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    This is certainly the best airport released by FeelThere for the game so far. Graphically it’s significantly higher than many others (LFPG was nothing short of embarrassing) and the games play is fantastic and a real challenge to operate. However - the RealTraffic schedule is awful and is missing HUGE amounts of traffic. Please can this be given an urgent update?? I know some key contributing members of this community who were creating custom schedules are no-longer willing to do so - so it’s key that RT is actually representative of REAL TRAFFIC! Thanks in advance!
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    Then don't spend that amount. The game is entirely playable as shipped with three airports. I too find the whole Real Color, Real Traffic approach a bit different, but there'a a reality here with this sort of product that's dramatically different from many other products and that's the size of the community. I've gotten first-hand professional experience with that community going back to the very first ATC product on the PC. It's a SMALL community. Very few people, comparatively, enjoy this sort of simulation over other related sims like flight simulators. It's a subset of a subset. Just look at the industry. Where is Wesson International today? They were the first and built a multi-award-winning product that was highly respected and they couldn't make the business model work selling the product as a whole. Where is Xavius today? They sold the second-most popular ATC simulator, and the tiny team there also couldn't keep the lights on. The two companies were both forced to move into selling a professional level product to the ATC industry. So, if you're going to make it in this sector (no pun intended) you need to find new ways to generate additional income. No one says you need to own every single piece of a product. I own X-Plane, but I don't own every piece of add-on software made for it. That would cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars! Sure, those products come from different companies, but only because that community is so vibrant. There were times when X-Planes community wasn't very active and you had to make due with pretty much the core product. I own seven airports in T3D Pro. I bought them over two years. Each one was a minor investment generally under $25 each. Most people spend more than that at a movie and get two hours of entertainment out of that. I've certainly gotten more than two hours of entertainment out of each of these airports.
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    Technically England is part of a bigger island with Scotland and Wales! 🀣
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    It's almost certain it will be done for the next version. I admitted many times based on T!2011 we underestimated the community's need for an editor. It's one of the top priorities for T!3DX. Vic
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    Ok so final list for San Francisco update, that meets the criteria stated in the first post AIJ 4O INTERJET A20N ASA AS ALASKA AIRLINES A21N AVA AV AVIANCA A20N CES MU CHINA EASTERN AIRLINES B77W FBU BF FRENCH BEE A359 FFT F9 FRONTIER AIRLINES A20N HAL HA HAWAIIAN AIRLINES A21N QXE QX HORIZON AIR E175 SCX SY SUN COUNTRY B738 SWA WN SOUTHWEST AIRLINES B737 SWA WN SOUTHWEST AIRLINES B738 UAL UA UNITED AIRLINES B78X To be considered WJA WS WESTJET Not new, but not currently in SFO RC pack Remember not all liveries here are guaranteed to be updated
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    Well i did end up buying real traffic to get the names of the carriers, the colours I wouldn't really notice anyway I don't think. The juggling aspect is really addictive, feels like a mind training game haha! My immediate comparison was Euro Truck Simulator DLC but that one makes more sense because of the high popularity it's gained in recent years. Now I've done more research into this game I do realise I jumped the gun way too early, but I'm not afraid to apologise when I'm wrong. Apologies @FeelThere and @FeelThere Ariel! It's not much but I did a positive steam review. I will look into this, it does sound familiar, I'm wondering if I played this years ago.
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    To Vic, I just wanted to say I played my first session at OMDB, and just wanted to say WELL DONE! The airport looks and works very well. Just looking at the map, it seems like it would be rather boring, but turns out to be the opposite. Part of it is all the heavies. Another part of it is that the tower is positioned right in the middle of the action with excellent up close views of the gates and taxiways on both sides. Thirdly, you guys did a fantastic job with the cut away camera; it's great to see you trying new things 9though it would be need if you could go back and do the same with some of the older airports). There is just something about being surrounded by all those A380s and 777s moving back and forth on both sides of you that really gets the blood running. If he gave it a try, I'm sure even CRBASCOTT would have a good time πŸ˜‰ [Don't take that the wrong way; I just miss your passion for and contributions to the game.] Regards, Andrew
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    Sad! As soon as a new airport gets released, customers are asking for custom schedules. What does that tell you? Hopefully, this is something that can be addressed in the next version.
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    Anyone has a custom schedule for DXB already?
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    Oh come on guys πŸ™‚ You know how to push my buttons πŸ™‚ OK, OK πŸ™‚ Currently, we are testing two airports. I can tell you one. Which one should I tell you the smaller or the big one (not KORD) πŸ™‚ We are in development for 4 other airports one of them is a non-US airport, one of them is an island airport πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful weekend and thank you all for the continuous support! Vic
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    Just trying to be helpful since he publicly posted and no one commented. Gabor was very friendly towards me when I had a question concerning the game. Maybe you can be more helpful then @crbascott since he mentioned you in his post about kdfw and shed some light.
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    Yes i can provide a final list after Saturday of all suggestions that meet the criteria
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    Hi Ray, Ok, thanks - sorry I didn't have time to check this last night. I'll take a look and get back to you with a new version later today (hopefully!). John
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    You ask a lot more eloquently, so it could be taken into consideration. There is a limit on the amount of liveries to be added, so to be honest this will be down the bottom of the list since Mesa Airlines do not fly into San Francisco
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    AVA AV Avianca Airlines A20N https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/n779av ASA AS Alaska Airlines A21N https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/n921va AIJ 4O Interjet A20N https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/xa-jrm HAL HA Hawaiian Airlines A21N https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/n205ha
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    For any given airport, I just sort the airlines.txt file on cols 1-3. Are you looking for more than that? Tom
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    The 738 could be updated, as it was in CYVR. Since that is the only 1 that has been updated, it would be a bit unrealistic to update any more at this stage since the moniker is "real".
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