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    Dear Folks, We would like to wish you happy Thanksgiving everyone who celebrate it. Let's light up the barbecues (the best way to cook the turkey 🙂 ) and make sure to get some time to play Tower!3D. We can't offer you the turkey (however we can shot some pictures of it) but we can help you with a huge sales on FeelThere's website including Tracon, Tower and their add-ons. Thank you for your ongoing support Vic
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    VANCOUVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - CYVR - FOR TOWER3D/PRO IS OUT!!! Hello Folks, we are thrilled to announce our next great release for Tower!3DPro! A huge thanks to all the community for their support, suggestions, and patience! You can purchase CYVR right away in our webstores as usual! CYVR - ATCsuite CYVR - Feelthere.com The Real Color is already available, as is the Real Traffic update for CYVR. Remember to redownload RT to get the update! Vancouver tower wishes you a good flight!!!
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    Dear Users, thank you for your reports on the OMDB schedule. We found some problems in the schedules and we are working hard to release a service pack as soon as possible. Gabor
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    There will no doubt be another release from John soon. He's not available today, but I worked on the problem this morning and found the bug. Turned out to be a relatively simple (read "stupid") error which only shows up when large numbers of AI controls are sent via FSUIPC. In fact this error has been there for as long as the facility has existed -- so FSUIPC4 as well as FSUIPC5. It just happened that the error only causes a crash with a certain memory arrangement which of course changes with each build. Pete
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    I have the Logitech G430 - has nice padding around the ears and top of the head. The microphone is adjustable and somewhat bendable. For multiplayer sessions I would have the game sounds come out of my TV speakers and use the headset to hear my controller partner via Discord. Using the game PTT and a Discord keybind, the mic was used for both the game and partner communication. I never had anyone complain regarding the mic volume so I assume it’s good. We won’t go into the complaints about my controlling skills though. 😂 The beauty of the PTT/Discord keybind setup is that it wouldn’t distract my partner when the PTT key was pressed and I was issuing commands. Only when the PTT was released would my partner be able to hear me. The headset also has a mute button that I could use if I needed to sneeze, say “yes dear” to my wife, or the more common use - cuss! 🤣 So, all in all, I’ve been happy with the G430.
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    Hello Everyone TL;DR-version: Here is a schedule for LFPG, from 16 augustus 2019 : LFPG-ADR Consist of a complete day-schedule and 4-day snippets starting every 2 hours, except the nightshift that lasts 8 hours. You have to have RealTraffic installed of course, just copy the 4 txt-files into your LFPG-folder, for the snippets, use the appropriate lfpg_schedule.txt Some remarks for the designers: In the airlines file, Air Next has the code 7A. Air Next ceased operations, and code 7A went to Tunisia Cargo ; XRC, 7A, TUNISIA CARGO, Express Air Cargo, Tunis In the airlines file, JAT Airways has been rebranded to AirSERBIA ; ASL, JU, AIR SERBIA, , AirSERBIA, Serbia In the airlines file, Air Chatham has the wrong code, it should be 3C not CV ; CVA, 3C, CHATHAM, Air Chathams, New Zealand In the airport file, Setif has the wrong code, it should be QSF ; QSF AIN_ARNAT_AIRPORT_SETIF_ALGERIA 36.10 N 5.19 E DAAS In the GA-file, there is an Air France Plane I couldn't find two planes in the planes list; the new A359-1000 and the E175S There are some bugs, most noticeable taxiway 1S, but that needs a bug report. Very nice Airport to play, the French really love numbering every street.... Question: is the RT-schedule the following planes look for Terminals in the game? I noticed that planes will first goto Terminal 2, not Terminal 1, but still prefer to goto 2A before 2J when I changed those around in the terminal-file. I Guess the priority is hardcoded in the game, not in the file. //END REMARKS I am crazy, so I give you this: RED= Heavies // WHITE= Normal Jets // GREEN= Small jets/props I would have loved that 1remoteS would have been after the rest of Terminal 1, so I could use it as overflow, same for padH, would loved to have used that as overflow for padQ. But it seems the game has another priority. pad G is the GA-pad, although I also let GA go to cargoI, in case of bigger