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    Feelthere has said multiple times that they will never give release dates. When it is ready, it will be released
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    and this is not likely to be fixed in any future SP for OMDB if posted in a KDFW thread @ATC AlaskaGuy @FeelThere Ariel- Ariel, can I make a suggestion that a sticky is created called something along the lines of "Tower3D! - Airport Bugs and Errors" where people can create a Airport thread and then add comments to if when issues/bugs are spotted so that the developers have this in one place IF they decide to then act on these for a future SP. Maybe with a set/specific reporting format for posting such as describing the type of error, possible fixes required and a picture(s) to highlight the concern? If multiple errors spotted, create one posting per thread. Just a suggestion
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    What do you mean “hold up”? Airports take time to develop and if it’s not released then it’s being developed.
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    i love kbos it does have a couple of problems with the runways first runway 9 in real life i have seen all types of planes takeoff from this runway from crjs to triple 7s but in the game nothing bigger then a a320 can takeoff from it an second i had a lh a346 going to munich but none of the runways will work they say they are to short for takeoff from here is a little from the game log 12:00:00 * DLH458 => ADD HISTORY: DLH458: Tower, LUFTHANSA 458 requesting push and start. Store stat: True COMMAND: DLH458 PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY 22L 12:00:29 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-2 OWNER_GROUND t: Term_E10 * DLH458 => PARSE CMD: PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY 22L 12:00:29 * DLH458 => ADD HISTORY: DLH458: Unable to takeoff from this runway. The runway is too short for takeoff Store stat: True COMMAND: DLH458 PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY 4R 12:00:33 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-2 OWNER_GROUND t: Term_E10 * DLH458 => PARSE CMD: PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY 4R 12:00:33 * DLH458 => ADD HISTORY: DLH458: Unable to takeoff from this runway. The runway is too short for takeoff Store stat: True COMMAND: DLH458 PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY 15R 12:00:36 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-2 OWNER_GROUND t: Term_E10 * DLH458 => PARSE CMD: PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY 15R 12:00:36 * DLH458 => ADD HISTORY: DLH458: Unable to takeoff from this runway. The runway is too short for takeoff i tried a a380 an it will takeoff from the runway i gave the a346
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    This thread is for ONLY posting verifiable and reproducible bugs/errors at all of the airports. Everything else that does not meet the above criteria, please create a new thread. Here is the full current list of airports, sorted alphabetically: CYVR EDDM EDDS EGKK KATL KBOS KJFK KLAS KLAX KLGA KMCO KMEM KPHL KPHX KRDU KSAN KSFO LEBL LFPG OMDB TIST YMML To report a verified, reproducible error for an airport, please create a new post hereunder, using ONLY the following subject: ICAO code - verified bug/error - screenshot/log attached For example: KPHX - verified bug/error - screenshot/log attached Do NOT replicate airports. Check whether an airport bug/error is in the list of posts before creating a new post. Moderators must remove all posts immediately that do not meet the above criteria. thanks BLB (Peter)
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    @Braf123456 While this might be an error in comparison to what happens in reality its not technically an error with the game. This is more like a suggestion but a great suggestion that you can create a new thread for if the devs ever think about creating a SP for KBOS. An error for this thread more constitutes whether your planes are spinning into other planes, or maybe your game play is bugging out with different colors or just spazzing out. It has to be something that is affecting your game play. And Runway 9 not allowing bigger jets doesn't make kbos unplayable. Hence why Peter asks for a screenshot and log to be attached. Hopes this clears up any confusion.
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    @blacklabelbraai Thanks Peter. At least something positive from my original post and thanks for thinking the format through. Let's hope people follow your posting instructions! 😉
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    Recommended format for reporting: AIRPORT: CYVR BUG/ERROR SUMMARY: ARE YOU ABLE TO REPRODUCE THIS BUG/ERROR?: HAVE YOU UPLOADED YOUR Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3d Pro\tower3d_data\output_log.txt file?:
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    Vic: Mostly what I am referring to is when inbound flights are on final touchdown and have ignored or given a "negative" radio response. They then proceed to turn off the runway into a taxiway that is already occupied by an outbound A/C waiting for the inbound A/C to taxi by... they end up nose to nose and a delete is necessary most cases because the runway is obstructed. I guess what I am asking after is that inbound to have virtual eyes that when the crew decides to turn off, it can (usually) "see" that there is a big honkin' A/C already sitting just off the runway in taxiway X and pointed at it the runway, so choose another exit please because following is not possible! Autonomous meaning the A/C(game) should accomplish this on its own w/o player intervention to avoid a crisis. Perhaps this would work different in fog or storm/rain conditions. I get that humans aren't infallible, but under normal circumstances we manage just fine. This is why I am interested in more time or a different method to assign an A/C on final exit and taxi instructions. Of course the whole gate, gate, who has the gate game must be fixed. Not knowing until very late in the approach/final is not helping matters with all this stuff above. Does that make sense? Let me know if not. Sorry it took so long to get back to you Vic. Cheers!
