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    I don't want to appear rude, but it's hard for me to imagine that there will ever be a v2. It's pretty obvious that I like the game a lot, otherwise I wouldn't put so much energy and money into the game. Nevertheless, or just because of that, you should express criticism very clearly and I see a lot of what's wrong here. I assume that the source code has grown a lot and I can understand why the programmers don't work on it anymore, e.g. to realize an easier setup on non-English Windows installations. But there are little things that could be done with a commitment of less than an hour. Why, for example, frustrate (especially new) players (with regard to several Steam Reviews) with disproportionate penalty points? A simple psychological fact is that you play games because you're looking for a challenge and want to experience a sense of accomplishment. You could do that with a few lines of code. Basically, it's a simple if-statement. (If you are a penalty, divide yourself by 10!) With such and other little things, the refusal to continue working on the game is incomprehensible to me. The same applies to DLCs. Let's take EDDM as an example: This DLC is going to be a year old now and there are bugs the developer says they have on the agenda, but it seems there is no interest to fix them. At least I don't see an update coming in the near future, as little as one was published the past 11 months. Basically, it means this: As a customer, I can neither assume to buy a faultless product, nor assume that known bugs will be fixed. Of course this doesn't create a certain trust in the developer or the game and its DLCs. And in the end, it comes down to one question to which I have not found an answer yet: Why should I put energy, diligence and hard work into making money to continuously invest in DLCs if the developer doesn't give the impression of having a similar commitment? (That doesn't mean I'm saying the developer doesn't want to put in any effort or don't want to produce the best possible DLCs.) Since English is not my mother tongue, there is always the chance that texts or passages translated by myself will be misinterpreted. I would therefore like to make it clear that this is a purely personal opinion. I simply felt the need to write this comment. It is not meant to defame the developer or the game. I liked the game before this comment and will like and play it just as much afterwards. I am also aware that in order to realize further projects there has to be a constant cash flow, especially to cover expenses and also generate profit. Doing this with DLCs is also understandable. What I am questioning is, if this strategy, with the circumstances described, will continue to work in the future. At least for me it doesn't. I'm quite interested in the KSFO and EGKK DLCs, had them in the shopping cart from time to time, but the crux of the matter is: I did not bought them, not even during sale!
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    @ashman99 It wasn't my intention to downplay the work of the developers or to deny what they created. I think Tower!3D Pro is the best we have in this genre. However, you can't hide the fact that the variety is very limited. What I wanted to say was that I am losing faith in the developer's statements and promises. Why this is so, I've tried to explain with examples. I also don't say that there will be no EDDM update, but that it is more and more difficult for me to believe in it or hope for it, and not only with the EDDM DLC. If it's just me losing trust or a few players, then the developer shouldn't be bothered. But if that's the case with a lot of players, and I think that's in the realm of what's possible, now's the time to speak plainly before trust is lost indeed. As much empathy and sympathy as I have for the developer (and this is the case), in the end it comes down to a few sober facts. Whether the development team consists of 1 or 100 people, Tower!3D Pro is a high-priced gaming title and the same applies to the DLCs. If as a gamer and customer, I have to spend almost as much on a DLC (including RC) as I do on a complete game from other developers, regularly, several times or just once, then I need confidence in the product and the publisher/developer. If the confidence disappears and sales decline more and more, this will inevitably have consequences for the further development of Tower!3D. If that's the case right now or will it be that way in the future, I don't know. However, I see the possibility that this might happen now or in the future. If that is true, then at the latest now is the time when the developer should ensure more confidence. And that shouldn't happen through promises, but through tangible progress for the players. Something that you can see and experience. The announcement to have concluded the work on the game without having removed all errors and on the other hand to continue publishing DLCs where the buyer cannot be sure whether they are error-free and if not, whether these errors will be removed is not conducive to the cause in my opinion. It is possible that I am wrong, but I am probably not completely wrong, because I recognize the loss of trust by myself from myself. That's what I wanted to mention and make clear to the developers. Not because I gave up their product, but because I want to prevent it from happening.