planes Terminal 2J is mostly useless, It used to be the terminal for Joon, HOP and Luxair. But Joon and Airhop now use AFR flightnumbers, JOON being completely absorbed. I still use HOP in my schedule. But there are almost no small planes HOP uses into CDG, mostly E190. Most of the Terminal will not be used beacuse of that. I Noticed that when planes go to their Terminal, they first look if a spot is available for their size (e.g. a 737 going to Terminal 2K will first look if gates 7,11 and 17 is available before going to the lowest available gate) If a plane needs to go to a Terminal where all gates (available or occupied) are to small, it will randomly go somewhere (e.g. an Airbus 388 with padG as Terminal, will randomly spawn somewhere on a Heavy Gate, but if has 2B, and the two Heavy gates are occupied, it will not spawn, no available terminal) I designated ASL Airlines France as a Cargo-Airline, they have some passengers flights, but most of them seem to be cargo. Also, this day seemed to be Cargo-light. I didn't changed the GA-file (you can delete the AlphaFoxtrotRomeo flight yourself) As for the airport itself, Taxiway Sierra-1 seems to be not working, and getting planes from 08R to use taxiway ECHO is also problematic I suggest to let them hold short of TANGO, after which they will see ECHO 😛 ) At the Moment, Terminal 1U, and adjacent gates of 1T and 1V are not used, I think 1U is actually being rebuild? Also 2B is out of use. I still used them in my schedule, because I would have had a problem with all the AFR-flights TIP: if you play this, use 09R/27L for all flights that go to North European (start with an E, like EHAM), the Americas, East Europe (starts with U) and far east destinations. Have fun
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    For sure the airplanes will be remodeled from scratch. Currently, we are running tests how many polygons can we squeeze with LOD without major fps loss. We plan to add the following animations: -flaps -gears -reversers -PAX doors -cargo doors In T!3D we use 2 pieces of 512x512 textures per plane. The new planes will receive 5 pieces of 2K textures and PBR. I think this will be the first thing that I can preview for you. What I saw is amazing already. Thank you Vic
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    I saw a post on Steam where someone complained of some duplicate flight number issues with KRDU, so I decided to look into the schedule and found a plethora of duplicate flights. Looks like a SP is more than likely needed. AAL2018 - Two departures with the same destination and flight number 8 minutes apart with different airplanes E90, 319 AAL2018 - Two arrivals wit the same origination and flight number 11 minutes apart with different airplanes E90, 319 AAL2495 - Two departures with the same destination and flight number 5 minutes apart with different airplanes 319, 73H AAL2495 - Two arrivals with the same origination and flight number 5 minutes apart with different airplanes 319, 73H DAL1088 - Two departures with the same destination and flight number 6 minutes apart with different airplanes 717, 320 DAL1482 - Two departures with the same destination and flight number 5 minutes apart with different airplanes 320, 73H DAL1803 - Two departures with the same destination and flight number 19 minutes apart with different airplanes M88, 73H DAL1803 - Two arrivals with the same origination and flight number 6 minutes apart with different airplanes M88, 73H DAL2502 - Two arrivals with the same origination and flight number 10 minutes apart with different airplanes 320, 73H DAL2838 - Two arrivals with the same origination and flight number 32 minutes apart with different airplanes 73H, M88 FFT1191 - Two departures with the same destination and flight number 137 minutes apart with different airplanes 320, 321 FFT1738 - Two arrivals with the same origination and flight number 6 minutes apart with different airplanes 20N, 320 UAL350 - Two departures with the same destination and flight number 9 minutes apart with different airplanes 320, 739 UAL544 - Two arrivals with the same origination and flight number 23 minutes apart with different airplanes 320, 739 UAL2102 - Two arrivals with the same origination and flight number 39 minutes apart with different airplanes 320, 73G UAL2126 - Two departures with the same destination and flight number 2 minutes apart with different airplanes 320, 319 UAL2269 - Two arrivals with the same origination, flight number, and arrival time with different airplanes 739, 320 RPA4402 - Two arrivals with the same origination and flight number 68 minutes apart (same airplane - E75) Oh, and here's a bonus issue. The format for flight DAL231 is incorrect which could potentially cause loading/freezing issues.
