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  1. Agreed. A small amount of AI have this issue. I'll just zero them down on an individual basis.
  2. Unfortunately I didn't take a screenshot but I think it's this model: Airbus A350 AIGAIM_FSP_A350-900 AIGAIM_Qatar Airways Airbus A350-900 When I can, I'll try to recreate the situation and repost what STB sees
  3. Hi Simon, While at LEMD-Barrajas, I noticed an AI Qatar A350 A7ALP taxing out for takeoff with the engines in reverse. I mentioned this on the AIG forums and they suggested it might be something awry with STB. It's strange because I only have noticed this with this particular aircraft. Anyway, posting just to make you aware, not finger pointing.😉 Clayton https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=33770.0
  4. https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=33719.0;topicseen
  5. Yeah, went there earlier but didn't see v5. It is there now. So thanks very much.
  6. Can't connect because my client STB downloaded from simMarket now wants server STBDS also 13300. Not in available at simMarket.
  7. That was fast. So until 5.1 or HF2 or... 😈😎 I keep forgetting to ask but why are the Embraers preceded by "SILENT" on the board? Very Best Regards, Clayton
  8. Will the new SODE 1.7.0 be OK with STB/DS and the resulting upcoming GSX AI docking update?? Clayton
  9. Hmnn… Installed on client. Install on P3Dv5 HF1 Serve. All appears nominal. However, when launching P3Dv5 it runs for about 30 seconds and disappears. ??? Also banner says v4 and copyright 2018
  10. Problem. See attached error log as requested. C Just realized Visual C++ 2019 not installed on client box in network config. Installed and now loads just fine on the client crash.txt
  11. Have both 4.5 HF3 with STB V4 and 5.0 HF1 on my system. So, of course I'm in to help. Cheers, Clayton
  12. Thanks for the update on the coming update. P3dv5 HF1 Has made quite a difference on my system. Lots of obvious eyesores are gone, even with TrueSky like glowing under wing hair,😁though the over orange cast seems to linger at dawn-dusk. So the race is on. Will it be STB or AIG. Just kidding. Seems like a lot of work Simon. A small "stimulation" charge would not be out of line in this case. Thanks for your dedication and past free updates, Clayton
  13. No rush expected. Besides, it seems like a hotfix or 2 or 3... are in the works for v5 anyway. Stay well and thanks for all you do. C
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