 new things.
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    Just made a video, excuse any quality. Operational errors or any other thing. I haven't done any recording in a very long time so things might not be good quality. Also, there might be a ton of operational errors made, but this is just how I handle it. I wished to record some of my gripes with the airfield too, but didn't get a chance to record some. (there are some at the end). Here's the URL to the video, it's still in processing at time of posting. https://youtu.be/FAoh0aQhSNg
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    Kev maybe if you set up the first iteration with your findings, them we can add to it
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    "I think it's gonna be a winner, just like your lads in the 1st Ashes game!" oh we are going down the cricket route are we 😂......hold me back @hexzed! 🏏
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    The full stops and any other separators are there to differentiate between the passenger and cargo versions of the airline as well as between the different regionals. I initially changed the ICAO, but due to possible double ups I have been trying this instead. The reason for this is so that the cargo airlines go to the cargo terminal, and the passenger airlines go to their correct terminal. In turn the same for any regionals, eg Republic Airlines operating for American will go to terminal 8, Republic airlines operating for Delta will go to terminal 2, etc Hope this explains everything 🙂
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    Really enjoying the schedule so far! So neat to be able to play my home airport at the same time as I can watch the actual flights come in on FlightRadar. Thanks for the hard work!
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    Word on the street is that a week's worth of JFK schedules (like the ones already available for Barcelona, Orlando, and Gatwick) will be developed after testing is completed on Boston schedules. 😉 Something to consider. 🙂
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    @Kim @EliGrim Look up in the KBOS airplane file whether you have the CS3 (BCS3) aircraft in the list. Copying it in from another airport's aircraft file did the trick for me.
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    Think that would be a long shot as not sure the current game coding could cope with that one (and as we all know the door has been shut on any development of the current platform!) Probably need to add this to the wish list for the next version once opened up on the forum (along with helicopters which @battlehawk77would love as well!)
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    Gavin, Having written one to test LEBL for Gabor I know how much work goes into one day let alone 7! Great stuff and look forward to giving this a bash...😀 Gary
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    Hi, Please see this FAQ entry: Regards, John
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    For arriving planes the command to have planes taxi to the gate via an runway works with voice without problems. You just have to edit your tower3d.rec file. The problem is, that you cant use a taxi via runway for departing planes
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    Included are a couple of aircraft photos on approach to KDFW. The main reason I post these is to remember to ask for more realistic finals and hand-offs in the next Tower version. This is QFA7 turning from its right base leg to final. At this point, the A388 is about 12 miles out and under the control of the final approach controller. The hand-off to the tower controller occurs typically around 7 to 5 miles out. In Tower!3D Pro, the final leg is at least 20+nm with the hand-off to tower occurring 20nm out. BAW193's approach was more straight in because it arrived from the east and it had been approved for a landing on the west side. However, again at about 12 miles the B744 was still under control of the final approach controller with the hand-off to tower occurring about 7 miles out.
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    Hi, just confirmed by MS, MakeRwys.exe is no longer Malware classified with Windows Defender definition 1.225.3417.0 or later. The Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC) has investigated the following file(s) which we received on 8/6/2016 12:20:54 PM Pacific Time. Below is the determination for your submission. ======== Submission ID MMPC16080699733031 Submitted Files ============================================= MakeRwys.exe [Not Malware] So you can download it again Thomas
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    According to Scott Barker at Dovetail "There's nothing to announce at this time for when an update will be released." Ticket ID: HIO-848-59734 Department: General Type: Issue Status: Awaiting response Priority: Normal Fri 6/17/2016 4:04 AM In other words, regretting buying through Steam! But a response from FeelThere was: "We are doing our best to get it pushed out asap." So now I am confused because earlier it was said "We sent the build to Dovetail so you need to ask them.". Which to me means that FeelThere does the fixes and Dovetail at their leisure, if at all will update the Steam users. For those of you familiar with other Dovetail products like the choo-choo one, you know Dovetail never patches, they are only concerned with new DLCs for people to purchase and raking in more money. If they do patch anything it is to remove the scenario completely that is troublesome, like the Donner Pass Scenarios. But I digress. Anyway, back to the confusion as to who for Steam is responsible for the updates to be pushed out. It is perfectly clear that FeelThere is the developer and makes all the fixes, but do they just pass them off to Dovetail or does FeelThere work with Dovetail to implement them through Steam. I am unable to get a refund from Steam because I have gone a little over the 2 hour, 14 day return policy by 152 hours and 4 days, but I will wait for the Pro version to come out and buy directly from FeelThere through BMT. It was only $30, which is one-twentieth of the hundreds of dollars I have spent on choo-choo DLCs. Somebody once calculated that if you bought all the choo-choo DLCs it would be over $4000. This is of course unless you wait for the Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring or other sales where the average price is 50-percent off. Okay, venting finished, Hugs and Kisses, RickyJ
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    something to that I found out with my updated airline list the game loads more fast then it would before.
