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    How about a small side project between all the big airports, which could be offered as a little thank you to the community at a greatly reduced price? I'm thinking of a smaller airport, where not many liveries are needed, but which is very interesting in terms of design or landscape. What I could imagine would be, for example: Macau International Airport Wikipedia, Picture or Congonhas Airport Wikipedia, Picture or even Robinson Crusoe Airport Wikipedia, Picture Just an idea.
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    Ashman, Battlehawk- When we released T!2011 with it's editor we thought the community will pick it up and there will be dozens of developers to build new airports. It didn't happen. Then we made the mistake and thought there is no need for an external editor for T!3D either so the editor we use is not a separate piece of software instead it has the full source code of the main game and it would take lots and lots of work to make it a stand alone SDK. We rather work on the next version which we plan to include these SDKs. For our kind supporters; we are not planning to charge anything extra for those SDKs.... Thank you Vic
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    I'm now even more excited about DXB - literally cannot wait for this one! re: editor - The members above who have commented/requested access are special integral members of the community who are literally making HUGE improvements to the game for your customers. Would you not consider allowing that small select group access to the code to further improve the game? Taking about 2-3 members who may well be open to being involved - with the legal guarantees the company would need. It only ever creates a better experience for customers who are more likely to then buy more airports.
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    And the fact that a week's worth of quality KJFK schedules already exists shouldn't be overlooked either.
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    hat weird unless it loads the first departure even tho you picked 1-2 it went an got the first departure which was at 00:46 thats only think i could think of sorry
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    I have an uncle that pilots for Southwest. And I remember he has told me a couple of times that they get priority clearance for takeoff at LAX over delta because their pay clock starts when the wheels of the plane leave the ground where most airlines pay pilots as soon as they leave the gate. So LAX tower helps them take off a bit sooner. Edited:" so I try to base it off that when i play LAX."
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    Hi Ray, you can try this version (v5.5151b): FSUIPC5.txt (its the dll - download & rename to FSUIPC5.dll). I've added the total ground AI at offset 02A2, and airborne AI at offset 02A4, both 16-bit (U16). No filter by airport I'm afraid. You can get the distance from you in the readable offsets previously mentioned, but only the first 96 each of airborne/ground. Cheers, John
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    There is a few posts on this already but some corrections 5 = Flight number 6 = arrival time (in this instance) as below, it will be departing time. 7= for arriving planes = departure time, the game doesn't care when the flight left so it can be anything. I use 00:00 as it's easier to type into excel πŸ™‚ and departing planes = arrival time, again the game doesn't care when the flight arrives 8=placeholder Just remember for arriving aircraft it is OGG, LAX, 752, DL, 2222, 07:04, 12:00, 1, DL For departing aircraft it is LAX, OGG, 752, DL, 2222, 12:00, 07:04, 1, DL i.e departing airport first, and the '12:00' aligns with the 'home' airport Regards Ben
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    Yes, the tables are in limited offset space, so are of fixed allocated size. You need a SimConnect interface. John and i will be discussing adding these values as offsets, but in FSUIPC5 only, and not immediately. It'll be listed along with other things. Pete
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    cool decision.try out those shedules from crbascott and ATC Joe as well..its really on fire...regards
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    Thank you everyone for your input and insights. It's really appreciated. I'm realizing that we have a great community here! I think I have decided on JFK - it should be loads of fun! Thanks again! BLB
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    We had that functionality with Tower!2011 but lost it with T3D. I'm sure FT will be more than happy to charge you a high price if that functionality is added back in the next version. πŸ˜‰
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    To be honest it kind of depends on what you are looking for(to me at least) Are you looking for Something busy with lots of traffic, or something a bit more laid back? Variety in the airlines(internationals)? Cargo/GA? As for general recommendations though, KJFK, KLAS, and KBOS are all good ones to consider. πŸ™‚ (I don't own any of the European airports, so I can't comment on them)
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    Word on the street is that a week's worth of JFK schedules (like the ones already available for Barcelona, Orlando, and Gatwick) will be developed after testing is completed on Boston schedules. πŸ˜‰ Something to consider. πŸ™‚
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    Hi folks! WeΒ΄re happy to introduce our first poll in our ATC Simulators forum. We will like to listen to your opinion and explore what airports are most wanted for Tower!3D/Pro. To clarify, please bear in mind this poll is NOT intended to decide which airport will be the next release, nor is FeelThere guaranteeing that we will launch the winning airports in short term. The results from this poll will be used to β€œbuild” our roadmap for future developments. We would look into making these airports considering their complexity and the time they require to be developed accordingly. In order to do this, we have designed a series of questions to encompass everything we want to know!
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    Vic, what does a person have to do to get blessed with access to that editor? πŸ˜„
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    This is how's a part of Dubai looks like in the editor... in the
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    I can't keep my mouth shut: I've heard some rumor of Paris and Tokyo... πŸ˜‰ Vic
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    Currently, 3 of them are (CYVR, YMML, and OMDB) in development and we are researching another 3 at the moment. If everything goes as planned we will have some steady release schedule from around September. Best Vic
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    This is how's the development: -first, we need to create the 3D model -we make an XML using the editor -we put it all together in Unity -beta begins -release I hope it answered the question πŸ™‚ Vic
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    The way it is doesn't need to have a ratings system I agree with crbascott
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    I am strongly against having a rating system. @Rob25's point regarding favoritism and a popularity contest are valid. And, I personally don't see the value of such a system. Pete, having a centralized list is/was a solid contribution - let's stop there.
