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    Looking at the log, the game engine never successfully completed calculating a route to the terminal - this is unusual. Typically it calculates a route or the log indicated unable to calculate route. This didn't happen in the case of UAE824. I did notice that you issued a TAXI TO TERMINAL command prior to receiving the successful landing message. I don't know if this triggered the issue, but just thought I'd mention it. Here is some more info worth noting. As I have shared with you this game engine has gate availability issues. According to the schedule you used, UAE824 was scheduled to arrive (actually, appear on the DBRITE) at 06:50. Due to gate availability issues, UAE824 didn't actually appear on the DBRITE until 06:59:34. When you ended your session at 07:10, there were 6 flights (FDB344, FDB446, FDB754, FDB730, FDB1706, FDB174) that were in a virtual holding pattern (no free terminal error) due to a lack of gates. Also, from a custom scheduling perspective here's a little tip. The game engine does not handle duplicate arrival times. You should space arrivals, if possible, at least a minute apart. In the case of this schedule, there are 7 flights scheduled to arrive (as mentioned before, appear on the DBRITE) at 06:50. This obviously won't happen and having duplicate arrivals time automatically causes delays. Here's what happened to those 7 flights that were scheduled for 06:50: UAE377 - appeared on DBRITE at 06:50:06 UAE824 - delayed until 06:59 UAE533 - delayed until 06:58 FDB754 - delayed, never spawned FDB446 - delayed, never spawned FDB344 - delayed, never spawned FDB174 - delayed, never spawned. I think gate availability was a bigger factor on these delays, but even if gates were available these flights would definitely have been delayed. Looks like everything is happening at the 5 minute marks (:00, :05, :10, :15, etc.) in the schedule. For better realism and playability, the times should be a little bit more creative. I also noticed flight OMA613 (a departure at 23:15) does not have an airplane type. This could potentially cause loading issues for certain playing times. Since I don't make custom schedules anymore 🙂 I'd recommend checking out @battlehawk77's schedules to either play or emulate.
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