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    I agree with Craig. I think the 8 hour session “requested by users” has never been requested via this forum and I think it spoils the game for everyone else. Wayne
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    @jonas243, No worries about "attacking my personal preference". Nothing taken personally, for perhaps my play style is unusual.🙂 All due respect to everyone here, I believe that a game of this caliper should be able to be played for more than several hours before needing a hard reset. Its a day/night time dependent ATC "simulator" with supposedly unending incoming and outgoing aircraft traffic. Why wouldn't people play longer than a few hours in a single day? In the mean time, I still enjoy playing even with the spinning midair aircraft, aircraft that won't push back, aircraft that travel through the center of the terminal buildings, the PTT lags, and other funky bugs that rear their heads during play. 🙂 I just keep telling myself "Its just a video game".
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    I can understand wanting the 8 hour continuity in the game flow. I am that way when it comes to immersion. But unless Vic can come up with a solution on the next version with the whole available gate issue, I really don't see the point. It is dragging down the rest of the game and the overall experience. I am pretty confident he can come up with a better way. I think it was just a result of choices made last time around... unintended consequences if you will. I will be interested to see what Vic has in mind for this next version- actually pretty excited when thinking of the possibilities, regardless of how far away release is likely going to be.
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    In this case we need a LOT of patience 😆
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    Okay, @Scar, that is quite unusual and an interesting thing to do. But I don´t fully understand why you do it like that. I do understand that you want to play longer sessions, but playing for like 6 hours continuous brings so many problems with it. Like you mentioned: the game becomes laggy, PTT does not work as good as in the beginning and so on. The other problem is, that there is not as much traffic as there normally would be when you load 8 hours of flight, because of the often discussed ´´no free terminal´´ issue! I don't want to attack your personal preference on how you play the game, but why don't you play for two hours, then stop the game, and start from the time you stopped, so you don't run into the issues you and me mentioned above?
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    I'm raising my hand. While it will seem I "have no life", I've played that long before. The game has a "pause" function, and I use it often in order to take advantage of an entire day's worth of traffic. With the discussed KMCO airport, I've played midnight to midnight real traffic only placing the game on pause, or keeping track of when I stop and start the game. If I stopped at 11am, the next time I play, I'll start it up at that time. However, using the pause function, I have no doubt I've played a single session well over 8 hours. I do, however, find myself resetting the game due to traffic lagging, PTT becoming non-responsive, or some other issue that tends to pop up when you play the game for long periods of time.
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    Wayne: Can't help but agree. Personally, I am lucky to get through a couple hours before stress relief or cramping sets in. Wouldn't a reduction in loaded hours help with load times and "solve" some related issues as well? I would think so. Seems there should definitely be a happy medium to be found somewhere between 3 and 8. Looking at the logs, I wonder how many cycles are chewed up by the game regularly dealing with no available gates. CPU time better spent doing other more important stuff. I imagine this is on Vic's laundry list for Tower3D Next.
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    Pete: Well, Craig and I have chatted about the next release recently. Unfortunately, other than some info Vic gave in response to my "Brotherly Love KPHL" thread, there is very little real info on the next version. Check out that thread if you are interested. We remain hopeful an announcement is forthcoming; the first item will likely be Vic opening up a Suggestions thread when he is ready.
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    Any time soon when we might get another airport? I know I have to be patient, but can we have a appx. time when we can expect to see one (or maybe more than one).
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    Vic seemed to imply the next version will be a major rewrite - so I'm sure this will all be taken into consideration. Until then ... snippets. 🙂
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    This is not a "heavy" issue. This is a gate availability issue indicated by the "no free terminal" messages in the log file. Planes with this message are in a virtual holding pattern until a gate at their terminal becomes available. All this is related to the sim loading 8 hours worth of flights1 making gates a precious commodity. To further prove that this issue is not just related to heavies, at the end of your session you had the following arrivals with the "no free terminal" message: JBU1914 - A320 UAL730 - B752 VIR15 - B744 DAL1061 - B752 SIL97 - SF34 TAM8086 - B773 DAL956 - B752 JBU1527 - A320 DLH464 - B744. Departures are also affected by the loading of 8 hours of traffic. If the gates fill up, some departures are dropped altogether from the schedule. The flights show up in the log with a "Airplane dropped, no declared terminal" message. In your log the following departure flights were dropped : DAL32, VIR16, DL465, TAM8087, EIN120, TAM8055, UPS3327. This issue has been around since Tower!2011 and the workaround for it and now Tower!3D and Tower!3D Pro has been to create schedule files that contain just a few hours of flights. In my custom schedules this is why I provide snippets. Craig 1 Apparently there is a customer base that likes to play marathon sessions and that is why FeelThere loads so many hours of flights. Personally, I don't understand this type of play but to each their own. But, again, there is a negative impact to the "sane" player to appease the binge players.