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    Hey @Ripskin I think you've used the wrong code for the BA 777 - it's showing white but I believe there is a 77-3 and a 77-2 that would have paintjobs. I noticed this on BA109 specifically. Thanks and great job!
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    No problem @Studders1, we are always open to feedback (especially when pointed out properly and correctly 😉 ), and we are definitely working hard to make the upcoming versions better and better each time! 🙂
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    New Version up, with Terminal,Airplanes and Airport files. Also... some random thoughts added.
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    @Nasder many thanks for the upload. I really like the airport layout but I'm not so sure about the textures. Everything looks super clean, flat and unnatural - like not even trying to give the impression of depth for textures. I really hope this is not the final version. For the moment, I do want to play it but I don't want to look at it! So, right now it's not for me.
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    Yeah I find using voice to be easier, but it all depends on what you're used to I guess. I started out not using voice. Trust me, once you get the hang of it having that sort of traffic is loads of fun! KATL is another level though
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    Hi Ray, you can try this version (v5.5151b): FSUIPC5.txt (its the dll - download & rename to FSUIPC5.dll). I've added the total ground AI at offset 02A2, and airborne AI at offset 02A4, both 16-bit (U16). No filter by airport I'm afraid. You can get the distance from you in the readable offsets previously mentioned, but only the first 96 each of airborne/ground. Cheers, John
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    Not sure if it useful but these are the layouts for the "icao_schedule.txt" and "icao_gaandlocaltraffic.txt": Never understood why the layout was chosen this way personally. A lot of inconsistency and illogical coding in place. i.e. The use of iata and icao codes - why not just stick with one across the board ... and ... arranging the arrival and departure times the opposite of the airport codes.
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    Yeh at present it doesn't see these flight numbers because they are not in the schedule BUT in the future if they become the norm and the old type flight numbers are dropped, then how will the program handle a flight number of RYR96EK. instead of FR 9741. It might be something for the next program release. Also I can"t find out why these numbers were initiated. I can only think it was to stop confusion over similar flight numbers. c'mon who can answer this.😊 Kev M
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    FeelThere and @nyergesdesign should seriously consider adding the rest of the DLC content (Real Traffic and Real Colours) on Steam. You would sell a lot more copies. On the Steam pages for the airports and main game; there are no links to these addons; nor any mention of them from what I can see. 💁‍♂️
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    Hi Fabio It was the very old version of your software I was using from beginning of 2017, back then it did reduce my flightsim performance, but a couple of days ago I reinstalled the latest version and you are right it does not affect frames or performance at all now. The software in general is a big improvement from when I first purchased last year. Thank you for all your hard work and keep up the good work.
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    But I'm still in training, I'm not full Pedantic yet 🤔
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    There's very little real estate on the first page of the forum for new/recent topics due to all the pinned topics. Do you think we could unpin the Schedule Creator related topics since the data used is obsolete and the programs are no longer supported? The topics I am recommending to unpin are as follows: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/76191-tower-schedule-creator-24-v1-released-includes-cyyz/ https://forum.simflight.com/topic/76195-tracon-schedule-creator-tracon-11-rfn-released/ https://forum.simflight.com/topic/76245-tracon-arrival-departure-frequency-charts-for-all-sectors-through-dxb/ https://forum.simflight.com/topic/76244-tower-2011-arrival-departure-frequency-charts-for-25-airports/ Thanks! PS - I definitely appreciate the effort Dick Parker put into these tools. They came in handy back in their day.