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    So, are you trying to figure out the method to Gabor's madness? Good luck with that!
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    Take your time Braf - give it a good long look over. If you're familiar with Excel I'd recommend doing some validation (using VLOOKUP or similar functions) to make sure all your airplane types, airlines, airports, etc. are valid. Additionally, name the files per required to avoid user confusion. Good luck!
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    Version 9 is now uploaded 😊 This now includes the RC from the recently released LPFG (Paris CDG) and updated EDDM (Munich) RC, which should be out any day now to coincide with the SP on EDDM, kindly done FOC by Gabor @nyergesdesign. Just update your original link for EDDM to get this. I am sure @hexzed (Ben) will be running a new poll soon for the next one once he gets the OK from Gabor. Hopefully this will be one of the US Airports so we can get some of the updated liveries in the game, Southwest, Sun Country and Air Wisconsin for example. Some exciting additions to these releases, notably the introduction of the 787-1000 (B78x) in the LPFG RC in the Air France and United Airlines livery and the B789 in the new WestJet livery. Etihad liveries have also had a makeover to the new design. Also, for the first time, Gabor has found a solution to the bug bear of all Cargo fans in that they now appear without the dreaded passenger windows. There are too many to list so just click on the “Non Window Freighter Version” drop down in the comments field in the Full RC List tab. The bad news for all the custom schedulers is that they now need to update all their schedules to reflect the model changes! ☹ The EDDM RC update included pretty much all the forum requests consolidated by Ben and this also includes some more NEO models which include: A20N_km Air Malta A20N_ib Iberia Airlines A20N_lh Lufthansa German Airlines A20N_pc Pegasus Airlines A20N_sk SAS Scandinavian Airlines A21N_tp TAP Air Portugal A20N_u2 easyJet A21N_u2 easyJet As always, a reminder, PM me with any errors or admissions you spot or comments for future releases and don’t forget to download the latest updated Real Traffic version to take advantage of these models. The 738 Max (B78M) light issue reported by @alaskaGuy2018should be fixed in the RT update as well. Happy controlling G
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    Lol you let us watch your whole video for 2 new things.
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    Just made a video, excuse any quality. Operational errors or any other thing. I haven't done any recording in a very long time so things might not be good quality. Also, there might be a ton of operational errors made, but this is just how I handle it. I wished to record some of my gripes with the airfield too, but didn't get a chance to record some. (there are some at the end). Here's the URL to the video, it's still in processing at time of posting. https://youtu.be/FAoh0aQhSNg
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    Kev maybe if you set up the first iteration with your findings, them we can add to it
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    "I think it's gonna be a winner, just like your lads in the 1st Ashes game!" oh we are going down the cricket route are we 😂......hold me back @hexzed! 🏏
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    The full stops and any other separators are there to differentiate between the passenger and cargo versions of the airline as well as between the different regionals. I initially changed the ICAO, but due to possible double ups I have been trying this instead. The reason for this is so that the cargo airlines go to the cargo terminal, and the passenger airlines go to their correct terminal. In turn the same for any regionals, eg Republic Airlines operating for American will go to terminal 8, Republic airlines operating for Delta will go to terminal 2, etc Hope this explains everything 🙂
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    Really enjoying the schedule so far! So neat to be able to play my home airport at the same time as I can watch the actual flights come in on FlightRadar. Thanks for the hard work!
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    Word on the street is that a week's worth of JFK schedules (like the ones already available for Barcelona, Orlando, and Gatwick) will be developed after testing is completed on Boston schedules. 😉 Something to consider. 🙂
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    @Kim @EliGrim Look up in the KBOS airplane file whether you have the CS3 (BCS3) aircraft in the list. Copying it in from another airport's aircraft file did the trick for me.
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    Think that would be a long shot as not sure the current game coding could cope with that one (and as we all know the door has been shut on any development of the current platform!) Probably need to add this to the wish list for the next version once opened up on the forum (along with helicopters which @battlehawk77would love as well!)