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    No need it's been cleared up by Gary. Sorry.
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    OK not familiar with the terminal layout but it looked weird during game play and when looked at when using FR24 their map showed a terminal going all the way to those gates. Don't know how old a picture that FR24 is using. Thanks for clearing this up. Charles
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    I was actually working on this one before OMDB came out but that one being new and a lot of fun took priority :) However ATL is one of my favorite airports for the shear insanity of it as a solo player so I wanted to make a schedule and here it is! I have merged a few periods together to try and keep enough traffic on the ground so planes will taxi to various terminals instead of all lining up at once spot however with the number of arrivals I also wanted to leave enough open. Tinkered with a few setups and may merge a few more periods but overall this works well and is quite fun! Video of the 11am hour here Download Here Feedback always welcome!
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    If they really wanted to get it right, the white strobes should come on when the aircraft is cleared to the runway as in RL. (LUAW or clear for Take off). Also remove the tail anticollision light (red) for normal aircraft and the fuseleage top anticol light on T tail aircraft. Basically normal A/C have one light on the bottom & one on the top . T tail have one on the bottom & one on the top of the tail. Kev
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    Ariel I know you would come through. Thanks Kev
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    Yeah it didnt download as a zip file, like i had to open the file with internet explorer that didnt lead me anywhere, maybe if i download them one by one
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    New SP for RC OMDB Previous: RC_Tower3D_OMDB.exe New: RC_Tower3D_OMDB_sp1.exe New SP for EGKK Airport Previous: EGKK_airport.exe New: EGKK_airport_sp1.exe New SP for RC EGKK Previous: RC_Tower3D_EGKK.exe New: RC_Tower3D_EGKK_sp1.exe
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    Woot! Thanks Ripskin. I've been looking for another custom schedule for ATL. Note the direct download from Dropbox worked just fine for me.
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    Absolutely fantastic schedule. Really challenging, even on MP. Well done.
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    @FeelThere, @ATControl -- Joe thanks for your attention. Well... I'm conforming with @MrMatt24 here. I have repeatedly completed stress and benchmark tests. Also, in the meantime, after the KLGA problem, shortly before and after the EDDM problem, I have played F1 2018 (6 hours straight), A Plague Tale: Innocence (2 hours straight), Motorsport Manager (2x 1.5 hours straight), Planet Coaster, X-Plane 11 and other T!3D DLCs. All without any problems. (However, I had not touched KLGA any more!) I also use CPU- and GPU-heavy Photo, 3D and Video FX software on a regular basis with this PC. Even if it looks like a dying graphics card, I doubt that strongly. (This doesn't have to be relevant, but I've seen dying graphics cards before and they didn't distinguished between 2D and 3D content in one game. As I said, it doesn't have to be relevant, hardware errors can show up in many different ways.) Also that KLGA floods my Windows Page File, is extremely unlikely (not impossible) a graphics card issue. The video was made after the problem occurred for the second time in a row. So it was the third start of EDDM. @nyergesdesign, I don't know if this can be helpful for error analysis, but after the post from @ATC AlaskaGuy... ...I replaced all custom schedules from all airport folders with the original RT sp6v17 files I had saved before. Then I uninstalled EDDM via Steam, restarted Steam and reinstalled EDDM. Then I quit Steam again, switched to the second user account in Windows (set to US English), started T!3D and set the same starting time (08:00) as in the video. Now, for one hour and 20 minutes I was able to play EDDM without any errors. Besides I ran the programs MSI Command Center and HWiNFO64. Concerning temperatures, clocks, power, etc. there were no abnormalities. Either I was just lucky, or the problem is somehow related to either custom schedules or the way RT is updated and the game loads RT, RC and the DLCs.
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    i dont manage to download the file
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    Dear Folks, Recently the forum became a less than friendly place. Some of the members are picking on each other and posting just to pick a fight. Could you please refrain from it? It would be pretty unfortunate if we would have to start deleting comments. The holidays are almost upon us, let's just keep this forum a happy place too. We are about to release KDFW and Nyerges Design is planning another release for this year so there will be enough to talk about 🙂 Thank you Vic
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