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    If and when there's ever an ORD DLC here's they're current runway configurations; 4L/22R - Original Runway 7,500 ft 4R/22L - Original Runway 8,075 ft 27L/9R - (formerly 27R/9L) - Being extended to 11,260 ft from 7,967 ft 27C/9C - Under Construction Projected Opening 2020 11,245 ft 27R/9L - New Runway (Opened 2008) 7,500 ft 28R/10L - (formerly 27L/9R) - Extended 2008 13,000 ft 28C/10C - New Runway (Opened 2013) 10,801 ft 28L/10R - New Runway (Opened 2015) 7,500 ft 33/15 - (formerly 32L/14R) Decommissioned 2018 - Currently Taxiway SS to be decommissioned if new terminal is built on site of current taxiway 32R/14L - Decommissioned 2015 Source: Chicago Department Aviation
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    SFO I have spent many hours sitting in the parking lot at the south end of 1R (before it was closed after 9/11) and listening on the scanner. Normal operations (90% of the time) consist of arrivals on 28L/R and departures on 1L/R. 1L departures are generally limited to RJs but I have seen an occasional mini-bus (A318/A319) depart 1L. Most traffic departs 1R. Some heavy a/c cannot accept 1R and they have to depart 28L/R. I enjoy working SFO, the crossing runways make for an interesting challenge.
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    KATL KATL prefers a western operational flow, but east flows are quite common nevertheless. West ops: North Runway Complex: Arrivals on 26R and departures on 26L During busy hours, a large percentage of 26R arrivals are routed all the way around the far end of 26L via B, V, and then brought the gates via F. However, aircraft with longer wingspans are not permitted on V (767s are the only heavies that routinely use it), and must cross the runway elsewhere. South Runway Complex: Arrivals are mostly on 27L and en route to the gate are often routed all the way around the end of 27R via N, P, L. Runway 28 is used as overflow at peak times (particularly arrivals from the south), as well as for Cargo arrivals destined for the south cargo ramp. Departures are normally from 27R, which is the longest runway at the airport, and thus is preferred departure runway for heavies on long routes, and is also the default runway for emergency landings. East Ops: North Runway Complex: Arrivals on 8L and departures on 8R. Arrivals either follow B, V, F, or cross 8R and proceed to the gate via F Departures taxi to runway via E. South Runway Complex: Arrivals via 9R and 10. Departures via 9L (and occasional cargo departures on 10 as well). 9L departures normally taxi via M and take off from intersection M2, so as to allow 9R and 10 arrivals to use P as an end-around and follow L to the gates. If there is an unusually big backlog of departures (as may happen after a weather delay), Ground will send some departures up N, have them cross 9L at P, and then head them back down M to M2 from the opposite the main departure stream coming up M from the other direction. This does work quite well in Tower3D if you are meticulous with Hold Position and or Hold Short commands. Tips: -You may choose to not activate Runway 10/28 for arrivals in the game menu. Instead, just activate 27L/9R +26R/8L. Then use the ENTER FINAL command to side-step planes to 10/28 when the final corridor on 27L/9R gets too crowded. Likewise 26R arrivals may be sidestepped to 27L if there is space. -Departing ground traffic en route to 27R may lined up on both L and M if needed. Traffic on M may then depart from intersection LB, and alternates departures with traffic on L which departs from the end of the runway. -Note that there are two taxi lanes in each of the ramps between terminals T-E. These do not operate like two-way roads, with planes passing each other on the right. Instead, an aircraft will always use the lane that is on the side closest to its gate, regardless of whether heading north or south. Forgetting this detail will result in head-ons between departing and arriving aircraft. Unlike in the real world, there is no way to instruct an aircraft to switch lanes in order to go around another plane here, even if there is room. -Taxiway D (In the game it is called Delta, but IRL it is referred to as "Dixie" so as to avoid confusion with the large number of DAL aircraft based at the airport). This is the only route for crossing between the North and South runway complexes (contrast with KLAX which has multiple options for this). On the KATL Airport Diagram, it is marked as a non-movement area, but this does not mean that it is closed to traffic. It just requires a specific clearance for any aircraft to traverse it (much like crossing a runway). In the game, it is just treated as normal taxiway without any special restrictions, so do plan taxi routes carefully to avoid nose-to-nose situations here. -Taxiways SC and SJ are a pair of parallel North-South taxiways used for to getting to and from Runway 28/10, which is separated by some distance from the rest of the South Runway Complex. SC is used for aircraft traveling TO this runway. SJ is used for aircraft traveling FROM this runway, heading toward the main terminal area. This mirrors the normal U.S. driving convention of staying to the right side. -Tower!3DPro players will find it very beneficial to take advantage of the program's "Vacate Runway" command to assign specific runway exits to arriving aircraft. If used strategically this will serve both to get arrivals closer to their assigned gates, and also help prevent backups onto the arrival runway during busy sessions by separating them onto different taxiways. It will also help avoid logistical problems caused by smaller aircraft that by default tend to turn off early, using the high-speed taxiways going in the opposite direction of travel.
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