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    Gavin, Having written one to test LEBL for Gabor I know how much work goes into one day let alone 7! Great stuff and look forward to giving this a bash...😀 Gary
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    Hi, Please see this FAQ entry: Regards, John
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    There isn't any heavy gates in the Jetstar/Virgin terminals, that be why
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    1. FeelThere has, at the very least, not ruled out that EDDF is in the pipeline. Interpret the post below as you like: FeelThere Moderator Members 119 1,854 posts LocationUSA Report post Posted September 14 Yes it is 🙂 Vic 2. EDDF for Tower!2011 was made by Nyerges. Therefore, if there is to be an EDDF for Tower3D, it will also likely be made by him. 3. Not a single airport add-on has ever represented planned features from the future (new runways, terminals, etc.). Thus it is unlikely to be different with EDDF. Avwriter
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    No need it's been cleared up by Gary. Sorry.
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    @hexzed Hi Ben, please don't apologise, I wouldn't even know where to start!! Thanks for even making the files in the first place to make the game better than it is! Look forward to a busy busy KMEM! Thanks again. Ian
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    I've listened to LAX Tower on LiveATC quite extensively. If a controller needs to change an instruction, the phraseology I've heard consistently is: "Callsign, taxi via Hotel Papa, hold short of Runway 25R" "Callsign, amend instruction, taxi via Hotel Tango, Hold short of Runway 25R." Taxiway Papa was recently renamed to Taxiway Juliet so you won't actually hear Taxiway Papa anymore...just saying that they use "amend instruction" in the real world.
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    Added @battlehawk77's KMCO schedule as kindly requested 2 days ago 🙂
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    Two solutions (as I see it): 1) When an existing airline/plane gets a livery update, all RC packs with that airline/plane are updated. This seems to make the most logical sense, but it is not happening now and hence why we are in this predicament. 2) A special RC pack is created with the highest sequential number and it contains all airlines/planes with updated liveries. And then it would need to continuously be updated. @hexzed - Not sure if/when another airport may be considered for a RC Community Project, but this situation is a definite negative consequence to a positive concept that probably needs addressing with @nyergesdesign. Unlikely. KRDU is only served by some US and Canadian airlines with mostly small to medium sized jets.
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    Hello Craig, thank you for your informations, I will fix them. Gabor Nyergesdesign
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    In prioritized order, I would like the see the following in the next version: Landing planes no longer exiting runways into taxiways with aircraft waiting for runway crossing. Fixed issues with airplanes stuck at terminals. Occasionally planes get stuck into terminal buildings, and other planes, while trying to taxi away from terminal. Have planes exit runway to left/right depending on the location of their arrival terminal. Ability to "release" the command bar from the game window like ADIRS, DBRITE and Strip windows, so you can get a clean "out of the window" view on one monitor, while keeping everything else on other monitors. Upon "release" as mentioned above, the command "bar" gets a larger UI with more, and bigger buttons suitable for touch screen usage, with ALL commands accessible. Ability to "fix" view(s) spread onto multiple monitors, so as to mimic a real tower. Preferably multiple hi resolution monitors/projectors (4K+). This could possibly be solved by using a secondary computer for the views, while the primary computer acts as "binoculars". Possibility of specifying preferred taxi lane for departures leaving the terminal area. Typically, arrivals and departures both taxi along the path closest to the terminal, unless told otherwise. When you'r not using speech recognition, it results in a lot of unnecessary mouse clicks in the ADIRS to keep the planes apart, which that takes to much time.
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    @blacklabelbraai is correct, you didn't upset me. I was just wanted you to know I put thought behind my response to you and asked the questions for a reason. I felt fairly confident you just saw a command you hadn't used and weren't really playing around with GA traffic. However, this command has been discussed on the forum before and you can easily find out about it by doing a search for "low approach".
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    Hey @Ripskin I think you've used the wrong code for the BA 777 - it's showing white but I believe there is a 77-3 and a 77-2 that would have paintjobs. I noticed this on BA109 specifically. Thanks and great job!
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    No problem @Studders1, we are always open to feedback (especially when pointed out properly and correctly 😉 ), and we are definitely working hard to make the upcoming versions better and better each time! 🙂
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    Just trying to be helpful since he publicly posted and no one commented. Gabor was very friendly towards me when I had a question concerning the game. Maybe you can be more helpful then @crbascott since he mentioned you in his post about kdfw and shed some light.