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    MOVED FROM "FAQ" SUBFORUM TO SUPPORT FORUM, the proper place for SUPPORT! It is little to do with FSUIPC. All the facility does is call the SimConnect facilty to save a flight. It is, in fact, exactly the same as using the menu to do so, or using the Ctrl+; shortcut 9I think that's the one). Any "stuftter" this may cause is directly realted to one or both of two things: 1. The use of sohisticated add-on aircraft such as PMDG ones which also then freeze the sim whilst they collect the data from their assorted subsystems so that they can save that too. 2. A slow or nearly full disk, or one in need of de-fragmenting, plus a lack of sufficient free memory for a decent cache. Both of these applies no matter how you save a flight. There's no way FSUIPC can avoid either. The actual code in FSUIPC is pretty much merely the call to SimConnect. The subject is virtually flogged to death, especially on the AVSIM forums. Go take a look. Pete
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    EliGrim, Thank you for your comment. Please note that I founded FeelThere back in 2002. That was 17 years ago. At one point we were one of the most productive add-on company for FS. My point is that there is no plan to abandon you and all of our loyal fans. If you search my comments or you saw them in this forum I admitted we made a mistake by abandoning a 3rd party airport SDK based on the fact there was only a single company besides of us who built an airport for T!2011. By the time we realized this mistake it was economically impossible to make an SDK for T!3D. As of the next version of T!3D (or whatever it's name is going to be since we all became VR users... 🙂 ); I go the bed each night thinking of the next version and I wait for it as much as you do (I still fly FS and play Tower 🙂 ). We are also patching releases (we are also collecting issues for EGKK and as far as I know Gabor is working on some SP as well). We may be slow but I would lever abandon our loyal fans. Have a great weekend 🙂 Vic
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    Consolidated file sent to Gabor today. Will let you know progress etc once Gabor has had a chance to look at the requirements and the time taken to create etc. He is pretty busy with other work at the moment Regards Gary NEO_RC Requests_MASTER.xlsx
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    Is it possible to get Honolulu airport for tower 3d
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    Hey guys, I'm very pleased to say that the JFK RC update is out now! Big thanks to crbascott, Braf123456, hexzed and Pedantic G! Version number: SP3 Have a great time controlling! Gabor
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    I was told that it could be confusing that I have combined commands with a separator. Therefore I have revised the PDFs, corrected a mistake and also attached my modified tower3d.rec. I hope the voice commands are now more readable. If there are still problems, please contact me or post here in the thread.
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    Yes you will have to load JFK last in the order. It definitely works though. I numbered it 44.
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    As well as what John says, generally, whether moving to a new system or merely re-installing windows, attention needs to be paid to the Joystick device identification. The way a device is recognised uniquely is via a thing called a GUID, which is a really big number generated and assigned by Windows when it first sees the device. Those numbers will be different on a new machine or after re-installing windows. Assignments are much easier to sort out again, without re-doing them all from scratch, if Joy Letters were assigned beforehand. Then all the individual assignments use the letters instead of the numerical joystick ID. Then, after moving things over or re-installing, it is just a matter of editing the assignment of letters to devices in the [JoyNames] section of the INI file. John or I can help you sort this out now, which is why he's asked for some files from the new PC. Comparing the assignments between those and the old ones will provide the solution.
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    Hi Dane, copying across your old files should be fine (presuming you installed FSUIPC first), with some caveats. However, if FSUIPC is not recognising your devices, we need to see the files (log, ini and joyscan.csv) from your current installation, the one with the issue, not your old system. Cheers, John
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    AIG is stellar, I'm glad I took the trouble to download the OCI and it's all so effortless (time consuming yes, but it was like that with WOAI to) and there's just nothing hard about it. The content is coming along. I've about 30 airlines left requiring IATA codes (down from around 200 at the start), plus a bunch more logos. This may come in two waves, as some logos we can make do with for the time being until they all get upgraded. PS. A lot better now - thanks for asking. Personally the last 4 months have been a difficult journey, as where the last 4 years before that (professionally speaking). Simon
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    Just checked, I think the latest version is there: What are you seeing? When I first uploaded this, I noted some latency before the files showed up on the public side of the web page, and I also had to clean my browser cache. Thanks Simon
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    Yep, this got no traction back in 2017 while now it seems there is an interest with Gabor seeming to be open to ideas like these. Maybe I was ahead of my time. 😉 Sadly, though, I really don't care anymore. 😢
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