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    A Very Big Thank You for all the people at Feel There and all the people who created all those custom schedules for the airports that are released for Tower 3D Pro. All of you are very much appreciated especially during this quarantine summer of 2020! 😀 Thanks again.....
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    AeroMexico Connect, "1100 E-JETS" livery WIP. I'm still working on Royal Jordanian E175, reg JY-EMC, but wanted to get this one out as it's a variant of the E190 for AeroMexico Connect I released in March. A few details are different like no aeromexico.com on the engines and a few other details. Hope to release it soon. Jeffrey S. Bryner
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    Update v0.62 KATL added Version History added With the airport selection, the slider for movements per hour is automatically set to the recommended maximum, based on a 2-hour schedule NOTE: Due to COVID-19, KATL and subsequent airport implementations are provisionally based on contents of the Real Traffic AddOn and additionaly, possibly outdated, potentially incomplete or partially inaccurate data. Feedback and bug reports are much appreciated. Schedule Builder Website
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    Beta would indicate development is near completion and a release is not too far away. Based on the pictures and information shared thus far, there is no indication that is the case at all.
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    @mjkerr These liveries are not available because the airline/plane models are not in the Real Traffic schedule. I'm not sure what you are hoping to accomplish here, but as a user of T!2011 and T!3DP you should know that Nyerges Design does not issue updates to Real Color packs (or Real Traffic for that matter) to make them more current. I don't really want to say you are wasting your time with all these posts .... but ... you're wasting your time with all these posts. 😉
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    Everything will be "live" so you would see rolling clouds and changing weather conditions 🙂
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    Update v0.65 Added information about the individual sliders (settings). -Click on the question mark- Added new GA option regarding callsigns. You now decide on the structure of the GA callsigns; how they are spoken. Basic framework prepared for the inclusion of retro airlines in the Schedule Builder. (The corresponding slider is already displayed, but has no function. Over the next few weeks, the code for the individual airports will be modified. As soon as all currently available airports are prepared, the retro option will be available.) Some code changes and bug fixes. (Among other things, the GA flights are now included in the evaluation of traffic volume on the valuation page.) NOTE: If you want to try the new GA Callsign option "type" with the Schedule Builder and have not yet used the text input function on the flight strips, you might want to try it now as well. Feedback and bug reports are much appreciated and possibly necessary. Schedule Builder Website
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    As was said unfortunately you cannot do the speed up commands or slow down. And as was said you can do some vectoring. I do one of two things depending on the airport. If the small plane is close I'll let it come in and take the faster plane and manually control it back to the start of the line and sneak it in before the edge of the map in case a new plane arrives. This way I avoid most separation errors but get it in line. If it is a busy airport I'll try to have it head out of the line like a go around and have it contact departure to be re queued. Lastly, depending on the airport I'll use a smaller less used runway to handle overflow for those smaller planes so I can manually shunt a few out of the stack since I have so many limitations on what I can do with them.
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    Thanks Ashton. That is the case. I couldn't have made it any clearer and put this in 2 places but this guy never reads stuff properly and fires off keyboard warrior statements. It was only a few months ago I got moaned at for not releasing the latest RC detail spreadsheet minutes after NygeresDesign released a new RC pack..You can't win! 🤦🏽‍♂️
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    from wikipage about terminal 3: However it was announced on 6 September 2012 that Terminal 3 would no longer be Emirates exclusive, as Emirates and Qantas had set up an extensive code sharing agreement. Qantas would be the second and only one of two airlines to fly in and out of Terminal 3. This deal also allows Qantas to use the A380 Dedicated Concourse A.[1] The terminal has 5 Airbus A380 gates at Concourse B, and 18 at Concourse A.[2] In December 2018, flydubai commenced flights from terminal 3 to selected destinations to facilitate transfers to/from Emirates.[3][4] So I guess you can add quantas and flydubai to T3
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    Thank you! I look forward to trying it out. Andrew Jones
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    I can across this old post and gave it a try. Works perfect for Prepar3d v4.5 . I think this is just great 😃
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    I appreciate all the work u put in to get this done
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    Starting with the official Tower!3D Pro User Manual I've created an annotated version (attached to this post below) in which I cleared up typos, made grammar corrections, added airport diagrams, and aligned the descriptions to match the current visible behavior of the Tower!3D game (for non-voice recognition) and Tower!3D Pro game (for voice recognition). I think it adds some useful information to the manual to clear up confusion during play. Please note: this is not Official Content from FeelThere. Enjoy!! Rameus tower-3d-pro-um-annotated21_bp.pdf
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    A slight correction is required and would be appreciated Some arriving aircraft are incorrectly using M5A when I would be expecting to be using M3A or M6 In this example The A388 correctly uses M3A However the two B77W should also be using M3A but they are not When watching them they are braking heavily into M5A Decelerating correctly down to 40, then dramatically down to 10
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    Did u update real traffic
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    REAL COLOURS - IndiGo Airlines : A321 not available Only A320 alternative A321N not available Only A320N alternative Daallo Airline : B733 Not available
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    I was hoping I could amend the Terminal numbers, but there is no Airport Editor As a result I can amend the Terminal file, but it has left me with some parts of the airport that do not quite match the charts and real life usage Apron G (PadG) Stand G22 is missing (incorrectly assigned to RemoteE, see below) Apron N (RemoteE) Stand G22 is incorrectly assigned to RemoteE There are only three stands Stands H1,H2 and H3 For some reason the game has five additional ones Apron S (not included) Stands S1 to S15
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    This time it is a Emirates flight DXB - ACC - ABJ ABJ - ACC - DXB It looked strange when two aircraft were next to each other requesting pushback, and then I noticed the Flight Numbers were the same! Sadly not the only one I had overlooked A further Two flyDubai and 13 Emirates Further complicated by discovering two flights also operate a triangle! DXB - CEB - CRK - DXB (Emirates) DXB - PZU - KRT - DXB (flyDubai)
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    i just looked up something with Wamos Air they don't even fly to EGKK or OMDB so why are these listed in these airport real color packs?
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    why in the new real color aircraft list are the retro airlines listed in there when that color pack isn't out yet as far as I know anyway it isn't
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    in my schedule to i added some extras just for fun united use to fly to Dubai as well as Delta and i was able to add those to the schedule and terminal files to
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    What is the next airport for July
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    there was a post a while back that said the next three airports being done are PHNL KSEA and EGLL
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    EGLL is in the works so that one is going to be next in line.
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