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    When time comes we will open a wishlist for our next Tower version 🙂
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    a) Non-Pro doesn't have multiplayer b) For best results, the same airport version is needed c) Real Traffic is not required, but if used it should be the same. Any custom files used need to be the same. d) Real Color is not required for multiplayer. Contact Tower!
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    It depends where you want the message box to appear. If it's in your own application then you just use the normal MessageBox class, or make a form. If you want it to appear inside FlightSim then you need to use the text display facilities provided by FSUIPC. This will just be text display though, there are no buttons and it doesn't look like a messagebox. It either appears as text along the top of the FlightSim window, or if the text is multi-line it appears in a window. This window can be moved by the user or even undocked. I've expanded the example above to display a multiline message in FlightSim when Menu Item 1 is clicked: // Message Writing Offsets: (In their own group and marked as Write-Only) private Offset<string> msgText = new Offset<string>("msg", 0x3380, 128, true); private Offset<string> msgTitle = new Offset<string>("msg", 0x6D60, 32, true); private Offset<short> msgControl = new Offset<short>("msg", 0x32FA, true); private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { try { FSUIPCConnection.Open(); AddMenus(); } catch (FSUIPCException) { // no connection } } private void AddMenus() { UserInputServices ui = FSUIPCConnection.UserInputServices; ui.AddMenuItem("Menu1", "Menu One", false); ui.AddMenuItem("Menu2", "Menu Two", false); ui.MenuSelected += Ui_MenuSelected; this.tmrMenuKeepAlive.Start(); this.tmrCheckForInput.Start(); } private void Ui_MenuSelected(object sender, UserInputMenuEventArgs e) { switch (e.ID) { case "Menu1": // show message in FS msgText.Value = "This is a multiline message.\nThis is line 2\nThis is line 3"; msgTitle.Value = "Example Text Window"; msgControl.Value = 0; FSUIPCConnection.Process("msg"); break; case "Menu2": break; } } private void tmrMenuKeepAlive_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e) { // This timer ticks every 10 seconds FSUIPCConnection.UserInputServices.KeepMenuItemsAlive(); } private void tmrCheckForInput_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e) { // This timer ticks every 250ms FSUIPCConnection.UserInputServices.CheckForInput(); } Please see the examples application - "IS001- Key Presses" under Input Services. Key presses work in a similar way to Menu Items. Paul
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    Okay, so yes i had loaded an older schedule into the drop box by mistake which had 170 as an airplane type instead of E70! I have changed this, tidied up the duplicates in the schedule and checked and adjusted some commas in the GA and airlines file. I have checked the schedule throughout the whole day, and it is working for me New files added to the dropbox, and version number changed Sorry for the hassle, especially Roger Back to controlling! Ben
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    I appreciate your special effort to change planes types to keep liveries, I was unaware of that and that is why I asked if it was me lacking RC packs of if it was just the schedule. Again, thank you for making these custom schedules!
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    Loving this schedule so far! It really does change the feel of playing LAX compared to the default schedule. I do have one question though, are the Compass E175s supposed to be white; or am I just missing the RC pack that contains them?
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    Yes it's all correct; Approach weights the arriving terminal to a certain degree but traffic flow has a higher priority and it also tries to balance runway usage too. Vic
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    I did an it work
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    Approach CallOuts consists of two Lua scripts and a sound folder with wav files that work together to provide altitude, gear and flap settings, and approach minimums (Decision Height) audio callouts on an approach to landing. The altitude callouts are at Radio Altimeter (RA) heights of 2000, 1000, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100, 50, 40, 30, 20, and 10 ft. At 800ft RA (a user settable value) you get a callout of current flap and gear positions. There is no gear callout if the aircraft has a fixed gear. The minimums callout may be based on a RA or BARO (MSL) altitude. May not display correctly with P3Dv4 due to Lua display limitations. Documentation included. ApproachCallOut2Files.zip
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    Hmm... those Brits won't be escaping the heat and humidity in Orlando! 😳 Perhaps they plan on staying inside at Disney in the A/C.
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    Pete: Craig and others can shed some more specific light on this issue, but I have routinely found that Arrivals tend to exit to the Terminal side of the runway, but not always. Sometimes they listen to your command to "Vacate Runway" R/L, many times you get a "negative" response. I personally have not found any rhyme or reason to the behavior. It's exceptionally irritating for me to say the least. Others may have a few workarounds or best practices to minimize the problem. If memory serves, KSFO is a bit wonky right now. I have it, but have only played it occasionally.
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