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    Get the SouthWest and Spirit update required as long overdue but it will take 7 years to do the United Fleet in the real world so no rush! 😉
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    Thanks Jason. Glad it was useful and its much easier for custom schedule writers to use now. 👍 Good spot on the Gatwick typo and all corrected now ready for the next version release which should be later this week as just updating the file ready for the Paris CDG airport release and the Munich Forum requested RC update. Hopefully I will get this out before @alaskaGuy2018chases me! 😉
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    Hi Flew the same scenario as Ray, from stock egll to stock eham, no add ons except Aerosoft 319, AIM OCI (100%) and RC4. Crashed on approach to eham, approximately 40mins flying time. No problems taxiing, or take off. Hope that’s of some help Regards Q
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    Hi Ray, you can try this version (v5.5151b): FSUIPC5.txt (its the dll - download & rename to FSUIPC5.dll). I've added the total ground AI at offset 02A2, and airborne AI at offset 02A4, both 16-bit (U16). No filter by airport I'm afraid. You can get the distance from you in the readable offsets previously mentioned, but only the first 96 each of airborne/ground. Cheers, John
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    good day, what about new polls for future updates? here is my advice: you might creating poll ideas for areas of the world and people can vote for,example: poll south(east) asia airports: 1.Hongkong 2.Tokyo Haneda 3.Bangkok,4,Singapore,5.Jakarta(Indonesia) 6.Seoul Incheon etc. poll south american airports: Rio de Janeiro,Sao Paulo,Buenos Aires etc. poll europe: London Heathrow,Frankfurt Rhein-Main,Amsterdam Shiphol,Rom-Fiumicino etc. that would be great to. regards timmy
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    If you're brand new it can seem a little hectic. But its not too bad. Do it a few times and things will be smoother. Also you don't have to get fancy with lengthy commands and adjustments for routing etc. Start simple and grow from there :) Also if you watch any of my vids you see I am far from great at this lol. TIST is fun because of one runway making things difficult but I love a well laid out airport with tons of traffic. I believe I have played both of the TIST schedules but cant recall the other one, Hexzed's I played a few times recently and it was good fun!
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    @Ripskin has done a video on part of it if you want to take a look 🙂
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    You trying to lead the jury there Pete! 😂
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    What would really help would be the use of "expedite" for getting slow-taxiing planes off the runway in time for the following plane's safe touchdown....! ...or some speed control for planes on approach? Still good fun though!
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    Thanks Ben. KBOS or KPHL would be good for an update and then @battlehawk77can get his updated Air Wisconsin liveries as indicated earlier in this thread! G
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    Hi , this will happens in future FlightControlReplay v5 series 👍 f
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    Ok it has been bought to my attention that the A220 and the CRK plane models have only been released in the LEBL folder. To get EDDM to work correctly, you will need to copy the lebl_airplanes.text file from the LEBL folder to the EDDM folder and overwrite the eddm one. If anybody has an issue with this please tell me and instead i will upload a version without the A220 in it
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    Hi Kev, Spent many hours looking at LEBL set up when testing this for Gabor and they never use RWY 2 for take offs and hardly ever use RWY2 approach and 7L for take offs during the hours outside of 2300-0700, probably as you say that it is just too busy. If you want to have some fun and a real challenge for LEBL try running it just using 25L or 7R, dependent on winds when you run it, for takeoff and landings during the 0700 to 2300 hours as Barcelona did in late November/early December 2018 whilst they did some maintenance on 25R/7L. In real life the average delay time was nearly an hour during most days! Have tried this using my own accurate custom schedule based on a day in November I built for testing purposes and its gets a tad busy 😅 Gary
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    As this is a new behavior my thinking is, as others have stated, there is a hardware issue where some component (s) is having intermittent faults on the way to complete failure. Could be a simple as a cooling fan slowly dying, or a significant issue with the GPU or CPU or a memory chip failing.
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    The airport is fixed, under testing. I will release the update soon. Gabor
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