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    Dear Folks, We just released a service pack for fixing some voice recognition issues involving taxiways with number (ie.: L2, K3, etc). We used Tracon!:SE's voice engine and worked it even further to what we consider so far the best voice recognition in Tower!XX's history. It should give you a fast and reliable voice recognition. We strongly suggest training your Windows voice recognition a few more times (each times it will give you a different text making V R more reliable). As usual; existing feelThere.com, ATCSuite.com customers can get the latest by re-downloading from the same link, Steam customers can use Steam's built in updater and we are about to submit this build to our 3rd party resellers in the upcoming days. Thank you Vic & co
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    @Ripskin The pilot AI in this sim is hands down better than AI I have seen in a major competitor. It's not perfect by any means, but it is the best there is at the moment IMO. In your example you mention KATL and I assume you are playing as a SP. Personally, I wouldn't touch this airport as a SP ... it can be near impossible as an MP - which I think is a more enjoyable and realistic way to play the sim. Sounds like you'd be a fan of progressive taxi which has been mentioned several times. I'm sure it will be on the wish list for the next version. Lastly, you mentioned general issues at some of the airports. If you provide specifics and include logs and screenshots there's a chance they could get fixed. If there's a bug, I'm not shy to report it. Right Vic @FeelThere? :)
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    Hi! I m refing Beta build to give to Beta testers! As soon i release to testers in next week i ll post all features available in v4! I think v4 born confident ;-) F
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    click the steam option in the installer
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    Alright, thanks for the quick answer. Just noticed I wrote down "anything" instead of "everything". So I ment everything else about the KLAX #2.0 is great. Keep up the good work!