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    Pete, I have just tested the RT default schedule and the KAL 772 is nicely in Korean blue. BTW, the KAL schedule line you quote above is for the inbound flight but your screenshot shows data for the outbound flight so the relevant schedule line should be: LAX, ICN, 77L, KE, 274, 12:00, 15:05, 1, KE Wayne
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    Thank you for the informations about the current situation of the Alaska liveries, but we can't react to all of the real life changes this quick, because we see that the major of the Community desire new content rather than updating the existing add-ons. Of course updating is also an important thing, but the new content and the major bugs, which make the game unplayable, is on priority. Huge thanks to our testers and all of the active member of the Community for suopperting us and making requests for updates and new contents, but as @Pdubya said, we can only work in our pace, because we don't want to take quantity over quality. Gabor ND
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    @ Sky King and winsaudi, In order to prevent misunderstandings and unnecessary communication, it is not a question that Tower3D automatically colors the aircraft about arrival or departure, but that there is a possibility for novice controllers to give them a colored tag. Controllers who have more experience and do not find it realistic ... do not use it. Simple as that. If we are talking about being unrealistic ...... In the tower view you can see the lens flares in the morning and evening by a low sun. They are never perceptible with a human eye. Only by a camera. I also asked the developers for the lens flare as an option in the graphical setup. Because that is very unrealistic in the towerview. If someone loves that, give him/her the opportunity to select this in the graphic setup. They are all suggestions to think about to improve the fun of this game. Sorry, simulator Regards, Leo
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    Nice answer - ever consider a career in politics? ;)
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    With the recent updates, the terminal files are acting a little different than they did before. If you make the following edit to tist_terminal.txt in your TIST folder you should be good to go. This assumes one has Real Traffic. NEW Terminal_1: AAL,DAL,JBU,KAP,LIA,NKS,SBS,SCX,UAL Terminal_GA: GA OLD Terminal_1: Terminal_GA: GA
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    SimConnect allows me to set 'x' individually for each data request. It cuts down on the traffic to/from SimConnect by only asking for changes which would be noticeable. This value is per data request, so, yes, it will vary according to the data requested. 'x' is called the "epsilon" by SimConnect, and actually, by default, FSUIPC does these days default it to zero for all values. But there is an FSUIPC INI parameter which will make FSUIPC use different values for each value (with 'x' decided by my judgement about reasonable desirable precisions). Maybe it would help in those installations which have several SimConnect users clamouring for data and gradually clogging the interface up. This option is documented in the Advanced User's guide, thus: UseEpsilon is normally omitted altogether. If needed, it can be added, in the [General] section of the INI file, set to “Yes”. This will impose change limitations on most variables sent to FSUIPC by SimConnect Pete
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    Think of TIST as a tutorial airport. It has very minimal functionality. In the past, whenever someone has asked a similar question to yours, the developer's response has been, buy the Atlanta or JFK add-on for more features.
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    Hi Everyone Many thanks for taking a look at Beta 1. As far as I can tell no major disasters, but plenty to work on as a result of your testing. Here's a list of what I'm currently working on for Beta 2, the first four items in the list are already complete. As for the rest, I'm working on them. Depending on how they go I may release Beta 2 before some are complete. In the meantime don't hesitate to provide further feedback. Treat add-on.xml content as case insensitive (even though XML is case sensitive!) This is breaking the airport database complication for some beta testers. Tolerate minor errors in add-on.xml, such as a missing path statement. Again this is breaking the airport database complication for some beta testers. Migrate all configuration files from Version 3 to Version 4. In Beta 1 we overlooked custom arrival and departure state names, column headings and callsign overrides. STB Client support for running on a separate computer to Prepar3D STB Data Server (may come a few days after STB Client Beta 2) Investigate issues around STB approach control not minimizing go-arounds due to arrival volumes Investigate exception occurring with user aircraft schedule time generation. Store core simulator backup files in core simulator directories rather than the STB application data (the latter is easily lost following software deinstallation). Store traces in a My Documents folder rather than My Documents root Thanks Simon
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    Well I should of copied over the entire folder to start off. It looks like I found it. Again Sorry Pete. :(
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    The screenshots for Real Traffic for Tower!3D on the FeelThere webpage show all aircraft albino white. Is this correct for this new addon? Or do we need to wait for Real Color to be released?
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    I don't know about anyone else but there's a lot of teasing going on, on this site. Please put us out of our misery. In anticipation of a release date Maddon10
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